Sensitivity To Sin

Friday, 02 June 2017 12:30

Sensitivity To Sin

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          Someone here requested prayer acknowledging sometimes they have a self-righteous reaction to sin. There is such a thing as sensitivity to sin.


          The way we distinguish between the two reactions is this: The self-righteous reaction to sin destroys, it hurts the other person and it hurts the relationship in general. The truth is, it is Satan in us punishing the sinner. It is Satan in us who recognizes sin in the other person and punishes them with harsh judgment. When Christ Jesus rises up in us to judge sin out of Christ Jesus, we deal with the sin in a way which exposes it and teaches the person and gives them the opportunity to understand what they did wrong so they can change.


          There are the two different reactions we can have to sin directed at us. We can be Satan to the person and punish them unto destruction, or we can be Christ, forgive their sins and teach them unto life. I pray you receive this gift, as I have. I pray it should be increased in me unto perfection.


          As I was praying for a lady in the congregation, someone else received a word of knowledge called jurisdiction. What that means to me is this, there really are legal courts in the realm of God's Spirit. There are courthouses and courtrooms where judgments and verdicts are handed down. It is just another way of saying a family line curse, a judgment was handed down on a family line for a particular sin. The judgment goes on the books and that judgment will burn in humanity until is completely satisfied. A judgment or a verdict which comes from God is satisfied in one of two ways: 1) either the whole family line is wiped out, which is the harsh judgment, or 2) it burns until someone in the family line cries out to Jesus Christ, who hears their prayers, and the person receives mercy in the form of corrective judgment.


          Every curse manifests from wrong thinking. If there is any form of destruction on you or your family line, it is arising out of wrong thinking. Therefore, the merciful judgment exposes what is wrong with you. Your wrong thinking may not be obvious. The corrective judgment, the merciful judgment of Jesus Christ, will show you how the curse is manifesting in your thought process, and will give you an alternative way of thinking and the opportunity to say, I choose to change my way of thinking. Lord Jesus, give me the power to do it. When you change your thought pattern, the curse burns itself out for you and your descendants, and most likely relatives in the same generation. I do not care how many Christians object, I am telling you the truth of the Scriptures and the truth of the world we live in. Judgments for sin come down every day, every second, every minute.


          PASTOR VITALE: (Directly to a lady in the congregation) When you confessed your sin and asked for help, the Lord pronounced an office or a ministry upon you. He is saying, when this deliverance is fully manifested in you (and it does not have to be fully manifested, whatever point it has to get to), you will be an officer of the Lord's court. You will have jurisdiction to judge sin in His spirit. You already have this gift. You are sensitive to sin. Because you have repented of reacting to it in an ungodly manner, He is going to answer your prayer. He is going to enable you to respond in Christ, but it will not be for yourself alone. After He gives you this miracle, He is also going to give you an office. You will be sent to judge the sins of His people in righteousness, because most people cannot see their sins. You will see their sins in righteousness, because you are able to see your own sins. You will help many people to see their sins, giving them the opportunity to burn out the curses in their lives and in the lives of their relatives. God bless you. Amen.



Excerpt from: Introducing Adam Kadmon



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