Romans, Chapter 1 - Alternate Translation (Verses 1-31)

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Romans, Chapter 1 - Alternate Translation (Verses 1-31)

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ROMANS 1:1-31

Paul’s Credentials

1.01        I, Paul, separated [from the world], called to be a servant of Christ Jesus, and an apostle of the gospel of God,

1.02        That [God] promised by [the Word of] his holy prophets, [which were written] in the Scripture,

Jesus Christ, The Son of God

1.03        Concerning his Son [Jesus Christ, our Lord], who was made from the seed of David, according to the flesh, and

1.04        Identified as the Son of God by the miracle working power [that] Jesus Christ our Lord, received from] the Spirit of Holiness, which raised him from the dead,

1.05        By whom we have received the office of the apostle, through obedience to [the Shekinah, the Spirit of] Grace, and [Christ Jesus], the moral conviction [that the Shekinah distributed] among all nations, for his Name’s sake, and


1.06        To you, who are in [Christ Jesus], who are also called of Jesus Christ, and

1.07        To all who are called to be saints and beloved of God: Peace to you from [the Spirit of] Grace and God, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ.

1.08        First [of all], I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your moral conviction is spoken about throughout the whole world,

1.09        Because God, who I serve with my spirit in the gospel of his Son, is my witness that, without ceasing, I always make mention of you in my prayers,


1.10        Requesting that, sometime, even now, if it be the will of God, that I come to you by any means [possible],

1.11        Because I long to see you, that I may impart some spiritual gift to you, to establish [the moral conviction of Christ Jesus in your heart],

1.12        Indeed, that we may be comforted together through the mutual moral conviction [that we receive from Christ Jesus];

1.13        Indeed, I would not have you ignorant, brethren, that I frequently intended to come to you, that, [as I have brought forth fruit] among other Gentiles, I might have some fruit among you also,

1.14        [Since I am paying off] the debt [that I owe to God because of my sins, by ministering] to both Greeks [who are civilized] and foreigners [who are not civilized], to both the wise and the unwise,

1.15        So, I am ready to preach as much of the gospel as is in me, to you also who are at Rome,

The Opportunity To Be Saved

1.16        Because I am not ashamed of the gospel, which is the miracle-working power of God to save everyone that trusts [the Lord Jesus Christ]: To the Jew first and also to the Greek,

1.17        Because the righteousness of God within [the individual] is revealed from moral conviction to moral conviction; As it is written, [whoever] lives by [the moral conviction of Christ Jesus, shall be declared] to be innocent [of violating the law of Sin and death],

The Reason For Judgment

1.18        Because the anger of God is revealed from heaven against all the irreverence towards God and immorality of the First Adam, who unjustly holds back the truth [from humanity],

1.19        Because it is well-known that God is shining in them, and has made himself known to them,

1.20           Because the invisible things from the original for1.mation of the cosmos can be comprehended and clearly seen by the things that are made, both the Shekinah, the eternal power, and the divinity, so [their denial of God] is indefensible,

1.21        Because when they knew God, they did not honor his opinion, neither were they grateful, so their [understanding] heart was darkened, and they became unintelligent and foolish in their discussions;

1.22        Claiming to be wise, they became simpletons, and

1.23        Changed the opinion of the God who cannot decay to resemble the image of [the First] Adam, [who] decays, and to birds and four-footed beasts and reptiles,

The God of This World

1.24        Wherefore they gave themselves over to the god [of this world], who knew [them, which put] forbidden desires in their heart and infamous and immoral longings for the physical body [in their mind],

1.25        Who changed the truth of God into a lie and [caused them] to worship and minister to the original formation [of the creation], rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever, so be it, and

Why Women Suffer Emotionally

1.26        Gave their women over to the indignity of continuous emotional suffering, because the god [of this world] exchanged the natural [maternal] instincts [of the woman] for [a desire for] physical employment [outside of the home], and

Male Homosexuality

1.27        Similarly, the men also dismissed their instinctual use of the woman, and burned with lust towards one another, men with men, [doing] that which is shameful and indecent, [which], necessarily, produces the false opinion* [of the First Adam, which makes death their] reward, and

*Changed what the Creator intended him to be.

A Simple (Unintelligent) Mind

1.28        Inasmuch as they did not investigate God [enough] to recognize [the righteousness of his commandments, laws and statutes], God turned them over to a mind that could not recognize [the destructive effect of] those [forbidden] things, [and deemed the immoral desires of their physical body and their heart, to be] proper, and

An Evil Nature

1.29        [So], they are being filled up with an evil nature [that] violates [God’s restrictions upon their physical body] [through] sexual sin, and [upon their] mind, [through] greed and evil thoughts, [and

The Fruit of the Bestial Nature

They became] filled up with unhappiness [because of the good fortune of others], slander, strife [resulting from prideful] debates, schemes to defraud, evil thoughts that impute evil motives to others, pronouncements of evil,

1.30        Secret accusations, blame towards God, persecutions of others who mistreat them, excessive promotions of themselves that show themselves [to be] above their fellows, inventions of things that do harm, and unwillingness to be persuaded by their parents [instruction]; and

The Behavior of the Bestial Nature

1.31     These [spiritually] unintelligent [formations of the First Adam] break the Covenant of Peace that [I [AM, Jehovah and Elohim made with mankind through Adonay], and refuse to lay aside their enmity and listen to terms of reconciliation, [because] they are merciless [to everyone], and hard-hearted towards their family, [in particular].

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