531 - Part 22

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Praise the Lord. We are engaged in these last couple of messages and for a couple of messages more in an exercise in Gematria where the text book that we are studying from which is The Tree of Life, the teachings of Isaac Luria. The text book is proving that SaG (63) is Tevunah, and that the word ear, the Hebrew word Ozen, which has a numerical value of 58 is within SaG (63). That's what these exercises and all of the writing that I'm putting up on the board with all the numerical figures, the text book that we are studying from is proving mathematically that the Holy Name, SaG (63), is being transferred or is penetrating from Binah into Ze'ir Anpin. That's what these texts prove, that the Holy Name, SaG (63), is present in Ze'ir Anpin. The presence of SaG (63) in Ze'ir Anpin signifies the attaching of the head to the body. That's what this is all about.


If we remember the details fine, if we don't remember the details I would not get too upset about it, but it would help if you could know that that's what is doing on here. These are all proof texts that the heavenly man, Ze'ir Anpin, is being connected to all of the glory of God, because if SaG (63) is in Ze'ir Anpin and SaG (63) is in Tevunah, and Tevunah is the personification of the Malkhut of Binah, we know that Binah is connected to Chokhmah and Chokhmah is connected to Keter, that means if SaG (63) is in the heavenly man, the heavenly wisdom, Chokhmah, is present also. And the glory of Keter, the crown which is connected to the Eyn Sof, His power is present in Ze'ir Anpin also, and what does this mean, because the heavenly man, Ze'ir Anpin, dwells in us? We are talking about Christ Jesus, and when Christ Jesus in us is fully connected to the head who is the Glorified Jesus Christ we will be infused with the light or the spirit or the power of the Infinite One, and this is eternal life.


The only reason we don't have eternal life is that we have been cut off from the source of eternal life. We have to be reconnected. The Glorified Jesus Christ is everything to us today, but Adam Kadmon who is the Glorified Jesus Christ to us today, He is a spiritual man, a gigantic, a giant of a spiritual man, and His being extends through all of the worlds. Adam Kadmon has all of the worlds within Him, The World of Emanation, The World of Creation, The World of Formation, and The World of Action. All of these worlds signified by the all inclusive Holy Name, YHVH, the Tetragrammaton, all exist within Adam Kadmon, and Adam Kadmon is appearing to us as the Glorified Jesus Christ today.


The New Testament says, And Jesus Christ ascended above all heavens. That means Jesus Christ is Adam Kadmon, and He's in full communication with the Unlimited One, the Eyn Sof , His being exists in all planes of consciousness. In the highest planes of consciousness, we find His head, and in the lowest plane which is the world where we are, which is The World of Action, we find His feet. His feet are down here. That's why the Book of Zechariah it says, and in that day His feet shall stand upon the Mount of Olives. When we are reconnected to the heavenly man, He's going to be standing in us. We are the clay feet of Nebuchadnezzar .


The Scripture says that Nebuchadnezzar had a dream about a giant idol, and the head was of gold, but the feet were of clay, and a stone was cut out of the mountain, and struck the clay feet without hand. Well, what does that mean? Brethren, we are the feet, and what is going to strike us is judgment. That Scripture that says, and a stone was cut out of the mountain and struck the feet without hand. That is the judgment, because we are the feet, and there is an entity or an idol growing up out of humanity today that is not in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is in the image of the Dragon; therefore, the Lord Jesus is coming with judgment to the place where the root of the image is, and He's going to convert the image, He's going to reform the image at its roots, us. The roots of the image are in us, and then the whole image that expands and extends through all of the worlds will change when we change. There is no other way other than judgment of the mind of humanity. There is no other way this is going to happen.


I had that vision last week of a beach, and there were thousands and thousands of people on the beach, and they had staves in their hands and lanterns, and they were shaking their fists, and they were in a total rage. They are enraged at the judgment, they are enraged at the mind of the Lord Jesus Christ that's telling them that they should not do what they are doing. They are totally enraged.


There is a big controversy now about stem cell research, and a lot of not only scientists but senators, a lot of people, a lot of politicians and a lot of people want to take fertilized embryos that were taken from women for the purpose for in vitro fertilization that will be discarded because the woman did conceive, and she had her baby, and there are many of these embryos that will be discarded. They will be destroyed, and there are elements in our society today that wants to do research on those stem cells that are in those embryos, and they say that these stem cells that...I may not have this exactly right...but organs, people that need organ transplants, new livers, new lungs, can be grown out of these stem cells.


