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Health and Yenika, The 2nd Stage Of Fetal Development


June 10, 2003 - I was telling the Lord that I believe that I was promoted int Yenika, in November of 2002, and that is why I see so many experiences that I previously had repeating themselves on a higher level. I also believe that Christ Jesus within me is developing on all three stages of Yenika (the three months of the second trimester of ZA’s fetal development: political, social and economic) simultaneously.


As I was thanking the Lord for this very exciting promotion, a question broke through into my mind: how do I distinguish between suckling on Satan’s energy and suckling on the energy of the glorified Jesus Christ, because Yenika, the second stage of ZA’s fetal development, means “suckling on the energy of the Lord Jesus Christ.”


The answer that came to me is that during the first stage of my spiritual pregnancy, Christ Jesus within me suckled on Satan’s energy, which is the energy of the natural man. In other words, as is known, Christ, after he is grafted, begins to acquire the energy of the natural man, which, temporarily, weakens that natural man, who is an expression of Satan. As Christ Jesus matures as a result of acquiring the energy of the natural man, however, Christ Jesus begins to restore health to the physical body.


In the event, however, that the man (scripturally called the “midwife”)does not cooperate with Christ in the destruction of Satan, the unconscious part of his carnal mind, the energy of the natural man that is released, because Christ is boiling Satan, may not be acquired by Christ, but could be “wasted.” If such a misfortune were to occur, the midwife might not survive the pregnancy, in which event all three principalities, Christ, Satan and the man would die.


The Lord continued to explain to me that only a limited amount of healing could result from Christ Jesus’ pregnancy, because the reality of the acquisition of the energy of the natural man by Christ, especially if that natural man is sickly, is that Christ Jesus drives away the powers and principalities that are feeding off of the energy of that natural man, thereby weakening him. As Christ Jesus acquires the released energy, He returns it to the “midwife” and it is then used for the replenishment and rebuilding of the natural man.


So, we see that all that a natural man can hope for when he is pregnant with Christ Jesus, is the return of his own energy to himself, which would be fine if the man was in a normal state of health. However, if the physical body of the “midwife” is already wasted or deteriorated, the energy of the natural man, even after it has been recycled by Christ Jesus, is not powerful enough to heal more than minimally, which is usually not enough to restore the deteriorated physical body to a condition of “good health.”


Promotion into Yenika, which establishes Christ Jesus in the heart center where he has access to the Lord Jesus Christ, on the other hand, is the beginning of,“suckling” on the glorified Jesus Christ, which energy has the power to restore optimal good health to the most wasted physical body, and after that, to impart supernatural physical abilities to that same deteriorated physical body. Hallelujah!!! glory to God!


The sign that a natural man has begun to “suckle” on the Lord Jesus Christ, is the acquisition off the wisdom of God, manifesting as internalized life-directing counsel. The acquisition of Wisdom in the form of an understanding and spiritual absorption of the Doctrine of Christ and Christ-Centered at Kabbalah, indicates “suckling” on Christ Jesus in another man, which can be likened to a fetus’ total dependence upon the “senior midwife,” before it even starts to breathe for itself, which is an aspect of the higher grades of the first stage of ZA’s development which is called “pregnancy.” It is possible to be “pregnant” with Christ without having any contact with the Doctrine of Christ, but unless the “fetus” of the “midwife” begins to “suckle”on Christ Jesus within a “senior midwife,” that infantile fetus will not mature to term.


This is just another way of saying (as I have expressed in the Doctrine of Christ, an imputed Christ can develop in a believer who is pursuing Jesus Christ with all of his love and strength, but unless that imputed Christ becomes grafted to the mortal foundation of the “midwife,” He will die. The grafting takes place as the imputed Christ receives the seed of life from a “senior midwife” who is preaching the Doctrine of Christ by the life of the imparted Christ within him. The Doctrine of Christ wall so expresses “the grafting” of the male seed of the imparted Christ to the female seed of the imputed Christ as, “the fertilization of the spiritual potential within the believer that has the imputed Christ.” 


Technically speaking, Abel is the spiritual potential of fallen humanity, but Abel is dead in the nations, and he is also dead in all but a few physical Jews. Ergo, one must have the “female” seed of the glorified Jesus Christ, which is the seed of the Holy Spirit, which is our hope that the male seed, the seed of the glorified Jesus Christ, will join with us, to save our soul and restore us to our first estate, which is immortality.


God bless you.

Sincerely in Christ,

Sheila R. Vitale,

Pastor, Teacher & Founder

Christ-Centered Kabbalah

Living Epistles Ministries

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Notes on the Palace of Adam Kadmon

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And Sheila Vitale’s Notes To


(Tree of Life)


The Palace of Adam Kadmon

By Chayyim Vital

The teachings of Isaac Luria




(Introduction) -- Page xvii

•          Kabbalah literally means "receiving," referring to traditions received from her earlier times.

•          The goal of Kabbalah is to penetrate the surface of everyday reality, to explore unseen spiritual worlds through rational inquiry and mystical meditation

•          Isaac Luria’s followers based their assertion that his teachings were the highest form of Kabbalah on the fact that he had received them through revelations from the prophet Elijah.

•          Isaac Luria is known to later generations and as the "Ari," (Lion) –an acronym formed by the initial letters, of "the godly Rabbi Isaac."

•          Isaac Luria died at the age of 38 in an epidemic on July 15th 1572.

•          Isaac Luria’s grave is the place where many Pilgrims pray to this very day.


SHEILA’S COMMENT? DID ISAAC LURIA GO OFF? It appears that this may be the case if his grave is a place of pilgrimage for the devout to this very day.

•          Chayyim Vital, Isaac Luria’s chief disciple, organized and wrote down the Ari’s teaching. Isaac Luria did not record his work.

•          Chayyim Vital spent 20 years organizing and writing down Isaac Luria’s work.

•          Moses Cordovero, Isaac Luria’s older contemporary, devised a system as comprehensive as Isaac Luria’s. Kabbalists considered the systems of the two rabbis equal, and chose them as alternatives for many generations.

•          A knowledge of the contents out of Chayyim Vital’s Tree Of Life is considered essential for those who seek to understand the Zohar, even though a great deal of the Zohar deliberately conceals it’s true meaning to outsiders.


(Introduction) -- Page xx

Worlds Within Worlds

•          Reality is multilayered.

•          The physical world that we experience by our senses is only the outward, visible manifestation of unseen dimensions that permeate all existence.

•          There are four concentric universes included in Isaac Luria’s version of ancient cosmology.

•          COSMOLOGY:


cosmology (kŏz-mŏlʹə-jēnoun

1.  The study of the physical universe considered as a totality of phenomena in time and space.

2.  a. The astrophysical study of the history, structure, and constituent dynamics of the universe. b. A specific theory or model of this structure and these dynamics.

— cośmologʹic (-mə-lŏjʹĭk) or cośmologʹicaladjective
— cośmologʹicallyadverb
— cosmolʹogistnoun 

(Introduction) -- Pp xxi - xxi

•     The World of Action (Asiyah) -- The physical universe -- space, time, matter and energy, the World of Points, stars and the earth.

•     In medieval cosmology, the Earth, the outermost layer of reality, was believed to be the center of the visible universe.

SHEILA’S COMMENT: Western science has proven that the planet Earth is not the center of the universe, or of the universes, but I believe that the esoteric understanding of "the Earth is the center of the universe," is that mortal man is the center of the spiritual universe. The fullness of God Almighty surrounds mortal man’s physical exterior and, in the regeneration, when mortal man fulfills his potential, God Almighty will completely fill mortal man from within, thjrough Adam Kadmon.

•     The World of Formation (Yetzirah) -- The unseen world that is closest to us. This is the world of angels according to ancient cosmology. Modern thought considers this world the underlying source of the orderly patterns that appear in the world around us -- mathematics, the laws of physics and behavioral sciences, logic and musical harmonies. The World of Formation is closely connected to the material (physical) world, so reason, imagination, art and science can be used to develop inferences about the hidden aspects are the World of Formation by observing the patterns of daily life, and applying what we learn to the World of Formation, and deeper worlds, as well.

•     The World of Creation (Briy’ah) -- The layer of reality that is beyond the World of Formation. This is the plane of the archangels and of the divine throne that the prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel saw God seated upon. According to ancient cosmology, this is the highest plane of consciousness that humans can experience, and it is only possible to access it as a vision or through deep levels of mystical meditation.

•     The World of Emanation (Atzilut) -- The World of Emanation, of all the four worlds, is closest to the Infinite, but the farthest away from the daily experiences of mortal man. "Emanation" suggests a continuous flowing, such as the light from the sun, or water from a river, or breath from a man, where the substance that is emanated stays in close contact with the Emanator. The World of Emanation cannot be experienced directly, because it is so close to the Infinite. We can, however, draw inferences about the structure and the operation of the World of Emanation from Scripture and by analogy, from the patterns that can be observed in nature, and in the plane of human experience.

•     The worlds of Creation, Formation, and Action are based upon Isaiah 43:7: "... All who are linked to my Name, those whom I created, formed and made." The World of Making, is called The World of Action.


(Introduction) - Pp xxii - xxiii

The Contraction (Tzimtzum)

•     All of the myriad worlds of the Lurianic universe are both surrounded and permeated by the Infinite (Eyn Sof).

•     God is the ultimate, absolute perfection, who exists beyond the limits of time and space.

•     The Eyn Sof is incomprehensible to human thought or imagination, unknowable and beyond description.

•     The closest analogy to the unknowable Eyn Sof, is the image of infinite light, that is, that which exists forever, which has no beginning or end, and extends in all directions, endlessly. This is the "light of the infinite," the infinite Eyn Sof.

•     The act of contraction (Tzimtzum) within the Infinite, the beginning of the relationship between the Infinite and the finite worlds, continues in a series of stages.

•     The will to create the worlds arose within the Infinite.

•     The "open space," was created, the empty void that the finite worlds would be created in, when the Infinite withdrew a portion of its light away from a point at its very center.

•     A single ray of light radiated into this void, which became the narrow conduit, or filter, that would transmit a limited amount of the light of the Eyn Sof into the finite worlds.

•     The finite worlds could not tolerate the full measure of the infinite light of the Infinite One.

•     This ray of light that is emanated into the void, is in the form of 10 sefirot.

•     A sefirot is a finite measure of divine energy.

•     The 10 sefirot were within the ray of light.

•     The LINEAR aspect of the 10 sefirot, represents the "image of God," that we read about in the Scripture.

•     The Kabbalists arranged the 10 sefirot in terms of the human body and called him Adam Kammon (Primordial Human), because we are told that Adam, the first human, was made in the image of God.

•     Adam Kadmon is a filter that the light of the Infinite emanated through, especially through his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, which represent the organs of human vision, hearing, smell, and speech.

•     Adam Kadmon is an archetypical human, whosre form is designed to help us understand deep spiritual principles that are too deep to even imagine.


(Introduction) - Pp xxiii - xxix

The Ten Sefirot:

How They Interact With The Finite Worlds

•     The concept of "sefirot" enables Kabbalists to speak about the way that the Infinite interacts with the finite worlds.

•     The 10 sefirot are instrumental in the creation of the world.

•     The word sefirot relates to the Hebrew words "safar" (to count), "sefer," book, "sippur," (communication). Some commentators relate the sefirot to "sappir," the Hebrew word for sapphire.

•     The sefirot are metaphysical forces and luminous emanations, the agents of deity, not mere numbers.

•     The sefirot are "like the appearance of lighting. Their limit has no end and God’s Word in them is ‘ running and returning.’ They rush about at his command like a whirlwind and prostrate themselves before his throne." (Sefer Yetzirah, referring to Ez.1:14)

•     The 10 sefirot are assigned individual names and specialized functions in an integrated system of supernal powers.

•     The first sefirot is called Keter (Crown), but the names of the other nine sefirot are derived from Scripture: wisdom, understanding, etc.

•     Wisdom and Understanding, the second and third sefirot, appear in the Scripture as parallel instruments of creation. (Proverbs 3:19, With wisdom God established the earth, with understanding He established the heavens and with knowledge, the depths were broken up.)

•     The names of the last seven sefirot are taken from Chronicles 29:11: "Yours, O God, are the greatness (gedulah), the strength (gevurah), the beauty (tiferet), the victory (netzach), and the majesty (hod), for all (kol) that is in the heavens and in the earth is Yours. Yours, O God, is the sovereignty (malkhut) and You are exalted as head above all.

•     Gedulah (greatness), was eventually called Chesed (loving kindness), and the nice sefirot, Kol (all), we now referred to as Yesod (foundation).

•     Each sefirot interacts with the finite worlds from the vantage point of his or her own special qualities.

•     Keter (Crown) - the desire and will (ratzon) to create to, the primordial source of all creative activity. The mediator between the Infinite and the finite. There is no analogy in our human experience by which we can relate to Keter, who is sometimes referred to as "nothingness" (‘ayin). Keter stays hidden within Adam Kadmon, the supreme Emanator.

SHEILA’S COMMENT: "Nothingness," in Kabbalistic terms, signifies non-being, that is, unmanifested.

       So we see, that Keter is "nothingness," and that Satan is "nothing."

nothingness(Eyn Sof)

nothingness (nŭthʹĭng-nĭsnoun

1.  The condition or quality of being nothing; nonexistence.

2.  Empty space; a void.

3.  Lack of consequence; insignificance.

4.  Something inconsequential or insignificant.


SHEILA’S COMMENT: it is interesting to note that "nonexistence" can be defined as an empty space or a void. This is a witness that the "empty space," within the Eyn Sof is not really empty, as the carnal mind of mortal man would comprehend that term, but is filled with the essence of the Eyn Sof in an unmanifested form.


nothing (nŭthʹĭngpron.

1.  No thing; not anything: The box contained nothing. I've heard nothing about it.

2.  No part; no portion: Nothing remains of the old house but the cellar hole.

3.  One of no consequence, significance, or interest: The new nonsmoking policy is nothing to me.


1.  Something that has no existence.

2.  Something that has no quantitative value; zero: a score of two to nothing.

3.  One that has no substance or importance; a nonentity“A nothing is a dreadful thing to hold onto” (Edna O'Brien).


Insignificant or worthless: “the utterly nothing role of a wealthy suitor” (Bosley Crowther). 

In no way or degree; not at all: She looks nothing like her sister.

— idiom.
nothing doingInformal
Certainly not.

[Middle English, from Old English nāthing : nā, no. See no2 + thing, thing. See thing.]

Usage Note: According to the traditional rule, nothing is invariably treated as a singular, even when followed by an exception phrase containing a plural noun: Nothing except your fears stands (notstandin your way. Nothing but roses meets (not meetthe eye. 

•  Chokhmah - (Wisdom). The first creative activity of Adam Kammon, the Emanator.Wisdom is the seed, the beginning (reshit), the intuitive flash, the term of an idea in its original state, the potential reality with undeveloped details.

•     Binah (Understanding) - The gestation conceptual development and unfolding of the details found and the original ideas that began in Chokhmah.

•     Keter is sometimes identified with the Will of the Infinite. On these occasions, a quasi-sefirah called Da’at (Knowledge) is called forth as the revealed aspect of the hidden Keter. The number of the sefirot remains 10, because Da’at is counted instead of Keter. In such a case, Chokhmah and Binah become the first two sefirot, and Da’at is the third sefirot, which is the harmonizing force that unites the the previous two.

•     Chokhmah and Binah in combination bring forth the creative potential in Chokhmah which is developed and Binah and then translated into action through the lower sefirot.

•     Da’at is usually depicted between Chokhmah and Binah in the central column of sefirot..

•     Thinking of the 10 sefirot as a human being, we can say that Keter (or Da’at), Chokhmah and Binah, correspond to the mental faculties, or the thought processes, that control and direct whatever actions are necessary to realize the divine plan.

•     The second triad of sefirot, Chesed, Gevurah and Tiferet, represent the moral or emotional qualities that influence the creative process.

•     Chesed (Lovingkindness, Benevolence, Grace) - unconditional giving, total altruism, unlimited kindness, representing the free, unrestrained outpouring of those attributes without regard to the merits of the recipient.

•     Gevurah (Strength, Might, Force), also called "Din" (Judgment, Law) - restraint and restriction that limits the free-flowing ghrace of Chesed, which is the opposite of Gevurah.

•     If either Chesed or Gevurah were totally dominant, or if they continued bond in perpetual conflict with each other, the worlds (human beings) would not endure, or fulfill their potential.

•     Tiferet (Beauty, Glory) is therefore necessary to harmonize, balance and blend the opposing forces of Chesed and Gevurah, which makes possible a balanced flow of energy by which the Infinite sustains the worlds.

•     The last three sefirot are the means by which the higher sefirot come into actual existence. Netzach, Hod and Yesod are further away from the realm of pure ideas, and closer to the complex realm of human interactions than Chesed, Gevurah and Tiferet.

•     Netzach and Hod are associated with prophecy or revelation, and victory over Israel’s foes.

SHEILA’S COMMENT: the editor says, by way of a footnote, that "many commentators are vague as to the distinction between these two sefirot," but the Lord told us by Revelation that Hod represents identification with the mind and nature of Almighty God.

•     Netzach (Victory, Endurance) - the overcoming power spoken about in the Book of Revelation. Stands for the conquest of anything that would interfere with the flow of the energy of God.

•     Hod (Majesty, Splendor) - represents consideration for others and empathy (according to the translator).

SHEILA’S COMMENT: As I said above, the Lord told me that the empathy associated with Hod, is not empathy for humanity, but empathy with God.


empathy (ĕmʹpə-thēnoun

1.  Identification with and understanding of another's situation, feelings, and motives. See synonyms at pity.

2.  The attribution of one's own feelings to an object.

[en-2 + -pathy (translation of German Einfühlung).] 

SHEILA’S COMMENT: Hod is the attribution of God’s feelings and motives to a human being.

•     Yesod (foundation) - balances Hod and Netzach, and collects all of the preceding forces and channels them, like a funnel, into the tenth for sefirah, Malkhut.

•     Malkhut (Sovereignty) - the final stage of the creative process and the means of its fulfillment. Malkhut is the instrument through which the creative potential that began in Chokhmah appears as a substantial reality.

