Sensitivity To Sin - 1

Wednesday, 08 November 2017 14:17

Sensitivity To Sin - 1

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Someone requested prayer acknowledging that sometimes they have a self-righteous reaction to sin. There is such a thing as sensitivity to sin. For example, if we recognize unrighteousness manifesting in somebody, it can actually cause us pain. It causes me pain, and pain has a tendency to cause us to have an ungodly reaction.


For years an ungodly anger which came out of my carnal mind arose in me when I was confronted by sin. That was the only reaction I had, and I could not control it; but I lent myself to prayer and I no longer have that reaction. I would say I am in a 99% victory range. I have the power to restrain the self-righteous reaction, the anger which comes out of pride, so that the righteous reaction from Christ prevails.


The way we distinguish between the two reactions is this: The self-righteous reaction to sin destroys, it hurts the other person and it hurts the relationship in general. The truth is, it is Satan in us punishing the sinner. It is Satan in us who recognizes sin in the other person and punishes them with harsh judgment. When Christ Jesus rises up in us to judge sin, it exposes the behavior or attitude as sin, and gives the person the opportunity to understand what they did wrong and how to overcome, so they can change.


These are the two different reactions we can have to sin that is directed at us. We can be Satan to the person and punish them unto destruction, or we can be Christ, forgive their sins and teach them unto life. I pray you receive this gift, as I have. I pray it should be increased in me unto perfection.


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