I understand that the Catholic Church and the evangelicals are standing together saying that a fertilized embryo is a living thing, and you should not be experimenting on it. President Bush has...now President Clinton had approved this research, and now President Bush has put a hold on it while he's gathering his research. He's having people doing research to bring him a report, and the people who oppose this research are saying that we can use adult stem cells. In other words, a woman that has a baby, the same blood that's in the embryo is also present in the placenta and in the umbilical cord, and that is not a living thing. So we could get stem cells from that blood, but the people who are for using the embryos say the embryos are highly preferable. This is all that I know, I'm telling you all that I know, I haven't read up on it any more. They are not happy with the adult stem cells. They want the fetal stem cells, and now I hear that there are people who are suing President Bush because he put a hold on the research or he put a hold on the actual research on the embryo until he could gather the information, the reports that he needs to make his decision, and there are people suing him saying that he's holding back their organ transplant, and they are going to die because of him. So the whole world is crazy, and I don't even know how I got into that.


I know that I was telling you that we are the feet of the heavenly image which is supposed to be a heavenly man but today is in the image of the Dragon, and that image which transcends and exists through all planes of consciousness will be changed by judging the feet of the stature, and that's us. Our mind has to change, and when our mind changes into the image of the Lord Jesus, the image of the heavenly being that extends through all planes of consciousness will change into the image of the Lord Jesus Christ. It starts with us. We are the beginning of the end. Praise the Lord.


I've found it very difficult teaching these exercises, and we are going very slow, but we are getting there. So right now we are dealing with the Hebrew word Ozen, which has a numerical value of 58, and you may recall that the numerical value of 58 exists above the line, exists in Binah, I should say in Tevunah, and when you add the numerical value of 5 that has descended into Ze'ir Anpin, you add that to 58 and you have 63. Also, there are three kinds of SaG (63). If you take the #58 which is the numerical value of Ozen, and you add it to the additional 5 that is neither Binah or Tevunah, and these are all past messages, I can't re-teach the whole thing, you have 63 again. You have SaG (63) again.


Now what we were working on in Part 21and in this part is the numerical value of Ozen #58, and we were shown how the 8 is arrived at. See when we say that the Hebrew word Ozen has a numerical value of 58, try to understand that we are talking about spiritual powers. The Hebrew letters signify spiritual powers, and we are talking about spiritual alchemy. So to say, well the Hebrew word Ozen has a numerical value of 58, and we show you how we arrive at the #8 which is broken down into a l and a 7, this is not just mathematics. This is like being a spiritual apothecary and saying I am taking one part of this herb, and I'm taking seven parts of that herb and now we need five more parts of something else to get the spiritual power that's identified by the Hebrew word Ozen.


Well, what can Ozen do Sheila? I don't know. I'm not up to it yet. I know that it means ear, and I know that there is a left ear and a right ear, and that the right ear is Binah and the left ear is Tevunah, and I know that Tevunah is responsible for penetrating into Ze'ir Anpin, and imparting life to Ze'ir Anpin who then in turn imparts that life to Malkhut. Malkhut is in us you see. We are the heavenly woman.


So I am just learning. I'm teaching you as I'm learning, and I looked forward, I looked ahead in the book, as I told you these Gematria exercises is taking a very long time to explain them, but we have just a couple of more pages to go, and the next chapter starts talking about the other names of God. Remember, there are four Holy Names of God. There is the inclusive name of God, the Tetragrammaton, YHVH, and then each one of the four letters of the Tetragrammaton, YHVH, each one of those letters alone is a Holy Name. We differentiate between the four letters of the inclusive Tetragrammaton, YHVH, by signifying or by assigning different numerical values. The four letters of the Tetragrammaton, each in and of themselves, are equal to the Holy Name.


The YoD is equal to AB(72), the first HeY which we are familiar with because we have been studying the first HeY which is Binah, that's SaG (63), and then the Vav which is Tiferet which is Ze'ir Anpin, that is MaH (45), and the second Heh which is Malkhut or Nukva is BaN (52), I believe. Each one of these Holy Names has a different function. What we are doing now is we are learning some basic information so that we can then follow the teaching of how these different names are used and how they interact with one another, and the bottom line is this. The life of the Eyn Sof is being distributed to all the worlds. We live in a dying world because the life of God is not generating us. That's why we get sick and die. It is all a lack of energy. I'm recovering from a fairly serious illness. My energy was drained, and I became ill. I have to be re-energized.


