531 - Part 21

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Praise the Lord, we are continuing with our study concerning the ear, the ear of Adam Kadmon. The ear of Adam Kadmon refers to Binah, the third Sefirot, which means understanding. Binah has within her...actually, Binah's Malkhut is called Tevunah which is discernment. So we see that Binah which is the Holy Name, Ehyeh which is translated I AM, spelled out fully with Yods. That's what Binah is, and Tevunah, the Malkhut of Binah, is SaG (63), the Holy Name SaG (63).


We have been spending several messages trying to follow along some very complicated Gematria which is establishing for us that the Holy Name, SaG (63), is within Binah and specifically within Binah's Tevunah, and we have also seen that Binah is within Tevunah. Tevunah is within Binah, and Binah is within Tevunah, and today we are going to follow this Gematria a little further. I laugh because I put this on every tape - it just makes no sense at all, but it works. It is just mind breaking. So we are going to do a few more calculations with Gematria. Actually, I think just one more today, and we are going to go into a translation which we haven't been doing very much lately.


Our translation arose out of a revelation that was given to me through my studying of The Tree of Life concerning something that Moses said. So let's just work up to that point. I want to give you a little background.


Right now, we are looking at Drawing #1 which is actually a repeat of Drawing 3b from Part 20. I am asking you to look at that to see the #58, that the #58 is three-quarters of Tevunah and the fourth quarter of Tevunah is below the line or below the curtain which is Ze'ir Anpin. That #58 is the number of the word ear. That is the numerical value of the Hebrew word ear. The numerical value of the Hebrew word ear is 58.


So we see that the ear is three-quarters of Tevunah. Is anybody having a problem seeing that? If you look below the curtain, there is one H (5) and if you look above the curtain you see the 20, the 26, and the 12. There are three squares or three letters above the line and one below the line. The numerical value of 58 above the line and the numerical value of 5 below the line equals SaG (63) which is Tevunah, and above the line, above the curtain, we have the #58, the numerical value of the Hebrew word ear which is Ozen, and then if we go to Drawing #2 for this message which is really a repeat of Drawing 4b of message #20, you see that I worked this up for you that the Hebrew word ear is Ozen with a numerical value of 58. And the "O" represented by an Aleph which has a numerical value of 1, the "Z" is the Hebrew Zion which has a numerical value of 7, and on Part 20 of this message we explained how the #1 and the #7 are arrived at.


You can review Part 20 if you need to do that because today we are going to deal with the 50. Now remember, the Hebrew word for ear is Ozen with a numerical value of 58. In Part 20 of this message we showed by Gematria calculations how we arrived at the #1, and the #7, 1 and 7 equals 8. So to acquire the numerical value of 58 we have to find another 50, and that 50 is in the final letter of the Hebrew word Ozen which is a Nun. We see a numerical value of 50 is given to the Hebrew letter Nun.


We have got, at least for us, some complicated Gematria here. I am sure this is very, very basic to an experienced Kabbalist, but we are still babies in this study. My understanding as we follow our text book, The Tree of Life of what Isaac Luria is talking about here is that he is trying to show us that the numerical value 58 which we see applied to three-quarters of Tevunah, as you see that in Drawing #1 of this message which we have duplicated from Part 20. If you see how that #58 was calculated...does anybody not see the #58 on their drawing? If you don't know how it was calculated, I suggest you listen to Part 20 and possibly Part 19 to understand where that #58 came from.


I am telling you that #58 is three-quarters of Tevunah because Tevunah consists of the three parts that are appearing as three squares, and then we have the curtain underneath which is Ze'ir Anpin, and when you take the 58 together with the H (5) that's beneath the curtain, you have the numerical value SaG (63) which is Tevunah, but when you do not include that H(5) below the line in your calculation you no longer have SaG (63). What you do have is the numerical value of 58 which means ear, which is understanding. That is the best I can do to explain it to you, and then our teacher, Isaac Luria, goes on from there showing us that over here in the right side of Drawing #3, Aleph has a numerical value of 1, Zayin has a numerical value of 7, and Nun has a numerical value of 50 for a total of 58. This is the calculation of the numerical value of Ozen, and that this is equal to on the left side of the upper part of the board, and these figures I've just taken the figures in Drawing #3 from Drawing #1. I've just copied... I'm pointing to the photo copy of Drawing #3b from part 20. I just copied it onto Drawing #3.