•     Malkhut is the gateway that the divine energy that originates in the Infinite is shaped through dynamic interactions with the sefirot, and flows from one world into the next.

•     Malkhut flows from the World of Emanation to the World of Creation, from creation to formation and from formation to action. Malkhut flows from the hidden, inner realm of pure potential to the outwardly visible world that we experience daily.

•     From mortal man’s point of view, Malkhut is the bridge between the seen and the unseen worlds and the entrance to the ascended realms of the spirit.

•     Malkhut is identified with the Hebrew word Shekhinah, the Divine Presence that brings comfort and Grace, and who supports and sustains us in this world. Malkhut is our gateway to spiritual vitality and enlightenment.

•     The 10 sefirot up here in two different configurations: 1) in the form of concentric circles radiating from the line the proceeds forth from the Infinite, 2) in three parallel columns, three sefirot are the right, three on the left, and four in the middle.

•     The 10 sefirot form an integrated, interacting system, which includes Da’at, the revealed aspect of the hidden Keter, that proceeds from the abstract to the concrete and three distinct stages: Chokhmah-Binah-Da’at, ChesedGevurahTiferet, and netzach-Hod- Yesod.

•     The three sefirot in each triad represents the three aspects of the creative process: expansion, limitation, and the achievement of harmony through the reconciliation of opposites.

•     The right column - Chokhmah-Chesed- Netzach represent productive, expansive qualities

•     The left column - Binah-to-Hod represent limiting and restrictive to qualities.

•     The center column - Keter, Tiferet, and Yesod - the balance between the forces of expansion and limitation -- harmony.

•     Keter contains all of the previous sefirot in his function as "foundation."

•     Malkhut transmits the power of the 10 sefirot from one realm to the next and is the fulfillment of the entire creative process.


(Introduction) - p. xxix

Other Images Of The Sefirot

The Image of God

•     The fact that, according to the Bible, humans are made in the image of God, caused Kabbalists interpret the 10 sefirot as if they were a human body.

SHEILA’S COMMENT: The truth of the matter is that the Adam of Genesis 1 was in the image of God. Man, as we know him today, in his fallen state, is not in the image of God. Neither was the Adam of the Garden of Eden in the physical form that humanity is in today.

•     In his human configuration, the limbs of Adam Kammon, the primordial figure who is the link between the Infinite and the finite worlds, are represented by the first mind sefirot.

•     The female aspect of this Adam, based on the biblical statement that the image of God is male and female, is Malkhut (Genesis 1:27).

•     Ten of the most sacred biblical names of God are imputed to the 10 sefirot.

•     Seven key biblical characters: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Joseph, and David, are imputed to the lower sevan sefirot, from Chesed to Malkhut.

•     Imputing personality to the sefirot make it possible for the Kabbalists to analyze the biblical text in a way that reveals hidden truths about the concealed realms associated with the sefirot.

•     Each of the worlds of the Lurianic universe, and every individual element within each of them, is made up of 10 sefirot, including the 10 sefirot themselves.

•     The tenfold pattern of sefirot is repeated Binah every level of detail, whether there one is dealing with the entire system as a whole, or focusing on an individual part of the system.

•     Each of the sefirah is associated with one of the divine names, and a part of the human body.

•     Each of the seven lower sefirot is associated with a key Bible figure.

•     Keter is associated with the divine name "Ehyeh" (I Am), and the cranium (skull).

•     Chokhmah is associated with the divine name Yah, and to the right side of the brain.

•     Binah is associated with the divine name HVYH (Elohim), and to the left side of the brain.

•     HVYH is considered to be to sacred to pronounce, so when the biblical text is read aloud, Elohim (God) is pronounced instead of HVYH. In English translations, LORD is written in capitals when it is used to represent the Divine Name.

•     HVYH represents YHVH, with the four letters deliberately misplaced to avoid the pronunciation of the holy name.

•     The Hebrew letter "yod" makes the sound Y or I, and is written as a "J" in some texts. Thus, the holy name is sometimes written. JAHV (Jehovah), and sometimes IHVH or YHVH.

•     Chesed is associated with the divine name, El, the right arm, Elohim the patriarch, Abraham

•     Gevurah is associated with the divine name, Elohim, the left arm, and the patriarch, Isaac.

•     Tiferet is associated with the holy name, HVYH (Adonay), the torso, and the patriarch, Jacob.

•     Everything that is above, is also below. Accordingly, HVYH and Elohim are both above and below. HVYH associated with Binah is HVYH above, and HVYH associated with Netzach, is HVYH below.

•     Netzach is associated with HVYH-Tzev’aot, the right leg, and Moses. At the time of this writing, I do not know what "Tzev’aot" means.

•     Hod is associated with Elohim-Tzev’aot, the left leg, and Aaron.

•     Yesod is associated with El Chai, Shaddai, the male genitals, and Joseph.

•     Malkhut is associated with Adonay, The Female, and David.


(Introduction) Pp. xxx-xxxi

"Circular" and "Linear" Aspects of Reality

•     Each of the four worlds are made up of both circular and linear sefirot.

•     The circular sefirot of each of the four worlds are outside of us.

•     The circular sefirot are like spheres that are concentric with our own universe -- the World of Action -- at the center, and the higher worlds surrounding the World of Action at greater and greater distances. The Infinite itself is the farthest possible distance away from us.

•     The linear sefirot of the four worlds are within us, and fills all of our reality the same way the soul permeates the body. The Infinite itself is enclothed deep within our innermost recesses.

•     The highest aspects of reality are within the deepest, most internal aspects of the soul.


Anatomy of the Soul

(Introduction) Pp. xxxi-xxxii

•     In the same way that we refer to the instincts, emotions and the intellect as three different aspects of the human personality, the Hebrew language uses three different words for the soul.

•     Nephesh is the lowest aspect of soul, and is found in animals, as well as humans, and is centered in the liver and spreads throughout the whole body by means of the blood.

•     Ruach is the middle aspect of soul, also called the "spirit of the soul," and is centered in the heart.

•     Neshamah is the upper aspect of soul, and is centered in the brain.

•     Kabbalists, based upon the teachings of rabbis of the past, added to two more levels of soul:

•     Chayyah, the life force, is also called the "soul of the soul."

•     Yechidah, one-ness.

•     So we see that there are five aspects of soul, one of which is the "spirit of the soul," and a second of which is the "soul of the soul."

SHEILA’S COMMENT: I would think that spirit is higher than soul, yet, we see the word spirit associated with nephesh, the animal principal, which is the lowest aspect of soul, and the word soul, associated with chayyah, the life force, one of the higher aspects of soul. Hopefully, our continued studies will provide an answer to this puzzle.

•     According to the Tree of Life, the five levels of soul described here, represent a form of evolutionary psychology.

•     Nephesh enters the fetus little by little, throughout the nine-month period, from inception to birth.

•     Ruach, according to the Tree of Life, develops during the period that the infant nurses at the mothers breast.

SHEILA’S COMMENT: I have a problem here. At this time, I find it hard to belief that the spirit does not enter into the baby until after birth. The problem, as I see it, must be one of definition. I will wait for the Lord to clarify this issue.

•     Neshamah, which requires a lengthy period of mental development, comes next.

•     Chayyah, the life-force, builds a moral consciousness within us.

•     Yechidah forms a link between the individual personality and its ultimate source in the divine realm.

SHEILA’S COMMENT: So we see that ruach, the spirit of the soul, is associated with the development of a healthy personality, according to the Tree of Life, and that chayyah, the soul of the soul, is associated with moral consciousness.

       The problem here, is that the word "soul," is used in two different aspects. Overall, the intention of the word soul here, is that it is the personality of mortal man. However, in the case of the "soul of the soul," the Tree of Life appears to be talking about the moral consciousness of the personality. The "spirit of the soul," appears to be talking about the personality’s ability to relate to other people in a healthy, loving, manner.

       So we see that, according to the Tree of Life, the word "spirit" suggests emotional health, and the word "soul" suggests moral health. But, overall, the word "soul" is used in general to mean personality.

•     The aspects of soul, as laid out above, suggest a microcosm of the universe.

•     Yechidah (one-ness) corresponds with Adam Kammon.

•     Chayyah (life-force) corresponds with the World of Emanation.

•     Neshamah (upper soul) corresponds with the World of Creation, and the human brain.

•     Ruach (middle) corresponds with the World of Formation, and the human heart.

•     Nephesh (lowest) corresponds with the World of Action, and the human liver.


(Introduction) Pp. xxxii-xxxiv

The Hebrew Letters

•     There are 22 letters and Hebrew alphabet, each representing 1 aspect of the creative power of God, from which we can draw inferences about the unseen worlds.

•     There are no actual letters in the supernal realms. We say "letters," to help us to understand the different aspects of the creative powers of the Almighty.

•     In the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, plus the 10 sefirot, are known as the "thirty-two paths of wisdom" through which the worlds were made.

•     The ten sefirot in the form of the human, are connected by "channels." The spiritual contents of the first eight sefirot vibrate through the channels and converge upon either Yesod or Malkhut, depending upon the doctrine of the teacher. Isaac Luria teaches that the spiritual contents of the first eight sefirot converge upon Yesod, who gives everything that he has in the form of a "white drop," or seed, to Malkhut, his bride.

•     The Hebrew letters are sometimes assigned to the channels that connect the 10 sefirot.

•     The image of the 10 sefirot in the form of the human, showing the channels that connect them, is called The Tree Of Life.

•     The Tree of Life is an upside-down tree, whose roots point toward the Infinite, to draw its energy and channel it, through its downward-reaching "branches," to mortal man.


(Introduction) p. xxiv


•     YHVH is the alphabetical expression of the Divine Name, which it is forbidden to pronounce.

•     Our study will deal with this Divine Name by rearranging the letters to read HVYH. Since HVYH is not the unpronounced Divine Name itself, we can vocalize it as Ha Va Ya, which means "being" or "existence," in Hebrew.

•     This Divine Name, HVYH, parallels the five-fold structures of the worlds, the human soul, and the partzufim.

•     Adam Kadmon (the tip of the yod [י=Y]), parallels yechidah, the highest level of soul, and the partzuf, Arik Anpin .

•     The World of Emanation (the letter yod [י= Y]), parallels chayyah, the life-force, and the Partzuf, Abba.

•     The World of Creation ( neshamah, the upper level of soul, and the Partzuf, Imma.

•     The World of Formation (the letter vav [ו=V]), parallels ruach, the middle level of soul, and the Partzuf, Ze’ir Anpin.

•     The World of Action the letter Heh [ה=H]), parallels nephesh, the lowest level of soul, and the Partzuf, Nueva.

•     "Gematria" provides a technique for finding the secret meetings hidden in the text of the Scripture by attributing a numerical value to each Hebrew letter, and calculating a numerical value of each Hebrew word.

•     In the same manner that each of the 10 sefirot contains its own 10 sefirot, each of the four letters of the Divine Name contains its own four-letter Divine Name, but in each case, the names of the individual letters are spelled differently (e.g.,Hey, Heh,H’E, etc.)

•     According to gematria, the numerical values of the four Divine Name names in up to 72, 63, 45 and 52.


(Introduction) P. xxxv

Uncovering Hidden Meanings:

Gematria and Sod (Secret)

•     The Hebrew letters represent the sounds of speech, as well as the Hebrew numbers.

•     The first Hebrew letter, ’alef (א), represents the No. 1, the second letter, This is (ב) represent the No. 2, etc.

•     The Hebrew Scripture can be interpreted our four different levels: literal (p’shat), allegorical (remez), sermonic (drush), and secret (sod).

•     The first letters of the each level of biblical interpretation spell PaRDes, or paradise (from the Persian word for garden). This is considered to be the ultimate goal and reward of deep textual study.

•     All aspects of the Kabbilistic universe include this secret dimension, which is the deepest essence, that which is innermost, enclothed within outwardly visible garments.

•     Gematria is used to penetrate those garments and peer into the secret soul of the universe.

(Introduction) Pp. xxvi-xxvii

The Partzufim (Personifications)

•     The concept of sefirot is highly abstract. Idea, so the Kabbalah personifies the 10 sefirot by giving them "faces," or "personalities," called "partzufim."

•     Arik Anpin is the "Long Face," or the "Patient One." He corresponds to the first sefirah, Keter, who is closest to the Infinite. The name Arik Anpin indicates pure compassion (rachamim), undiluted by any other qualities.

•     Abba, Father, and Imma, Mother, are personifications are of Chokhmah-wisdom and Binah-understanding. Abba and Imma form a permanent married couple who assure a continuous flow of energy that sustains and nourishes all of the worlds.

•     Ze’ir Anpin is the Small Face, or the Impatient One. Ze’ir Anpin consists of the six sefirot from Chesed to Yesod.

•     Nukva is the female, the personification Malkhut.

•     Nueva is identified with the Shekhinah, the Divine Presence in the world.

•     Ze’ir Anpin and Nueva are the male and female offspring produced by the spiritual sexual intercourse of Abba and Imma.

•     Ze’ir Anpin and Nukva, unlike their parents, are together only on the Sabbath. They are separated from each other during the weekdays, when Nukva dwells among mortal men.

•     Ze’ir Anpin and Nueva are reunited once a week, on the eve of the Sabbath, when their marriage union, as the supernal bride and groom results in new souls being created, and great blessings to flow into the world.


SHEILA’S COMMENT: The Lord has revealed to us that the new souls that are created, are really the renewal of the shackled Abel, and his rebirth as the regenerated Adam, or, in the New Testament, Christ Jesus.

•     The partzufim are made up of 10 sefirot, just as each of the ten sefirot is made up of 10 sefirot.

•     The partzufim previously named are called primary partzufim.

•     Each of the primary partzufim contains secondary partzufim within them.

•     Ze’ir Anpin has two secondary partzufim called Jacob and Israel.

•     Nueva has two secondary partzufim called Rachel and Leah.

•     The Malkhut of Imma has a special name, "Tevunah," Discernment.

•     The Malkhut of Abba has a special name also, Israel Sava, Grandfather Israel.

•     Therefore, Israel Sava, grandfather Israel, is associated with Tevunah, Discernment, Israel (Ze’ir Anpin) is associated with Leah (Nukva), and Jacob (Ze’ir Anpin) is associated with Rachel (Nueva).


(Introduction) Pp. xxxviii-xl

Lurianic Kabbalah,

 A Cosmic Drama of the Creation,

the Fall, and in the Redemption

Act 1 -- Creation: Contraction and Emanation

•     Mortal man exists in both the visible and invisible dimensions.

•     The Infinite (Eyn Sof) exists everywhere, has always existed, and has no limits of time was space.

•     The Infinite (Eyn Sof) is a single, undifferentiated unity.

•     The Infinite (Eyn Sof) is beyond the ability of the human mind to comprehend, or imagine.

•     Lurianic Kabbalah perceived as the Infinite (Eyn Sof) as a sea of light.

•     The essence of the Infinite is pure energy. He has no shape or boundary in space or in time.

•     Only the Eyn Sof. Exists prior to the creation of the worlds

•     When the Infinite desires to create, it withdraws its infinite light away from its midpoint, which creates an empty space, or an empty void.

•     This withdrawal is called Tzimtzum ( contraction).

•     The purpose of Tzimtzum is to create finite universes within boundaries and limits, which could not have occurred without this self- initiated withdrawal of the Infinite into itself.

•     Adam Kamdon is the name of the single ray of light that was projected in a straight line into the void at the center of the Infinite, that takes the form of 10 sefirot, which form a primordial human figure.

•     The light of the Infinite flows into Adam Kadmon.

•     Adam Kammon is the sole channel and filter through which energy flows from the Infinite into the finite worlds that are destined to be created in the midst of the void.

•     The light of the Infinite that flows into Adam Kammon, is emitted through the openings in his body --his ears, nose, mouth, eyes, etc.

•     The light of the Infinite that emerges from Adam Kadmon’s mouth, come out bound together, and are called, collectively, the World of Bound Lights (Akudim).

•     Ten, separated sefirot that are separated, isolated, independent points of light, emanate from the eyes of Adam Kammon, and are called, collectively, the World of Points (Nekudim).

•     Ten vessels made from the thicker aspects of the lights that form the World of Points, are created within the World of Points, to receive and contain the lights issuing from Adam Kammon.

•     Innumerable universes were formed from these initial emanations, which resulted in the four worlds of emanation, creation, formation, and action.


Act II -- Fall: the Breaking of the Vessels





GENESIS 2:4 AND 1:1 (pp. 102 - 108)

p. 102

•     These five partzufim of the World of Emanation are described in the Zohar in Idra Rabba and Idra Zuta, which says that the secret of the word “behibar’am” (Gen. 2:4) is: “He created them with five.”

In the day that HVYH Elohim created (behibar’am) the earth and the heavens...." Here, the b in behibar’am is interpreted literally as "with," h as five, and baram as "he created them."

Everything that was created after the World of Emanation is created from the World of Emanation, and is an aspect of these five partzufim of the World of Emanation, whether we are talking about the World of Formation, Creation, Formation, or Action.

•     The five partzufim of the World of Emanation came from the lower seven Sefirot of the Malkhut of Adam Kammon.

•     Malkhut is called the "Lower Mother." A Malkhut is also the second H in the Name HVYH.

•     The lower seven Sefirot out of the Malkhut of Adam Kammon thus became the head of all the worlds. (end of comments on p. 102)

p. 103

•     The 10 Sefirot of the World of Emanation are the clothing for the Malkhut of Adam Kammon.

•     The impurities started here. The Hebrew word translated impurities, sygim, refers to the dross that is left over when precious metals are refined, or to the traits in the bottom of a wine that, i.e., any worthless byproduct of a creative process.

•     The associated footnote says, "the term refers to the wreckage from the shattering of the vessels of the lower seven Sefirot of the World of Points, the Shells that fell down into the lowest world, Asiyah, our physical universe."

•     The doctrine of Christ differs with this statement which says that the lower seven Sefirot of the World of Points broke apart from the World of Emanation and fell down into the World of Action in, our physical universe, merely because they could not contain the intensity of the light that was poured into them.