So we do have some energy down here, those of us that have Christ Jesus or the Spirit of Christ, but we do not have an unending flow of energy, at least I don't have it because Christ Jesus in me is not fully connected to the Glorified Jesus Christ who is the source of eternal life. The Glorified Jesus Christ is connected to the Eyn Sof, the Unlimited One. So obviously with all the revelation and knowledge that I have, obviously I am not connected or at least fully connected to the Lord Jesus because I've just been pretty ill, but I do have Christ Jesus within me. I do have the Son of the Glorified Jesus Christ who can be filled by the Glorified Jesus Christ, but there is not a permanent connection. There is an intermittent connection, and it is through this intermittent connection that I receive revelation knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, and I receive healings, but that connection is not permanent or I could not get sick if that connection was permanent. So the connection just comes and goes.


Our hope, Christ Jesus in us is our hope. Christ in you the hope of glory, of glorification, the hope of permanent connection with the Glorified Jesus Christ who has ascended above all heavens and is now one with the Eyn Sof, the source of infinite and unending energy which is life. We have to get sown back together with Him. And the way we get sown back together with Him is through our mind because His spirit is in our mind, Be ye renewed in the spirit of your mind.


So as we pursue these spiritual studies, the spirit of our mind is knitting together with the Glorified Jesus Christ, because as we pursue these studies we draw His spirit down unto us. These studies act like a magnet that draw the Lord Jesus to us. I've been very hard on you all at times when I hear you chit-chatting in here or talking about carnal things. Brethren, this is the bottom line. What you think about draws corresponding entities to you. See, the more you think about the things of God, the more you think about Kabbalah, I'm not talking about evangelizing the people down on the bowery. Look, that is not a bad thing. If the Lord calls you to that, you do it, but that is the activity of the bride church, the activity of the church tht are included in Tevunah. I guess I have to go through that slowly. That's what the Kabbalists are saying, there are 100 blessings in Tevunah. What does that mean? I don't know. We are just plodding through with this, we are just plodding through and having our mind expanded. We are having our intellect developed, we are having the Neshamah built in us. Everybody does not have a Neshamah. Everybody has a Nefesh, and according to the Kabbalists most people have a Ruach. Everybody doesn't have a Neshamah. That is an intellectual soul or an intellectual mind that is capable of understanding these calculations which are drawing the emanations of God down into our dwelling place.


So we can say that if Binah and Tevunah equal 100 and Mem and Samek equal 100, we can say Binah and Tevunah equal Mem-Samek. I don't know, maybe we will be using that in the translations some place. We brought forth an exciting translation in Exodus Chapter 2 concerning Moses, sounding the Shem'a. Xxxxx, do you remember what message that was? Let's get it on the tape in case anyone wants to look up that message. It is #546. That message was preached after Part 21 of A Look at Kabbalah and before this message which is Part 22.


One more point here. We are told...well let me tell you this first. The shape of the Hebrew letters are very important in Kabbalah. Each of the Hebrew letters signify an energy stream or an energy force, a packet of energy, and the shape of them has great mystical significance, and as we press through with these studies we will eventually reach the chapter where we will be instructed in the different Hebrew letters. There are single letters and double letters, and I haven't learned it myself yet. There are vowel points and cantillation marks so we are pressing through this Gematria, and we have some interesting studies in the very near future.


But for now, we see that the letter Mem is open at the bottom. When you are looking at the printed Hebrew letters it is very hard to tell the difference between a Mem and a Samek. They look very much the same except that the Mem is open at the bottom, and the Samek is closed. There is a footnote in our textbook telling us that this combination of Mem and Samek signify the 50 gates of Binah which are sometimes open...I have read that there are 50 gates of Binah. What does that mean? It means that there are 50 levels of understanding within Binah. Binah means understanding, so we are told there are 50 levels of understanding and that Moses only attained to the 49th. Moses who wrote the five books of Moses, Moses who wrote the Torah only attained to the 49th level.


So we are talking about deep spiritual mysteries broken down into 50 different levels, and this is just a secret. It is what Kabbalah calls a secret, that the Mem-Samek that signifies Binah and Tevunah, one Mem is open and the Samek is closed, and that's just a secret way of saying that sometimes the 50 gates of Binah are open and sometimes they are closed. You cannot enter into without permission.


