A Text Q & A With Pastor Vitale

Tuesday, 05 January 2021 10:16

A Text Q & A With Pastor Vitale

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Inquiring Mind: You sent me into a rabbit hole last night LOL. Looking up what primordial Kings were and the second Adam. Interesting.

                                Well, for the second and last Adam, that’s believed to be Jesus, right?


Pastor:                  In two different phases.

                                Not the same.


Inquiring Mind: So Jesus before and after resurrection?


Pastor:                  Adam comes to full maturity in three stages.

                                Actually, I told you the wrong thing. The second Adam is not Jesus.

                                Second Adam is the promise that Jehovah gave to Abraham that first appeared and Isaac

                                Promised seed

                                First incarnation of the promised seed was Isaac.

                                It still has not incarnated in its final stage.

                                Which is the son of man.


Inquiring Mind: So Adam is more a spiritual status vs a person.


Pastor:                  Absolutely

                                A spiritual man.


Inquiring Mind: Ok. I think I understand.


Pastor:                  Technically, humanity are not “man”

                                Adam is man.

                                Humanity are the earthen vessels.


Inquiring Mind: So, “man” is a child of God who loves and obeys God without question or straying from his commands.

                                As for a primordial king, that was a whole different story.

                                A perfect being so to speak.


Pastor:                  The first Adam disobeyed God, committed adultery and the human race was born as an illegitimate offspring.

                                And we have been dying ever since.


Inquiring Mind: That part I understand.


Pastor:                  Adam is the son of God.

                                When Jesus said “I am the son of God,” it was Adam speaking from within him.


Inquiring Mind: Yes, but he (Adam) broke the covenant making humanity no longer immortal basically.


Pastor:                  Yes, but he was never supposed to obey unquestioningly.

                                Adam was supposed to internalize the righteousness of God to the point that he would choose to make the same decisions that God would make.

                                But he was seduced before he was internally equipped.


Inquiring Mind: Ok, I understand that part.


Pastor:                  Adam was actually a seed that brought forth an offspring and is now used up. That’s why a second Adam or a second seed was necessary.


Inquiring Mind: I’m sorry, Sheila. If you are busy, you don’t have to waste your time on me with this.


Pastor:                  I love it.


Inquiring Mind: Ok. I just didn’t want to take you away from what you are doing.


Pastor:                  The second seed, or the second Adam, has not been born yet.


Inquiring Mind: Now you definitely have me confused.


Pastor:                  Or, rather, he was born in Jesus of Nazareth, but Jesus of Nazareth gave up his incarnation in this world.

                                I’ll back up. It’s best if you ask me a question.


Inquiring Mind: Ok. So if Adam was born in Jesus, is that not the second Adam.


Pastor:                  A good question. Just thinking about how to answer you.

                                I guess I have to use a different word.

                                The second Adam was conceived and came to term in Jesus of Nazareth but has not been born yet. He can be likened to a nine month fetus just before birth.


Inquiring Mind: Sorry. You know I’m literal. LOL


Pastor:                  I love it.


Inquiring Mind: So Adam was going to be born into Jesus but wasn’t. Now is waiting.


Pastor:                  Yes, he is a fully conscious adult spiritual male who is waiting to be born in a flesh body.

                                But he is not human. He is a gigantic spiritual being who will be born in many human beings.


Inquiring Mind: Kind of like a reincarnation.


Pastor:                  True.


Inquiring Mind: But born into many?


Pastor:                  One human being cannot contain his consciousness.

                                The only example that I can think of which is a terrible example is an octopus.


Inquiring Mind: Yikes. Here my mind goes again. So he needs several beings but then a hive mind?


Pastor:                  No.

                                With a hive mind, everyone is the same.


Inquiring Mind: Right. That’s why I’m clarifying.


Pastor:                  He is the son of God. He is an infinite being.

                                His mental intellectual spiritual and creative capacity is infinite.

                                And he expresses it creatively in many different beings at the same time without any conflict between them.

                                Reality is that our relationship with him imparts to us infinite creativity.

                                The glue that sticks it all together is his moral base.


Inquiring Mind: Ok, but wait. Now I go back to something not sitting right. I thought Adam was a creation of God in God’s image. But Jesus is the son of God. But you’re saying Adam is the son.


