The President Elect
Dream Interpretation

Monday, 21 November 2016 13:26

The President Elect
Dream Interpretation

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     DREAM: I was fastening some kind of a cabinet to a wall.
Pastor Vitale: Jesus Is The Wall
     The wall was very high and I was on a platform holding the cabinet up against the wall.
Pastor Vitale: The Cabinet Is The Cabinet Of President-Elect Donald J. Trump
     Someone was fastening the cabinet to the tall wall as I was holding it tight against the wall.
Pastor Vitale: The Lord Is Involved In President Donald J. Trump’s Choice Of His Cabinet

         I looked down and I was very far up in the air.
Pastor Vitale: This Cabinet Is Anointed By The Lord Jesus Christ         

  Then my dream switched. I was with M., my ex-wife 

Pastor Vitale: M. Represents The Church That Is Separated From God Because Of Sin 

And we had a little baby. 

Pastor Vitale: The Baby Is The Manchild Produced By The Church (Rev 12) 

The baby had to go to the doctor for a shot, 

Pastor Vitale: The Baby/Church Is Ill Because Of Sin 

but M. couldn't do it so I was in the office with the doctor. 

Pastor Vitale: You Represent The Remnant In The Church That Is Repenting 

As the doctor put the needle in the thigh of the little baby, 

Pastor Vitale: The Thigh Represents The Spiritual Reproductive Part: 


Num 5:21

21 Then the priest shall charge the woman with an oath of cursing, and the priest shall say unto the woman, The Lord make thee a curse and an oath among thy people, when the Lord doth make thy thigh to rot, and thy belly to swell;  KJV


Rev 19:16

16 And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND Lord OF LordS.  KJV


The baby started to cry. 

Pastor Vitale: Corrective Judgment Upon The Church 

I was there to comfort it. 

Pastor Vitale:Revival After Corrective Judgment 




Good morning B.


I just read Isaiah Chapter 22 in the New Living Translation and it is amazing what it says about what's happening in this country today and about President Obama and President elect Trump.


I think it interprets your dream from yesterday.


According to Chapter 22 of Isaiah, President-elect, Donald J Trump and his cabinet are being nailed to the Lord Jesus Christ (the Wall), who is preparing to do the job that God has given him to do.


The Lord has highly exalted him.





The second part of your dream indicates either the back-slidden Church or fallen America, or both:


M. signifies the back-slidden Church that has produced a sickly spiritual child.


You represent the remnant that is strong enough in Christ Jesus to take the sickly baby to the doctor, which is the Lord Jesus Christ.


Thank God the baby gets the injection, which is corrective judgment.


We know this because the solution to the baby’s problem (the injection) is painful.


But, even though the baby cries, which is corrective judgement, it appears from the content of the whole dream that the baby will be okay, and if the baby is okay, he will heal the Church.


In other words, a correction is coming which will be painful, but will result in a good end. When the Church is healed (the baby first, then the country will be healed and then the world.


This dream sounds like revival is coming (your comforting the baby) after the corrective judgment (the injected baby).





The Lord reminded me of the following at the end of Sunday's comments. I called you the next day after the election.


Election night I had stayed up until the winner was announced. The next day while in the bathroom under the shower, these thoughts entered my mind.


I am about to reveal LEM to the public. The foundation is put in place. LEM had a lot to do with the election; many messages paved the way to the end results.


The spirit for the last eight years has not been favorable for LEM. The people were not prepared.


Now some are prepared to receive and welcome LEM. Mr. Trump is my vessel to bring change.


The spirit on him will flow to others who I have prepared. It was never about Mr. Trump.


He is the one that I had chosen, as I did during the days of Israel. For example, Moses, Joshua, David, Jonah, Elijah, Daniel, and Paul.


In Christ, T.






A Message about Jerusalem


1    This message came to me concerning Jerusalem—the Valley of Vision: What is happening? Why is everyone running to the rooftops?


2    The whole city is in a terrible uproar. What do I see in this reveling city? Bodies are lying everywhere, killed not in battle but by famine and disease.