•          The doctrine of Christ says that Adam could not maintain the integrity of his magnetic field, and was pulled to pieces (all of the single Abels), because of the negative magnetic force of the dross that came into existence when the lower seven Sefirot. of Adam Kammon’s Malkhut, penetrated into the World of Emanation.

•     QUESTION: Kabbalah says the World of Points broke apart, and that the World of Points represents the 8 kings of Edom. The doctrine of Christ says it was Adam in the garden that broke apart.

•          How does Adam in the garden compare to Adam Kammon, and how does Adam in the garden compare to the 8 kings of Edom.

•          Do the 10 Sefirot were represent Adam on infinite levels? It appears so.

•     Elohim in Genesis 1:1 is the Malkhut of Adam Kadmon. From her power, the “Heaven and Earth of the World of Emanation were created, but were not not completed from the time they began until the eighth king, Hadar, came out.

•     Heaven and earth refer to the divine male and female, Ze’ir Anpin and Nukva.

•     The 4 letters of the Name HVYH are the offspring of Adam Kadmon’s Yesod, the place where circumcision is given on the 8th day.

•     Adam Kadmon begot the white drop which is called chasadim (kindnesses) and put it with the female waters of his Malkhut, which are the red drop, also called the land of Edom. This is how the worlds were established.

•     Compassion (rachamim) is also associated with Tiferet, which stands for the 6 sephirot that are personified by Ze’ir Anpin.

•     Judgment (din) is associated with Malkhut.        

•     The World of Emanation is the result of the coupling of the Yesod and the Malkhut of Adam Kadmon.   

•     The 7 kings of Edom are the 10 sephirot of the World of Emanation, since the first sephirot, Keter, Chokhmah and Binah are treated as a single unit.            

•     The opposite qualities of compassion (rachamim) and judgment (din) are associated respectively with the HVYH and Elohim, the 2 names of God.

•     The World of Points knew only the judgment of Malkhut.

•     The World of Emanation is the reconfiguration of the World of Points , PLUS the addition of the compassion of Ze’ir Anpin.

•     Adam Kadmon’s Malkhut is the head of the World of Emanation , also called Atik Yomin.

•     The lower 7 sephirot of Malkhut penetrate into the next lower world.

•     Only the light of Malkhut’s 7 lower sephirot penetrate into the world underneath. The true essence of Malkhut’s 7 lower sephirot remains above in its place.

•     It is only the sparks of Malkhut’s kight that goes down.

•     Malkhut, who represents the Shekinah, God’s presence in the earth is referred to by the personal pronoun, I.

•     The Keter, the highest and most obscure sephirot, is called nothingness.

•     Signifying, I believe, not in existence, or non-being.

•     The line of light from the infinite ends in the World of Emanation. The light of the infinite is carried into the lower worlds within the feet of Adam Kadmon, but does not directly touch those lower worlds.

•     The heels of Adam Kadmon are enclothed within the 10 sepihirot of the World of Action.

•     Each heel is made up of 100. These are the thousand days of unholiness, because the shells are there.

•     The thousand days of unholiness signify the crown energy center of Leviathan’s timeline.

•     The # 100 of Adam Kadmon’s heel signifies the brow energy center of Adam Kadmon (Christ Jesus’s) timeline that is penetrating the World of Action , our world.

•     So we see that the brow center of Adam Kadmon is higher than the crown center of rebellious woman.

•     The light from the World of Action will be completely cleansed and purified. This is the foundation of the name Jacob (p. 106).Yod = 10 and “akov” means heel.

•     The seven sparks of the Malkhut of Adam Kadmon’s Malkhut, Adam Kadmon’s heel, descend into the World of Action, and expand there into the 10 sephirot, and become the Atik Yomin of the World of Action.

       We know this Atik as Christ Jesus, the Saviour of the world, Jacob’s foundation.

•     “By the heel of Messiah – that is, Adam Kadmon – ‘impudence will prevail.’”

•     Etz Chayyim does not quote any Scripture for the above statement. The only sense I can make out of it, since “impudence” refers to “pride,” is, “the fiery serpent (impudence) will prevail over Satan and Leviathan.” And for this statement to make sense, it would have to mean that the Abel side of the fiery serpent is prevailing over his Cain side.

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Spiritual Principles

Written by



Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai

The First Ever

Unabridged English Translation

With Commentary


Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag







Sheila R. Vitale

Living Epistles Ministries

P.O. Box 562

Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776-0562

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****Words in Brackets [] Are Sheila's Comments or Amplifications.


The Zohar. The Prologue, Paras. 248-251 (pp. 217-218).

"248.    Because that [Sabbath] day was sanctified, the creation of the bodies for certain spirits was not completed. SO HE ASKS: was not the Holy One, blessed be He, aware of that, so that He could delay the sanctification of that day until the bodies of those spirits were created?AND HE ANSWERS: The Tree of Knowledge -- Good and Bad -- aroused the Evil Side, who wanted to rule over the world. So a lot of spirits were dispersed and WENT FORTH with much weaponry to achieve strength and to FLING THEMSELVESinto the bodies of this world.

"249.   As the Holy One, blessed be He, saw this, He aroused a tempest from within the Tree Of Life WHICH IS IS ZE'IR ANPIN, and struck upon the other Tree, WHICH IS MALKHUT, causing the arousal of the other good side. Consequently, the day was sanctified. Because the creation of the bodies and the arousal of the spirits, on the night of SHABBAT, comes from the Good Side and not from the 'Other Side.'

"250.   Had the Other (evil) Side come during that night before the Good Side, then the world would not have been able to exist for even one moment. So the Holy One, blessed be He, provided the remedy in advance. The 'sanctification of the day' jumped up and stood before Him. Thus, the Good Side appeared before the Other Side appeared, and the world was established and was able to exist. So instead of the Other Side becoming strong and establishing itself in the world, as it planned, the Good Side was established at that night by the construction of holy bodies and the forming of holy spirits from that Side. Therefore, the sages who know this perform their conjugal rights weekly, from Shabbat to Shabbat."

The Doctrine of Christ

            Background. According to Hindu philosophy, we exist as part of a system called the Days and Nights of Brahma, an infinite system of Spiritual days (conscious existence) and spiritual Nights (spiritual sleep/non-existence), which span trillions of what we humans call "years." Each day of Brahma ends with the total destruction of everything created, and then, in the morning, begins again by creating the universes anew. The ensuing Night of Brahma (after total annihilation of all creation) is a period of non-existence, or non-being.

            Sheila's Comment: The Lord has taught us that He did not ordain this fallen world (which is the fruit and the illegal offspring of the adulterous union between the Serpent and the Woman), or cause it to come into existence. Accordingly, Scripture teaches that we, the slaves of this world system (Day of Brahma), shall be freed from her grasp when the Shofar sounds. (Para. 239 [p. 211] -- last sentence.)

            Why would we need to be liberated from a world that the Lord created? The truth is that we are trapped in a time warp (nothing new under the sun (Ecc l. 1:9)) which will repeat itself, ad infinitum, until something interferes with this infinite system of death, non-being and rebirth of conscious existence.

            The Lord has also taught us that the Days and Nights of Brahma are a reality of our fallen existence, which is, and will be, generated, destroyed, and regenerated by the Serpent until the Lord Jesus Christ overlays it (the Blood of Jesus Christ will cover Malkhut, the spiritual moon of this fallen system (Joel 2:31), and she will become righteous when she reflects the light of the Sun of Righteousness (Mal. 4:2)).

            The Lord has also taught us that the force of this time warp that we (the kidnapped seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary) are caught in, is so great, that in order to free us from her grip without killing us, it was necessary for the Lord to initiate a creation of His own while the Serpent was sleeping (1 Thes. 5:2, 2 Pet. 3:10), during the non-existence of a Night of Brahma. You, see, the Serpent requires sleep, but the God of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps (Ps. 12:14), and promises the same condition for those who love him (Is. 5:27).

            This principle also witnesses to the fact that we are the Serpent's offspring. If this were not true, why would we need to be adopted or rectified?

            It is a true spiritual principle concerning creation, that when the creator holds an image of creation in its mind, creation exists, but when the creator sleeps, or "forgets" creation (the creator does not hold the image of creation in its mind), creation is destroyed. This is why the the Lord tells us that He "remembers us," (Jerm. 2:2) and promises not to forget us (Is. 49:15).

            The Lord says that he will "put out the remembrance" of Amalek (Ex. 17:14), but He will write a "Book of Remembrance"  of those who fear him (Mal. 3:16). This means that Amalek will cease to exist, but those who acknowledge His preeminence (fear Him), will live forever.

            So, the Lord generated his own creation "during the night" ("... had the Other (evil) Side [been able to] come [into existence] during that night, before the Good Side, then the world [ that the Lord created] would not have been able to exist for even one moment " (Para. 250 quoted in full above).

            The Serpent eventually perverted the Lord's creation and we fell down into this corrupt, illegal world of action.

            The reason why (1) intelligent life is found only on the Earth and (2) humanity alone is eligible for salvation is that we belong to the Lord, although we are presently in a perverted configuration and must be reformed into His image. All other lifeforms, which may or may not exist, were originally generated by the Serpent and are, therefore, an illusion, with no redeemable value. Only the seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary which fell down from Heaven (descended from the ovum which were destined to be the offspring of Ze'ir Anpin) can return to Heaven (Jn 3:13).

"248.    Because that [Sabbath] day was sanctified, the creation of the bodies for certain spirits was not completed.

[SHEILA'S INTERPRETATION: The Sabbath day represents the end of creation. This sentence is saying that creation ended before the bodies necessary to house all of the spirits were completed completed.

            The doctrine of Christ says that the Serpent seduced the Woman, who gave birth to spiritually "incomplete" beings.]

SO HE ASKS: was not the Holy One, blessed be He, aware of that, so that He could delay the sanctification of that day until the bodies of those spirits were created?AND HE ANSWERS: The Tree of Knowledge -- Good and Bad -- aroused the Evil Side, who wanted to rule over the world.

[SHEILA'S INTERPRETATION: The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

            The Doctrine of Christ says that the Daughter born of Abba (Chokhmah) and Imma (Binah), is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil who is destined to marry the Son, who is the Tree of Life. When the two are joined as one all is well in the world (this condition is called "Shabbat"), but when the Daughter departs from her husband (the "weekdays"), she can be seduced to turn to her evil side.]

So a lot of spirits were dispersed and WENT FORTH with much weaponry to achieve strength and to FLING THEMSELVESinto the bodies of this world.

[SHEILA'S INTERPRETATION: The seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary incarnated with the nature of the "evil inclination."]

"249.   As the Holy One, blessed be He, saw this, He aroused a tempest from within the Tree Of Life WHICH IS IS ZE'IR ANPIN, and struck upon the other Tree, WHICH IS MALKHUT, causing the arousal of the other good side.

[SHEILA'S INTERPRETATION: The Serpent, the Daughter's evil side, was fully manifested, until the Son arrived on the scene and joined himself to the Daughter's good side, to strengthen her with his righteousness .]

Consequently, the day was sanctified. Because the creation of the bodies and the arousal of the spirits, on the night of SHABBAT, comes from the Good Side and not from the 'Other Side.'

[SHEILA'S INTERPRETATION: The Day signifies creation (Night signifies non-existence). Please note that the word "Shabbat," in this sentence is the amplification of Rabbi Ashlag. This word was not in the original text of the Zohar. I suggest you that the sentence is saying that only the "Good Side" can arouse spirits and create bodies in the Night, while the Serpent (the "Other Side" is sleeping).

"250.   Had the Other (evil) Side come during that night before the Good Side,

[SHEILA'S INTERPRETATION: Had the Other (evil) Side BEEN ABLE TO come ....]

then the world would not have been able to exist for even one moment.

[SHEILA'S INTERPRETATION: The Evil Inclination is stronger than the "unfortified" goodness of the creation. That is why Adam needs a "help." The Evil Inclination will overtake humanity every time he tries to rise, UNTIL Adam is fortified with the double portion, that is, Ze'ir Anpin in the World of Emanation permanently married to Malkhut in the Earth.]

So the Holy One, blessed be He, provided the remedy in advance. The 'sanctification of the day' jumped up and stood before Him. Thus, the Good Side appeared before the Other Side appeared, and the world was established and was able to exist. So instead of the Other Side becoming strong and establishing itself in the world, as it planned, the Good Side was established at that night by the construction of holy bodies and the forming of holy spirits from that Side.

[SHEILA'S INTERPRETATION: The Rectification of the fallen World of Points (the sanctification of the day) has already taken place in the highest planes of consciousness, and is now called the World of Emanation.

            But the Zohar does not indicate in this place that the two worlds ] co-exist, and will continue to co-exist until the World of Emanation (the Lord Jesus Christ) permanently joins Himself to the fallen World of Points (Malkhut/humanity), which union is the greatly anticipated spiritual Shabbat, the Age (Day) that will never end (Is 45:17, Eph 3:21)].

Therefore, the sages who know this perform their conjugal rights weekly, from Shabbat to Shabbat."

[SHEILA'S INTERPRETATION: The wise men (sages) who know and understand these spiritual principles, join with the Lord Jesus Christ (in the previous dispensation the union was with Elijah) as often as possible, which union brings the spiritual Shabbat into existence.

God bless you all.

Always studying for you and on your behalf,



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This is a study on Gehenom, I am looking up every reference to Gehenom in my software program of the Zohar. The first reference says "the angel presiding over Gehenom is Duma, and there are tens of thousands of angels of destruction under him. He stands at its door. But those who have carefully guarded the sign of the Holy covenant he has no power to touch."


Concerning Gehenom, the Zohar says that "this is a warning to man, not to utter with his mouth words that might suggest evil thoughts, because when you do that you cause to sin the scared body on which is stamped the Holy covenant." I suggest to you that, that is the mind of Christ. That the Mind of Christ is the scared body in which you stamp the Holy covenant.


Then the Zohar says "for he who does this, he who utters with his mouth words that suggest evil thoughts, is dragged into Gehenom." What this says to me is that Gehenom is a state of being in your carnal mind.


The next occasion in the Zohar of the term Gehenom is as follows, "wherefore God should be angry at thy voice and destroy the work of thy hands." I.e. which means the flesh of the holy covenant which the man has defiled, and which as a punishment is stretched in Gehenom at the hand of Duma." If the body of the holy covenant is the Mid of Christ I would say the flesh of the Holy covenant is the man that the min of Christ is in, and I could see that the man himself is defiled, buy in cautious words. I do not understand this punishment of being stretched in Gehenom at the hand of Duma. I do not understand the context of being stretched so we will just go on.


The next reference is to the torches of Gehenom, but there is not more information in this context. Hopefully we will hear more about that.


I just did a search in the Zohar on the "torches of Gehenom," and that phrase only appears once with no further information.


Next reference is to the "fire of Gehenom." I am going to do a study strictly on the "fire of Gehenom." We see that Gehenom is a fiery outburst of witchcraft destruction. The carnal mind enters in with separation. Separation in other words the two people are not longer in agreement. Then discord comes in, just hard feelings, then Gehenom was created, I am sorry then wrath, and violence. I think according, I just did a study on wrath and violence but I put it on a different tape. According to that I would say separation enters in, then the people they fall out of agreement in the mind, they quarrel, then wrath which is violent is given birth too.


Gehenom is a manifestation of the carnal mind that is violent, and attacking witchcraft. That is what I would say. Gehenom is a manifestation of the carnal mind that is beyond quarreling, it is a separation beyond quarrelling. It is a raging violent, raging spiritual violence that can come out in words. You do not have to be physically attacking any body. It is a raging spiritual violence that comes forth.


The Zohar say the "fire of Gehenom," so that would be the wrath. Wrath powered by spiritual power consumes and destroys. Or consumes and destroys all the angels that revolted against their master.


Likewise all that have vanished away and do not endure and are consumed by fire. have been, have experienced the fires of Gehenom. This really sounds like to me like the "lake of Fire."


The next reference to Gehenom in the Zohar is Gehenom as the blazing fire.


Right now more or less we are doing a side study on the fires of Gehenom. So here is the next reference to the word "fire" and Gehenom. It is talking about the Hebrew letters engraving the waters of the creation and the separation of the waters by the firmament. This is what the Zohar says, "and the waters continued going up and down until this firmament came into being and separated them. A division took place on the second day on which was created Gehenom which is a blazing fire, and which is destined to rest on the heads of sinners."


We see that Gehenom at this point appears to me what the New Testament calls the Lake of Fire, we now find out that it was created on the second day. What comes to mind is one of the Psalms that says, "do good to your enemy is causes coals of fire to be placed on their heads." Let me see if I can find that Scripture. Proverbs 25 Verse 22. Let me start with Verse 21, "if thine enemy be hungry give him bread to eat, and if he be thirsty give him water to drink for you shall heap coals of fire upon his head, and the Lord shall reward you."


What this appears to be saying is that if you are good to your enemies, the end result is corrective judgment falls upon them, and Christ, and the reward that you get is that Christ is built in you for having a Godly response to having some one sin against you. As I look at the list of Scriptures that came up in response to my search. I see there is a lot of talk of coals of fire, and just fiery judgment. I now believe that when ever we read about fire in the Scripture in the context of judgment or coals of fire it is really talking about the Fires of Gehenom, that manifestation of Hell that is the wrath or the spiritual power of God coming forth to deal with your sin to burn up you sin.


I see Psalms 140:10 says, "let them be cast in to fire, into deep pits." now sheal is the pit. I think I did read something in the Zohar, I do not know if I put it on this tape or not. I read it in this study that Gehenom comes out of Sheal, so Gehenom is the spiritual fire that burns up the sin, which arises out of sheal, which is the pit. The sheal is a level or a grade of the carnal mind. I also read in this study but I do not think I put it on the tape that Korah and his family when they fell down in to the under the ground alive they went into Sheal. I have always known what happened to Korah and the people with him is that they lost their Christ mind and they fell down into their carnal mind. I see here a witness that Hell is a condition of mind and that the condition that are mind is in, produces the circumstances of our life.