Brethren, we could not be studying Kabbalah without permission. It wasn't so long ago that I was sitting in this room on a Sunday morning unable to preach. I was in obedience to the Lord, I was studying Etz Chayyim, and I walked into the service and nothing was coming out of me. It was only a few months ago that was happening. I was granted permission to understand Kabbalah and to teach it, and you have to have been granted permission to study it or you could not be sitting here flowing in the spirit with me, and whoever is listening to these tapes that goes for you too.


We were granted permission to study Kabbalah. We have been granted permission to be enlarged, and you have to be careful that you are not praying for what God has already given you. If God has granted you entrance into a study that's going to enlarge you, there is no reason to be praying for enlargement. We have enough work here for another lifetime. Any questions about this? We will go on.


I would like to make it clear that Binah and Tevunah together have a numerical value of 100. The numerical value of Binah plus the numerical value of Tevunah equals 100, and I did not say it that way earlier. The two of them together equal 100, and how that is calculated I don't know, but that's what the book says. Binah and Tevunah have a combined numerical value of 100.


Now we are told, moreover when you join all of those parts together they make 100. When you join all of what parts together? We are looking at Drawing #2, and I'm going to show you how all the parts of Binah and Tevunah together form 100. I just told you that I don't know how they got it, I'm reading the book and here it is, so now I'm going to show it to you. I just got it myself.


OK, we are looking at Drawing #2, and we see the numerical value of 58 which is Ozen for ear, and we know that if we add the H (5) that went down into Ze'ir Anpin, that makes a numerical value of 63 which is Tevunah. Is everybody OK with that? You add the numerical value of 58 to the H (5) that went down below and this is Tevunah. See it says Tevunah right there. You may recall that there is another way to calculate Tevunah, that if you take the #58 and add the 5 from over here, the 5 that says it is neither Tevunah nor Binah you can get another SaG (63) which is Tevunah. That's a past message that you can review if you are not following me.


We have the numerical value of 58 for Ozen, the 5 below and the 5 above. That brings us to 68. Now what are we doing? We are proving that all of the parts of Binah and Tevunah together equal 100. That's what we are proving. So we now have 58, 5 below and 5 above, that's 68. We need another 33 to equal 100, and we have Binah above, if you look at Drawing #2, and this I'm going to make a separate drawing for you. Binah above is equal to...I'm going to put that on the board for you.


COMMENT: I was looking at the number gates and 50 levels of power, and it made me think of 50 being Jubilee in the Scriptures, a time of being set free, a time of deliverance.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, you are correct. Binah is Jubilee, she is redemption, and she is eternal life.


Oh, I just heard somebody scream, "Jesus Christ is eternal life." Yes Jesus Christ is Binah. The man Jesus became the receptacle for the perfectly balanced 10 Sefirot, and when He was glorified He became one with them, His humanity became completely co-mingled with Him and now He is the fully balanced 10 Sefirot to us. He is all of these things. Amen.


Let's take a look at the board here. What we are doing here is we are proving that Binah plus Tevunah equals 100, that the numerical value of Binah plus the numerical value of Tevunah equals a numerical value of 100. That's what we are proving here. This Drawing #2 I changed my mind. I think earlier on this tape I had suggested that we would be using a different drawing from another message, but we won't be doing that. This is Drawing #2, and I have put it on the board directly for you.


Now you have seen this before because we have been working with this diagram over the last few messages. Now what's happening here, we have Tevunah and Binah on the board. The whole reality of Binah is descending into Tevunah. Why? Because Tevunah is descending into Ze'ir Anpin, and Tevunah is drawing...now remember Tevunah is Binah's Malkhut. So as Tevunah expands into Ze'ir Anpin, she is drawing energy from above, and the whole reality of Binah is moving downward. Tevunah is moving into Ze'ir Anpin, and Binah is moving into the same place where Tevunah was. And at this point, and if you don't understand this you have to go back on the previous messages.


The only think that we have left of Binah at this point is the YoD for a numerical value of 20 and the H(5) and the YoD (10). If you are looking at Drawing #2, you will see that, that all that's left of Binah for a numerical value of...there 20 up here which I brought all the way over to the right. The numerical value of the YoD is 20, and that's brought all the way over to the right. The numerical value of H is 5 plus the numerical value of the YoD (10). Five plus ten, and then I say "minus 2." Why? Because there were two parts of this YoD that went down into Tevunah, you may recall, and if you are looking at the uppermost square of Tevunah you see there is the inside and the outside of two parts, and we have taught this on other messages.