Pastor:                  Good question. Give me a minute.

                                Jesus is the name of God. He is different than Jesus of Nazareth who was a human being born to a woman.

                                The personality of Jesus of Nazareth was joined to Adam, the son of God, who is in the image of God and, therefore, joined to God.

                                Think of it this way.

                                Our human reality is that we are in two layers. Our physical body and our personality which is spiritual or soul.


Inquiring Mind: Ok, so Adam is spirit inside Jesus of Nazareth?

                                But you said Jesus is the son of God. I have this vague memory of being told some people call God Jesus but that’s not correct.


Pastor:                  Sort of. They were fully integrated.

                                He has no appearance right now.

                                He has to be born into physical bodies.

                                His personality was integrated. Not this body.

                                Correct. Jesus is not God; he is the last Adam who is fully integrated with God. Therefore, he is the name of God, but not God.

                                He is the representative of God, the name of God.

                                Integrated with God but yet separate and visible.

                                He is a part of God.

                                To make him God would be like saying that my heart is separate from me and my heart is me.

                                My heart is only a part of me.

                                We are all parts of God.


Inquiring Mind: Jesus is a part of God. I get that part. And that we are all parts. I get that too.


Pastor:                  So, now that God, who is completely alien to everything that is human, as a human identity through which he can relate to other human beings.

                                So it is said that Jesus is his name, i.e., his connection with the human race.

                                And our connection with God.

                                Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man.


Inquiring Mind: I don’t think I can follow that part, “Jesus is God’s name.” I have a very negative feeling towards that. Everything else makes sense. Just not that.


Pastor:                  It took me a long time to understand that also. You read my last few texts above.

                                His name, i.e., his connection with the human race and the connector, or the ladder to which men can reach God and God can reach man.

                                Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man.


Inquiring Mind: I understand everything you are saying. But to me, God and Jesus Christ are two. Connected? Absolutely, without a doubt. Jesus is an extension of God. But not God.


Pastor:                  Amen.


Inquiring Mind: I think we will have to agree to disagree on the name part. LOL


Pastor:                  He is called God’s name because there is no way for a human being to identify God.

                                Or to get to know him.

                                He is Adam Perfected. He is in the image and likeness of God.


Inquiring Mind: Still not God.


Pastor:                  We can get to know him because he was human and is now an ascended being. So the way this principle is expressed as to say that he is God’s name.

                                Correct. He is not God.

                                He is the perfect expression of God in a form that human beings can comprehend.


Inquiring Mind: Agreed.


Pastor:                  He is ambassador, translator.

                                The way what we have just agreed upon is expressed in the scripture is that Jesus is God’s name.


Inquiring Mind: Where please?


Pastor:                  I don’t know that it’s expressed exactly that way. We were told that he is the Express image of God.

                                He also says I and my father are one.

                                I can give you those scriptures if you would like.

                                In the Old Testament, Jehovah says I and my name are one.

                                John 3:18 says the name of the only begotten son of God.


Inquiring Mind: I’ll look at them. I apologize, but there is such an issue inside me to accept that one thing.


Pastor:                  It’s not a problem.

                                I’ll look further for you.

                                I’ll email you a list of the Scriptures.


Inquiring Mind: Thank you.


Pastor:                  His name is above every other name.

                                God has given him a name that is above every name.


Inquiring Mind: I see where you are going with that.

                                I think this is more that I am literal.


Pastor:                  The whole scripture is spiritual. The letter is only an abbreviation for the purpose of connection.

                                He is a many membered man and collectively we are God’s name. Try this one.

                                Acts 15:14…To take out of them people for his name.


Inquiring Mind: Agreed. But also interpretation. To me, when one says, “Jesus is God,” that means that they are the same. Not two.


Pastor:                  He is not God.


Inquiring Mind: Right. That’s where this is coming from me. Jesus is not God.


Pastor:                  The Church is mistaken.

                                There is not one scripture that says that he is God.

                                They support their position with the doctrine of the Trinity, which is a false doctrine.


Inquiring Mind: I think in some odd way, we are saying the same thing.


Pastor:                  There is only one God and his name is Jehovah.

                                Yes, we are.

                                Actually, God as multiple names.




                                I Am.