If we are in hellish conditions in circumstances in our life, that is an indication where our mind is, that our mind is in a hellish condition. Now if you repented to the Lord and the circumstance of your life are still Hellish, all is means is that you have not been fully delivered from Hell yet. If you do not have a relationship with the Lord, and you are in poverty or you are in physical pain, or if you have any kind of distress or destruction in your life, you need to know that your mind is in a condition of negativity, that has produced that condition in your life.


We are told that there are a category of beings that are unfinished that they are not completed above neither are they completed below. The reason that they are not completed, that the Zohar, at least this translation of the Zohar gives. Is that they were not completed below therefore they cannot be completed above. I do not understand that, because to me, my understanding is that what ever is completed above must manifest in completion below and this says the exact opposite. I am waiting for the Lord to explain that to me. In any event, the term the fire of Gehenom is used with regard to those creatures.


The Zohar says they became a great danger to the world because with them the whole of the left side roused itself, and the Fire of Gehenom began to flash. We now know that the fire of Gehenom flashes. I believe the flaming sword that guards the entrance to Eden is a flashing sword. To me that is one more witness that this fire of Gehenom is the "Lake of Fire," which destroys sins thus which purifies us. If this is true the flashing sword that turns every which way before the entrance way to the Garden of Eden, is a flashing fire, the flashing fire of Gehenom. Which is the Lake of Fire, that exposes sins and destroys it so that we can be purified to enter into the Garden.


The Zohar tells us that twelve months is the fixed term of punishment in Gehenom for the guilty. I do not know what that means. 12 months is one solely year I do not know what that would mean concerning the Jewish calendar, even so one year I do not know what that means.


I know that in the book of Revelation there are Scriptures that refer to one year. That would have to be another study. The Zohar continues to says, seeing that seeing for six month the wicked in Gehenom are punished by water, and another six months by fire. Well it is talking about Noah's flood. Asking the question "why did the waters prevail for 12 months?" We are going to stay on this subject. 
The punishments of Gehenom water and fire are let loosed together. it is my understanding that Chokhmah is water and Binah is the fire. So this would be like saying the judgments that come form Chokhmah and the judgments that come form Binah were let loose at the same time. That must have been a horrible horrible experience, because I know that the judgments of Binah alone are very powerful. To have the two of them together wow.


Rain descended upon them from above and at the same time scalding waters hot as fire gushed up from below. I am nit sure what this means. Rain descended from above, if what I just said is correct, that would mean that Chokhmah came down from above, the waters of Chokhmah. The judgment of wisdom and scalding waters hot as fire gushed up from below. i do not know what to make out of that because I once had a revelation that Binah... I think that there are Scriptures that say Binah is the terrible ice.


Sometimes the waters are hot and sometimes they are cold. The story where read that where Binah is the terrible ice, talks about the melting of her waters. So she is not always relating to man in the same state, where fore I would imagine it would be possible that her waters could be scalding at some time. What also is interesting is that Jesus talks about desiring us to be boiling waters and not lukewarm. He refers to us as waters, so we are the offspring of wisdom. I do not have anymore revelation on this at this moment.


Then the Zohar says that the punishment for the people that lived at the time of the flood was the same of that is in Gehenom. Which judgment consists of fire and water. It continued that way until they were utterly destroyed. Another reference of Gehenom being both fire and water inflicted upon the sinners that are there. The Zohar continues to say the punishment if sinners in Gehenom last twelve months after which the Holy One raises them out of Gehenom where they have undergone purification. Another witness to me that this is the purifying Lake of Fire that burns up our carnal mind.


Continuing with the Zohar text " they remain there sitting at the gate of Gehenom," now this is after they have been purified.


I really see myself in this position right now. "they remain sitting at the gate of Gehenom, and when they sinners enter there to be punished, they besiege mercy on them." Brethren this is the sons of God interceding for the sinners of the world.


"In time the Holy one take pity on them and causes them to be brought to a certain place reserved for them." Jesus said "I go to make a place for you." "from that day onward the body rests in the dust, and the soul is accorded her proper place. Well Jesus said He was going to give us rest in the flesh, although it does not sound that way in the Zohar. Well we do not know what body it is talking about. It could be talking about the mind, The mind is a body. It could be talking about the mind of Christ. I do not know, but we do receive peace while we are still in the flesh which is the dust, and out soul is accorded her proper place.


What is the proper place of our soul? The soul is the personality and her proper place is at the right hand of Jesus Christ, we are to be the bride of Jesus Christ.


Talking about the flood again, the Zohar says "cold water descended from above, while seething water bubbled up from below mingled with fire. Water mingled with fire. I know Binah is the fire, it sounds like Binah is fire and water, and she is a mixture of Chokhmah and Binah. I guess her fiery side boils the water. We also know that Jesus Christ, not Jesus Christ, but Christ int he individual is boiling, Satan's waters in the individual. Binah is fire and water, that could be the mixture of the spirit of Christ and the waters of the individual that are being boiled. That is interesting.


The text of the Zohar continues on "they thus underwent the two punishments regularly meted out from on high." Ok I am going to stop here let us go on t the next reference.


We now see a reference that says again Gehenom, the sinners are punished in Gehenom for twelve months, half with fire and half with snow. Water in another form. When they go in to the fire they say "this is really Gehenom." When they go into the snow they say "this is the real winter of the Almighty.'
Now that is really interesting because I always thought that the winter was Satan's territory. That the cold was Satan's territory. I think that I read somewhere that the snow burns. I thought I read that somewhere in the Zohar but I am not sure. When they go into the Judgment of the snow they say "this is the real winter of the Almighty." I guess the winter is a period of Judgment because the almighty is signified by heat.


I had a revelation at one time that the snow was the sons of God, and the sons of God are bringing judgments, so it doe all add up. "They begin by exclaiming alas and then they exclaim woe." We know that there are three woes in the book of Revelation. This is interesting the Zohar says "and then they exclaimed woe, the supreme punishment is with snow.


Not so Israel for who is it written, she is not afraid of the snow." Her household. Israel is not afraid of the sons of God, or righteous judgment. Because all of her household is clothed with scarlet." The Zohar says that the word scarlet may be red, that the Hebrew word translated 
"scarlet" maybe red a little differently. Which means two, instead of scarlet it means "two" it says that refers to the pairs of percepts such as circumcision. This is all works of the law.


The word scarlet may also be taken to indicate the robe of judgment. Which is assume for punishment of idolaters. We see that Israel is not afraid of the judgment of the sons of God. All of her household is clothed with scarlet, that means they are already under judgment. You see went you are under the judgment of the Lord Jesus Christ. When you are under the corrective judgment of the sons of God, or when you are judging your own sins, you do not have to worry about the sons of God coming to judge your sins.


This next reference to the Fire of Gehenom we are told that Moses was not subject to that fire, he approached the burning bush and he was not consumed. This is the first time that I ever recognized that burning bush as Moses' own carnal mind being a flamed with the judgment of God that purified it so that he could speak to the Lord.


We have now completed commenting on all of the places in the Zohar where it talks about the fire of Gehenom and we are returning to our regular study just in the word Gehenom. I will comment here that those wicked in Gehenom will acknowledge the justice of the Holy one. So once again we see a witness that Gehenom is a corrective judgment which produces repentance and wisdom, praise God.


We read in the Zohar "when the left awoke, there awoke discord, and through that discord the wrathful fire was reinforced and there emerged from it the Gehenom which those originated from the left and continues there. We see that discord, now we read in another place first comes separation, then comes discord, then comes the wrathful fire, that is the spiritual fire that shoots out with power. That is not just anger, that is anger that comes forth with power, and that wrathful fire was reinforced. What does that mean? It means that another spirit joined it self to it to it, possibly. The righteousness of God, the judgment of Binah.


Then the Zohar says "and there emerged from it, "from what, from the reinforced wrathful fire.. Gehenom, and Gehenom is the corrective judgment, so the wrathful fire might be Gevurah which destroys, but when Binah is joined to it. When Tiferet is joined to that, Gevurah, we see corrective judgment.


Here we see that the central column is the third day. The Zohar tells us that in the work of creation there was an antagonism of the left against the right. The division between them allowed the Gehenom to emerged an fasten itself to the left.


The Zohar says that when darkness asserted itself, that is the serpent I presume. "When darkness asserted itself, it did so with fury and created Gehenom, and created fiery judgment which attached itself to it." Gehenom was attached to the fury of the darkness.


We have a sentence in the Zohar that sounds like sheal is an aspect of Gehenom. The Zohar says " as soon as the Sabbath ends, there ascends from Gehenom from the grade called sheal, a party of evil spirits who strive to mingle among the seed of Israel and attain power over them. This sounds to me like Gehenom contains many grades, and the Lord just brought to my memory an aspect of the Zohar that I read the other day that says there are many stories in Gehenom.


That really excited me because of that dream I had all those years ago, where I was looking out a window, and I saw below me, a great reservoir of tumultuous waters. I looked up and there was a high rise building an office building. All I saw was the windows, it went up so high that I could not see the top of it. I could see people looking out the window in several of the stories. I forget a lot of my dreams but that dream I could never forget. Eventually I came to under stand that I was looking at the reservoir of power that were available.


Today the thought just came in to mind that that reservoir is the power of Christ. It is the branch of the tree of the power that is available. The building with all the people looking out of it, I had believed that that was Jacobs ladder climbing higher and higher grades leading to heaven. Reading this about Gehenom I am inclined to think that high rise building represented all the grades of Gehenom because I am certainly coming out of Gehenom. My life has been extremely difficult an painful, I am only alive by the grace of God. I defiantly have ascended, I am way higher that I was when I first came to the Lord. I do believe that in compared to the scheme of things I am still very low.


Right now I am fighting off a sore throat I still get sick, and I still have some trouble with anger, and frequently unrealistic, inappropriate anger, so I still have problems with my personality, and I am not at all satisfied with the measure of power that I had. I would like to be able to heal people and I would like to be able to have a greater political impact than I do, so I know that I am not all that high. Compared to the church I have power, the church is dead. I do have some power, but I know I am now where near, I am not even in the ball park to say that I have arrived.


Now I understand that that apartment building that I saw in that dream were the many stories or the many grades of Gehenom, and I read in a passage right in this study, it is probably on this tape, well it may not be on this tape, I am switching back and forth between this tape, I am trying to keep it strictly for Gehenom, and another tape. I did see something in this particular study that said that "after a soul is purified in the fire of Gehenom which I believe to be the corrective judgment of the lake of fire, that that soul is delivered from Gehenom and that soul becomes an intercessor and an encourager for other souls going into Gehenom. I am in that place now. I do not know if I can say that I am delivered from Gehenom or not, I would not think so. But I believe that I can be experiencing both manifestations of Gehenom right now. That I still am in Gehenom and also some areas delivered from Gehenom enough to be a comfort and a guide to people that are passing that way, then eventually the Zohar says the person that is delivered from Gehenom their body rests into the dust. To me that means the peace that Jesus promised us.


Peace of mind, which is a cessation of conflict between the carnal mind and the Christ mind. The only way that could happen is if the Christ mind wins. The body comes to rest and the soul goes tot he place appointed for it, I believe if the personality joins with the Christ, marries Christ. According to this revelation the top of that building of which I could not see in my dream.


This is an addendum 571 pregnancy suckling and childhood part 10.

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Salvation By Ibur

Written by

Notes To


Chapter Four, Section 4



Salvation By Ibur

Rabbi Vital says:


Commenting on the verse "and Joseph said to them, 'you are spies . . .' " (Gen. 42: 9) Joseph was hinting that his brothers would reincarnate as spies that would enter the land of Israel, but that Joshua -- the Prince of the tribe of Ephraim, the son of Joseph, would not reincarnate as a spy.

* * *

God knew that Moses desired to send spies {into the promised land), and that these princes {of Israel} would sin and so He devised a way to strengthen them, minimizing and rectifying, somewhat, the evil He knew that they would do. God therefore decreed that the souls of the actual sons of Jacob, the brothers of Joseph, who were literally "the children of Israel [i.e.Jacob]" would enter into the [souls] of the spies, so that [their holiness would] strengthen the spies not to sin completely. Nevertheless this did not help them. (Squiggly brackets indicate the additions of Pastor Vitale)

* * *

The entrance of the souls of the sons of Jacob into the spies, is an example of "ibur," literally, "impregnation," a specific type of reincarnation, in which the soul being reincarnated is not the full and only soul of the body into which it incarnates, but is rather "grafted" to the existing soul. The soul of the individual retains its intrinsic consciousness and identity, but its powers are increased by the power of the impregnated soul it "hosts."

Pastor Vitale says:

The comment above reflects the teaching of the Ari. We see in this comment, an accurate description of Jesus' ministry to humanity, the engrafted word (James 1:21) that the apostleJames speaks about. Indeed, the glorified Jesus Christ is impregnating humanity with His glorified soul by grafting the seeds of His life to our souls. Kabbalah would say, "grafting the sparks" of His life.

The discrepancy between the teaching of Rabbi Vital and Christ-Centered Kabbalah (The Doctrine of Christ) is that the Ari imputes this phenomenon to the souls of unsaved men.


The Ari teaches that the soul can be rectified (glorified) by observing the positive (you shall do such and such) and the negative (you shall not do such and such) commandments. It follows from there, that every Hebrew hero must surely have observed the commandments, and, therefore, must surely be rectified (saved/glorified).

Wherefore, from this faulty foundation, emerges a faulty doctrine of reincarnation.


Based upon the teachings of the Ari that I have seen, there is no distinction between salvation and rectification (glorification). Rather, salvation, as the Christian knows it, is assumed because of the Jew's genetic heritage. Then, the correction of the soul (which few Christians know about, or are willing to face today) ensues, and, ultimately, glorification, the survival of the soul (personality) with a spiritual body.

 The Ari assumes that the soul (personality), which acquires the visible characteristics of the physical body it is woven together with, survives the death of the physical body in the same form, but this is not true.

The soul, which is made of spiritual earth and breath, enters into the physical body as a seed which expands and cleaves to the shape of the physical body like wet clay cleaves to the framework of a sculpture. The soul (personality) does not retain the shape, or survive the death of the physical body that dies, because it has no form of its own.

QUESTION: If the soul has no form apart from the physical body, how can it survive with a humanoid appearance after the physical body dies?

ANSWER: It does not. The soul (personality) regresses to its seed form (the lump of clay) when the framework that forms it is removed.

QUESTION: What part of the man survives?

ANSWER: The spiritual root of the man, which is called worm,* survives. It acquires a new physical body and a new soul (personality) with each incarnation.


Job 25:6, How much less man, that is a worm? and the son of man, which is a worm?


Isa 41:14,  Fear not, thou worm Jacob, and ye men of Israel; I will help thee, saith the LORD, and thy redeemer, the Holy One of Israel.KJV

Isa 66:24,  And they shall go forth, and look upon the carcases of the men that have transgressed against me: for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched; and they shall be an abhorring unto all flesh. KJV

Mark 9:46, Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched. KJV


So, we see that the Ari had a true revelation of salvation by ibur, but that his understanding of the glorified (rectified) soul is incorrect. 

The glorified (rectified) soul is a soul that remains expanded after it separates from the physical body, by weaving together with and acquires the shape of the Angel of the Lord (the regenerated Adam) within that same physical body, before it withdraws.

The personality (soul) that clothes the immortal Angel of the Lord, (the regenerated Adam) becomes immortal (rectified/glorified).

The glorified soul (personality) is a shapeshifterIt can take any form that it chooses,[1] just like an angel.[2] It is not bound to any of its previous shapes.

The Angel of the Lord is the formation of the Essence of God within a man that serves Him. It is the anointing that speaks through the prophets, and that was upon David. The Angel of the Lord is the regenerated, righteous Adam..

The Angel of the Lord is Metatron, the one who is referred to as a lad when He indwells a human being. Christians call Him “Christ,” the Last Adam.

To be continued . . .

Copyrght © 2004 
Sheila R. Vitale
Christ-Centered Kabbalah
PO Box 562
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776, USA

[1] Mark 16:12

12 After that he appeared in another form unto two of them, as they walked, and went into the country. KJV

John 21:12

12 Jesus saith unto them, Come and dine. And none of the disciples durst ask him, Who art thou? knowing that it was the Lord. KJV

John 21:14

14 This is now the third time that Jesus shewed himself to his disciples, after that he was risen from the dead. KJV

[2] Matt 22:30

30 For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven. KJV

Luke 20:36

36 Neither can they die any more: for they are equal unto the angels; and are the children of God, being the children of the resurrection. KJV

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The Zohar - Prologue

Written by



Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai


The Sulam commentary

of Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag





Sheila R. Vitale

Living Epistles Ministries

Po Box 562

Port Jefferson Station, Ny 11776,USA

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



1.  The Lilly - P. 78

Thirteen Attributes of Mercy.  The spiritual forces that protect and watch over us. When judgments are decreed against us, these 13 forces can safeguard us from their influence.

            They are transmitted into our physical world through the first thirteen words of the Torah.  When judgments are decreed against us, these 13 forces can safeguard us from their influence. We begin to be protected at the very moment that we begin to browse and behold the mystical shapes of the Aramaic text, and to learn the spiritual insights of the it.

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: The Lord Jesus is the personification of the thirteen attributes of Mercy.  Remember, there is a "spiritual Israel," which consists of all true worshipers, both Jew and Gentile (Galations 6:16). ] 

1.  Lilly Amongst the Thorns. The Community of Israel, which is Malkhut.  As the Lilly [which has thirteen petals] among the thorns is tinged with red and white, so is the Community of Israel affected by the qualities of Judgment and Mercy.

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: Remember that Malkhut is the spiritual chameleon.  Malkhut Manifests whatever combination of Sefirot she is filled up with with.  Malkhut filled up with the fully balanced 10 Sefirot is the Kingdom of God in the Earth, but when Malkhut is filled up with the left side alone (Binah, Gevurah and Hod), she is Satan's Seat.

