531 - Part 31

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Drawing #1, which is designed to boggle your mind. We are talking about the Hebrew letter Alef. Alef equals 1, Alef equals 16, Alef equals 26, Alef equals 32, and Alef also equals Binah which is 63. Now for all I know, Binah equals other numbers also, but I am not aware of it at this time.


So we see that the letter Alef is a very important letter, and that it is used in many different ways. Now, what I'm hoping for you to derive out of this lesson is a greater ability to let the rigidity of your carnal mind go and understand that the Hebrew letters represent spiritual forces. They are not rigid, you see, and the Kabbalists changed the form of the letter Alef just to demonstrate this principle that Alef is liquid, it is fluid, it can be remolded, and used in many ways as the Lord has revealed to the Kabbalists is legitimate. It makes no sense to the rational mind at all.


Now the typical Alef, well I can't even say the typical Alef. The typical Alef is the equivalent of #1. What we are dealing with here is the letter Alef written in calligraphy. So we see that the calligrapher has embellished this Hebrew letter, and he's drawn the center rod, you might say, from two V'AVs. I didn't draw this very well, but Xxxx will copy it from the book and do a more accurate drawing.


The Hebrew letter Alef is written with one line down the center and two other lines, one underneath and one above. You can get a fairly good idea by looking at Drawing #1. The calligrapher has embellished upon this and made the two lines, one below and one above, into a YOD which has a numerical value of 10, and the Alef is drawn two ways. I've only drawn it one way. Now, I've drawn a little lower down to the right of all the writing, the Alef drawn from one V'AV, that's one center line, and a YOD below and a YOD above.


V'AV has a numerical value of 6 and each YOD is equal to 10. So this Alef, because of the way that it is written, has a numerical value of 16. And this Alef up here, the big one in the center of the drawing, has a numerical value of 32 because it is drawn from two V'AVs and two YODs, each V'AV having a numerical value of 6 which makes 12, 22 for one YOD plus 10 makes 32 for the two V'AVs and the two YODs. So what are you talking about, Sheila, the way you draw the letter changes its numerical value? Yes, that's what the Kabbalists do, and, as I've told you on many other messages, this defies the reason and the rationale of the carnal mind, because with the carnal mind we find a truth, and then we seek to exhibit that truth. Did I say that backwards? I'm sort of out of it this morning, please bear with me.


With Kabbalistic studies, the Kabbalist hear a truth from God, and they bend what exists down here in The World of Action in any which way necessary to make that truth, to prove that truth down in this world. The scientists of this world find what they believe to be a truth, and then they express it in letters, but spiritually it is the exact opposite. The spiritual truth is given from above, and the Kabbalists do anything they want with the Hebrew letters to prove their truth. Is everybody OK?


Down here, the carnal mind hears the truth and is looking to prove that it is true, looking for proof that this truth is true, but the Kabbalists know it is true, and I'm going to do anything I have to do down here to make it true. It is just like saying, the word comes forth from heaven, a primary characteristic of a woman is that she has a womb, and a woman comes into existence that has a womb, and what ever had to be done was done to bring that woman into existence to line up with what was said from above. What we do in the earth, we it the other way. What happens down here on the earth is that we say, this is the form of it, this is the letter Alef, now show me what it means in the heavenlies? Or we would say, this is the form of a woman, a human being whose primary characteristic is that she has a womb, this is what a woman is, now explain it to me and show it to me what it means in my mind. The heavens is my mind. But the spiritual life is the exact opposite.


The Lord says this is the truth before anything ever appears in the physical. See, down here we have it in the physical first, then we seek to understand it. When it comes from God, it comes down as a thought, and it is supposed to be manifesting in a manner that lines up exactly with what God said, even if it means breaking the rules of this world, and that's why the Kabbalists play with the Hebrew letters. They switch them around and change their value, and their reasoning, especially with Gematria, it makes no sense to the rational mind at all, but there is a message behind this, and that message is that everything in this lower world must line up with the Word of God. That's the message.


It does not matter how much at this moment this world appears to be different from the Word of God. The Word of God is not going to yield. This world is going to yield, and for those of you who have been studying with me for a while or have been pursuing any kind of philosophy, you know that I have been talking about this for a long time. In our own personal conflicts, I have told you that somebody has to yield. Whenever there is a conflict, somebody has to yield, and I've told you in our personal relationships that it cannot be me, because if I am in my Christ Mind and you are in your carnal mind, and I yield to you even for the sake of peace, the end of the whole thing is that Christ will depart from me, and the whole ministry will come down. Christ does not yield, because He IS the living truth, and anyone who disagrees with Christ is the dead lie, and when the truth yields to the lie, truth dies, and when truth dies we all die.