The Vav 13, the inside part of the Vav 13 has a numerical value of 12. The Vav 13, the outside of the Vav 13 and the inside of the H(3) has a numerical value of 26. I've just copied it, and the outside of the Heh 10 and the inside of the H(5) plus 5 has a numerical value of 20. I've just taken it off of this other drawing showing the numerical value of 58 equals 58, the numerical value of Ozen, the Hebrew word for ear.


Then our text book tells us that there are 25 main parts, not calculating the inside and the outside. So we see that the Kabbalists, at will, choose whether or not to calculate the inside and the outside or not calculate the inside and the outside. I will tell you again, and I will say it every time, it makes no sense whatsoever to the carnal mind, but it works, and as long as the Spirit of Christ is behind these machinations, and we are coming up with the answers then we have to go along with it. I tell you again what the Lord has told me, that studying this Gematria is expanding our Neshamah. It is expanding the higher part of our soul, or the higher part of our mind.


Everybody cannot understand this. Everybody does not have the intellect to understand the kind of studies that we are pursuing. You need something imparted to you to give you the wisdom to understand this on whatever level you are understanding it. I believe you have to be understanding it somewhat or you could not bear to be sitting in all these meetings, so you must be getting something out of it. On whatever level you are understanding it, the Lord is honoring your efforts and enlarging your mind, enlarging the Mind of Christ in you. That's what is happening, and that is the purpose behind this whole thing.


I've also told you what the Lord has told me, that as we study it is amazing....well, what we are studying here, let me remind you, is the penetration of Binah into Ze'ir Anpin. Let me remind you that Ze'ir Anpin is Christ Jesus in us, and Binah represents the Godhead, Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah. That is eternal life. We are talking about the Lord Jesus Christ penetrating into Christ Jesus within us, which union will result in eternal life and complete redemption.


So as we study this, the Mind of Christ enlarges in us, and I know, I can tell you personally, that this has happened to me. When I first started teaching this, when I first started reading the book I tried to walk away from it three times, not understanding that the Lord was not giving me a choice, and as He kept directing me back towards it I finally got that message, and then I cried, but I continued on, and I did have a breakthrough. It was painful, but I had a breakthrough, and now it is difficult, but when I put the time and the effort in I understand it. I definitely ascended to another plane of consciousness which resulted in... at least one result of my ascension was that I had a healing in my lungs.


As we studied Binah, the ear, descending into Ze'ir Anpin's nose, I had a healing in my ability to breathe through my nose. So if it doesn't make any sense to your carnal mind, that's OK. I know that I was obedient to the Lord Jesus, and I have already reaped an expansion of my intellectual capacity to understand spiritual things in Christ, and I have already reaped a healing, and those are only two things that I know about. God only knows what else is happening in my life because I have miracles everyday. God only knows what would not be happening if I had not gone on to this next level with the Lord.


So I encourage you all as your eyes cross, I look at your faces all the time to try to stay positive, ask the Lord to help you understand it the best that you can, and just keep on going.


We are talking about three-quarters of Tevunah equaling the Hebrew word Ozon which is ear, which has a numerical value of 58, and right now today we are dealing with the numerical value of 50. On Part 20 of this message, we dealt with the numerical value 8, the 1 and the 7, and now we are dealing with the 8 of the word Ozon. Let me remind you that all of these letters and numbers refer to spiritual powers. They are not just numbers and letters, they are not just fantasy that's made up. They are talking about spiritual powers. I'm telling you, studying Kabbalah has just changed my life so much, and I've just started, and I now understand that everything that I read in the Scripture that doesn't seem important is talking about a spiritual power. Everything that doesn't make sense to me is talking about spiritual powers, and certainly the Hebrew letters are talking about spiritual powers.


So all of these calculations, we are talking about spiritual alchemy. Brethren, we are all hoping for the power of God to rise up in us like a fountain of everlasting life, a fountain that will heal and deliver and impart eternal life. The Scripture clearly says that the day will come that this will happen. I believe this is the season, I believe this is the generation, and I believe that we are all going to live to see it. My hope is that it will happen in us, and this is what we are working towards, that the powers represented by these letters and numbers will take up residence in us, because, brethren, they cannot rise up in us and flow out of us if they do not reside in us. What we study enters into us and takes up residence in us. By studying these kinds of difficult calculations, we are literally drawing down the higher powers into our vessel through our brain. That is the way that it is working.


