Two Abels

Friday, 15 October 2021 13:19

Two Abels

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Question:  Referring to Thursday's message (Oct 7th 2021), Genesis 1 according to the Zohar CCK.1101.2.Part 2 in which you talked about the 'lack' being Abel who is not standing up yet (in you) even though he has woken up. You say he stands as he receives truth, God's perception. So the problem is from below (earth)as we have everything we need from above.


My question: In Hebrew 12:24, what does it mean when it says the 'blood of sprinkling' speaks better things than that of Abel?


Pastor Vitale: There are two Abels. For clarity sake we call the second Abel, Christ. The blood of sprinkling is the blood of Christ.


Abel is the seed of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid. That spiritual seminal fluid, consisting of the Shekinah and her seed, Abel, that was breathed into Adam, brought forth fruit, which is humanity and this world which is their environment. It is all used up.


The second Abel, Christ, was given to Abram and has traveled through the genome of the generations of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Ephraim, Levi and Judah.


Today he is a full-grown man in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of Man. He also exists today as a seed in two forms: the blood of Jesus which has just started to be sprinkled upon the Israel of God (the blood is Christ, not the Holy Spirit), and as the spiritual primordial Kings that survived the dissolution of righteous (second) Adam that appeared in national Israel.


The two forms are not equal. The primordial kings are living seed, capable of sprouting (waking up), but not capable of reconnecting with the higher dimensions of the Godhead, which is necessary for the return to the immortality of innocence that Adam experienced before he fell down into this world.


Christ is righteous (second) Adam, plus the personality and ego (two lowest of the five grades of soul) of Elijah and of Jesus of Nazareth.


As explained in the meeting today, this spiritual blood is connected to the two higher dimensions of God within the creation (mother and father), and Elohim/ancient Adam outside of creation.


Ancient Adam, father, mother, Adam (Elijah and Jesus) and the personalities and egos of Israel, are tetragrammaton in the flesh, the fullness of the Godhead in a bodily form.


It appeared in Jesus of Nazareth in the days of his flesh and is about to appear again in unknown and insignificant human beings (egos, personalities and bodies) that he will have taken for wives.


The primordial kings are the second Adam only.

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