That's why, if you believe that this ministry is led by the Lord Jesus Christ, and if you don't believe that, you should not be studying here, if you believe the Lord Jesus is leading this ministry, and that I am the mouthpiece that He is speaking through, even in the event that I'm wrong, you must yield to me because I will not yield to you no matter what the consequences unless the Lord Jesus tells me that I was wrong, OK. But I will not yield to you, I will yield only to the Lord, because if I yield to you we all lose.


The image in The World of Action must line up with the spiritual invisible truth from the world above, and that's what this playing with the letters is really saying. That is the hidden message. If God says, Alef is 1 in this situation, and it is 32 in another situation, and your carnal mind says, that's impossible, your carnal mind must yield because God said, it is possible. Well Sheila, God didn't say it, just some rabbi somewhere said it. Well brethren, listen to me because this is really important. I have the same response to you, for when you cannot recognize the Christ Mind in me. Do you believe that the Lord sent you to study Kabbalah? Do you believe that these teachings are highly accurate? I don't believe they are 100% accurate myself. Do you believe they are highly accurate and God has sent you to study them?


Then you must yield to the studies until the Lord clearly tells you after much prayer that in this particular area that they are a little off. But you must come to this study believing that this is revelation given to these rabbis as they ascended into a very high spirit in their service to the Lord. The men that brought this forth, their whole lives were given over to God. They did not have any secular job, they just studied and sought God continually, and, therefore, we believe what the books say because the Lord specifically directed me to this book that I'm teaching from, The Tree of Life, so I believe it unless the Lord comes to me and tells me that in this one little area they are off a little bit.


So I submit on this basis, and you are supposed to be submitting to me on this same basis, because when there is a conflict, when two minds come to a loggerhead with each other, it kills the spirit. Everything stops, as you have seen in this ministry. All teaching, all revelation, all edification, everything stops until the rebellion is put down, and that's what it is. It is rebellion, see. I'm telling you to follow me as I follow the Lord, because you are watching me do the same thing with these teachings, and I was listening to the message, Permanent Meditative Consciousness, driving in this morning, and I heard on that tape how I read something in a book by a obviously brilliant Kabbalists that I could not receive what he said, but I did ask the Lord to correct me if I was wrong, and between the Sunday morning service and the Sunday night service, the Lord showed me the truth in it.


When you come up with that nose-to-nose confrontation, everything of the spirit either dies or is put on hold. Praise the Lord.


So this is the message for this morning, the Hebrew letters or the value of the Hebrew letters can change at the will of the Lord. I want to tell you something alone this same vein, unfortunately, and I don't say this in any condemning spirit, this is why so many Jews have not entered into their own inheritance. Even the Jews who have become Christians today, the Jews that believe that Jesus is Messiah, as I told you in other studies, and as I told you this morning off the tape, they are only partaking of the second level of Kabbalah which is the Holy Spirit, and, of course, in the church the first and second levels are reversed. So these Jews that are now receiving Jesus as Messiah are in the first level of Kabbalah, the first of four levels. They are in the singing and dancing level. Is that bad? No.


What I'm talking about here is that the Jews have not entered into their own inheritance. What I means is that the rabbis that are on the fourth level of Kabbalah, called Sod, when the Jews on that level understand that Jesus Christ is Lord and put the Doctrine of Christ together with Kabbalah there is going to be no limit. The sky is the limit. So none of those rabbis have come through. The Sod Kabbalah rabbis have not come through. It is mostly secular Jews or a couple of rabbis have come to the conclusion that Jesus is Messiah, but they are on the lower levels.


So the Jews have not entered into their own inheritance because they cannot do what I just admonished you to do. They cannot say, "I am a high level Sod rabbi in Israel, I've had spiritual experiences with God, I am filled with knowledge, I've been studying all of my life, but I have to know that something is wrong, because people are still dying, I'm still getting sick and if God doesn't intervene I'm going to die, and maybe there is another piece of revelation that's going to put this whole thing together and give me the promises which are eternal life, and maybe that key is not going to come from a Sod Kabbalah Rabbi." Maybe it is even going to come from some female Jewish Christian.


