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Tuesday, 16 May 2017 12:40

Jesus & The Spiritual Pigs

     I know the message of overshadowing the carnal mind and conforming it to the Mind of Christ has grasped your spirit, so I am sending you the AT which reveals the revised understanding of Jesus’ visit to the congregation of spiritual male hogs, which is an even better understanding.


     “Overshadowing and conforming” suggest spiritual force, which bypasses the will of the individual. The only one that Jesus uses force against is the Evil One. Jesus levels the playing field for the people who truly desire Truth by telling them the Truth. Then the Holy Spirit pours out its power upon the people in the form of miracles of healing and deliverance, as a witness to the Truth that was spoken.


     Jesus overshadowed Satan, the carnal mind of the spiritual male hogs, so that they could receive the Truth when they heard it, which truth was confirmed by an outpouring of the Spirit from on high which, in turn, drove out the demons that were making them sick, or punishing them in other ways, for conforming to the doctrine of the First Adam.


     As I wrote this email the Lord told me that the spiritual root of the event that is described in the AT below is the same spiritual root that brought forth Elijah’s challenge to the prophets of Baal. The Truth of Elijah’s challenge, is that the fire that came down from heaven to burn up Elijah’s sacrifice was a spiritual fire that accepted Elijah’s sacrifice of his own sin nature. This means that Elijah’s motive for challenging the other prophets was that Jehovah was challenging them through him. It was the nature of God alone that was challenging the prophets of Baal through Elijah, and Jehovah witnessed to that truth by sending down physical fire to burn up the animal sacrifice that Jehovah offered.


     This visitation, brought me to strong tears and a heart-rending prayer, crying out to God, asking the Lord to validate me, and my doctrine, my Truth, with the outpouring of his Spirit. This is a witness to what I heard in the Spirit last week, that what we can expect on May 30 will be similar to Pentecost when tongues of fire descended upon the apostles to give them spiritual power. It is also the fulfillment of the marriage at Cana, when Jesus and his disciples were filled with power from on high.


     It is coming very soon – maybe even on May 30.


     Here it is:


Mark 5


13a           As soon as Jesus gave [the scribe] permission to turn [his life] around [and continue on with the spiritual life of God], the unclean spirits from [the spiritual male mind of the First Adam who died in the previous age and became a permanent resident in the material body of that scribe], departed, and


12b           [Jesus] said [to the scribe], “Let us go and enter into the congregation of [spiritual] male hogs and [rescue them from Satan, the female side of the First Adam who died in the previous age and became the unconscious part of the [carnal] mind [of idolatrous humanity, and] the enforcer of Jehovah’s Righteous Sowing & Reaping Judgment],” and [Jesus and the scribe]


13b           Entered into the congregation [of spiritual] male hogs, [where Satan, the female side of] the First Adam [who died in the previous age and became] the unconscious part of the [carnal] mind [of idolatrous humanity], was overshadowing [the congregation of spiritual male hogs and] enforcing [Jehovah’s Righteous Sowing & Reaping Judgment upon them, because their carnal mind] was conforming [to the opinion of the First Adam; and Jesus preached the True Doctrine of the Second Adam to them], and


33a           [Elohim], the fresh water of the lake of [God in the world above], plunged downward and entered into [the congregation of spiritual] male hogs, and overshadowed [Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind of idolatrous humanity, the residue of the female side of the First Adam that died in the previous age], and  cut off [the male side of the First] Adam [that died in the previous age and became the evil, male mind of idolatrous humanity, and a troop of] demons went out of the [congregation of spiritual male hogs], and


14a           [The Pharisee] that fed the [spiritual] male hogs [ascended spiritual doctrine from the spiritual, male mind of the First Adam who died in the previous age, and did not require then to expose and reject the opinion of the idolatrous carnal mind that they inherited from the female side of the First Adam wo died in the previous age], fled, and


14b            [The members of his congregation went throughout] the country[side], giving an account of what happened in their [spiritual] city, and everyone came out to hear


13c           The wisdom of the Second [Adam and], how [Elohim] cut off [Jehovah’s Righteous Sowing & Reaping Judgment that Satan was enforcing upon the congregation of spiritual male hogs who held the opinion of the spiritual male mind of the First Adam who died in the previous age, that exposure and rejection of their carnal mind, the female side of the First Adam that died in the previous age, was not necessary];


Lk 8:34      Indeed, [when the congregation of spiritual male hogs that] were feeding [on the ascended spiritual doctrine of the First Adam] saw what happened, [that the True wisdom of the Second Adam exposed the error of the false doctrine of the First Adam, and that Elohim cut off Satan, the unconscious part of the male mind of the First Adam that had entrapped them, and forced out the demons that made them lust for the First Adam], they reported [it throughout their spiritual] city, and in the [surrounding farm] country; 


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Tuesday, 04 April 2017 09:44

The Egg Of Creation

Question: After going through prior videos and yesterday's message again, I think I have a pretty good understanding now about the eggs and the chromosomes. Here are some last questions/thoughts:


1.       I want to make sure this part is right... when the two columns are blended completely into the middle column and we are ready for the Lord Jesus Christ to join with our Y (after the burning of the X, or fallen nature), will the YY that is formed from that union be a brand new creation?  (We do not know what we will be like, but we see Jesus.) Is this correct?

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Wednesday, 23 November 2016 09:57

The Spiritual Power Of Ham
Dream Interpretation

It appears to me that your dream is for me. The Lord has healed me of so many things that I am having a difficult time accepting that I have high blood pressure and need a doctor. My doctor retired and I have a new doctor who I am not getting on with too well. I gave my testimony on Sunday. If you want to hear it, it is on the CCK YouTube channel. The name of the message is: “The Beast and the Beast System.” It is about 1 hour long.

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Tuesday, 04 October 2016 12:34

The Sin Nature And The Carnal Mind (Q&A)

If we are born again, like Jesus told Nicodemus, should we not have a sin nature anymore? 

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Tuesday, 13 September 2016 10:27

Humanity Restored To Its 1st Estate

Zech 14:4 reveals Jehovah’s plan to restore humanity to its previous state called mankind, one human at a time.

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Wednesday, 07 September 2016 10:08

Adamic & Reptilian Kingdoms

The Scripture distinguishes between the kings of the earth/land and the kings of the world

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