So we have 5 plus 10 minus 2, minus the 2 parts that went down to Tevunah which is equal to 13. And 20 plus 13 equals 33. So what we have left of Binah is a numerical value of 33. For those of you who might be wondering why the value of YoD above is 20 and the YoD below is 10, does anybody know why? The H (5) plus the YoD (10), we are looking at Binah, we are looking at the two (on your drawing) higher squares which are Binah. There is an inside and an outside which has a numerical value of 20, and an inside and an outside that has a numerical value of H (5) plus YoD (10). Why does the YoD have a numerical value of 20 above and 10 below? Who knows the answer? Nobody knows the answer? OK.


The answer is that you will have to go back into previous messages to find out how we got to this place, but I will tell you this. What we are dealing with here is the Holy Name SaG (63). Now you may remember when we broke Binah and Tevunah, when we separated Binah and Tevunah we said that Binah is the name Ehyeh spelled out, and Tevunah is SaG (63). Does anybody remember that at all? Binah is Ehyeh spelled out and Tevunah is SaG (63), so we had Binah appearing as Ehyeh spelled out and somehow, I'm no expert at this myself yet, but that YoD....well, I guess that's not what's operating over there. I'm sorry, I have to take that back.


Binah, we must have had the Holy Name, YHVH, spelled out with YoDs. Forget what I said about Ehyeh. That was true, but it doesn't apply here. I'm trying to explain to you how we got a YoD 20 over here. We got a YoD 20 because when we started with this diagram, before Binah started moving down into Tevunah, Binah was spelled out with YoDs and an Aleph. When you spell out the name with YoDs, that means you calculate the numerical value of the spelled word.


This 20 is the numerical value of the YoD spelled out. The Y of YoD has a numerical value of 10, the Dalet has a numerical value of 4, and the "O" in the YoD is really a Vav. The Hebrew letter Vav has two pronunciations, the letter V and the vowel O. So according to the Kabbalists, the O in the YoD has the numerical value of the Vav which is 6. So we have 10, 6, and 4 equals 20. YoD spelled out is 20, and down below we have a simple YoD. It is not spelled out, and that has a numerical value of 10. Is there anybody who does not understand that or wants me to say it again?


Here we see, we have the YoD and the HeY of Binah still existing as Binah. YHVH, we are talking about Binah, the Holy Name, four letters, but there are only two letters here, the Y and the H, but we see that the Vav of Binah has descended into Tevunah. Of course, this is a previous message. The Vav has descended into Tevunah, and, of course, the H, the second HeY of Binah is Malkhut, is Tevunah itself. I feel to put that on another drawing. Let's just finish here, and I will explain that to you on another drawing.


So we have Binah is 33, and then down below we see we have Ozen, ear, for a numerical value of 58, and we know that we can add this 58 to the H (5) that went down, we can add this 58 to this 5 over here which is neither Binah nor Tevunah. So we have a numerical value for Tevunah of 68; 58 plus the 5 above, plus the 5 below equals 68. Tevunah equals 68. So we have Binah is 33 and Tevunah is 68 for a total of 101, and the Kabbalists have a habit when necessary of adding one for the whole. So this 101, we can say is the total of all aspects of Binah and Tevunah plus 1 for the whole, and they round it off; therefore, we could say Binah plus Tevunah equals 100. Everybody got it, right?


I'm going to explain this left side a little more in depth for you.


COMMENTS: Sheila, I see 5 plus 10 minus 2 parts that went down to Tevunah equals 13. I don't know how you got that.


PASTOR VITALE: OK, I said 5 plus 10, how much is 5 plus 10?




PASTOR VITALE: Then you take away 2.


COMMENT: Oh, I'm sorry.


PASTOR VITALE: That's OK, I'm glad you are thinking.


We are looking at Drawing #3. What I have done is I have left the left side of Drawing #2 on the board, the whole left side is the same exact....I did not erase it. It is exactly the same way it was for Drawing #2. On the right side of the board, I'm giving you a review as to how we arrived at what you see on the left side of the board. Now we started out saying that Binah is the Holy Name, SaG (63). The only thing I don't have up here is the inclusive name, YHVH, which I think I have that on Drawing #1. The inclusive name, the Tetragrammaton, YHVH, the first H is Binah, and Binah, herself, is the Holy Name, YHVH, with a numerical value of 63.