No one has done it to date, you see. They won't even listen, so don't be someone who won't listen. Don't be a loser, be a winner, and in every situation ask the Lord to show you your error and be willing to face it and do whatever needs to be done to make it right, and that's how I live, and that's why I am where I am. Don't be a loser, be a winner. So this is the lesson for today.


Alef can equal 1, 16, 26, 32 or 63. That's impossible. Sorry, that's the way it is. Heaven says so, and everything down on earth has to line up to prove it, and that's the next step. We are going to prove it. Alef drawn with a single V'AV and two YODs equal 16, sorry equals 26. I should make that clearer over here. Let me emphasize to you that this concept of changing the value of a letter is once again spiritual alchemy, and an Alef that is equal to 1 is obviously does not have the same value as the Alef that has a numerical value of 32. The same Hebrew letter mixed with other powers...and I don't have any more information, I cannot explain it to you any better than that, is what would be called a permutation of the letter Alef, another letter added to it or other letters added to it that increase and enhance its value, and each number qualifies the letter for certain spiritual activities. I don't know what yet. I hope some day to know.


I suspect very strongly that Jesus was a master Kabbalists. I don't even know how it works. I don't know whether it works subconsciously in the mind or whether He actually knew the combination of the Hebrew letters that would cause a withered arm to grow out. Now the Kabbalists would say, from the little bit that I know so far, that He needed to know the permutations, the combinations of the Hebrew letter specifically designed to make an arm grow out. I have a real problem with this, and if I'm wrong the Lord has to help me, but let me tell you what my problem is.


My problem is...well, before I tell you that let me give you some background. I know and I've been telling you for the longest time that there are two major levels of spiritual power, whether it be witchcraft or whether it be in the Lord. What I call the old order of spiritual power in God through Israel was this system of sacrifices and priests and prophets. The priests ministering the sacrifice, the priest was the mediator between man and God, with man seeking to communicate with God, and the prophet was the mediator between God and man, with God speaking to man. In order to be in right standing with God, in what I call old order spirituality, there had to be the shedding of blood and all kinds of rituals. Put the blood on your big toe and on the priests ear, and I'm not mocking it. All of these laws, when followed to the best of man's ability, qualified the Jew to pursue a relationship with Jehovah, and in witchcraft we see similar activities.


We see the shedding of blood, although in witchcraft we see the drinking of blood. That is forbidden to the Jew. With the Jew it is the exact opposite. They have to get all of the blood out of the animal before they can....the animal has to be drained of blood before it can even become slaughtered and used for good, and then the Jew cooks their meat. They salt it to draw all the excess blood out of it, but blood is a major issue in old order spirituality, whether it is witchcraft or whether it is in God, and there are all kinds of rituals involved in old order spirituality, even in God. Even the clothes that the high priests wore, I'm not even sure if the regular priests wore garments studded with stones and all that. I never really did a study on that, I'm not sure, but dress was involved. Look at the Pope, all dressed up with his hat and the Bishops and everything. Well there were similar costumes in old order spirituality in Judah, and I notice a lot of the things that a lot of the Catholic rituals have you can really see their roots in old order Judaism. Is that not true? Yes, that is true. You can see it there.


There is a higher order of spirituality, both in Judeo-Christianity and also in witchcraft, and that higher order of spirituality goes beyond ritual where it is just the word of your mouth. It is a higher order of spirituality. It requires a more powerful spiritual person, a more ascended person, and it is just the word of your mouth. You don't have to do anything. When I look at this aspect of Kabbalah, the aspect of permutations, the aspect of the wielding of spiritual power through the permutations, and from what I've read so far, it is through the naming of the letters, the verbal speaking of the combination of letters that produce spiritual power in Israel.


So to me it is old order spirituality, and I am in no way putting this down. All that I'm saying is that, based on this understanding, those of us who are in Christ are in the new order spirituality, and I don't see that kind of ritual in new order Christianity. I've read books and seen movies, I've reason to believe that this higher level of spirituality exists in witchcraft also, and I've commented on this to you many times. The example that I've used is the movie Shaka Zulu which is the historical story, fictionalized history about the Zulu tribe and their ultimate demise at the hands of the British. The two levels of witchcraft are shown right in that movie. The witch doctor that drinks blood and shakes his rattle and puts war paint on and makes frightening faces, and then there was the woman who was supposed to be very, very old. No one even knew how old she was, and was living way past any average or normal lifetime, and all she did was go out into the forest and open up her arms and invoked the powers of her god, just like we do in the Pentecostal circus, and the reward is spirituality.


