Romans, Chapter 2 - Alternate Translation (Verses 1-29)

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Romans, Chapter 2 - Alternate Translation (Verses 1-29)

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ROMANS 2:1-29




Unholy Judgment


2.01        Therefore, it is inexcusable for any [personality of the First] Adam to find [another personality of the First Adam] guilty, because when you find another [personality of] the First Adam guilty, you are comparing [that person] to yourself, [when] you do [the same things] in the unconscious [part of your mind], and


God’s Judicial Decisions


2.02        Indeed, we are aware that God’s judicial decisions, [which are rendered] according to the Truth, are against the type of individual who [judges others by comparing them to himself];


2.03        [So], do you, indeed, think that you will escape the judicial decisions of God [concerning] the things that you find [the other personalities of the First] Adam guilty of, that you habitually do, yourself in the unconscious [part of your mind]?


2.04        Or that [you will escape the judicial decisions of God because of] the wealth of moral excellence [in] the unconscious [part of your mind, or because of] the patience and tolerance [that you have for] the ignorant [personalities of the First Adam that] you despise, [who become] profitable to God [after] he leads them to repentance?


The Day of Judgment


2.05        Indeed, in the day that God’s passion [for his wife] is disclosed, [Satan, the enforcer of] Jehovah’s Righteous Sowing & Reaping Judgment, [will execute] the appropriate sentence [upon the Jews* who willfully disobey the Law of the Spirit of Life, for the sins that] they accumulate [because of] their stubbornness and unrepentant heart, and


*Paul is speaking to all Jews, ie, the Israel of God, which includes Jews of lineal descent and Christians (Gal 6:16).


2.06        The Shekinah will render [a righteous recompense] to every [Jew who obeys the Law of the Spirit of Life], according to the things they have done


2.07        To cheerfully endure [hardship, have] a consistently good opinion [of God], respect [the other personalities of the First Adam], and seek incorruptibility for the life of the ages;


The Reason For Judgment


2.08        But [those Jews who] provoke [God] to anger by refusing to believe the Truth that anger is a wrongful, immoral passion  of the mind, shall, indeed be convinced




2.09        [When] Adam [from] above* pressures the souls of all of the Jews, as well as the Greeks, who commit the depraved and injurious acts of the First [Adam into] the narrow [place that leads to eternal life];


* The Second Adam


The Day of Peace


2.10        Indeed, [in that day], everyone will respect [the other personalities of] the First [Adam, seek] peace [with God], and do good to the Jew, as well as to the Greek,


2.11        Because there is no favoritism with God;




2.12     [So], since many [Jews] do not attain immortality because they refuse to subject themselves to the Law [of the Spirit of Life, the crumbs of spiritual Truth intended for those] lawless [Jews] are parceled out [to the non-Israelite races, who are] fully destroyed [when they consume them],


2.13     (Because, listening [to the verbal expression of] the crumbs of God’s spiritual food, does not [make your character] equal to God[’s character], but [only those who understand, believe and] act out [the words that carry the crumbs of spiritual food], shall be rendered innocent,


2.14        Because, when [the non-Israelite] races [which do] not have the crumbs of God’s spiritual food [have] the [spiritual] plant that produces the crumbs of [God’s] spiritual food, [and] perform [the actions of God’s character, even though] they, themselves, do not have those crumbs of God’s spiritual food, [the people of those other non-Israelite races, who have the spiritual plant that produces] the crumbs of God’s spiritual food [and do the acts of the character of God],


2.15        Which acts [of God’s character] indicate that the crumbs of God’s spiritual food have engraved their heart and the unconscious [part of their mind with the moral consciousness of God];



Righteous Judgment


[Then, when these conditions are met], both the unconscious and the subconscious [parts of their Christ mind] shall jointly testify [to the Truth, which is, then], duplicated in their [conscious] thoughts), either charging [the personalities of the First Adam] with an offence, or declaring their innocence,


2.16        In the day that God distinguishes [between] the hidden [thoughts of the First] Adam [and the thoughts of] Christ Jesus, [the Second Adam, who thinks] My [thoughts],* according to the good news [of the Gospel of God].


* Paul is speaking prophetically, ie, God is speaking through him in the first person.


2.17        look!, Indeed, you are secure [because you know that the Jews] are called [to serve God], and you boast [about your knowledge of] the Law, and that


2.18        You know [what God has] determined [to do in the future], and you approve of tossing about [the Word of God] to indoctrinate [others] out of the Law, and


2.19        You are confident that you are a guide to the blind, a light to those who exist in the shadows, and


2.20        A teacher of the mindless, [and] an instructor of infants,


               [But] you have [only] the appearance of [possessing] the knowledge and truth [that is found] in the Law,


2.24        Because the Name of God is vilified among the non-Israelite nations, as it is written,


2.23        You boast about [your knowledge of] the Law, but you dishonor God by breaking the Law,


2.21        You teach another, but you do not teach yourself,


               Therefore you preach against stealing, but you steal;


2.22        You say that adultery is wrong, but you commit adultery.;


               You are disgusted by idolatry, but you receive worship that belongs to God,


The Spiritual Reason For Circumcision


2.25        Because [physical] circumcision [is] truly beneficial for [those who study] and accumulate [a knowledge of] the crumbs of spiritual food which were parceled out (law) [to Israel], but [if those] who inherited the opportunity to study (circumcision) the crumbs of spiritual food which were parceled out [to Israel] violate (transgress) [the spiritual principles revealed through those] crumbs of spiritual food, [they might as well] be uncircumcised.


2.26        Therefore, if [the character of] those who do not have the potential to understand the Word of God [through lineal descent] can be made equal to the moral character of God [by consuming] crumbs of the spiritual food which were parceled out [to Israel and] accumulated in the unconscious [part of their mind],


               Should not those who do not have the potential to understand the Word of God [through lineal descent] be counted [among those] who have the potential to understand the Word of God [through lineal descent]?


2.27        [And], should we not distinguish between those who inherited the ability to be satisfied by spiritual academic study of the crumbs of the spiritual food which were parceled out [to Israel] through lineal dissent, and


               Those [who inherited the privilege of] being satisfied by spiritual academic studies [through lineal descent, but] violate [the spiritual principles which are taught through the study of] the crumbs of spiritual food which were parceled out [to Israel]?


2.28        Because a Jew cannot be identified by appearance, behavior, or physical circumcision,


2.29        A Jew is identified by what is on the inside, that is, a heart that the hard shell of pride has been cut away from, not acquired academic learning and praises to God that come from the [First] Adam.

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