Of course, this is what we are trying to do. To me, the Scripture is very clear, the church seems to be lacking this knowledge, but there is no doubt in my mind that the way towards full ascension which is redemption and eternal life is through understanding, and that is not understanding what the carnal mind tells us, but it is through studying to show ourselves approved, to studying the deep things of God because understanding and a desire to understand the higher things of God brings down the higher emanations of God.


Binah is eternal life. Understanding is eternal life. When Binah comes down and lives in us permanently, that is eternal life. The Lord Jesus Christ is Binah to us. Now I believe He is touching me, I believe He has been touching me for years for me to be teaching what I'm teaching, for me to overcome death to the degree that I have, but apparently He is not fully woven together with me or I would not have this cold, and I wouldn't have a lot of the problems that I have. But He is knitting together with me more and more everyday through understanding and knowledge.


Well Sheila, what if I don't have the intellect to study this stuff. That's what I just spent 10 minutes telling you. First of all, you have to have permission from the Lord to go on to perfection, and you are not going to get His permission unless you are academically prepared. You have to know the Bible to study this. You can't walk in off the street and study this stuff. Maybe if you are a very unusual person, you can, but even if you come in just off the street and understand it, at some point the Lord is going to turn you to the Scripture, because the whole purpose of learning Kabbalah is to help you to understand the Scripture. So what would you want with it if you didn't apply it to the Scripture?


Now I know when I came to the Lord, I was a desperate case. I was dying, and my life was a total disaster on every level. The Lord gave me what I needed to live and to survive, and as I overcame death I found 10 years into God, 15 years into God, the Lord teaching me things that most Christians learn at an entry level, but I didn't have time to learn that way. He sent me right for the deep stuff; otherwise, I was going to die. So I have somebody in mind, and you know who you are if you are hearing this tape or reading this transcript, because you told me yourself that you don't really know the Scripture. Well, if God is giving you the grace to understand Kabbalah you should know that the whole purpose of Kabbalah is to unlock the Scripture to you. So at some point, the Lord will direct you reading the Scripture if you are, in fact, using it to get closer to Him. At some point, you will have to learn the Scripture.


The average person has to have some prerequisite, you have to know something about God, you have to have some relationship with God and some knowledge of the Scripture, but God can do anything that He wants. If the Lord gives you permission to study Kabbalah, you make the effort and He will enlarge your mind to comprehend it. That's the whole principle in God. Open your mouth, and He will fill it. Get up and walk, and He will heal you. I've heard so many testimonies, the most recent one of a woman who was terminal and lying in bed, could not get out of bed, could not move, she was completely bed-ridden, and the Lord said to her, "Get up." And she said, "I can't Lord." And He said, "Get up." And she said, "I can't Lord." And she was all alone in the house. Her husband was gone, and the Lord said, "Get up." And she said, "I'll try Lord." And she sat up and she stood up, and within two hours she was vacuuming the house, and I met the woman personally.


So don't tell me you don't have the intellect to understand this. What you either have or don't have is permission from God and the will to do your part. That's what you either have or don't have.


We are dealing with the Hebrew word Ozen which means ear. That's the top of the board. Now the bottom of the board is a little more complicated. We are dealing with the #50, the third letter of the Hebrew word that means Ozen. We have dealt with the "O" and the "Z," and we are dealing with the "N."


Apparently, they are not counting the "E." Well, the Kabbalists just do that. Sometimes they count the letter and sometimes they don't. I don't have the explanation for it.


This is what they are saying. There are 25 main parts. Now we are not calculating the inside and the outside. Why? I don't know. This is how they are proving it. This is their proof text. Who am I to say no? What do I know? The Lord has told me to study this book. He has told me that this teacher has been taught of Him, and that's what I'm doing. I'm studying it and I'm teaching it. Isaac Luria says, "There are 25 main parts, not calculating the inside and the outside of the Hebrew word Ozen." And that is good enough for me, and this is how he gets the #23.