So I see this new order spirituality in Christ Jesus, and I know that every spiritual experience I've ever had, and recently I've had some pretty high ones, the only thing that I do is that I walk in humility before my God, He's my center, He's my whole life, and I just name the name of Jesus. I pray in the name of Jesus or I'm studying, I'm meditating on His word, and I either have a vision or a spiritual experience. I don't have to permute the letters. We know that I don't have to make a sacrifice. So I have a problem, and I'm not in any way, please understand me, putting down the Jewish system. What I'm trying to do is find out how we of the new order have to do. I'm trying to find out what we have to do, because as far as I'm know this group is the first people to go this way, and if you are reading this transcript or hearing this tape, and you think that's pride, that is your problem. As far as I know, we are the only ones that have come to this place. If anyone else has come to this place, it is not widely known. I don't know anyone else that has come to this place.


There are a lot of Christians that have come to a parallel place in the wrong spirit, but we are in Christ here, and my prayer daily is if I slip or slide or take a step in the wrong direction, and you should be praying this prayer too, that a correction should come immediately, not two years later. I believe we are in Christ and we are going up.


I can look at the way the Jew did it in old order spirituality, but the Lord is going to have to show me how to do it in new order spirituality. I do not believe....and for that reason, and it is very possible that Jesus did it that way. What do I know? I don't know, but I know for me that I cannot see having to know the combination of letters to heal somebody. I don't see the Lord doing it that way. I could be wrong, but I don't see Him doing it that way. I don't see it happening that way.


So we are on a journey that can be likened to the journey, as the King James says, that the spies entered into when they went to look out the promised land. That was a spiritual journey where they went into the deeper realms of the spirit within themselves. We are on that journey right now. Jesus went before me so He is the one that has to counsel me and teach me, because it is the first time. There is no book written on it that I know about, and it is my understanding that the way this information is passed within Jewry is that it is passed from the rabbis of one generation to the rabbis of another generation, and it is not every rabbi. It is just particular rabbis that the Lord reveals to the rabbis that are worthy, faithful. None of us are worthy, I don't like that word, but it is revealed to the rabbis that have the power and the secrets which are the younger rabbis who are faithful and qualified according to God's choice to receive this information, and it is passed that way from generation to generation.


Well then, how do you expect to get it Sheila? Because the highest rabbi in Israel is going to teach me, only He is not a human man. His name is Jesus Christ, and He is glorified, and that's how I got to where I am today. That's just the truth; otherwise, I believe that the information that is being imparted to us is highly secret, and it would be impossible for any outsider to lay hold of it short of what we are experiencing here that Jesus Christ is teaching us directly.


I admonish everyone of you, and the people listening to the tape, you have to be pretty close if you are listening to the tape. Really, nobody is getting these tapes, but if you are reading this on the Internet or whatever, you should know what you are dealing with, and you had better be very careful to have your life in right order, because you could be bringing destruction upon your own life partaking of this word and not walking properly before God, and that means in every area of your life. So you should all be asking the Lord to reveal to you where you are in error and to give you the strength to face it and straighten it out, because this message is designed to give you life and blessings, but if you are in sin in some area you will get the exact opposite. So why not ask the Lord now what you are doing wrong, rather than wait for the destruction to come into your life, and then cry out to God and ask Him how come. Let's all be wise and not foolish.


The basic message today is that the permutation of the Hebrew letters is a release of spiritual power. The permutation of the Hebrew letters represent a release of spiritual power, so when we raise up the power of the Alef from 1 to 63 we multiply the power of the Alef by 63. The only problem is, and I tell you this in all humility, I don't even know what the power of 1 means. I don't know what to do with it. I tell you that in all humility that I don't know what to do with it, but I believe that as we continue along our studies that this information will be imparted to us in its place, and right now we are learning the basic principles, and the principle for today is that the value of the Hebrew letters are not written in stone. They are changeable, and they mix with each other. The letter itself changes value, the letters mix with each other, and all kinds of spiritual formulas which are spiritual powers, all kind of spiritual powers emerge which are a combination of the 22 Hebrew letters.