            The text of the Zohar reads "Because there is a Lilly; and there is a Lilly."  If the Lilly signifies the Community of Israel, which is Malkhut, then the second Lilly must be Satan's seat.] ****(End of Comment)

            Thus, between the first mention of the Name Elohim [in the beginning Elohim created, Genesis 1:1], to the second mention of the name Elohim, there are thirteen Hebrew words in the verse which translate as, "the, heaven, and the, earth, and the earth, was, without form, and void, and darkness, was upon, the face, of the deep, and the spirit."  These words surround and guard the Community of Israel.

2.  Five Rigid Leaves

a.  Elohim Is mentioned a third time (Elohim Moved upon, Genesis 1:2) to signify the five rigid leaves that surround the lilly.These five leaves represent the five gates of salvation, the five fingers, and the cup of benediction [blessing].

            From the second to the third mention of the Name Elohim there are five Hebrew words which translate as "moved, over, the surface, of the waters, and said."  These words parallel the five leaves.

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: Remember that leaves signify the individual members of humanity, and the relationship to YHVH/Christ Jesus, the Tree of Life.  According to the Zohar, the five leaves surround the Community of Israel and, being the five gates of salvation, sustain them.  These five leaves, which are five gates to eternal life, are the true five-fold ministry of Christ Jesus.  They are not the servants of Jesus Christ who are under the influence of the Holy Spirit, but the true sons who have the nature of the Lord Jesus.]****(End of Comment)

b.  Light.  Let there be light...  After this light was created it was concealed and enclosed within that Brit (covenant) that entered the Lilly (community of Israel) and fructified (to make useful) it.)

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: The light is the seed of Christ that made Israel useful to the Lord. 

            I used to think that Israel only had an imputed Christ, but I now believe that they received the grafted Christ, which departed from them when they failed to distinguish between the Christ and the carnal mind within them.  Israel could not believe that their true nature was evil.  They knew about the evil inclination, but perceived it as something apart from themselves. How can I say this?  Because they crucified the one who overcame.

            The Lord has already revealed to us that this was Moses' problem.  Also, how could the Jew be grafted back into their own tree if they had never been grafted in, in the first place.  I could never understand how the Lord would cut off anyone "because of unbelief," but I now understand that this lack of belief is not speaking about Jesus, as Messiah.  It is speaking about the inability of the Jew to believe that their own nature was inherently evil (Romans 11:19-23).

             And is this not the same problem that holds the Church back today?  Will the Church, too, be cut off because of unbelief?  The Lord will not cut them off. The Lord would never cut anyone off. Their own carnal mind will cut off the Christ within them from the Lord Jesus, their only hope of eternal life, when they refuse to acknowledge, war against, and overcome their own evil nature.]****(End of Comment)   

3. The Brit. The Brit (covenant) is sown by 42 matings from the same seed.  In the same manner, the engraved and holy Name is sown by the 42 letters that describe the act of creation.

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: The seed contains all 10 Sefirot. "Matings" signify the interactions between the head (Abba and Imma) which bring forth Ze'ir Anpin, the Son, and between Ze'ir Anpin and the female, Malkhut/Nukva, the daughter of Abba and Imma and the Wife of Ze'ir Anpin, and all the other interactions that I have not yet learned about.]****(End of Comment)   

2. The Blossoms/[Flower] Buds (P. 80)

            The budding and blossoming of a flower reflects the process of creation that unfolds in the Upper World as well as in the Local World, which is our physical universe. The original thought of creation contains the whole creation, including its final and complete perfection, just like a seed contains the entire flower.

            The actual Hebrew letters that speak of these secrets give us the power to perceive the future consequences that are already included in our present actions.

            The Patriarchs, the spiritual leaders who would become the universal conduits by which humanity could connect to the Light of the Creator, were included within the original thought and seed of creation. The appearance of these great men in the Aramaic text of the Zohar helps to strengthen our connection to the Creator and to our own spiritual roots.

4. The Flower Buds.

a. "The flower buds appeared on the Earth." "The flower buds" refer to the act of creation.

b. "And the Earth brought forth." They appeared on the third day.

c. "The time of pruning has come." The fourth day, when "the pruning of the tyrants" (negative forces) took place.

d. "Let there be Lights." This word is written with the letter Vav missing from the Hebrew word "lights." (The Hebrew word "lights" when written without a Vav, can be read as a curse).

e. "And the voice of the turtle dove." The fifth day, about which is rigid "let the waters swarm so that they can produce living creatures.

f. "Is heard." The sixth day. "Let us make man." Man will put action before listening. On Mount Sinai, when Hashem asked Israel about the Torah, they said, "we will do, and we will hear (we will try to understand)."

g. "In our land." The day of Shabbat, which represents the Land of Life, which is the world to come.

5. The Patriarchs. Another explanation is that these blossoms are the Patriarchs who entered the "thought" of the Creator, went into the future world (Binah) where they were hidden, emerged from there secretly, and hid themselves in the true prophets. The Patriarchs were hidden in Joseph, Joseph revealed their presence when he entered the Holy Land, they appeared on the Earth, and were seen there.

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: Moses carried Joseph's bones into the Holy Land, and "the children of Israel buried those bones in the necks1 (Shechem) of the bodies (pieces of ground) that Jacob purchased from the sons of Leviathan (Shechem=neck = Leviathan), the father of the Devil (Hamor=donkey=the Devil)....[Alt. Trans. Josh.24:32].****(End of Comment)   

            1"The neck" is the place where Da'at is located. Da'at is the quasi-Sefirot that expresses the Keter as knowledge and as the double portion of sexual energy, Keter and Yesod. Da'at appears after Binah and before Chesed.

            Joseph's spiritual substance (bones), the prophetic aspect of Abraham's seed, entered into the "Holy Land" (men of Israel who were reconciled to God through Moses), were revealed in the Prophets, and seen by Israel. [Amplification of the fourth sentence of #5,p. 81]

            Abraham's seed manifested primarily in three tribes: The Kingdom (Malkhut) manifested in the tribe of Judah through David; the priesthood (Yesod) manifested through the tribe of Levi; and the prophetic anointing (Netzach and Hod), according to # 5 of the Zohar, manifested in the tribe of Joseph, who was granted two portions, one to each of his two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim (Gen. 48:22;Ez. 47:13; Rev. 7:8).

            "Genesis 50:25, And Joseph took an oath of the children of Israel, saying, God will surely visit you, and ye shall carry up my bones from hence. KJV

            Exodus 13:19, And Moses took the bones of Joseph with him: for he had straitly sworn the children of Israel, saying, God will surely visit you; and ye shall carry up my bones away hence with you. KJV

            Joshua 24:32, And the bones of Joseph, which the children of Israel brought up out of Egypt, buried they in Shechem, in a parcel of ground which Jacob bought of the sons of Hamor the father of Shechem for an hundred pieces of silver: and it became the inheritance of the children of Joseph. KJV

            Hebrews 11:22, By faith Joseph, when he died, made mention of the departing of the children of Israel; and gave commandment concerning his bones. KJV]"

When are the Prophets seen? When the rainbow appears in the sky.The appearance of the rainbow signifies "the time of pruning." This means that we have entered into the time period in which the wicked of the world will be annihilated.

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: The Alternate Translation of the Hebrew word translated "Rainbow," is the "bow" of an archer, and the Archer who judges Israel Is Elijah. When Elijah is seen in the spiritual cloud of the etheric plane it means that righteous, corrective judgment is imminent.]****(End of Comment)   

Why were the wicked saved? Because the Flower Buds appeared on the Earth.

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: Remember, that the "flower buds" refer to the act of creation (#4)]****(End of Comment)   

            If they had not ALREADY appeared SO LONG AGO, (THE WICKED) would not have remained on the Earth, and the world would have been destroyed [block letters are the amplification of Rabbi Ashlag].

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: The creation, namely, Adam, who is Ze'ir Anpin, appeared in the Earth (World of Action) before the Wicked. If it were not for Adam, and God's intention to save him, God would have destroyed the earth a long time ago.****(End of Comment)    


6. Saviors of the world. The voices of the children who study Torah sustain the world and cause the Fathers (Patriarchs) to appear, and the world is saved (from destruction) for the sake of these children.

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: The two Cherubims signify (Ze'ir Anpin and Nukva) appearing in these (spiritual) children, boys and young men (1 Jn. 2:13).]****(End of Comment)   

3. Who Created These? (P. 83)

7. Who has created these things? This question lies in the Concealed Atik Yomin (Ancient One), the head of Arikh Anpin.

            The Malkhut of Atik is the opening of the eyes.

            "Mi" has formed these.

            "Mi" meaning "who," is formed from two Hebrew letters, Mem and Yod, which appear in the Name Elohim, who is the lower seven Sefirot of Binah.

            He is the one called "Mi" (Who), who is the lower seven Sefirot of Binah. He is the Celestial One who is called from the extremity of heaven on high, because everything is in His domain. He is concealed. He is called "Mi," (the expression of a question) because beyond Him there lies no question. Thus the extremity of Heaven where the question lies, is called "Mi."               

8. Another extremity below.  There is another extremity down below called "MaH" (What), a combination of the two letters Mem and Hei.   

            What is the difference between Mi and Mah? Mi is concealed. Concerning Mah, here is the question: Man has searched and inquired in order to climb from one level to another, until he reaches the highest level of all, which is Malchut. And after he arrives there, he asks, what have you learned? Since everything is still concealed and hidden as before (Job 8:8).

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: Man climbs all of the mountains (energy centers) of Dumah, the unholy constellation, until he reaches the lowest energy center of the holy constellation, which is Malkhut, at which point he finds out that he knows nothing.] ****(End of Comment)

9. Malkhut, the eternal witness. And to What shall I liken you?"What" (Malkhut) is the eternal witness, to "Mi" (Binah) -- "I call Heaven and earth to witness to this day."

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: MaH (What=Malkhut) witnesses to Mi (Who=Binah).] Mah (What) is a combination of the letters Mem and Hey.

            "I crowned you with holy crowns and made you ruler over the Earth."

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: Rev 19:12, His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself. KJV]****(End of Comment)

            Just as your situation is here (in the mundane world), so it is above. There is a Jerusalem on high (in the eternal world), and there is a Jerusalem below. Because your large numbers do not perform the sacred arrays below, I swear that I will not enter into the Jerusalem on high until your large numbers come to you down below. This is your consolation -- that I equate you with this level, with the Jerusalem on high, which is Malkhut, in its entirety.

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: This is Jehovah speaking to Israel.]****(End of Comment)

            And now that you have arrived here, you realize that your breach is great, like to sea. If you claim that you have no existence or remedy, then who (Mi) shall heal you? That same concealed supernal level, which is called Mi, upon which everything exists, shall heal and uphold you.           

10. The extremity of Heaven. "Mi" means the extremity of Heaven above (Israel-Saba and Tevunah). "MaH" is the extremity of Heaven below (Malkhut).

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: Israel-Saba is the Malkhut of Chokhmah, Tevunah is the Malkhut of Binah.]****(End of Comment)           

            Jacob is Ze'ir Anpin, the bolt that passes from extremity to extremity, because he stands in the middle, between Israel-Saba and Tevunah, and Malkhut.  Israel-Saba [Malkhut of Chokhmah] and Tevunah [Malkhut of Binah] created "These" (Ze'ir Anpin and Nukva), who are called Alef, Lamed, and Hei.

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: Jacob signifies the bolt that fastens Israel-Saba and Tevunah, to Malkhut. The married Ze'ir Anpin and Nukva are the mediator between the extremity of Heaven above, and the extremity of Heaven below.  Ze'ir Anpin and Nukva are "Jacob's ladder," which connects the two extremities.

            The letters Alef, Lamed and Hei refer to the building of the name "Elohim."]****(End of Comment) 

4. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai's mystical encounter

with Elijah the Prophet (P. 86)

11. Who are "these" (Eleh). Alef, Lamed, Hey spells Eleh ("These"). Mah (which is formed from the two Hebrew letters, Mem and Hey), which is Malkhut, made the Heavens, the signs of the zodiac and the planets. Malkhut is called the "Word of HaShem."

            Alef, Lamed, Hey & Mem and Hey, spell "Elohim." So, Elohim is formed from Malkhut (Mah), plus "These" (Ze'ir Anpin and Nukva). BUT, the Elohim "that created" is not this Elohim. The Elohim "that created" is the "higher Elohim." (See, explanation under #16, below.)

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: Paragraph 10 of the Zohar does not reveal who "these" are. The information in #10 above is Rabbi Ashlag's amplification.]****(End of Comment)          He created these. Who are "these." "These" are not the planets and the signs of the zodiac, which were created by Malkhut, the lower extremity.

12. Who "These" are NOT. "These" are not the heavens and their hosts.

13. The single point. When the Ayn Sof desired to reveal Himself, He first made one single Point (Malkhut), and this point ascended and became a Thought (Binah). This means that Malkhut rose up and was included within Binah. He shaped in her all the images and engraved all the designs.

            There is a celestial Academy (Yeshiva on high).

14. Mi is part of the Name Elohim. Malkhut is the hidden candlelight that is included within Binah. He engraved inside an engraving of a mystical and holy design, a profound structure which emerges from the depth of the Thought (the upper three Sefirot). This is called Mi, the inception of this edifice. It is erected and not erected; it is hidden deep inside the name Elohim. Furthermore, is called only Mi (from only two of the letters in the name Elohim, Mem and Yod). This means that Mi lacks the letters Alef, Lamed, and hey from the Name Elohim.

            He desired to reveal Himself and to be called Elohim, so He dressed himself up in a precious garment that shines and enlightens the surroundings (the Light of the Hasadim), and created Eleh (from the letters Alef, Lamed, and Hey).

15. The name Elohim. The letter Mi joined to the letters Alef, Lamed and Hey form the name Elohim. The Name has remained forever combined, and the combined existence of the world is based on this secret. (The world shall be established upon mercy [Binah]).

5. The Mother (Imma) clothes Malkhut, her daughter (P. 89)

16. And Elohim created... The heavens and their hosts were created by MaH (Malkhut). "Above the heavens," refers to Binah, which is called Mi, and is above Ze'ir Anpin, which is called the "heavens."

            Mah (Malkhut) rose up and was included within Binah, which is the supernal Name Elohim, thus creating the Light of Hasadim, as a precious garment for the light of Chokhmah, that is within the Name Binah. This is why the phrase, "in the beginning, Elohim created," refers to the upper Elohim, which is Binah and not Malkhut. Mah, which is Malkhut, is not there and is not constructed, according to the secret of Mi and Eleh.

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: There was no connecting force between Binah and Malkhut, so Binah created a Light for Chokhmah, the Light that covered Binah. This light is called Hasadim, the precious garment that covers Chokhmah that is within the name Mi, within which they enclothed each other. Malkhut r then ose up and entered into the supernal Name Elohim, who is Binah, who then created Ze'ir Anpin and Nukva.

            We might say that Ze'ir Anpin and Nukva are the second generation Malkhut, who are born of Elohim (Binah, who represents the three upper Sefirot: Keter, Chokhmah and Binah), the Hasadim, and Malkhut.]****(End of Comment)

17. Binah clothes the lower Malkhut. When Binah (the letters Alef, Lamed and Hey = These = Ze'ir Anpin and Nukva) is drawn down to its Malkhut, it is as if a Mother (Imma) lent her clothes to her daughter. The name of Elohim is thus drawn down from Binah (Mother) to the daughter (Malkhut) when all the males appear before her (Malkhut). Malkhut is called Mi (just like Binah) when she dresses in the male clothes of Binah, to face all the males of Israel [all you males shall appear before the sovereign, HaShem]. Malkhut is called "Sovereign" in the male gender when she receives clothes (Vessels) and adornments (spiritual energy) from Binah, her mother. At this time, the letter hey leaves the Name Mah and is replaced by the letter Yod. Now Malkhut is called Mi, just like Binah, her mother, and dresses in male clothes to face all the males of Israel.

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: This is the genesis of the commandment that a woman shall not wear men's clothing. It has nothing to do with a woman wearing trousers, or transvestism, the commandment is that spiritual female should not present herself as a male authority over the spiritual males of Israel.]

18. Spiritual silence. Israel draws down Alef, Lamed and Hey (Ze'ir Anpin and Nukva) from Binah so that Malkhut can be called Elohim just like Binah.

            "My silence has built the holy temple on high (Binah), and the holy temple below (Malkhut), because by my being silent, two worlds were created and constructed together as one."

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: When we silence Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, the Christ mind and the carnal mind are bound together under the authority of Christ Jesus, and the holy temple is built above and below.]

19. Mi and Mah of Malkhut. "He that brings out by number" means that the number 600,000 refers to the number of stars that stand together and bring forth the hosts according to their types, which are innumerable.

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: "types of hosts" refers to various types of beings who are "houses" for the celestial beings called "stars."]****(End of Comment)   

            "The One that is known and there is no other light that One" is Mi of Malkhut, and He who brings forth bread from the earth is MaH of Malkhut, and all is one, because they are both of the same level of Malkhut.

20. They shall be called by the name. Both the 600,000 stars, and their hosts "shall be called by the name." This means that by the power of the name (Elohim) he brought them forth in all perfection. 

            "He calls them all by Names," refers to the Name of the Perfection, that Is, Elohim. "See, I have called by name," means, "i have bestowed my name on Bezalel," so that Bezalel's existence reaches perfection.

            When Malkhut does not rise up into the name Elohim, but is called Mi (Binah) anyway, it does not beget any offspring and does not bring forth what is concealed inside it, or their types.

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: This is speaking about mortal men who ascend without Christ, in the serpent's timeline. Even though they call themselves Christ, they do not bear the spiritual Christ child.]

            Malkhut's true ascension results in the union of Mi (Binah) and Chokhmah who are above, which produces the precious garment of Chasadim (Christ), Malkhut's male garment. When Malkhut is covered in the precious garment of the Hasadim, then the letters Alef, Lamed, Hey (Eleh = These) emerge from the midst of Malkhut and join the letters Mem and Yod (Mi = Binah), and are called Elohim, from whom Ze'ir Anpin and Nukva emerge. ]****(End of Comment)   

21. No one is missing. What is the meaning of "Of the greatness of His might." This is the supreme grade where all desires rise up in Him (Mi, the supernal world that rose up into the name Elohim), and ascend through a hidden and secret path, because he is strong in power.