Again, it would help you to look at what is Drawing #1 of this message. It is a duplicate of 3b from Part 20. You could even go back to an earlier drawing that doesn't show the inside and the outside, and you will see that the Heh 10 down here at the bottom, before it broke up into an inside and an outside, actually maybe I should get that old drawing for you. I just showed the brethren here Drawing #4 from Part 15 which isn't exactly accurate, but at least that shows you Tevunah before she is broken up into inside and outside, and this is how we are calculating that there are 25 main parts of Ozen.


That Heh (10), we are dealing with Tevunah now. Do you remember there was a Hey (15) and 5 points went down below the line, and there remains 10, 10 parts of that Hey (15). Then there was a Vav also which we are told is worth a numerical value of 13. The way they get the numerical value of 13 of Vav is Vav spelled out, V-A-V. The Vav has a numerical value of 6, and the Aleph has a numerical value of 1, and the Vav has a numerical value of 6 so we get 13, and that equals 23. What we are saying is 25 main parts. Well, where do we get the other two? You may remember from Part 20 of this message, just look at that, you can check out Drawing #1 of today which is also Drawing 3b of Part 20.


This section up here where it says it is equal to a numerical value of 12, and we see that two parts came down from the Yod of Binah. Now remember what's happening here is that Tevunah is penetrating into Ze'ir Anpin, and Tevunah is the Malkhut of Binah. They are attached. Tevunah is attached to Binah just like my finger is attached to my hand and my arm. So if my finger here is penetrating into this cup of water, my hand and my arm are moving down, see? So as Tevunah penetrates into Ze'ir Anpin, everything above is moving down. That's what is happening here. So we are told that two parts were taken from the Yod above. Why? Because there cannot be a vacuum.


See, my finger is going in, my hand is going in, my arm is going in, and the substance if coming from the eternal world above. Binah is understanding, she is married to wisdom who is above her. They are inseparable, they have personal names which are Father and Mother. Chokhmah is Father, and Binah is Mother. They are inseparable, and the Father, Chokhmah, wisdom, is inseparable from the one above Him which is Keter, meaning crown, who we are told is so high that it is impossible to even to try to understand Him, and that High One is inseparable from the Eyn Sof who is all that there is.


Our contact is with Binah, but she is completely attached to the ones above her. That's why Binah, understanding, is eternal life to us. She is joined to eternal life, and not only is she joined to eternal life, but there is no opposition up that high. Down here, from Chesed, the third Sefirot down, from Chesed on down, all of the greatness of God is met by and surrounded by what Kabbalah calls ministers, evil angels, opposing forces. We have to fight continually, but when we ascend to where Binah is, it is the place of rest. There is no evil entity or negative force that exists that high up.


So here we are saying that we are drawing from Binah to fill in that part of us that's stretched down into Ze'ir Anpin. Tevunah is pulling literally from the Eyn Sof because Tevunah is the lowest portion of Binah who is attached to Chokhmah who is wisdom which is attached to Keter which is the highest level of God in this plane or in the empty space, and Keter is attached to the Unlimited One. So Binah is drawing on unlimited resources, and the parts of Tevunah that are moving downward are drawing upon the unlimited resources that Binah is attached to, to control and sustain this downward expansion which is reproduction.


What is being brought forth in Ze'ir Anpin is considered the offspring of Father and Mother in spiritual reproduction. I might as well put in at this spot now that in the Book of Revelation, we see Jesus on a horse with many crowns, and I used to think that meant, "well He was now God of all of the people that had Christ Jesus in them." But I no longer believe that. I now believe that Jesus who has ascended above to a place that is higher than all of the heavens, that He has ascended into and beyond the highest crown of Keter. I'm not sure if there are seven or 10 levels, probably 10 levels of Keter. I believe Jesus has ascended into the highest levels of Keter and has become one with the Eyn Sof. He is Keter to us. He is the whole ball of wax. He did it, you see. What we are teaching about, He did it.


So this is what we are trying to prove here today. There are 25 main parts, not calculating the inside and the outside of the Hebrew word Ozen, ear, which signifies a spiritual force. A complex spiritual force, a compound. It is not just one stream of energy. If they compound of a multiplicity of energies, at least three Aleph, Zayin, and Nun, and this formula produces understanding which produces knowledge which equips us to ascend into eternal life. It is not just that I understand how to read. Power, power, power comes with this understanding. I will try to finish this up.