I'm hoping, and I'm thinking that we do not have to memorize spells like the witches do. I've read about it, I don't know first hand, that if you want to accomplish something, you get a frog's leg and a pinch of this and a pinch of that, and they mix up the brew. Whether they actually do that in the natural or not, it is my understanding that they do. The Hebrew Kabbalist may do it in the spiritual by saying, well I need this letter, and I need that letter, and I need that letter. I don't think we are going to have to do that. I think with the Mind of Christ in us, what we are going to be doing is to see the person healed, and they are going to be healed, but I could be mistaken.


The issue is, to get to that level of power we have to pursue these studies so that Christ Jesus in us is built up to that point. Is anyone not following me? Any questions or comments? OK, Praise the Lord. We are going to take a picture of this Drawing #1, and then I'm going to show you with Gematria how Alef equals Binah, because that is the only explanation that's not on the board.


I've show you how Alef equals 1. That's the simple letter Alef. Alef equals 16 when it is written with a YOD, a V'AV and a Dalet, and I have not drawn that on the board for you, but Xxxx will draw that so if you want to see the Alef written with a Dalet, a V'AV and a YOD you will have to look for it on the Internet, because it is just taking me too long, I'm not an artist, and it is just taking me too long. Well, maybe I will stick it on there somewhere before we take the picture. I will do a stick drawing like I did down below of the Alef formed from the V'AV and the two YODs, and I will stick it on the board. If you want to see it the way it is really supposed to look, you will have to go on the Internet and see Xxxx's drawings.


The Alef that has a numerical value of 26, I've done the stick drawing of that, and the Alef that has a numerical value of 32, that's on the board. So the only thing I haven't explained how Alef equals Binah, and that, apparently from what I can see in our textbook, is a very important principle, and we are going to go through some Gematria manipulations to show you how Alef equals Binah.


This is Drawing #2, and we are proving by Gematria that Alef is Binah, and, again, I am teaching you as I learn, but I understand that this is an important principle that we all need to know, that Alef is Binah. I'm going to give you the proof now, but the only thing you really have to remember is that Alef is Binah however it is going to be used in the future. But this is how the Kabbalists prove that Alef is Binah, and, once again, it is a manipulation of the letters and numbers that make no sense to the rational mind at all.


They start with the full spelling of the letter Alef, and the full spelling of the letter Alef is Alef, Lamed, P'E. Alef, that's the A, Lamed is the LE, and the F as I tell you over here, the Hebrew letter, in Hebrew the sound F comes from the Hebrew letter P'E which sounds both the P and the F. In Hebrew, they put a dot. I don't know which is which. Without the dot, it is either PRF, with the dot, it is the other one, the same letter, they just put a dot in the middle and that is how they tell the difference.


So this letter Alef is P'E. That's the second time we have had this. In the last message, I told you that the oo sound or the O sound in Hebrew is signified by the letter V'AV, and that was a real confusion. Remember that? I think it was in the last message. So we have the same principle here. It is the sound F in the letter Alef, but the letter P'E is used to spell that word. Does everybody understand what I'm saying, confusing as it might be?


The letter Alef spelled out, the actual letter Alef is spelled A-L-P. So the first letter of Alef is Alef. The A is 1, the L or the Lamed is 30, and the P'E with the F sound has a numerical value of 80. The letter Alef, the first letter of the word Alef which is the letter Alef spelled out has a numerical value of 111. Is anybody not following me at this point?


The second letter of the word Alef, Lamed, is spelled L, numerical value of 30 for Lamed, Mem which has a numerical value of 40, and Dalet with a numerical value of 4 for a total numerical value of 74. For the letter Lamed, the second letter of the word Alef, and the third letter of the word Alef which is P'E, we have a numerical value of 80 for the letter P, and this E is an Alef. So that E sound, and I'm not sure actually how the pronunciation is, is signified by the letter Alef with a numerical value of 1. So the last letter of the Hebrew word Alef is P'E for a numerical value of 81. We see that the full spelling of the letter Alef has a numerical value of 266. Is everybody OK? Everybody following me?


Then the Kabbalists divide 266 into three parts, and they find out that it divides evenly by three, 89, 89, and 89. We have three 89s, and the numerical value is 266. By the time you finish this, I forgot what I was doing. We are proving that Alef is Binah. That's what we are doing here. So we have three 89s in 266. Then they tell us that the Holy Name Yahava, I've been spelling it YHVH, but it depends on what book you are reading. Sometimes they spell it HYVH because they think it is wrong to...or it is an insult to God to put the letters in the right direction, so I just did it this way, HYVH because that's the way it is in the Tree of Life.