            "No one is missing" means that no one is missing from the 600,000 stars that He brought forth by the power of his name. And because no one is missing from the number 600,000, it follows that it every place that Israel died and were punished for their sins they were afterward numbered. And no one is ever missing from the 600,000 to keep the similarity between the upper and the lower worlds. Just as no one was missing from the number 600,000 above, no one was missing from this number below.

6. The Hebrew letters, Individual Energy Forces (P. 94)

22. The Alef and Bet reversed. In the words Bereshit Bara Elohim (in the beginning, Elohim created the...), the order of the letters are arranged in reverse. The sentence starts with two Bets, Bereshit Bara, followed by an Alef and then another Alef, referring in the Hebrew to Elohim Et.

            Before the world was created the Hebrew letters were hidden.

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: The Hebrew word "Et" represents the first and the last letters of the Hebrew alphabet, Alef and Tav. Elohim Et signifies Elohim and the 22 Hebrew letters.]****(End of Comment)


23. Tav. The letter Tav [;] saw itself fit to come forth first, saying, I am the seal of your ring, which is truth. The holy One said, you are worthy and deserving but not suitable. You are destined to serve as a mark on the forehead of the faithful one who have kept the Law of the Torah from Aleph to Tav, but when you appear they shall die.

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, dies when truth appears, and when Satan dies, the whole carnal mind dies.]****(End of Comment)   

24. Shin. The letter Shin  [:] said, choose me because I am called in your own name, Shadai, and it would be proper to create the world by a holy name. The Holy One replied, you are worthy, you are good, and you are truthful, but you are included among the letters that form the word Sheker (falsehood). I do not wish to create the world with you.

25. Shin. The letter Shin [:] is a letter (sign) of truth by which the Patriarchs reached unison. The three lines in the letter Shin [:] refer to the three Patriarchs (Chesed, Gevurah and Tiferet). The Kuf and Resh appear on the evil side and, for the Other Side to continue to exist, it pulls the letter Shin [:] into its realm.

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: Chesed = Abraham, Gevurah = Isaac, Tiferet = Jacob. The Kuf  and the Resh appear on the left side which is the evil, Other Side. The left side of the holy constellation cannot exist by itself. If the right side is completely absent, the holy constellation in that Vessel dies, so they drew the Shin unto themselves. Now the Shin is more than the right side. It is the completely balanced three columns, which represent the seed of Christ.]****(End of Comment)

26. Tzadik. The letter Tzadik [7] said, create the world with me, since the Tzadikim (righteous) are sealed by my name, and You are called Tzadik (HaShem is righteous, He loves righteousness). The Holy One replied, Tzadik, Tzadik you are truly righteous, but you should remain concealed and not be revealed too much, so that humans will not have an excuse for their sins. The letter Tzadik [7] is called "concealed" because it is created from the letter nun [1] and the letter Yod [*] that is mounted on it [1 + * =7].

27. Pei. The letter Pei [5] said, create the world with me because the Redemption that You shall bring into the world is described by my name, Pedut (Redemption or Salvation). The Holy One replied, you are indeed praiseworthy, but because of you, there will be inscribed (for posterity) the maxim "to commit a crime in secret" -- a crime akin to that of the snake that strikes, brings back its head, and then hides it within its body. Because whoever sins bends his head, then stretches his hands out to sin. Thus, the shape of the letter Pei has a head bent down into its body [5].

    Ayin.  And the same is said of the letter Ayin [3], which describes the term Avon (sin). And the Ayin claimed, I have anavah (humility) in me, but the Holy One reported, I shall not create the world by you.

28. Samech. The letter Samech [2] said, create the world with me because I am able to support those who fall (HaShem upholds all that fall). But the Holy One said, this is exactly why you should stay in your place and not move from it. If you leave your place, what will happen then to all those who fell and are being supported by you.

29. Nun. The letter Nun [1] said, create the world with me because the phrase, "fearful in praises," (Heb. Nora Tehilot) starts with me. But the Holy One said, go back to your place. It is because of you that the letter Samech [2] returned to its place, and you should depend on it for support, since the letter Nun [1] is the first letter of the Hebrew word "falling" (Nefilah).

30. Mem. The letter Mem [/] said, create the world by me, because with me you are called Melech (King). The Holy One said, yes, it is indeed so, but I shall not create the world with you, because the world needs a Melech (King).

31. Chaf. The letter Chaf [,] descended from the "Throne of His Glory" shaking and trembling, and said, create the world with me because I am Your Glory. When the letter Chaf descended from the "Throne of His Glory" 200,000 Worlds were shaken and the Throne trembled and all the Worlds were about to collapse. But the Holy One said, I will not create the world with you because the Hebrew word Cliya (total destruction) starts with you.

32. Yod. The letter Yod [*] said, create the world with me because I am the first letter of the Holy Name (YHVH). But the Holy One said, it should suffice you to be engraved upon My Name and appear in Me. You embrace all My desires. It would, therefore, not be proper for you to be removed from My Name.

33. Tet. The letter Tet [)] said, create the world with me because You are called Tov Veyashar (Good and Honest). But the Holy One replied, I will not create the world with you because your goodness is concealed within you. So, because Your goodness is concealed within You, it cannot take any part in this world that I want to create. It only applies to the world to come [Binah].

     Chet. Also, the letter Chet [(] stands before you, and together you become Chet (sin). This is why these two letters do not appear in the names of the 12 tribes.

34. Zayin. The letter Zayin ['] said, create the world with me because with my help Your children shall preserve the Shabbat , as it is written, "Remember (Zachor) the Shabbat day, to keep it holy." But the Holy One said, I will not create the world with you because you represent war, that is, a sharp pointed sword and a spear, tools of destruction, which in Hebrew is pronounced "Zayin." Also, you ['] are like the letter nun [1], which I did not use to create the world because it is at the beginning of the word Nefilah (falling).

35. Vav. The letter Vav [&] said, create the world with me because I am in myself one of the letters of Your Name (Havaya). But the Holy One replied, you and the letter Hei [%] should both be satisfied with being written in My Name, Havaya. I shall not create the world with you because you appear in My Name and are engraved in It.

36. Dalet and Gimel. The letters Dalet [$] and Gimel [#] entered and claimed the same thing. The Holy One said be satisfied with being with each other because there will always be poor men on earth and they should be given a benefactor. The letter Dalet [$] is poor because it is from Dalut which signifies poverty, and the Gimel [#] reciprocates as a benefactor to Dalet [$]. Therefore do not leave each other, but continue to sustain one another.

37. Bet. The letter Bet ["] said, create the world with me because by me You are blessed in the upper and lower worlds (because the letter Bet is the first letter of the word Brachah (blessing). And the Holy One replied, of course I shall certainly create the world with you, and you shall appear in the beginning of the creation (Beresheet).

38. Alef. The letter Alef [!] stood outside and did not enter. And the Holy One said, Alef, Alef, why do you not enter and stand before me like the other letters? And the Alef replied, because I saw that all the letters left You without receiving any benefit. And not only that, you have already presented the letter Bet ["] with this greatest gift of all, and it would not be proper for the Supernal King to take back the gift and give it to another. Then, the Holy One said, Alef, Alef, even though the world is created with the letter Bet, you shall be the first (head) of all the letters. My attachments shall be expressed only by you and all calculations and actions of the people shall commence with you. Therefore, all unity shall be expressed by the letter Alef.

39. Large and small letters. The Holy One formed large upper letters (Binah) and smaller lower letters (Malkhut). And this is why it is written, Bet, Bet (Beresheet Bara) and Alef, Alef (Elohim Et). The first set of Alef and Bet letters are from above (Binah) and the second set of Alef and Bet are letters from below (Malkhut), and they are all united and influence each other.

7. Creation Occurred Through the Power of Great Wisdom (P. 104)

40. Six supernal points. "Beresheet" is the Hebrew word for "creation." Beresheet means "with Wisdom." This is the wisdom upon which the world (Ze'ir Anpin) is established and allowed to enter the mysteries of Binah, who is engraved with six supernal points from which all creation emerges. From them were formed the six sources of rivers, which are the six aspects of Ze'ir Anpin (Chesed through Yesod) that flow into the Great Sea, which is Malkhut.

            Beresheet can be broken down into Bara Shit. The suffix, "Bara" in Aramaic means "six", which suggests the six Hebraic letters of Beresheet. The lower six aspects were created here by the Concealed and Unknown Arikh Anpin (Chokhmah).

8. Locked And Unlocked (P. 105)

41. The Upper three are concealed. The six aspects of Binah have a bearing on the Torah (Ze'ir Anpin), while the upper three Sefirot of Binah are concealed.

42. Binah is the Nukva of Atik. He who is Holy and Concealed (Arikh Anpin/Chokhmah) engraved a form in his bowels. This form was engraved upon the inner Binah, which is the Nukva (Malkhut) of Atik Yomin (Keter), and (this Malkhut) is designated as a thrusting point in the midst of the empty space. This point (Nukva of Keter) ascended up to Binah (of Keter) and engraved the ear, nose, and mouth of Arikh Anpin (Keter).

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: Arikh Anpin is Keter, who is Adam Kadmon.]****(End of Comment)   

            The form that was engraved in Binah was hidden within her, and locked up, and the key was hidden in a certain temple. There are other things hidden in this temple, but the most important thing is the key which locks and unlocks everything!

43. That Temple has a lot of hidden treasures, one upon the other. There are 50 gates in that Temple which are placed there to block the flow of Lights from above. Forty-nine of these gates are engraved upon the four winds of the world.

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: The Spirit of Revelation, which Is the Spirit of Truth, affects the carnal mind, which is the "fruit of lies" of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, as judgment. Therefore, the opening of these forty-nine gates of the Temple of Binah (Understanding of spiritual truths) to mortal man, releases the judgment of death upon the carnal mind: 


            Rev 7:1 And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree. KJV

            The Zohar says "four winds of the world," but the Book of Revelation says "four winds of the earth," signifying that the World of Action is about to be made symmetrical with the supernal world of Binah. "Symmetrical" means, that each and every mortal man, as well as the whole environment of this present world. will be made to correspond exactly to the form of the supernal world of Binah, which is above.]****(End of Comment)    One gate (the 50th) has no direction (side). It is not known whether it faces up or down. This is how this gate remains closed

44. A tiny and narrow keyhole. The gates are locked with a tiny and narrow keyhole, which is marked and known only by the impression of the key, and only those who have the key know about the keyhole.

            [SHEILA'S COMMENT: The glorified Jesus Christ is the key, and Christ Jesus (grafted to the individual mortal man) is the keyhole. Christ must be grafted to the individual; mature into a full-grown spiritual man, and then, Christ Jesus it in the individual must be perfectly joined to the glorified Jesus Christ. This process is the spiritual fusion of energies from above and below, which produces eternal life.

            Matt 16:19, And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.KJV

            Jesus said that He gave us the keys to the Kingdom of heaven. Those keys are Himself and His Son, who He is grafting to us. The Kingdom of God is Christ grafted to the individual, and the Kingdom of Heaven is the Kingdom of God grafted to the glorified Jesus Christ, who represents the Supernal Worlds to us.]****(End of Comment)  

            In the beginning (Bereshit) Elohim created (Bara). Bereshit is the key by which everything is hidden, as it locks and unlocks. With this key, six gates are locked and unlocked. So when it locks those gates and includes them within itself, then it is for sure Bereshit: " A revealed word that includes within it a concealed word." Bara, wherever it appears, is a word that hides and guards the secret, implying that the key locks it up and does not unlock it.

Monday, 27 October 2014 12:41

Pastor's Notes 04/07/2002

Written by

Sheila’s Unedited Study Notes

Transcribed 4/6/02


         I’m taking some comments out of Isaac Luria’s mystical psychology of building the feminine menorah. This is a spiritual understanding of the spiritual reality behind the symbology of lighting the physical menorah. This is very interesting because Isaac Luria is saying that the significance of this is that the menorah represents the female which is Malkhut, which is the human race and more specifically the church.


Tuesday morning, March 5th, 2002. 

          Reading in the Zohar, the first ever unabridged English translation with commentary. Page 261 says that the name El, the Name of God, El, always alludes to the name Yesod, which is the right side.


          Paragraph 62 of the Zohar. The spiritual principle behind the concept of the Hebrew children passing through the Red Sea, dry shod, and passing through the Jordan, dry shod, and the waters heaping up on the sides so that the Hebrew children could walk through, is that the Hebrew children within their own minds managed to weave together the left and the right side within themselves, and therefore they became manifestations of the middle column and prevailed over all their spiritual enemies within.


          When you walk through the middle column, you weave together the wickedness of the left column and the righteousness of the right column and you have the victory over the enemies of your mind. This suggests that when you have the victory over the enemies of your mind, when you walk in the middle column, you are untouchable in this physical world.


          I don’t know exactly what happened concerning a physical sea, but I now know that this principle of the waters heaping up on the side signifies that the left column was under the authority of the righteousness within the Hebrew children.


          By the way, the waters of the sea suggest Binah. We know that Binah is on the left side and Binah is a high form of righteous judgment. So we can say then that the heaping up of the waters indicates the restriction of judgment, the stopping of the flowing forth of judgment.


          Paragraph 63. Yesod of Ze’ir Anpin is the life of the worlds. Ze’ir Anpin is the mediator. He is the middle column and Ze’ir Anpin is Christ Jesus. So when we live out of Christ Jesus, every decision, every thought, that we make and follow through out of Christ Jesus is the middle column, and that means we are undefeatable in that instance, or in that event.


          The central column or the work of the central column is to cause the left to be included in the right and the right to be included in the left. Therefore, both sides become harmonized and move to the center column.


          We are told in paragraph 63 that the word, firmament, is mentioned 5 times on the second day. Therefore the Kabbalists say that there are five firmaments and that these five firmaments are the equivalent of the 500 years to which the Tree of Life, which is Ze’ir Anpin, is attached. Of course these are 500 spiritual years. It’s during these 500 years that Ze’ir Anpin produces offspring and the fruits of the world.


March 20th, 2002.

          The Ten Sefirot of Ze’ir Anpin. Ze’ir Anpin is in the World of Emanation. Each of his Ten Sefirot is counted in tens. In other words, if we’re reading in the Scripture something about 50 years, you can relate that to the fifth sefirah of Ze’ir Anpin.


          But each of the Ten Sefirot under Binah is counted in 100's. So if we read something in the Scripture about 500 years we can relate it to the fifth sefirah of Binah.


          I read in the Zohar, the first unabridged ever edition of the Zohar, paragraph 172, that life ensues from the right side and death ensues from the left side. If both of these two sides do not agree by mediation, which mediation produces the central column, unless all three settle together (that means the left, the right and the central column) judgment cannot be carried out. This means that the only legitimate judgment, as far as the Lord is concerned, is from the middle column. This mediation or this condition of agreement of all the sides can only come to be after discussion and understanding, which is what we do when we hold court.


          Paragraph 173 says that the hand signifies the Shekinah. Now remember that it was a hand that appeared to declare the judgment that was about to fall on Belteshazzar, the son of Nebuchadnezzar. So we’re told here that the hand is the Shekinah. The hand from the left side is the hand of judgment and from the right side is the hand of mercy, but the hand is always the Shekinah.


          The letter vav signifies Ze’ir Anpin. When you spell that letter out V A V or vav hey vav, the first vav is called the large vav and the second vav is called the small vav, which refers to Ze’ir Anpin’s Yesod.


          Black signifies form and white signifies the spiritual foundation that upholds all things.


          Paragraph 184. Here’s an explanation of how to deal with numbers in the Zohar and in the Scripture. There are seven ministers who have seventy more attached to them. Those seventy bring allegations in each and every firmament through which the prayer passes, and seven hundred million angels of destruction are attached to them. That would be Yesod through Malkhut, the seven ministers, Yesod through Malkhut. Then it says, who have seventy more attached to them. What that means is that each of the seven ministers, Yesod thru Malkhut, each of them have their own Ten Sefirot. Yesod has its own Ten Sefirot. Gevurah has its own Ten Sefirot. So ten times the seven ministers, ten sefirot for each of the seven ministers, is seventy more ministers attached to them.


          The next sentence is those seventy, that means each of the original seven with the ten sefirot that they have under them, those seventy bring allegations, complaints, that’s charges, they bring charges in each and every firmament through which the prayer passes. This paragraph is talking about prayer and it’s talking about a prayer what happens to an incomplete prayer. What it’s really talking about is an ungodly prayer. What happens to an ungodly prayer? All of these ministers are chasing after it and they’re making charges in each and every firmament through which the prayer passes. Now the firmament really refers to a human being. Our flesh is the firmament that separates the waters inside of us from the water outside of us.


          But this little exhortation is talking about numbers. Seven ministers, seventy ministers, and now the next phrase says, and 700 million angels of destruction are attached to them. So if Ze’ir Anpin is ten, Binah is 100, Yesod is 1000 and Keter is a million. So what does 700 million angels refer to? 700 refers to the seven ministers that are under Binah, who is 100. 700 is the seven ministers that are under Binah, which is 100, and the million would be referring to Keter. So this 700 million angels of destruction are talking about these angels or these ministers that are proceeding forth from this high spiritual place.


          In other words, to make it simple, this expression of 7 ministers that have 70 more attached and 700 million angels of destruction, this is the Zohar’s way of saying that judgment, whether it’s destructive judgment or the judgment of God, has proceeded forth from a very high place of Ze’ir Anpin and Binah of Keter. That’s a very high level judgment.


          This is the difference between completion and perfection. Completion refers to the fact that an individual is both male and female. The human race is all female. For us to be completed, the male, Ze’ir Anpin, who is appearing to us in this spiritual generation as Christ Jesus, must be added to us. When we, a human being, have both the female and the male, we are completed. That’s why the Scripture says we are complete in Him. When Christ Jesus is added to us, we are completed, but we are not perfected. Perfection means to have our sin nature so completely overshadowed that we are incapable of sin. So to be perfected, we must be incapable of sin. Yet we can be completed and still be capable of sin.