Then we are told that everything has an inside and an outside. Now we are back to the inside and the outside again. So the #25, the 25 main parts, is really equal to 50. OK, which is the letter "N" in Ozen, ear. So that is how they got the letter "N" in Ozen.


So we have the #50, and you may recall, and if you don't recall, if you want to review it, we taught how the #8 or the 1 and the 7 were arrived at, and that you can review in Part 20, the drawing of it is 4b. I will put it up here for you. In 4b we explained where the 1 and the 7 came from. Now what are we going to do with this information? I will tell you what the book says. The books says, "These are the 25 letters (OK, we are back to 25 again) of the Shem'a." What is the Shem'a? That is a brief statement that is made by the Jew frequently in the prayer service. It is the Hebrew for: Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is one God.


I want to tell you that as a little girl when I sat for a whole year in those Orthodox services and cried my eyes out, not knowing that the Lord was touching me, didn't know what was happening to me, the melody that statement is sung to, to this day brings chills through me, and I didn't really understand what it meant until I studied what I am teaching you tonight. Of course, I didn't even understand it at all when it was in Hebrew. Now I know what it means in English, Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is one God, and the Jews chant all of their prayers. They chant the whole Bible when they read it, when they read it from the pulpit anyway.


Well, what does that mean: Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is one God. What it means is that Binah who is to us the Lord Jesus Christ is now fully married to Christ Jesus in us. So when the Jews chant that, Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is one God, it is like saying," Lord Jesus, complete me." That synagogue that I went to every Saturday for a year, they were mostly European Jews in that synagogue that had escaped Hitler, and I'm telling you when those men sounded that Shem'a it was just heart wrenching, and I just found out what it means. They are saying, O, God of Israel, complete me, because they know that completion is full protection and power from all the evils of the world, and we are told in The Tree of Life that this #58 is the equivalent of the Shem'a.


Now let me remind you about at least one of the purposes of Gematria. This is what the Kabbalists do. They compute numerical values of words and of phrases, and this gives them insight into the meaning of other words and phrases that have the same numerical value. So now we find out that this word ear which means...this #58, well we are not talking about #58 now, we are talking about #25 which is the 25 main parts of the word ear so we are still talking about ear. When we are looking at the 25 main parts of it, it has the same numerical value as the Shem'a, Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is one God, complete me Lord Jesus that I should be delivered from the evil of this world and enter into eternal life.


All protection and provision is in union with the Lord Jesus. So that is what the word ear means. When we study about the word ear, and we ask for understanding we are asking the Lord Jesus to complete us. Isn't that nice to know?


Let's see what else the book says. Now remember, we are not told that the Shem'a has...that all of those words have the same numerical value, but that there are 25 letters in that phrase, and this is what the Kabbalists do. See, if you are not spiritual and you can't believe that God is really ordaining this, you will say they are just making this up, that's crazy. But I know, I've been at this end of revelation. I've been in it for years bringing forth the Doctrine of Christ, and I know that the Lord moves like this so I have no problem with it.


"That is why the Shem'a uses the terminology of hearing." Hear O Israel. Here is our connection again to the word ear to show that everything depends on the ear. "Because of this who ever recites the Shem'a must make it audible to his ear because his whole existence is from the ear." OK, this I already told you. This 25 must, of course, have an inside and an outside. So the 25 is really equal to 50 which is the letter "N."


Now we are up to the part which led me into the study in the translation. Now our text book says, "That is the secret of "He (Moses) turned this way and that." We are talking about Exodus 2:12, and the Hebrew words are koh v'koh. Moses turned this way and that. Can somebody read us Exodus 2:12? Before Xxxx reads that, I want to say also that I told you that the Hebrew words are koh v'koh, he turned this way and that, the translation of koh v'koh is that he, Moses, turned this way and that, and that each koh equals 25, so I guess the numerical value of that word koh is 25 for a total of 50. The letter Kaf is 20 and the letter Heh is 5. So each koh has a numerical value of 50.