The numerical value of HYVH is 26. One of these 89s minus the numerical value of HYVH is 63, and so SaG (63) plus HYVH 26 equals 89. I think what they are doing, if I'm following this correctly, when they say that 63 is found in 266, they are saying that it has to be found evenly. They have to use up all of the numbers. They are saying that a 63 was found in this 266, but they have to use all of the other numbers. They can't take a 63 out and then throw away the 203. So if the Kabbalists can divide it or multiply it or whatever they do with it so that the numbers come...if they can extract, in this case the numerical value of 63 and still do something significant with all the other numbers, they consider it done.


If they could not find...let's say they took three 63s out of the value of 266, but they could not find what to do with the remaining 78, it would not be a valid conclusion to say that 63 is found in 266. But they found something valid to do with the remaining numbers. They said that there are three 63s, and there are three 26s, so it all fits; therefore, we can say that there is nothing hanging over, there is no number that's not being used, we are not throwing anything away, every number is used as a part of a valuable whole; therefore, we can say that we found the number 63 in the numerical value of Alef spelled out.


So you might say, the carnal mind would say, well why did you spell out the numerical value of Alef for? That's what they did. Do you have a question?


COMMENT: On #2 where it says, when you divide 266 into three parts you get three 89s, but it would not come to 266. It would come to 267.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, thank you first of all for observing that. I appreciate that.


Second of all, I'm surprised that our textbook doesn't mention it because in other paragraphs, in other circumstances, it does mention the extra 1. Now, although I can't find the rationale or the answer to this in the book, I think I'm going to be able to show it to you, but we are going to have to take another couple of steps first. I will do that after dinner tonight. I will just read to you what's on the board here, and we are going to have to stop. It is just a little early, but for some reason I'm very tired, and I want to rest before I go on with this.


We will just read #4 under Drawing #2. "So within the 266, which is the value of the letter Alef spelled out fully, there are three times the name SaG (63) and three times the name HYVH. I should put 26 in there. So within the 266 which is the letter Alef spelled out fully, there are three times the name SaG (63) and three times the name HYVH for a numerical value of 26. As Xxxx has just pointed out, this added up to 267 as well as the three 89s, adding up to 267. This corresponds to the three kinds of SaG (63) that are below in Tevunah. This is the secret of the two times that 58 is added to 5 to equal 63, and the whole of Binah is also SaG (63). So we know that there are three kinds of SaG (63); therefore, we should not be surprised to find 63 three times in the numerical value of 266.


Now if you want to review how there are three SaG (63)s, I really don't feel led to re-do the whole thing, but listen to this message #531, Part 29, and if you want to look at the illustration it is #1b for A Look at Kabbalah #531, Part 29. I show you the three SaG (63)s. So this is the proof, and even if I don't succeed in showing you the extra 1 which I think I will be able to do after dinner, what we have accomplished here right now is that we have proven that Alef is Binah. Alef can have under certain circumstances a numerical value of 63. That is what we have proven by taking the letter Alef, getting a numerical value of each letter of the word Alef, calculating that and finding it to be 266, dividing the numerical value of the word Alef fully spelled out by three, we found that number could be divided by three with 1 left over, and the Kabbalists don't seem to worry too much about 1. What they would probably say is 1 for the whole. That's probably what they would say.


So we have three 89s and 63 is in each. You can extract the numerical value of 63 from 69 and be left with a number 26 that has a valid meaning, HYVH. Don't knock yourself out over it. If you want to work on it, if you want to put this before the Lord and try to understand it, it is to your advantage because it is an exercise that's going to develop your mind. It is a good thing to do, because who knows what's waiting for us may be more difficult calculations than this, but if you can't understand it don't really worry about it. The principle is that Alef is Binah, but it is worth your while to try to understand it, and if you have any questions I will try to help you. After dinner we will see if I can satisfy you with that number 1, but if can't, the Kabbalists are not all upset over an extra 1. They just add or subtract 1 all the time. Are there any questions?


Praise the Lord, we are still working with this figure of 266 which is the numerical value of Alef spelled out, and we are doing some Gematria manipulations and calculations. Our goal is to prove that Binah is Alef. I have our old drawing that we have been working with for weeks. This is Drawing #3 on the left side of the board.