          Talking about the Shekinah, which is the feminine principle. She is supposed to ascend through that middle column all the way up to Keter, and she is frequently at different levels of ascension. She is supposed to become equal to Ze’ir Anpin, who to us is Christ Jesus, and we’re told that she, Shekinah, is the crown on the head of the alef. When she is the crown on the head of the alef, she has ascended as high as Keter. So when the feminine principle rises, she is called a crown, we’re told, according to the secret of the intonations [that must be the cantillation marks]. I’m not sure what that means, but when she rises, she is called a crown and when she descends, she is called a point.


          When she mates with Ze’ir Anpin, that mating is in the form of the vowel shuruk. When Shekinah is a crown on the head of Ze’ir Anpin, she is named after the letter zayin, which is the 7th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.


          The stone that is slung from the slingshot is Malkhut, the feminine principle. 


March 23rd, 2002. 

          Paragraph 236. The numerical value of the Tetragrammaton YHVH, plus the name Adonay, which is the name associated with Malkhut, has a numerical value of 72. That’s the same thing as saying that the Tetragrammaton, when it is manifesting through Adonay (that’s Malkhut in an individual) is an expression of AB(72) in the earth.


          Paragraph 247. Eden is Binah. Ze’ir Anpin is the river and Shekinah is the garden that is watered.


Wednesday, March 27th 2002. 

          This is what the Lord showed me concerning the Kabbalistic principle that when the inner light is as strong as, or stronger than the light of the vessel, the vessel is destroyed when the inner light enters the vessel. The inner light, is masculine compared to the vessel, which is feminine.


          When the inner light enters into the vessel of equal strength, the vessel will lose its integrity and dissolve. Therefore the solution, according to the Kabbalists, is for the inner light to weaken itself. For this purpose, we’re told that Adam Kadmon inhaled the breath of the mouth, kept the AB within himself, and returned the other nine sefirot of the inner light to the mouth, where they would be misaligned with the sefirot of the vessel.


          In other words, Adam Kadmon misaligned the sefirot of the male inner light with the sefirot of the female vessel, so that the inner light, which is male, would be weaker than the light of the vessel containing it, which is female. The vessel therefore would maintain its integrity and not dissolve because the male inner light was too weak to dissolve the female vessel.


          I asked the Lord what His solution to this problem of the dissolving vessel is, because this explanation of the Kabbalists completely denies that the fall resulted in the male becoming weaker than the female. The explanation of the Kabbalists justifies the male being weaker than the female as the will of God, and contradicts the revelation that the Lord gave us concerning the World of Points and the Fall: That the male was weakened when the female daughter fertilized the seedlings of the garden, alone, before the Son was added to her, and therefore the second generation of sons [the seedlings of the Garden] was born in a spiritually retarded state which resulted in the female being stronger than the male, which condition is evident through our whole society.


          Men can lose their manhood and remain physically male while they become spiritually weaker than the women that they’re married to, or the women in their lives. We see this plague manifesting in this nation. The women become too strong, the men become too weak and the whole society turns upside down.


          According to the Kabbalists, this condition of potential male weakness, has resulted from Adam Kadmon inhaling the breath of the mouth, and then exhaling it back into the mouth so that it was misaligned with the vessel, because that was the only way to maintain the integrity of the vessel. So I asked the Lord what His solution is to preserve the female vessel.


          The Lord said to me, you’re right, Sheila, this is not the truth. The answer is to strengthen the female, not to weaken the male. The answer is to marry the female vessel to the male, so that the vessel would not be only female, but consist of a mixture of male light and female light. Therefore when the male inner light fills the vessel that is male and female, rather than female, alone, the vessel will be strong enough to contain the male light, and there will be no reason to weaken the male light.


          So here we see a clear example of how this aspect of the doctrine of Kabbalah justifies the fall and declares that the creation is in its present, mortal condition because Jehovah intended it to be this way, which is a corruption of the Truth.


          Then, further, as the Lord revealed to us the other night in the message, The Ascension of the Shekinah, we learned that the female Shekinah which ultimately ascends all the way up to Keter, is not female alone, but is a mixture of male and female. Wherefore, it is not accurate to say that at the end of the tikun process (correction of creation) that the female will be superior to the male because she will have ascended up to the Ayn Sof, above Ze’ir Anpin, who is Tiferet, and Chokhmah, the highest male. This is not accurate, because the Shekinah that ascends all the way up to the Ayn Sof is the married woman, the wife of Zeir Anpin [Christ Jesus]. The male is within her. The man is concealed within her. The woman is not ascended in God’s kingdom alone.


          Of course, the woman does ascend alone in the fallen kingdom of the other side, and the name of that single woman that ascends is Satan. The end of this ascension is damnation and death.  

March 30th, 2002. 

          I am commenting on the first ever unabridged English translation with commentary of the Zohar. Volume 1, paragraph 250.


          We see here the esoteric understanding of the English word, orchard, such as in apple orchard. I have seen this word used in the Scripture before I came across it in the Zohar, and understood it to possibly mean the Garden of Eden, but didn’t know for sure. After that, I saw the word orchard used in the Zohar to represent the deepest level of the mysteries, but I didn’t understand the genesis of the word.


          We find that genesis in paragraph 250 where we are told that the Hebrew word translated orchard is pardes. Now paragraph 250 tells us that this word, pardes, stands for, or consists of the initials of the words. The p stands for pshat, which is the literal meaning of the torah, the r stands for remez, which are the hints and the illusions in the Scripture, d stands for drash, the homiletical interpretation [homiletical has to do with preaching the Scripture and applying it to a moral value], the s of pardes stands for sod, which is the mysteries of the Scripture. These are the four categories of rabbis or Kabbalah students that I have talked about in other messages: Pshat, those who believe in the literal meaning of the torah, remez, hints and illusions [these rabbis dance and sing], drash, preaching, and sod the mysteries. These are the four different classes of rabbis and their study of the torah that I have told you about on several messages, where I have also related them to the church.


          The Zohar tells us that one of the four sages entered into the river, Pishon, that’s the river or the letter Peh that alludes to the peshat, the literal meaning. This means one of the four sages embraced the literal meaning of the torah, which shines in the orchard. The word, pishon, we’re told means, my mouth repeats, signifying that the mouth repeats or teaches the literal meaning.


          The second sage entered into the river of Gijon. Now this version of the Zohar is amplified and the amplification here says that the river Gijon refers to Moses. But, the meaning of the word, Gijon, is, whoever goes on his belly. I cannot receive this to be Moses, so if I’m wrong let the Lord show it to me, but I cannot receive it at this time.I’m inclined to say that this second river that comes out of Eden, which is associated with the second level of students of Kabbalah, the Remez group, this copy of the Zohar says that the Remez deals with hints and illusions, but we also know that they’re the ones that sing and dance. I don’t really know how to explain the hints and the allusions, so I’m just going to let that go at this time. But this second river Gijon associated with the second category of Kabbalah students refers to the belly energy center. The word, Gijon, means whatsoever goes on the belly. The amplification here, this author says, has to do with Moses, but I don’t receive it at all, unless the Lord shows me otherwise.


          The Zohar goes on to say, of him it is written, of who it is written, of the one who goes on his belly. Now we know it’s the serpent who goes on his belly. So this is talking about the carnal man who tries to enter into the secrets of torah. Then the Zohar says, of this one who goes on his belly, the one who is a serpent, the one who goes into the torah with his carnal mind. This man whose way is hidden and from whom Elohim has screened himself. Well, I’m not sure what this means, but my guess is to this man whose way is hidden, his own motives are hidden from him. He doesn’t even know what his true motives are and from this man, this man who doesn’t know what his own true motives are, Elohim has screened himself. Okay now, this amplification of the Zohar goes on to impute this to Moses. Maybe it’s true, but the Lord would have to witness that to me because I’m not receiving that right now. Now the text of the Zohar goes on to say, no man knew the place of his burial. So I guess that’s where the commentator draws the conclusion that this paragraph is about Moses, but I’m having a problem receiving this, so I’m just going to go on. We’re told that this is the part of Remez, the hints of the torah, and wise men are informed by hints. Hints means that you just hear one word or two words and you get a whole understanding of what the Scripture is hinting at. See, I’m taking my material from different sources. This is the area that Rabbi xxxx our on-line teacher associates with the singing and dancing.


          So I’m not too clear about that myself. But the third of the four stages entered into the river Chiddekel. We’re told here in paragraph 251 that this alludes to a sharp faultless tongue that is quick in giving homiletical explanations. Remember homiletical explanations means a study of the Scripture that draws a moral, that imputes morality or draws morals or conclusions that help people in life. That means you see deeply into the person who’s in this river. Chiddekel sees deeply into the Scripture and can apply it to human life and to the morals that it is teaching us. Now the fourth of the four stages enter the Prat. That’s the Euphrates, which is the inner most stream where procreation occurs. This is paragraph 251. So we see that the procreation came forth from the Euphrates and the book of Revelation, King James, Chapter 9:14, says; saying to the six angel which had the trumpet, loose the four angels, which are bound in the great river Euphrates. Verse 15; and the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour and a day and a month and a year, for to slay the third part of men. So we see that the four angels that come forth from the Euphrates in the book of Revelation can be related to Chapter 251 of the Zohar. We’re told that what this means is that this Euphrates is the place of procreation. Procreation means something new is being born. So the four angels coming forth, I would believe to mean, my guess at this point is that that would be Christ. Not necessarily 4 angels but, perhaps four-sided angels, or completed angels. Remember, we are angels when Christ is revealing Himself through us. Also remember that Adam was four-sided, but became a 3-sided creature when the Serpent stole one of his sides. Adam was a square, but became a triangle when he fell.


          I always said something like that, coming forth out of Euphrates, that it was the sons of God coming forth. So here we have a witness in the Zohar that the Euphrates is the inner most stream and that’s the place where the new birth comes forth from. So we’re told here that the moral of this whole account of what the orchard means and that’s what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about the spiritual significance of the word, orchard. We’re told that these two sages entered into the shells of the torah and were affected by them. So it’s saying people can learn the literal meaning of the torah and be affected by it. People can learn the remez meaning of the torah which is hints and illusions. I really don’t know how to apply that to the church. But you can read the Scripture and you can listen to it preached and it can affect you, but it was Rabbi Akiva who entered the inner part of the torah and he is said to have entered and come out in peace. Now remember, peace means salvation. The only peace, the only true peace, is the putting down of the powers and principalities within us. There are four ways to approach the Scripture and they’re all good. The literal meaning is good. The meaning where you expound on the hints of the Bible is good. Using the Bible to preach and show morals and the right way to live is good. But if you want to come out in peace, if you want the powers and principalities within you put down to the point where there’s no more conflict within you, and to me that means sinlessness, to do that you have to enter into the inner part of the torah, the place of generation where the son is born in you.


          I remind everyone reading these notes that in order to have this experience of peace where your sin nature is completely overshadowed and nullified and paralyzed, first Christ must be grafted to you and formed in you and then you must face your sin nature. You will never defeat your sin nature and enter into peace without looking at it and seeing it for what it is and knowing that it is a part of you. Our sin nature is a part of us that must be dominated and controlled by the Christ within us for us to enter into peace, which is eternal life.


          Going on to paragraph 252. We are told that Chokhmah and Binah together are called ancient and Keter, which is above Chokhmah and Binah, is called the most ancient among the ancient. We’re told in paragraph 254 that Chokhmah is called eyes. The right eye is the upper Chokhmah and the left eye is the lower Chokhmah. Further we’re told that the two tablets that Moses gave to Israel were Binah and Malkhut. You may recall from a recent teaching in our meetings that Binah and Malkhut together are the Shekinah. Binah is the upper Shekinah and Malkhut is the lower Shekinah. So we’re told in paragraph 254 that the firs two tablets that Moses came down with were Binah and Malkhut. The right tablet is Binah and the left tablet is Malkhut and that these two, Binah and Malkhut, correspond to the two eyes. Now according to paragraph 254 the second two tablets that Moses came down with were not the same as the first two tablets. According to paragraph 254 of the Zohar, we’re told that these other two tablets that he came down with were from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. So the first two tablets were from the Tree of Life and the second two tablets were from a lower grade, from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. This means that from these two lower tablets the torah was given in a manner of permitting and forbidding, and the aspect of the right, it gives life, but from the left it gives death. This was not the case with the first two tablets. The first two tablets were all life, but Israel showed that they were not ready to receive that life, because of the sins of the golden calf.


          So Jehovah had to give them His covenant on a lower level. We’re also told in paragraph 254 that the destruction of the first two tablets manifested in the World of Action as the destruction of the first and second temples. The first temple is derived from the right tablet, which is the upper Chokhmah, Binah. The second temple is derived from the left tablet which is the secret of the lower Chokhmah, which is Malkhut. This is very interesting. I have never seen this principle before, that we’re told that there is an upper and a lower Chokhmah. The upper Chokhmah is represented by Binah and the lower Chokhmah or the lower wisdom is represented by Malkhut.


          Now we’re told in paragraph 255 concerning the first two tablets that were broken, we’re told that they were broken down here in the World of Action, but that they were never broken in the higher worlds because the first two tablets are Chokhmah. Chokhmah is called eyes. The right eye is the upper Chokhmah and the left eye is a lower Chokhmah manifesting as Binah and Malkhut. So we’re told that those two stones which we’re told are pure marble stones, only broke down here, which means they really didn’t break. When the Scripture says they broke down here in the World of Action, all it meant is that they were denied to the Hebrew children and Moses had to go back up and had to get the covenant of the law on a lower grade because Israel could not receive the upper and the lower Chokhmah, the upper and lower wisdom because of the sins of the golden calf. They had to receive the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.


          This is especially interesting to me because years ago I had a dream that I was a receptionist in a school and the building of the school had marble stones, beautiful beautiful marble stones for the floor. When you walked on the stones, they made beautiful sounds. So now I know that the marble stones and the sounds that they make are the beautiful sounds of the wisdom of God, which is a higher grade than the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. There’s no evil in them. I’m trying to remember what I read in another place and it’s eluding me. But I know the first time I read that there was a tree of knowledge that was all good, the first Kabbalistic book that I read, where it didn’t say the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, it said the Tree of Knowledge and there is no evil in it. That is Chokhmah, upper Chokhmah and lower Chokhmah, symbolized by the marble stones. Remember, Keter, Chokhmah and Binah can never be destroyed. Only the emanations that they emanate down into the lower planes of consciousness can be destroyed.


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Monday, 27 October 2014 12:36

Pastor's notes - 02/23/2002

Written by

Sheila’s Unedited Study Notes

Dictated 2/23/02

Transcribed 2/27/02


Veil: Veil over the mind is a lack of understanding. Kabbalah Study Lesson 6 page 3, bottom of the page.


            Concerning Rabbi Haim Vital’s Tree Of Life and his level of study. This is the reason for the abstract study of Kabbalah where we talk about letters and numbers in the ears and the nose and mouth of Adam Kadmon. We did many many messages on the Hebrew letter H that comes out of the ears of Adam Kadmon. The reason for this abstract study, the Lord told me today, is that it reveals the spiritual truth of our spiritual being and at the same time bypasses the conscious mind which would be resisting if the conscious mind could hear these spiritual principles applied to the human person. The conscious mind resists many of these spiritual truths, refuses to believe them, but when the conscious mind studies abstract Kabbalah and absorbs these principles, it is breaking down, because that is the truth and the Spirit of Truth is entering into their heart and their mind, therefore breaking down for the future the resistance of the conscious mind that would say, this cannot be true of me as a human being. So long as the person has already studied and absorbed this abstract teaching, it makes it that much easier for the truth when applied to the person to be accepted by the conscious mind of mortal man. This revelation was given to me on Saturday morning, Feb. 23rd 2002 as I study from the Tree Of Life, Etz Chayyim, the textbook which is the foundation of our #531 series A Look At Kabbalah.


            In particular, reading the instruction on pages 186 thru 188 entitled four alefs from the letters Yod, Hey and Vav. We know that the sefirot are all one inside the other and Etz Chayyim teaches that when the light of the nose... well let me say it this way. The light which comes from the lower part (like the nose is lower than the ears) when the light emanates from the nose, it covers over the light from the ears and that which is inside (so it would be the light from the ears) is inside the light from the nose, that which is inside becomes the soul of that which is outside. The Lord is telling me that this is our foundation for spiritual or for multiple incarnations. Let’s say that Moses, that Michael (if that’s the correct term) the Lord hasn’t corrected me on that yet. The angel Michael incarnated as Moses and Michael became the soul of Moses. Then Moses incarnated as Elijah and Moses became the soul of Elijah. Then Elijah incarnated as Jesus and Elijah became the soul of Jesus. Now I wonder if that isn’t why Jesus cried out for Elijah when He was on the cross. He was saying, Elijah, Elijah, depart from me. He was saying to Elijah, His soul or His higher nature, depart from me so that this flesh body could die. Isn’t that interesting? From that same point of view, the Lord Jesus when His seed is grafted to us, Christ Jesus within us, becomes our soul. I have taught that the soul is the personality, but with this new teaching or Kabbalistic teaching, I would have to say the soul is the whole man, not only the personality, but the whole spiritual man. And Christ Jesus would be our soul. Therefore when David in the Psalms cried out, O my soul, be not cast down, he was actually talking to his spiritual man, which would have been Elijah. We would call him Christ Jesus today, which is the next generation. But David was actually saying, O my soul or my higher soul or my God given soul, my neshamah, which is Elijah, do not be cast down under the carnal mind because if you are cast down under the carnal mind, I am undone. I always thought that scripture meant that David was saying to his soul, don’t be discouraged or don’t feel bad. But in view of this teaching, I would have to say, David was saying to his soul, to his higher nature, to his Christ nature, do not be cast down under my carnal mind. I am in agreement with you, with Christ within me. I am not in agreement with my carnal mind. Do not come down under the authority of my carnal mind.


            The light of the Ayn Sof that entered into the empty space is the same light whether it comes out of the ears, the nose, the mouth or the eyes. This light becomes thicker as it descends. The light of the nose is thicker than the light that comes from the ears and the light that comes from the mouth is thicker than the light that comes from the nose, thicker or denser or more visible. So how can we say that the light is the same in the ears and the nose when that light is thicker in the nose? The answer is that what causes the variation in thickness or in density of the light is not the light, the nature of the light, but the distance that the light is located from its original source. The further the light is from its original source, the thicker or the denser it is. Therefore, the light is all the same light no matter where it flows from. It just becomes thicker as it moves further and further away from its original source, which is the inner most part of Adam Kadmon.