So we have in the inclusive name four letters, and each letter itself is equal to the whole name, YHVH, so we have to distinguish between the four YHVH. Just like having quadruplets. You have to give them each their own name so that you know what you are talking about, and the way we give each YHVH its own name is by spelling it differently. Binah, the YHVH associated with Binah, is spelled out with YoDs and an Aleph. This is it right here. Y equals YoD, the Y or the YoD, we are spelling it YoD with a numerical value of 20. The first HeY, we are spelling it...now remember the textbook tells us that we are spelling the letters with YoDs. That means we are adding a YoD here, and the second letter is HeY, and we are spelling it out H-E-Y. We are adding a YoD, we are spelling out the letters by adding a YoD, H-E-Y. The numerical value of HeY is 15.


Down below you see that you could spell the letter Hey, a simple H, just the letter H, with a numerical value of 5. You could spell it HeH with a numerical value of 10 or you could spell it HeY with a numerical value of 15. You can spell the letter HeY any of these three ways. But concerning the Holy Name, SaG (63), our textbook tells us that we are spelling out the letters of the Holy Name with YoDs. We are not spelling it with an H. We are not spelling the HeH with an H. We are spelling it with a Y. Why? Because that's the definition of Binah, SaG (63). If we didn't do that, it would not be Binah. It would be a different name of God.


The VaV, we didn't add a YoD with the VaV, but we added an Aleph for a numerical value of 13, and we have a second HeY that we are spelling out with a YoD. Why? Because that is what we do, that's how we identify the Holy Name, YHVH, when it is Binah. We spell the HeY with a Y when it is Binah. There are other names of God, BaN 52, AB 72, MaH 45, and one of those names, I can't remember which one right now, we spell the HeY with an H, and that identifies that name of God associated with a different letter from the Tetragrammaton. That is the best I can do right now. You are all struggling, but I trust that you listen to the tape, and the Lord will help you.


So the name Binah is the name SaG (63), YHVH spelled out, YoD, HeY, VaV, HeY, HeY with a YoD at the end. Do you understand that now Xxxx? OK, I will tell you one more time, and I will let it go.


The Hebrew letter HeY can be spelled three ways. It can be spelled with a simple H with a numerical value of 5. It can be spelled HeH which has a numerical value of 10, or it can be spelled HeY with a numerical value of 15. All three spellings are legitimate, but the spelling of the letter HeY that is specifically associated with Binah is HeY. If I had spelled the HeY HeH, it would not be Binah any more. Why would it not be Binah any more? Because Binah, the Holy Name associated with Binah, has a numerical value of 63, and if I spell the H, HeH, instead of HeY, we won't have 63 any more. We will have 58.


This drawing on the left, this is how we got it. We started out with Binah, only instead of writing the letters from left to right, we wrote them from top to bottom, YoD-HeY-VaV-H. We wrote them in a column going downward. Instead of writing the letters of Binah left to right, we wrote them top to bottom in a column going downward. Is everybody OK? And for what reason did we do this? The reason we did this is to demonstrate that Tevunah which is Binah's Malkhut is the aspect of Binah that is going to penetrate downward into the world below.


Binah is Imma. She is Mother, she is reproducing, and she is reproducing by extending her lower extremity, Tevunah, down into the world below. So we drew her name in a column from top to bottom to show that she is extending downward. Is everybody OK? And the purpose of extending downward is to attach the lower world which is The World of Creation to The World of Emanation. Binah is in The World of Emanation. Binah is the head. Binah is one with Chokhmah and Keter. She is the head. She is eternal life.


The World of Creation is Ze'ir Anpin, and He comes into existence without a head. He comes into existence with six Sefirot from Chesed to Yesod, and the reason He doesn't have a head is that Tevunah of Binah is His head. They are attached. Can you hear that? Below the curtain, Ze'ir Anpin has no head because His head is above the curtain. It is as if I put a screen in front of me and all you can see is my head. Ze'ir Anpin doesn't have a head of His own. His head is Binah. Actually it is Tevunah which is Binah's Malkhut. Just like we don't have our own head, did you know that? Christ Jesus is our head. We don't have a head. Well actually, we have a head. We are not supposed to have one. That's our whole problem that we use our own head which isn't really a head. It just thinks it is a head, and it acts like a head, and it quacks like a head, but it is not a head, and that's why we are dead.


