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Health and Yenika, The 2nd Stage Of Fetal Development


June 10, 2003 - I was telling the Lord that I believe that I was promoted int Yenika, in November of 2002, and that is why I see so many experiences that I previously had repeating themselves on a higher level. I also believe that Christ Jesus within me is developing on all three stages of Yenika (the three months of the second trimester of ZA’s fetal development: political, social and economic) simultaneously.


As I was thanking the Lord for this very exciting promotion, a question broke through into my mind: how do I distinguish between suckling on Satan’s energy and suckling on the energy of the glorified Jesus Christ, because Yenika, the second stage of ZA’s fetal development, means “suckling on the energy of the Lord Jesus Christ.”


The answer that came to me is that during the first stage of my spiritual pregnancy, Christ Jesus within me suckled on Satan’s energy, which is the energy of the natural man. In other words, as is known, Christ, after he is grafted, begins to acquire the energy of the natural man, which, temporarily, weakens that natural man, who is an expression of Satan. As Christ Jesus matures as a result of acquiring the energy of the natural man, however, Christ Jesus begins to restore health to the physical body.


In the event, however, that the man (scripturally called the “midwife”)does not cooperate with Christ in the destruction of Satan, the unconscious part of his carnal mind, the energy of the natural man that is released, because Christ is boiling Satan, may not be acquired by Christ, but could be “wasted.” If such a misfortune were to occur, the midwife might not survive the pregnancy, in which event all three principalities, Christ, Satan and the man would die.


The Lord continued to explain to me that only a limited amount of healing could result from Christ Jesus’ pregnancy, because the reality of the acquisition of the energy of the natural man by Christ, especially if that natural man is sickly, is that Christ Jesus drives away the powers and principalities that are feeding off of the energy of that natural man, thereby weakening him. As Christ Jesus acquires the released energy, He returns it to the “midwife” and it is then used for the replenishment and rebuilding of the natural man.


So, we see that all that a natural man can hope for when he is pregnant with Christ Jesus, is the return of his own energy to himself, which would be fine if the man was in a normal state of health. However, if the physical body of the “midwife” is already wasted or deteriorated, the energy of the natural man, even after it has been recycled by Christ Jesus, is not powerful enough to heal more than minimally, which is usually not enough to restore the deteriorated physical body to a condition of “good health.”


Promotion into Yenika, which establishes Christ Jesus in the heart center where he has access to the Lord Jesus Christ, on the other hand, is the beginning of,“suckling” on the glorified Jesus Christ, which energy has the power to restore optimal good health to the most wasted physical body, and after that, to impart supernatural physical abilities to that same deteriorated physical body. Hallelujah!!! glory to God!


The sign that a natural man has begun to “suckle” on the Lord Jesus Christ, is the acquisition off the wisdom of God, manifesting as internalized life-directing counsel. The acquisition of Wisdom in the form of an understanding and spiritual absorption of the Doctrine of Christ and Christ-Centered at Kabbalah, indicates “suckling” on Christ Jesus in another man, which can be likened to a fetus’ total dependence upon the “senior midwife,” before it even starts to breathe for itself, which is an aspect of the higher grades of the first stage of ZA’s development which is called “pregnancy.” It is possible to be “pregnant” with Christ without having any contact with the Doctrine of Christ, but unless the “fetus” of the “midwife” begins to “suckle”on Christ Jesus within a “senior midwife,” that infantile fetus will not mature to term.


This is just another way of saying (as I have expressed in the Doctrine of Christ, an imputed Christ can develop in a believer who is pursuing Jesus Christ with all of his love and strength, but unless that imputed Christ becomes grafted to the mortal foundation of the “midwife,” He will die. The grafting takes place as the imputed Christ receives the seed of life from a “senior midwife” who is preaching the Doctrine of Christ by the life of the imparted Christ within him. The Doctrine of Christ wall so expresses “the grafting” of the male seed of the imparted Christ to the female seed of the imputed Christ as, “the fertilization of the spiritual potential within the believer that has the imputed Christ.” 


Technically speaking, Abel is the spiritual potential of fallen humanity, but Abel is dead in the nations, and he is also dead in all but a few physical Jews. Ergo, one must have the “female” seed of the glorified Jesus Christ, which is the seed of the Holy Spirit, which is our hope that the male seed, the seed of the glorified Jesus Christ, will join with us, to save our soul and restore us to our first estate, which is immortality.


God bless you.

Sincerely in Christ,

Sheila R. Vitale,

Pastor, Teacher & Founder

Christ-Centered Kabbalah

Living Epistles Ministries

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