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l am now ready to be your disciple.


Please let me know what is required.


Love in Christ 





Hello D


This is good news!


It is a condition of your heart and mind


Just acknowledge that the Lord may have something to say to you that he tells you through me, rather than telling you directly, especially when it comes to analyzing and interpreting spiritual experiences and events that may involve your or other people’s motives that you are not aware of.


But it’s not likely that I would have anything to say to you unless you "invite me in" by sharing your spiritual experiences with me.


God bless you.


Love in Christ,
Sheila R. Vitale




Thanks Pastor, l may not understand fully but I agree with you.





I will continue to explain what the Lord wants to accomplish in you and between us, as the thoughts come to me:


He wants you to understand that, although you have an intense and profitable relationship with him, he wants to give you more, and "more" involves you understanding that:


1. Christ is higher than the Holy Spirit


2. Christ is a hierarchy of authority, the collective name of all of the officer(s) of God's spiritual army. Accordingly, even though Christ cannot be divided (1 Cor 1:13), he is so great that he, himself, as the young Son of God, is all of the officers, and the only way those officers, that hierarchy, can be distinguished from each other and by the citizens of Israel (Phil 3:20) is for him to reveal the ranks of those officers through the enlisted men, i.e., the human citizens of spiritual Israel (Acts 17:26, Gal 6:16).


     a. In other words, Christ is each believer is NOT equal.


     b.  He requires each of us to recognize Himself in other believers, and


     c.  Submit to HIM in other believers


3. This means, specifically, that he wants us to understand that HE HAS THE RIGHT to speak to us, give us instructions and teach us, if he desires to do so, through other men.


4. The Church has misunderstood 1 Jn 2:27 which says that "ye need not that any man teach you." John was saying that not only do we, who have his anointing (which is Christ), not need to be taught by man (Adam), we should not permit ourselves to be taught by man (Adam), because we, ourselves are man (Adam), and should only be taught by God (Jn 6:45). But the mystery is that God teaches us THROUGH man (Adam).


    So God is saying to us THROUGH John that sometimes God teaches us directly, but when it comes to THE HIGHER TRUTHS, he chooses to teach us through Christ in other men (Adam) that have already learned more than we have and have experienced SPIRITUAL GROWTH through personal experiences based upon that instruction.


     In addition, God has given Christ in the unconscious part of the mind of men (Adam) the authority to correct us is he chooses to do so.


      Lastly (for today anyway), in response to your telling me several years ago that you reject the idea that you cannot attain without me (I do not remember exactly the way you said it), it is true that Christ in you cannot bring your material body and personality into longevity apart from a spiritual connection with the Blood of Jesus within me, who is already attached to the only one who can increase our years, i.e., the Lord Jesus Christ.


       So, Christ within you is your spiritual husband. He is the one who can understand what Christ Jesus within me is teaching. He is the second, and your personal, witness to what I teach, and to everything that I may say to you. He is your protection against any potential of me making a mistake.


        So you must learn to distinguish between Christ in you and man (Adam) in you and in me, and between Christ in you and Christ Jesus in me.


        You should look for and expect Christ in you to witness to everything I say to you, and also recognize the response of man (Adam) in you, the one who is offended and always resists the Spirit of Truth (Acts 7:51).




Thanks Pastor, I have got it. 


I understand what you are saying here. 


Love In Christ 



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