So this is what we are talking about. We are talking about extending the life of the Infinite One into the worlds below where we are. We are talking about extending the life of the Infinite One into the worlds below, the worlds below. The World of Creation, The World of Formation, and The World of Action. The World of Emanation is very high. The World of Emanation is right next to Adam Kadmon Himself, and The World of Emanation is infinite in comparison to the other worlds. Has everybody got this?


We are talking about extending the life of the ages into the worlds below; therefore, we draw the Holy Name in a column going downward, and it is Binah's lowest extremity, Malkhut, called Tevunah that is extending herself through the curtain into The World of Creation to give life to Ze'ir Anpin and The World of Creation. Actually, as far as we are concerned, this is a part of our mind. I'm not going to get into which one it is right now. I haven't really worked it out. Let's say, maybe, the subconscious part of our mind. This is the life of Jesus Christ extending into the back parts of our mind which is dead. Remember, we are being renewed in the spirit of our mind.


So He is penetrating into the spirit of our mind and renewing us in that place, and the reason we have a HeY with a YoD up above where it says equal 63, and we have an HeH with a numerical value of 10 below, the reason that happens is that this HeY 15 which is a part of SaG (63), this HeY which has a numerical value of 15, a part of this HeY has penetrated into Ze'ir Anpin. If I stick my hand outside of that door, my hand is not in the door any more. If 5 points of the numerical value of this HeY goes below the line, we now only have a numerical value of 10 above the line because we have given 5 points to Ze'ir Anpin. Ladies, when you are pregnant with a child you give your blood and your tissue to that baby, and your body has to make more. So we see that the HeY that has become an HeH has lost 5 numerical points because Tevunah has given 5 of her numerical value to Ze'ir Anpin.


The bottom line of what is happening is that as Tevunah descends into Ze'ir Anpin, the higher parts of Binah are moving down. Brethren, if my foot could go through this floor, if my feet could go through this floor up to my knee the whole rest of my body would move down. I would no longer be 5' 2". Right? So as Tevunah descends into Ze'ir Anpin, and Tevunah is the second HeH of SaG (63), so as Tevunah moves down into Ze'ir Anpin, the YoD, the HeY and the VaV are moving down also. As Tevunah gives of herself to Ze'ir Anpin, she's drawing strength from Binah above her.


Now we go back to the left of the board, and this is what we see on the left side of the board. We see that the VaV, the third letter of the Tetragrammaton, has moved down and become a part of Tevunah. She is no longer a part of Binah. She has become a part of Tevunah. The VaV has moved down on the left side of the board and become a part of Tevunah. Now Tevunah is the HeH of the Holy Name, 63, so when the VaV moves down into Tevunah, we only have two letters left, the YoD with a numerical value of 20, and the first HeY with a numerical value of 15. Can you get that? Did you get that, that the HeY is moving down below the line, and then the VaV is moving down below the line also.


So, the only thing left is going to be the two letters on top, the YoD and the HeY. Everything is moving down, and that what we have on the left side of the board. Only we are showing each letter with an inside and an outside. That's the only difference, and we see that Binah now consists of the YoD and what happened over here where you see an H (5) and a YoD (10), all that we did over here was we took this HeY (15)...remember, we took a 15 dollar bill, and we broke it down into a 5 dollar bill and a 10 dollar bill, remember that teaching? Why did we do that? Because we needed to take 2 parts of the YoD to add it to the VaV.


So the bottom line is everything is moving down. Everything of Binah is moving down. Tevunah moved down, the VaV (13) moved down, and what is left of the top 2 letters the YoD and the HeY, what's left is a numerical value of 33, and this is what we have on the left side of the board. We have a value of 68 of all the parts of what started out as Binah, YHVH SaG (63), of all of these parts that equal 63, after Tevunah penetrated into Ze'ir Anpin what we have left in Binah is 33, and what we have in Tevunah is 68, 58 and 10 is 68. That's the best I can do. I think I made it pretty clear. You are going to have to pray, and it is very late. Are there any questions?


I just pray that everybody gets this. I just bless you all, and I forgive your sins, and I pray that the Mind of Christ should expand within you and that you should comprehend this spiritual principle. In the Name of Jesus, I pray that. Amen.


[acb 9/01]



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