In addition, each of the two declarations of God's unity, Hear O Israel, and if you want to look that up for yourself, that declaration of God's unity, we say the Lord Jesus and Christ Jesus, the Kabbalists say the head, Keter, Chokhmah and Binah joining with or married to Adonay in the individual, that's the unity according to the Kabbalists, but we are talking about the same thing. If you want to read that in the Scripture, it is Deuteronomy 6:4. It says, Hear o Israel, etc., and blessed is the name of His glorious kingdom forever and ever. That whole phrase has 25 letters as we know, again, totaling 50. So it is obvious that the Nun in the word Ozen is the main letter, and that the other 8 are added to it. Well, we will go over that later. Let's just read Exodus 2:12 now.


COMMENT: Exodus 2:12: And he looked this way and that way and when he saw that there was no man, he slew the Egyptian and hid him in the sand.


Well, I heard that and I got all excited, and I had to go in and translate those few verses which I did. I translated Verses 11 through 15. I really think it would be best to start on Sunday with the translation, but I would like to read the Alternate Translation onto the tape, and Sunday we will pick it apart.


I'm not sure if I made it clear that the Kabbalists are saying that when the Scripture says that Moses looked this way and that, what he really did was cry out, Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is one God. Well, what does that mean. It means, according to the Kabbalists...now I got one bit of information from the Kabbalists and I'm running with it. What does that mean? It means that Moses said, "HELP." And there are other Scriptures where I've read in the Old Testament, I think it was Gideon, I may be mistaken about that, but I know I've read it where it says, "And he blew a trumpet and went up to the battle." I haven't had a chance to check it out, but I suspect that it means the same thing. Whoever the warrior was, to say he blew a trumpet means he said, "Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is one God. Come down and complete me because if I go up to this battle by myself I'm finished." It has to be my God fighting within me. It is only the naive westerners that think that their power is their own.


One of our brethren in Africa told me recently that no one in Africa would dare to think, if they were manifesting any kind of spiritual power at all, would dare to think that they were doing it themselves, because they are spiritual people with the knowledge that you cannot do great spiritual works without a spirit in you doing the great works. We have been so blessed in the west because of the Holy Spirit. We have become so great that we think we did it ourselves. We had better get it together or we are going to lose everything, because you can't kill off the one who gave you all the gifts and still keep the gifts. You can't do it.


Some of us in this ministry went to see a movie that came from Taiwan, I think, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I saw the movie myself three times. The principle behind it is that the human being is the tiger, the human being can be as dangerous as a tiger when the spiritual force represented by the Dragon is within them. I remember once I saw an episode of Star Trek which showed an entity, actually it was two symbiotic entities. It was a lizard or a reptilian-type being dwelling inside a human being, and the human being was the host. It was the reptile that went from human host to human host. I want to tell you, brethren, there is a lot of truth in that.


We, the human host, we are the flesh and blood that falls apart, that deteriorates and turns to dust. In this hour, it is the Dragon that's incarnating, that's reforming that clay over and over again, and as long as it is the Dragon that's doing the incarnating we will continue to engage in a series of births and deaths. But the day is coming that it will be Christ Jesus, the only one who will be doing the incarnating, and then we will live forever, because the ox which we are dies from generation to generation only when we are incarnated by the Dragon. When we are married to Christ Jesus who is the resurrected Adam, who is Adam Kadmon according to the Kabbalists, when He is the one who is incarnated and formed our clay we will live forever. Why? Because the regenerated Adam Kadmon is now permanently woven together...


Alternate Translation, Exodus 2:11-15: And I am Jehovah expanded within Moses and twisted together with Adonay, the name of God associated with the household of Ze'ir Anpin, Christ Jesus, or King Adam (I'm not sure what name I will put in the Alternate Translation), the spiritual day within Moses, and it came to pass that when the Shekinah, which is Christ, the corn within Moses was ready to be harvested, I AM Jehovah within Moses discerned that Abel's brother Cain, the relative of the Egyptian male who had immigrated to the mortal side of Eden was killing Abel. So Moses turned inwards towards I AM saying, Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is one God. Now listen to this. Moses realized that Cain within him was killing Abel so Moses turned inward towards I Am and shouted, "Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is one God, save me." And I AM appeared in Moses and slew the Egyptian and King Adam, Christ Jesus, or Ze'ir Anpin, whatever you want to call him, covered over the whirling particles of the Fiery Serpent within Moses, because the whirling particles are Cain. Abel is not a whirling particle.