            I have found an explanation in Etz Chayyim concerning the seals that we find in the book of Revelation. I’m looking at the book of Revelation right now, Chapter 5 verse 4: And I wept much because no man was found worthy to open and to read the book, neither to look thereon. I find the explanation of this scripture in our textbook from message #531 Etz Chayyim on page 192. This is the explanation. We’re told that Binah is the seal. One of Binah’s names is the higher mother. Malkhut is the lower mother and Binah is also the seal. There are seal openings. First of all, let me say this. Binah is called the seal because her Yesod is the place from which all the patterns are formed and sealed. I believe the Lord told me that this means Binah’s Yesod is where the nature and the pattern for the Godly mind and personality of humanity originated. It’s talking about spiritual geneticism, spiritual genes. The patterns or the genetic code for the spiritual man in God that will have eternal life is found in Binah’s Yesod. Remember that Binah is the mother that is bringing forth Ze’ir Anpin and Ze’ir Anpin and Nukva are bringing forth humanity in this World of Action.


            Now we’ve already been told by Rabbi Bar Tzadok in some of his writings that there is something called five gevurot and also five chasadim. Rabbi Bar Tzadok has told us that Ze’ir Anpin gives these gifts, the five gevurot and the five chasadim to Nukva when he marries her. I surmised up until now that the gevurot, which sounds like Gevurah, have something to do with five elements of judgment and the chasadim have something to do with five elements of mercy. But here we see the whole explanation that these gevurot are called strengths. They’re called five strengths and they are given to Nukva when she marries Ze’ir Anpin, which is her ability to pass on the mind of Christ. I remind you that Ze’ir Anpin is Christ Jesus and Nukva represents the human personality or more specifically, Abel, operating through the human personality. The Doctrine of Christ teaches that first there is a marriage between Christ Jesus and the personality and then Christ Jesus marries the Lord Jesus to fully save that personality. So what we’re being told here is that the union between Christ Jesus and the personality is the first stage of marriage. The personality that Christ Jesus marries is given gifts, five gevurot, which are the strengths to impart the nature of Christ to other people. She’s also given five chasadim, five mercies, because as we all in this ministry know, imparting the nature of Christ can be a brutal experience because imparting the nature of Christ requires the destruction of the carnal mind, and the exposure and the destruction of the carnal mind, which as we have all experienced, can be very painful.


            Rabbi Haim Vital in the Tree Of Life, tells us that these five gevurot are actually five of the Hebrew letters and they are also called the seal openings, which are 5 aspects of the mouth, throat, the palate, the tongue, the teeth and the lips. Now remember, the seal is our spiritual genetic heritage, which is in Binah, and that spiritual genetic heritage has to be activated. We’re also told here in The Tree Of Life that another translation of the Hebrew word translated open is to engrave. So the meaning of this verse in the book of Revelation is, who can take these seals, which is the genetic heritage of the higher mother, Binah, and engrave them on the people of humanity. Opening the seals means to engrave with the seals. The opening of the seals is the opening of the mouth that speaks the words that engrave the nature of God upon humanity. These five gevurot come out of Malkhut. The scripture ordains that this engraving of the nature of God on fallen man will come as a result of words that are spoken, which are generated by the Spirit of Christ, from a human being. This is the principle that as the five gevurot are transmitted from one human being who is married to Christ Jesus to another human being, out of those five gevurot, all of the twenty two letters of the Hebrew alphabet emerge. It is these twenty two letters that produce the full man, Christ Jesus within us, which will ultimately bring us to full salvation and eternal life. We are talking about creation. We’re talking about active creation, brethren. Creation is still going on and it’s going on in the midst of human beings.


            Now you may recall that we learned in the #531 series that the roots of Rachel and Leah come out of Binah. But at the time that I taught those lessons, I really did not understand what the function of Rachel and Leah are. Now I’m told that Rachel and Leah ultimately are partzufim that emerge out of Malkhut. Rachel and Leah represent the speech and the voice. The five passages of the mouth are called field openings. That is the throat, the palate, the tongue, the teeth and the lips are called field openings through which Rachel and Leah speak anointed words that transmit these gevurot, these strengths, to engrave the nature of God upon human beings. We are also told on page 193 that Binah is the mouth proclaiming great things which scripture comes out of Daniel 7:8 and 20. The church takes this scripture, a mouth proclaiming great things and imputes these great things to a spirit of pride, which is arising out of the anti-christ. But the Lord told us all the way back when we preached Message #71 that the little horn that speaks these great things is not the anti-christ, but is Christ, and that the great things that He is speaking are the promises of what we are to become, the kind of beings, the high level of humanity that we are to become in Christ Jesus and here is our witness coming from Rabbi Haim Vital in his book, The Tree Of Life, which is a second witness to what the Lord told me years and years ago that the little horn is Christ, not anti-christ.


            These gevurot, these strengths to engrave the nature of Christ on human beings are concealed in the sound of the voice and in speech. This is a witness to you of what I’ve been telling you all for years, that without any warning Christ Jesus can rise up and speak through my mouth and it is up to the disciple to recognize that it is no longer me speaking, but that Christ Jesus has risen up and is speaking through me. Our text book, The Tree Of Life says, that these gevurot are left hidden within the face [the Doctrine of Christ would say “personality”] and that the Lord can bring them forth whenever He chooses. When the Lord is not speaking, when it’s the human being speaking, as far as the Lord is concerned, that person is dumb silent. That means that any words that we say that do not come out of Christ or the wisdom of Christ, as far as the Lord is concerned, you’re not even speaking. From past teachings I can tell you that the Lord calls whatever you have to say that comes out of your carnal mind, noise, which means that it is worthless as far as spiritual pursuits are concerned.


            Now remember, the Hebrew letters, when we read about the Hebrew letters, we’re talking about the ongoing work of creation. The work of creation is to bring forth humanity in the image of God and immortal man.


            Now we’re told in The Tree Of Life that Binah is the seal and she is the secret of the seal openings. Now the seal openings are the throat, the palate, the tongue, the teeth and the lips. Basically, what is being said here, is that all of these aspects of the mouth are filled with the gevurot, which have the ability to engrave the nature of God onto a human being. The New Testament scripture that I relate this to, is that we’re told that men are saved by the foolishness of preaching. The preaching seems to be foolish to carnal men, but it is through the voice and speech that the nature of God is imparted and this is a spiritual manifestation that only takes place when the person speaking or preaching the scripture has in their possession the five gevurot. So this is another way of saying, according to the Doctrine of Christ, that you can only receive the nature of God through preaching, when the preacher has the Spirit of Christ, when the preacher has the Spirit of Christ as opposed to the Holy Spirit. When that individual is married to Christ Jesus. If Christ Jesus has not married your personality yet, you have the Holy Spirit, which is the female aspect. You may recall from the messages on The World Of Points that when the female aspect goes forth to engrave a nature, she lacks the male gland. She does not have the holy genetic heritage, so therefore the job of the Holy Spirit is to direct us to Christ. What does that mean? The job of the Holy Spirit is to bring us to a place where Christ Jesus will marry us and when He marries us, He gives us these gevurot, these five strengths, which are the ability to have the full twenty two letters, which are the power to fully form us in the image of God within our own being, and to impart then impart the gevurot to others.


            Jesus said, a sower went forth to sow seed. We have known that that seed is the seed of Christ, but we are given more information on page 201 of Etz Chayyim, where we’re told that Abba gives Imma a drop and that that drop contains both substance and form. This drop of Abba joins with Imma’s drop. We learned in another place (I think the red drop is Imma and the white drop is Abba) but I may have it backwards. Those two drops together form the seed. That’s just another way of saying zygote, which this ministry was teaching thirteen years ago, talking about Adam, the zygote of God. We’re also told on page 201 of Etz Chayyim that this seed, when it is sown, is the lowest level of the heavenly constellation. So when the seed of Christ is sown in a man, that man receives the nefesh level of soul of the heavenly constellation, the beginning of the new or the holy Jerusalem that is descending from heaven. We’re also told that this seed, which is the nefesh level of the soul of God, has the power to shape the material substance of the body and to make it into a reception room. Now I don’t think that this is talking about the physical body. I think it’s talking about the etheric body. The sentence is, “this seed or this nefesh has the power to shape the material substance of the body and make the limbs which are a reception room for the lower soul.” So I believe that these limbs are the etheric body. What’s interesting to me is that I have had several dreams over the years about a reception room and I was always the receptionist in the reception room. I thought these dreams were just telling me that I was really much smaller than I might think that I was, that all that I am is a receptionist which sits at the gateway, you might say, to the kingdom of God, for those people who are interested in pursuing it. But now I see from Etz Chayyim, that everyone that has the seed of Christ is a reception room for the whole heavenly man, the holy city, the whole spiritual man, Christ Jesus. We are the reception room, which He will enter into ultimately, hopefully, in His fullness. So we see that our limbs or our etheric body or perhaps our physical body (I’m not really sure) are a reception room, both for the Lord. Our limbs are a reception room or a point of mediation where people in this world who are looking for God, can come. Human beings, if they can recognize Christ in us, can come to us and we are the reception room through which, if the Lord grants them permission to enter in, they can enter in and view at least the nefesh, the lowest level of the heavenly kingdom. I have read that Judaism does not believe in a Mediator, but here is the Kabbalistic foundation for a Mediator right in the teachings of the most highly respected Kabbalist of today.


            I did have a dream several years ago while i was in Nigeria about a spiritual man. For some reason this man came up as Charlie H. He was coming to the reception room and he was granted permission to go in. He went in and he looked around at all of the riches that were on the other side of the reception room. I do believe that that dream was fulfilled by J. I forget her last name. At least that was what I perceive the Lord is telling me. J had been associated with Charlie H’s church. So as of now, my revelation is that J was the fulfillment of that dream. She was the spiritual man that came into the reception room which I and the ministry that I have charge over am, and she looked around. She saw the Doctrine of Christ and she saw what was going on here and that was the end of the dream, that she just looked around. We know that in this natural life she looked around and she left. I think she left because she didn’t fully understand what she saw. Praise the Lord.


            On Page 203 of Etz Chayyim, we are told that Ze’ir Anpin and Nukva are called the body because they are the lower seven sefirot of the World of Emanation. So if we are told that we are the body of Christ of the true church [not the carnal church but the spiritual church which is the body of Christ], that means to be a member of the body of Christ, we must have Ze’ir Anpin and Nukva manifesting in us, and this is the two lower levels of the heavenly constellation. Nukva is BaN 52 and Ze’ir Anpin is MaH 45. So according to this teaching, to be a member of the body of Christ, you have to have more than this seed of Christ. The seed of Christ is just Malkhut or just Nukva. So in order to be a member of the body of Christ, you have to have the full Christ Jesus married to Abel within the personality manifesting in you. Of course, as I have always taught, the body of Christ is spiritual and to be a functioning member of the body of Christ, you must be spiritual and you must be functioning spiritually on the spiritual planes of the heavenly constellation. So it makes sense to say that you’re not truly a member of the body of Christ until Christ Jesus, which is Ze’ir Anpin, is fully functioning in you. Of course for him to be fully functioning in you, he must be married to Nukva, which is Abel in you, which is your personality, the positive side of your personality.


            Page 204 of Etz Chayyim says that the crown on the head of Ze’ir Anpin is the extra soul of Abba and Imma. We’re told in a footnote that the extra soul is the added infusion given only on the Sabbath which returns to its source during the week days. This is talking about the marriage of Ze’ir Anpin to Nukva. The spiritual sabbath is a spiritual outpouring which occurs when Ze’ir Anpin marries Nukva or when Christ Jesus marries the personality, which includes Abel. There is a special anointing that comes forth. Now according to Kabbalah, this marriage only lasts for a season and then Ze’ir Anpin and Nukva separate. The times of separation are called the week days. The times of union are called the sabbaths. But we know that because we now have a Savior in Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus marries our personality permanently and this infusion of extra power or extra soul or the mind of Christ, abides with us always because of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ Jesus is wearing many crowns in the back of the book of Revelation in Chapter 19:12. I’ve always said that that is not the Lord Jesus riding on the white horse with the many crowns, but that it is Christ Jesus, which is the body of Christ in the people of God. So here we have a witness to that, that Ze’ir Anpin, who is Christ Jesus, is the one who wears the many crowns. That image in the book of Revelation signifies the many members of the body of Christ, all crowned with the extra soul or the mind of Christ, of Abba and Imma, who are wisdom and understanding. Praise God. The white horse would be the human individuals or the personalities, the purified or the righteous personalities. The man on the horse is our spiritual Savior, Christ Jesus. The crowns signifying Abba and Imma, of course, is the Lord Jesus Christ, the glorified Jesus Christ. 


Mary [transcriber of these notes]: When I typed page 5 where it says gevurot are these five strengths, I had a flash image of David standing before Goliath with five stones.

Monday, 27 October 2014 12:30


Written by

Zacchaeus Climbs A Tree
To See Jesus
October 13, 2000


Luke 19:2, And, behold, there was a man named Zacchaeus, which was the chief among the publicans, and he was rich.

        3, And he sought to see Jesus who he was; and could not for the press, because he was little of stature.

         4, And he ran before, and climbed up into a sycomore tree to see him: for he was to pass that way. KJV

Zacchaeus, [who] was ascended is leviathan’s timeline, wanted to know who Jesus was, but his mind (press=vehicle) was not mature enough (stature) to understand. So Abel, the superior one (ran before) amongst him (untranslated-1519) came to the forefront (before) and ascended (climbed) into the higher centers of the fig tree (sycamore) within Z, and Z was permitted to cross over (pass) from leviathan’s timeline into Adam’s timeline, for the specific purpose of recognizing (see) that Jesus was messiah.

The fig tree signifies Israel, the carnal mind under the influence of the Holy Spirit.


Luke 19:5-6

5 And when Jesus came to the place, he looked up, and saw him, and said unto him, Zacchaeus, make haste, and come down; for to day I must abide at thy house.


And when Zacchaeus entered into Adam’s timeline, he recovered his spiritual sight (looked up) and Jesus urging (haste) him said, Zacchaeus, throw down your fiery serpent, because it is necessary (must) that you dwell (abide) in the household of I [Am] today.


6 And he made haste, and came down, and received him joyfully. KJV


and Z cast down [his fiery serpent], and Jesus admitted (receive) him [into the world of] calm delight (joyfully)


Monday, 27 October 2014 12:26

Volume of the book

Written by

PSALM 40:7
HEB. 10:7

Old Testament

Adam, Speaking To God 
Through The Mortal Man That Submits To Him

Ps 40:5-8

5 Many, O LORD my God, are thy wonderful works which thou hast done, and thy thoughts which are to us-ward: they cannot be reckoned up in order unto thee: if I would declare and speak of them, they are more than can be numbered.

6 Sacrifice and offering thou didst not desire; MINE EARS HAST THOU OPENED: burnt offering and sin offering hast thou not required.

[should be]:

[IN THE PAST] THE AYN SOF (NOT) desired  sacrifice and offering; AND THE AYN SOF (NOT) required burnt offering and sin offering, [BUT NOW] MINE EARS HAST THOU OPENED:

*7 [And I] saw [that] the undifferiented, engraved letters of the Ayn Sof are appointed to appear [in] the mortal men [where] the Kingdom [from] above [is found].**

[[[[king james7 Then said I, Lo, I come: in the volume of the book it is written of me]]]]

8 [Therefore] I delight to do thy will, O my God: NOW THAT (yea) thy law is within my heart.  KJV

New Testament

Heb 10:4-9

4 For it is not possible that the blood of bulls and of goats should take away sins.

5 Wherefore when cometh into the world, he saith, Sacrifice and offering thou wouldest not, but a body hast thou prepared me:

[should be]:


6 In burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin thou hast had no pleasure.


6 In burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin AYN SOF (no) hast had pleasure [in the past].

*7 [But now] come and see [that] the undifferiented, engraved letters of the Ayn Sof are appointed to appear [in] the mortal men [where] the Kingdom [from] above [is found].**

[[[KING JAMES 7 Then said I, Lo, I come (in the volume of the book it is written of me,) to do thy will, O God.]]]

8 Above when he said, Sacrifice and offering and burnt offerings and offering for sin thou wouldest not, neither hadst pleasure therein; which are offered by the law;

9 Then said he, Lo, I come to do thy will, O God. He taketh away the first, that he may establish the second. KJV

* Ps 40:7

Come and see [that] the undifferiented, engraved letters of the ayn sof , are appointed to appear [in] the mortal men [where] the Kingdom [from] above [is found].

[then=in that place [mortal man; i said= I=malchut=the kingdom- said=appoint; lo=come and see; i come=i come into existence, manifest, appear, incarnate; volume=rolled up, undifferentiated; book=ayn sof [according to kabbalah]; written=engravings-suggests 22 engraved letters of kabbalah; of me=did not do an exhaustive search, but could not see this word translated "me" one other time. means "above" or "upon."]

Copyright © 2000 Sheila R. Vitale. All rights reserved.

**  engraved letters=the Lord Jesus; Kingdom=Malchus=Christ


40.06 [In the past] God desired sacrifices and offerings, and God required burnt offerings and sin offerings, [but now that God] has opened my understanding,

40.07 [I] see [that] the undifferentiated, engraved letters [that represent] God [in this lower world] are appointed to appear [in] the mortal men [where] the Kingdom [from] above [is found],

40.08 [Therefore], now that your law is within my heart O my God, I delight to do your will.

10.05a Wherefore, when [Adam] came into the world, he said [to Israel], you prefer to make sacrifices and give offerings to God,

10.06 [And] God has had pleasure in your sacrifices and offerings [in the past],

10.05b But [now] God has repaired and completed you to be my body:

10.07 [So] come and see [that] the undifferentiated, engraved letters [that represent] God [in this lower world] are appointed to appear [in] the mortal men [where] the Kingdom [from] above [is found].

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