Just to remind you, what you see on the left side of Drawing #3 is what has happened to Binah who is SaG (63), the YHVH of Binah after we have chopped it up and turned it into an inside and an outside and turned its elements into inside and outside for the purpose of? Why have we done all this to Binah, SaG (63), for what reason? Have we played upon these letters?


COMMENT: To prove that Alef is Binah.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I don't think so because we have been chopping SaG (63) up for weeks now, and we just started to work on Alef as Binah this morning. So I don't think that is the answer. You want to try?


COMMENT: That Binah is in Tevunah?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, that's a part of...that's one of the conclusions that we have drawn after we chopped up Binah and expanded it and extended it, but that's not the main purpose that we have done this, but that is associated with it.


COMMENT: I kept praying, and the only word I got was Ze'ir Anpin.


PASTOR VITALE: That's a good start.


COMMENT: I thought that Binah came down to Ze'ir Anpin, to bring life down to Ze'ir Anpin.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, that's close, but it is not exactly right. What specific part of Binah extends into Ze'ir Anpin? What specific part of Binah?


COMMENT: The second H.


PASTOR VITALE: No. Oh, I see what you are saying. What is the name of the second...the second H of the YHVH of SaG (63), and what's the name of that second H, what is the personal name?


COMMENT: Tevunah.




The whole purpose of chopping up SaG (63) like this and expanding it and stretching it and turning its elements into insides and outsides is to prepare Tevunah to descend into Ze'ir Anpin which is actually... another way to say it is to prepare Binah which is the ears of Adam Kadmon to descend into the nose of Adam Kadmon by the agency of Tevunah which is Binah's Malkhut, the second H of the SaG (63).


OK, so you see that you all know the answer when you just stop to think about it.


Now this is an old lesson. Apparently, you have learned it very well. The Lord just had to bring it back to your memory, but you all know the answer. The only reason I have this on the board on Drawing #3 is because this information is relating to the lesson at hand, and the lesson at hand is to prove that Alef is Binah, and we are doing all of these calculations that are arising out of the number 266, the numerical value of Alef spelled out. We are told by our textbook that the Tree of Life written by Chayyim Vital, I'm going to read it to you right out of the textbook.


So in the 266 that we mentioned above, there are three times the name SaG (63) (and I showed you that, well let me just remind you about that). There are three times the name SaG (63) (just by way of review). This numerical value of 58 which is, what do we call this numerical value of 58, does anybody know what we call it? What does it represent, the numerical value of 58? Well, let's shut off the tape and think about it.


COMMENT: I was wondering if it meant letters.


PASTOR VITALE: No, we are looking for a meaning specific to this study, and you don't have it right this time. OK, what do you have to say?


COMMENT: I think that 58 is the numerical value of Tevunah.


PASTOR VITALE: Now what is the numerical value of Tevunah? Does anybody know? OK, say it on there.


COMMENT: The numerical value is 63.


PASTOR VITALE: So 58 is not 63. So does anybody know what the numerical value of 58 is, specific to our study of Tevunah descending into Ze'ir Anpin? Do you have the answer? Nobody. OK, I'll just remind you.


This numerical value of 58 is the aspect of Tevunah which is still above the line. This numerical value of 58 plus the 5, the H (5) that went below the line is the totality of Tevunah. This numerical value of 58 plus the extraneous numerical value of 5 above the line, which is actually the two parts of the YOD (10), the inside of the two parts of the YOD (10) that came down, that also we find Tevunah here also, and Tevunah is 63. So where ever you can put together a 63, you can say it is Tevunah. Also, this 58 alone is the numerical value of the Hebrew word ear (Ozen). It is the ear of Adam Kadmon, the numerical value of 58.


So we now have reviewed the three SaG (63)s and the third SaG (63) is Binah, the H of the Tetragrammaton, YHVH, and this SaG (63) is called the "whole" because the lower Binah, this lower Binah is this whole drawing. The higher Binah is the YHVH that's inside of Adam Kadmon, and then SaG (63), Binah, came out and she's YHVH herself, and this whole column represents the first H that came out of Adam Kadmon, and there is a Binah in that. So that is the lower Binah.


So both the lower Binah, this is the lower Binah right here, and Tevunah, here, are within the higher Binah that is above, and I know that I've given you drawings on that, so if you are not sure please refer back to the drawings. On one drawing, I made it very clear.