And when I AM, Jehovah, broke forth within Moses, behold King Adam, Ze'ir Anpin, or Christ Jesus, the spiritual day within Moses, stripped Cain off of Abel. Well, I see I have something wrong with this verse. Stripped Cain off of Abel, the male, (I will have to fix that up) the second born of the twins that immigrated to the mortal side of Eden, and Abel said to Cain, the one who wronged him, it is Elohim, your lover, who is hurting you. So, apparently, to strip Cain off of Abel causes pain.


And I AM, Jehovah, said to Moses, "Jehovah appointed Abel, the widowed male, to be the captain over Cain and to judge the sin nature that killed you, and she boasts that she killed the completed spiritual man within you." But Moses feared having his sin nature exposed. When Moses heard this, he feared having his sin nature exposed so the Egyptian who defends Moses said, Moses' pride rose up and Christ in Moses didn't answer, his pride rose up and he said, certainly everyone knows that. And this is a powerful lesson. It is a lesson for me as the one who reveals your sins, because sometimes I get so aggravated when you give me prideful answers, and you don't even know that you are doing it, and the Lord is telling me that it is because you are afraid. You are afraid of seeing the truth so pride comes up and defends you, but listen to the response of the Lord.


"And when I AM, Jehovah, heard Pharaoh within Moses, the completed spiritual man, thinking this thing...I want to tell you, sometimes I hear your thoughts. When I AM, Jehovah, heard the thoughts of Moses in response....did I tell you what his thoughts were, I may not have finished that? But Moses feared having his sin nature exposed so the Egyptian who defends Moses said, "Well, certainly everyone knows that." And there is someone right here in this fellowship that always knows everything. No matter what I ask, they know about it, they heard about it, they witnessed it, they saw it. I've never heard that person one time say that they didn't know about something, and I'm not being mean. I'm trying to point out something about you. And when I AM, Jehovah, heard Pharaoh within Moses, the completed spiritual man, thinking this thing in response to I AM's instructions. I AM was trying to instruct him, and Moses' response was I know that. You can't teach somebody who's response is "Well, I know that."


I AM, Jehovah, sought to kill Moses. Now that is the same response that we read about when we hear about Zipporah circumcising her son, to buy off Jehovah who is coming to kill Moses. I could never deal with that verse, but I can deal with it now, but you are going to have to wait until Sunday.


So I AM, Jehovah, sought to kill Moses, the completed spiritual man, but I AM, Jehovah, cut through Pharaoh's personality within Moses, and I AM, Jehovah, married Nukva, Christ Jesus, Ze'ir Anpin's household, the land of contention, the one that's making all the trouble within Moses, and when I AM, Jehovah, married Nukva Adonay taught her and engraved her with I AM's nature. I will be explaining all of these terms to you, Lord willing, on Sunday. You have the notes, but I will be preaching how I got these Alternate Translation words for the words, and I will be explaining the translation and how and why I'm using the names I AM, Jehovah, together, because I've also been studying a book called The Gates of Light which I have not preached from very much, but I will be teaching you from that book on these translations.


Once again, the names of God are always compound. They are always compound. Sometimes in the Scripture, you will hear I AM Jehovah. That's not Jehovah saying I AM Jehovah. I AM is Ehyeh, the name of God associated with Keter. So when you read I AM Jehovah, that's Jehovah saying I'm manifesting highest power. It is a secret. Kabbalah calls it a secret.


So for the Scripture in one sentence to be saying I AM, Jehovah, who sought to kill Moses, and the very next phrase the Scripture is saying that I AM Jehovah cut through Pharaoh's personality in Moses. Well, that doesn't make any sense at all, that's a total contradiction. Well you see, the Jehovah part of I AM Jehovah sought to kill Moses because Jehovah renders judgment, and Jehovah renders judgment on two different levels. Jehovah is the name of God associated with Binah, and judgment comes from Binah, but usually with a high, high degree of mercy. I find it very hard to believe that Jehovah on the level of Binah would seek to kill Moses. It had to be Jehovah down on the level of Tiferet, and probably Elohim was mixed in there. My guess would be, based on my most imperfect studies at this point, that it wasn't even Jehovah any more. It was Elohim because the killer is Elohim. If anyone is going to die from judgment, I'm telling you that sometimes God kills people.