                                Actually, the whole scripture is his name.

                                And all of those names can be expressed collectively as Jesus.

                                Not Jesus of Nazareth. He is gone and will never return.

                                He has been swallowed up into God.

                                Today, the name “Jesus” signifies all of the collective names of God.


Inquiring Mind: There. Not to me.


Pastor:                  God, who is unreachable, is now reaching for humanity through the personality of Jesus of Nazareth, which He has now clothed Himself in.

                                Are you saying that you do not accept that the name Jesus represents God but it’s not God?


Inquiring Mind: No. I’m saying that Jesus is different than God himself.


Pastor:                  Of course. Jesus is Adam. God is God.

                                Jesus is the creation. God is the creator.

                                Jesus is the last Adam getting the perfect creation of God.

                                Jesus is Adam. God is God.

                                Jesus is perfect mankind.


Inquiring Mind: Agreed.

                                But his image, not him.


Pastor:                  Correct.

                                But because he is his image, which is recognizable, we can use his name to call upon God.

                                He said, pray to the Father in my name.

                                Access the Father in my name.

                                Because you can see me and you cannot see him.

                                “We do not know what we shall be but we see Jesus.”

                                He is our example. He is the pattern son.


Inquiring Mind: Yes. So through Christ, we can reach our Father. But that does not mean I call our Father, Jesus.


Pastor:                  I see where you are stuck.

                                I’ve been saying for a while now that Jesus being God’s name is a real stumbling block for the church. And you had put your finger right on it.

                                The only way to legitimately call out to God in the name of Jesus is to understand that Jesus is the mediator.

                                So if that’s not clear, you should not call him by his name, Jesus.

                                The problem is that when someone calls God, God, which is his generic name, there are many gods who can answer.

                                Jehovah is the greatest of all the gods.

                                But there is no provision for humanity to communicate directly with Jehovah.


Inquiring Mind: Except through Jesus Christ.


Pastor:                  Exactly. He is the Only mediator.


Inquiring Mind: Ok. So we are on the same page there.


Pastor:                  Yes.

                                He is the image that stands in front of Jehovah.

                                Jesus can dwell with humanity without killing us. If Jehovah were to try to dwell with us, we would die.

                                He’s inside of me.

                                Talking to you now.


Inquiring Mind: Even that I understand.


Pastor:                  You understand a lot.


Inquiring Mind: Not enough.


Pastor:                  He has sent you one large breast. Take from me all that you can swallow.



Inquiring Mind: Ok. That’s gross. LOL


Pastor:                  El Shaddai. It’s called the breasted one.

                                That is another name of God.

                                Believe it or not, that’s a spiritual principle for all of us.


Inquiring Mind: What do you mean?


Pastor:                  We are all nursing spiritual children.

                                It’s actually that primordial king in you drawing spiritual life from Christ Jesus in me.

                                I’m just his mouthpiece.


Pastor:                  It’s a spiritual breast. Sorry if I grossed you out.


Inquiring Mind: About primordial kings.

                                I was joking with you. LOL

                                There isn’t a lot of information about primordial kings. But at first glance I saw something about archangels and for a few minutes I thought you were calling me evil. I was a little upset.


Pastor:                  Oh, no.

                                You have to be careful what you pick up online.


Inquiring Mind: But I went further down the rabbit hole there and I have to say, I still don’t quite understand what a primordial king is.


Pastor:                  That’s a whole different teaching. Are you sure you want to double up? Maybe we should save that for another day.

                                A conversation like this is like swallowing live fire.

                                You don’t want to take too much too fast.

                                People that do that sometimes vomit afterwards.

                                I don’t recommend it.


Inquiring Mind: How about you give me something to research further on it. I got stuck and to be honest, I’m not sure I want to know who my angels are, but I do like info and you opened up a subject.

                                I’m good as far as info. I just don’t want to take up too much of your time. And I do have to leave to pick up kids in 10 minutes.


Pastor:                  Well 10 minutes is definitely not enough.

                                I don’t know where to direct you online, but I know that I gave a couple of excellent exhortations on that subject. I will find it for you.


Inquiring Mind: Ok. That would be great. Thank you.


Pastor:                  Welcome. Have a good evening. Love you.


Inquiring Mind: You too. Love you, too.

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