That's the three SaG (63)s, and 33 times 3 equals 99...well, we are still working with 266. Let me stay with that 266, what we have proved here. Now relating this teaching that we just reviewed into our calculations to prove that Binah is Alef, and we have already shown that the numerical value of 266 has within it three SaG (63)s, and so, therefore, we have proven that Binah is Alef.


Now, our textbook is saying: So on the 266 that we mentioned above there are three times the name SaG (63). Three times we could find three 63s in that, and there are also three Alefs because SaG (63) is Alef. We have just proven that SaG (63) is Alef, so now when we are dealing with the numerical value of 266 we can say that there are three Alefs in the 266. I'm going to show you that on the board.


So we are still working with the numerical value of 266 which is the value of Alef spelled out, and we have now found out that there are three SaG (63)s in this 266 which equals 189, and there are three YHVHs for a total of 26. Well, each YHVH is 26 for a total of 78, minus 1 for the whole, gives us 266, and we are proving that Alef is Binah. That's what this is all about, proving that Alef is Binah.


So now we see that Alef, the Alef that's drawn with one V'AV in the middle and two YODs has a numerical value of 26. And YHVH has a numerical value of 26. The H has a numerical value of 5, the YOD is 10, the V'AV is 6, and the H is 5. So, therefore, Alef equals YHVH. We are proving now that Alef equals Binah when Alef is drawn in a particular way, and we have also proven that...I'm sorry, I have to take that back. We have proven that Alef equals Binah, and that calculation does not have anything to do with the way the Alef is drawn. That calculation has to do with other numerical acrobatics that we have just shown you, and Alef is also YHVH, because Alef and YHVH have a numerical value of 26. Of course, Alef in this context has a numerical value of 26 when it is drawn with one V'AV and two YODs.


So we are saying that there are three SaG (63)s, and three YHVHs, or three Alefs in the numerical value of 266 which is the numerical value of Alef spelled out. Got it? So, Binah is equal to Alef, and Binah is also equal to 33, and that review of how Binah is equal to 33 is what I've put on the board with drawing #3. I'm sorry, I got it backwards, but I reviewed for you how Binah is equal to 33 in my commentary on Drawing #3. So taking it from there, we now know that Binah is Alef, and Binah is also 33. So the Kabbalists take the number 33 times 3. Why? Because there are three Binahs in 266. So 33 times 3 is 99 plus 1 for the whole equals 100, and you may recall that in recent lessons we have established that the number 100 is the secret of Binah above. We found the numerical value of 100 in Binah. We did some numerical manipulations and proved that 100 was in Binah above, and we also proved that 100 was in Tevunah below. I'm not going to repeat that whole thing. It had to be in a very recent lesson, if you want to check it out yourself.


So the Kabbalist's text continues to tell us that this numerical value of 100 plus...what 100? The 100 that is the secret of Binah. So we have now said that Binah is 63, Binah is 33, and Binah is 100. What is the point of all this? If there is a point, I don't know. Let's just follow the textbook and have our mind expanded. If that is OK with you, it is OK with me.


So we are being told that this number 100 which is Binah plus the 266 above, which is the numerical value of Alef spelled out is equal to 366. This is the 365 days of the year. The Kabbalists don't bother with 1 more or less in each direction. Well, so what? I don't know. Maybe at some time in the future of our studies we will have some practical application for this, but, in the meantime, I know that my mind is expanding, and that's good enough for me.


COMMENT: I'm a little confused about where the 33 came from. Is that Binah spelled out to 33?


PASTOR VITALE: No, I just had it on the board just before this on Drawing #3 which was a review that showed you how the Holy Name, SaG (63), which is Binah, was chopped up and cut up and expanded, and we saw the insides and the outsides, and at the end of our operating on SaG (63) we were left with Binah having a numerical value of 33. Tevunah, above the line, having a numerical value of 58, but which really isn't Tevunah. I should not have said it that way.


We were left with SaG (63) in this condition, that Binah had a numerical value of 33, and there was 58 left which is the numerical value of ear, and when you add that 58 to the H(5) that went down into Ze'ir Anpin, there you have Tevunah. So we see that after we operate on SaG (63), Binah has a numerical value of 33, and Tevunah has a numerical value of 63 which includes the H(5) that went down below the line. Therefore, both Binah and Tevunah are within the higher Binah. Does that answer your question?





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