I remember my preacher preached a message once, I will never forget it, God is a killer. He doesn't desire to kill you, but sometimes people die from judgment, and that kind of judgment comes from Elohim. I am remembering right now from my studies in The Gates of Light that sometimes Elohim is called Jehovah. It is enough to drive you "bananas." They switch these names around. As a matter of fact, I was reading in that book today, The Gates of Light, in an unusually complicated passage, and all the names are mixed up. I said, Lord I could never get this without you helping me, and here I am getting it. How am I getting it, because I know that the name of God that kills is Elohim? So it must be Elohim dressed as...this is the phraseology...Elohim dressed in the garments of Jehovah. So why don't you just say Elohim? I don't know. When I figure it out, I will tell you.


So Elohim was mixed in there, you see. It wasn't just I AM Jehovah, Elohim was mixed in there, and the judgment on that kind of pride is death. But then I AM came in, I AM, Ehyeh, the name of God associated with Keter, the realm of absolute mercy, interfered with Elohim's righteous judgment. I'm telling you that God comes to you and comes in a humble spirit to teach you, and your response is, doesn't everybody know that, I knew that all along, I don't need you to teach me. Do you know that the judgment for that kind of pride is death. That's why we are all dead. We are all dead men, we are all dead.


Then I AM comes in and says, no, I'm going to have unmerited favor for them, absolute mercy. They don't deserve it, but I don't want Moses to die, but you see I AM doesn't just leave you like that. He cut through Pharaoh's personality in Moses. See, God loves us, Jesus loves us, but we can't stay like this. The proof of His love is that we are still walking around. We are zombies, but we are still walking around, and this is my understanding of the whole family of God in heaven. The Kabbalists call it the heavenly constellation. It is all different aspects of God, and Elohim is the one that wants to get you man. Not unrighteously, that's her job. I can't talk like that to God. Remember, Moses didn't even say it, he just thought it.


I want to tell you, brethren, forget about the heathen. If the people in the church had the slightest inkling of how they blaspheme God everyday of their life, they would be walking around terrified. The church is so ignorant. If it wasn't for the mercy of God, we would have been wiped out 2000 years ago, I tell you the truth. It is amazing what the Lord Jesus takes from all of us, me too, it is amazing and frightening. It drives me to my knees saying, thank you Jesus.


So this is what the Godhead is. The Kabbalists call it the constellation of God. He's harsh judgment, and He's absolute mercy, and His different qualities continuously interplay with one another, but what sin does, sin separates us from the right side of the constellation which is absolute mercy and loving kindness. See, sin doesn't separate us from Elohim. Sin doesn't separate us from harsh judgment. Sin just separates us from the absolute mercy and the loving kindness, and then all you have left is harsh judgment.


I'm telling you the truth, and I've told you all that when I first came to the Lord, not when I first came to the Lord, but when I first was called to this ministry of showing people their sins, I was very harsh, I was a very harsh judge, and there were a couple of people that benefited from my harsh judgment because they were so rebellious that, that was what they needed. They needed someone like me fighting with them, but as I got deliverance I could not do that any more. It is completely rung out of me. I'm not capable of that any more. So someone that rebellious comes my way, I want to tell you I'm running, I'm not kidding, I'm running from that, I don't want an part of it. So if you are that rebellious, God's going to have to deliver you another way because this servant is no longer qualified to deliver such a rebellious person the way I did it with a young lady, who knows who I'm talking about if she ever listens to this tape. Everybody knows, it is no secret.


I'm not capable of doing that any more, and as I get more and more delivered and less and less capable of fighting with you as I get more and more Christ-like, you are going to have to get more and more submissive to get what you need from me to go on because I'm not fighting with you all any more. So what does that mean? It means today if you do the kinds of things that were done to me in the past by other people, I go away. The absolute mercy and the loving kindness goes away. That leaves you to someone else, whoever that may be, but I'm not doing that stuff any more. Judgment never goes away. It is either harsh judgment or loving kindness with judgment. Judgment never goes away because God is righteous, and every sin will have its just recompense, one way or another.


So Lord willing, we will go over these notes on Sunday, and I will talk to you some more about the names of God and share with you what I learned from The Gates of Light, and what I think this account was all about. Are there any questions or comments before we go? God bless you all.




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