Waiting For The Appearance Of The Son Of Man

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This is such a hopeful message. I really needed this today and appreciate it. It has been a long, carnal day at the University of FL watching my son graduate and needed some spiritual food. I look forward to the final part of the message series on the Gadarene Demoniacs (CCK Message # 881 Part 1-7 JESUS, THE SWINE & THE GADARENE DEMONIACS and CCK Massage # 904 Part 1-4 THE GADARENE DEMONIACS REVISITED)


I do feel that we are on the brink of something wonderful, and I am sticking close to the Lord. I agree with all your prayers! My spirit jumps for joy thinking of the appearance of the Son of Man. I will take corrective judgment as an alternative to WWIII. May He come quickly!


Hoping you have a safe and blessed trip this week.


Love, R


From: Pastor Sheila Vitale


I read that China has drawn a line in the sand for N Korea. I hope it is true. If it is, it is a great victory for President Trump.


I am not worried. As I said in the meeting, I am waiting for the appearance of the Son of Man. I am waiting to see him bring a corrective judgment upon his people to save them. I am waiting for the appearance of that glorious Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am waiting to see the whole world recognize him and bow their knee to him.



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