3    All your leaders have fled. They surrendered without resistance.




The people tried to slip away, but they were captured, too.


4    That’s why I said, “Leave me alone to weep; do not try to comfort me. Let me cry for my people as I watch them being destroyed.”


5    Oh, what a day of crushing defeat! What a day of confusion and terror brought by the Lord, the lord of Heaven’s Armies, upon the Valley of Vision! The walls of Jerusalem have been broken, and cries of death echo from the mountainsides.


6    Elamites are the archers, with their chariots and charioteers. The men of Kir hold up the shields.


7    Chariots fill your beautiful valleys, and charioteers storm your gates.


8    Judah’s defenses have been stripped away. You run to the armory for your weapons.


9    You inspect the breaks in the walls of Jerusalem. You store up water in the lower pool.


10   You survey the houses and tear some down for stone to strengthen the walls.


11   Between the city walls, you build a reservoir for water from the old pool. But you never ask for help from the One who did all this.




You never considered the One who planned this long ago.


12   At that time the Lord, the lord of Heaven’s Armies, called you to weep and mourn. He told you to shave your heads in sorrow for your sins and to wear clothes of burlap to show your remorse.


13   But instead, you dance and play; you slaughter cattle and kill sheep. You feast on meat and drink wine. You say, “Let’s feast and drink, for tomorrow we die!”


14   The lord of Heaven’s Armies has revealed this to me: “Till the day you die, you will never be forgiven for this sin.” That is the judgment of the Lord, the lord of Heaven’s Armies.


A Message for Shebna




15   This is what the Lord, the lord of Heaven’s Armies, said to me: “Confront Shebna, the palace administrator, and give him this message:


16   “Who do you think you are, and what are you doing here, building a beautiful tomb for yourself - a monument high up in the rock?


17   For the lord is about to hurl you away, mighty man. He is going to grab you,


18   crumple you into a ball, and toss you away into a distant, barren land. There you will die, and your glorious chariots will be broken and useless. You are a disgrace to your master!


19   “Yes, I will drive you out of office,” says the lord. “I will pull you down from your high position.


20   And then I will call my servant Eliakim son of Hilkiah to replace you.




21   I will dress him in your royal robes and will give him your title and your authority. And he will be a father to the people of Jerusalem and Judah.


22   I will give him the key to the house of David—the highest position in the royal court. When he opens doors, no one will be able to close them; when he closes doors, no one will be able to open them.


23   He will bring honor to his family name, for I will drive him firmly in place like a nail in the wall.


24   They will give him great responsibility, and he will bring honor to even the lowliest members of his family.


25   But the lord of Heaven’s Armies also says: “The time will come when I will pull out the nail that seemed so firm. It will come out and fall to the ground. Everything it supports will fall with it. I, the lord, have spoken!”


Holy Bible, New Living Translation copyright 1996, 2004, 2007 by Tyndale House Foundation. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois, 60188. All rights reserved.

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  • Comment Link S. Tuesday, 14 February 2017 13:11 posted by S.

    Wow! What a dreams & interpretation.
    Thank you, S.

  • Comment Link Margaret Sunday, 25 December 2016 05:06 posted by Margaret

    Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2016 13:50
    To: 'Pastor Sheila Vitale'
    Dear Pastor, I have just read this, and I am awed by it. Thank you for sharing.
    Talking about DJT’s cabinet, yes, I have been impressed with his selection so far. I was thinking the other day, this man seems to know who he wants in his team- there is no doubt that there is a lot of wisdom in what he is doing. Now I see you say “The Lord is involved in President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s choice of his Cabinet” AMEN!
    I thank God for bringing clarity and understanding, through dreams & interpretation.
    I enjoyed reading ISAIAH, CHAPTER 22 - NEW LIVING TRANSLATION (NLT)! Very explanatory of what’s on ground. Wow!
    The only thing though, one wonders what Verse 25 is referring to 
    25 But the lord of Heaven’s Armies also says: “The time will come when I will pull out the nail that seemed so firm. It will come out and fall to the ground. Everything it supports will fall with it. I, the lord, have spoken!”
    Love, M


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