Does God have a female side?

                                                                        October 17, 2016

An Open Letter To:




                                                Re: The Issue of Kabbalah & The Shekinah





I would like to introduce you to Christ-Centered Kabbalah, the ministry that the Lord has given me, by the enclosed materials, and ask if you would consider its legitimacy.


Many misunderstand the spiritual principles behind the Rings of Power (Ez 1:18), called, Sefirot, even those who call themselves Kabbalists.


These Rings are also called firmaments because they are made of spiritual earth, and they are female. The Spirit of God, who is absolutely 100 percent male, flows through these Rings like the sea would flow through a series of rings immersed in its waters. Their purpose is to promote communication between an infinite God and a finite, earthen creation, by means of earthen borders which stand in front of the unchangeable Spirit of God.


These Rings, or firmaments, must, of necessity, be subservient to God and, therefore, are female in their relationship to Him, because He made them (Gen 1:6).


Jehovah alluded to these Rings, or firmaments, or borders, when He told Moses that he could come in contact only with His back parts (Ex 33:23). Jehovah was saying to Moses that he, a human, could only tolerate contact with the more hidden of these Rings which filter the intensity of His power, or he would die upon contact (1 Chron 13:10). The other Israelites were warned to not get too close to the mountain, or they would die (Ex 19:16-24).


The Shekinah is one of these female Rings that Jehovah’s male Spirit flows through. She is not God, but she reveals God to men who would otherwise not be able to comprehend Him at all. In the desert she appeared as a pillar of fire and a pillar of cloud (Ex 13:21).


In the New Testament, the Greek word translated, grace, the Divine Influence, describes her.


Today, Jesus reveals Jehovah to men through His presence called the Holy Spirit and Christ.


Worship and prayer to Jehovah, God, should not be directed towards the Shekinah or the Holy Spirit, since Jesus clearly taught us how to pray: Father, in the Name of Jesus, your only begotten Son  ……………


Thank you for listening. I hope that you will take the time to look at the materials I have enclosed, and that you will find them edifying.


In Jesus’ love,




                                                                                    Sheila R. Vitale, Pastor


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