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Quantum Mechanics teaches about parallel universes. The theory is speaking about potential lifestyles, potential lifestyles. In other words, for every decision that we make in our life, what school we go to, who we marry, whether or not we're going to plan for another child, even which supermarket we'll go to today has an infinite number of other possibilities, according to quantum mechanics, that if we choose to go to the supermarket to the left, their exists somewhere in time and space, another parallel universe where we chose to go to the supermarket on the right. And then there exist another parallel universe in which we chose to supermarket behind us. Then there's another parallel universe in which we decided not to go to the supermarket that day.


Now I saw a very interesting episode of Star Trek concerning this concept of parallel universes. And according to the Star Trek episode that I saw, Spock was the subject, Spock was the one who was caught in some kind of a time warp, where he kept migrating in and out of alternate or parallel universes. And it was very interesting, because every time he entered into another universe, the same characters of his life were there, all of the crew of the enterprise was there, and he was on the enterprise, but everybody's name was different, they had different names and they had different relationships.


And one of these parallel universes, he was married to the doctor, who was that, the female doctor, Diane was that her name? Diana? Is that her name Diana? Yeah. But he was weaving in and out of these parallel universes by the day.


He didn't know how it was happening to him, he would just blank out for a minute and open his eyes, he would still be on the enterprise, people would be dressed differently, in different roles, different people married to each other, and so we see this concept of parallel universes, involved the same people, the same ship, taking different names and being in different relationships. But I realized recently that parallel universes can exist in a situation that is not quite that radical. Now, I'm not going to tell you that the Star Trek concept of parallel universes is not possible, because what do I know, I just live here. That's my favorite expression, what do I know, I just live here. But I do know that the Lord has revealed to me that I, Sheila, have experienced parallel universes. My life, the track that my life was on, I veered off of that track, or that time line, me, Sheila, I was moving, my life, you see, time is always going forward. My life was moving along a particular path, or a particular time line, or we could say, I existed in a particular universe, and I migrated, or I immigrated, I left the universe or the time line that I was on. I left the path that I was on, and I crossed over into a parallel universe.


Today I am a teacher of the doctrine of Christ. I lead a very consecrated restricted life. My life is very restricted, as far as the physical world goes. I have a rich, rich spiritual life. I mean if you would have told me this when I was twenty, I would have laughed in your face. If you would have told me this when I came to the Lord twenty two years ago, I would have laughed in your face, and I remember somebody telling me, that the Lord didn't have another husband for me, and I laughed in his face. So I have crossed over into a parallel universe. That is just another way of saying, I have veered off of the track that I was set upon at birth, and gone into another track, another time line. And my name is still the same, you see, my experience differs from Spock's experience. My name is the same, I look the same, although Spock looked the same, but in one universe he had a mustache and his hair was a little different, so I guess you could say, my hair changes. He looked the same, but the people in my life, you know my family is the same. A lot of my friends are gone, but the people in my life that I know have not changed roles. My father and mother remain my father and mother. My siblings remain my siblings, my nieces and nephews remain my nieces and nephews.


So the roles of the people close to me did not change, yet my friends changed. My friends changed, almost all of them, just about all of my friends from my past, they're all gone. The only friends that I have are the friends that I made in Christ today, and my interests have changed, and my job has changed, and even my family has radically changed. Of course several people died, and then some of the younger members got married, but my family was a very dysfunctional hostile, it was a very dysfunctional family and a very hostile setting. Our family gatherings were hell, and now they're very pleasant. We're not the closest family in the world, but it's a world of difference, a great improvement over the kind of family gatherings we use to have.


So I realize that I have left the time line that I was born into, and that I crossed over into a parallel universe where this dysfunctional young lady has become a teacher of the doctrine of Christ, and a servant of the living God, in a high office.


So I didn't have to come this way, I could have gone in another direction, I could have stayed on the path that I was on, I could have gone in, according to quantum mechanics, and there was infinite number of possibilities, an infinite number of directions that I could have gone into, but I wound up here, in the garden of Eden. I live in the garden of Eden, did you know that? The tree of life is the word of God, is the doctrine of Christ. I feast on the tree of life everyday.


So if I feast on the tree of life which is the wisdom of God, then I must be in the garden of Eden. So we see that the garden of Eden is a spiritual place. Is it a physical place? I don't know whether it's a physical place or not, but I know that there's a garden of Eden below, and there's a garden of Eden above, and I know that the garden of Eden below is the mental plane. It's the plane that consists of the wisdom and knowledge and understanding of God. That is what the mental plane is. For a long time I didn't know where the mental plane was. I was looking to try to fit it into one of the energy centers, and I may get through that, but at this time I understand that the mental plane of Christ Jesus exists in the qualities or the attributes of the wisdom, knowledge and understanding, which we receive from the Lord Jesus Christ, through Christ Jesus, his son in us.


But before I go on with that, I just want to finish what I started with the parallel universes. Off the tape we've been talking about a situation that I really cannot put on the tape that's published. But a married couple had a dream, I don't remember who had the dream, or maybe the two of them had dreams, and the question was, well I guess I'll put it on the tape vaguely, the man would have a heart attack and die, and the woman would marry a recently widowed friend, and the question is, and the man died. The husband died, and now they're both single, okay the wife of the man that died is single, and the man who at the time was a friend of the family at the time, who was desperately looking for a wife because his wife had died.


So the question is will they get married. Will they get married, that's the question. And the question is, was this a prophecy, well obviously it was a prophecy, the question is, must it come to pass, because already half of it has come to pass. And my answer to anyone that is asking that question is, if the Lord Jesus Christ doesn't intervene, it will come to pass. It will come to pass. Why? Because this woman apparently is on this path. She is in this reality, and unless she gets a hold of Jesus Christ and breaks those curses, and breaks that mind control and witchcraft, she will marry this man, and she will believe that she's in love with him, and maybe she will be. But I personally believe the Lord is calling her to a higher calling, but she will marry him unless she wakes up and starts fighting spiritual warfare. I warned her two or three times, that it's not God's will for her. Did I answer your question? She will marry him unless she fights this thing. And yes I believe that the man desperation at the death of his wife brought this whole situation into play.


I don't believe he knew what he was doing, but out of his desperation, something in his soul rose up, and created a situation where he would have the kind of wife that he wanted, a wife that was in Christ, that can understand spiritual things. And it's essential, if you want to be spiritual, it's essential that you understand that the unconscious part of your mind, of the carnal mind which is Satan has the power to do this. You see, when you become spiritual you become open to the spirituality of other people. To be spiritual means to rise into the spiritual planes of consciousness, and when you rise into spiritual planes of consciousness, you become subject to other people's spirituality. Therefore, you must war continuously to not be influenced by other people's spirituality. To be spiritual, and stay ignorant is very dangerous.


For whatever reason the thought came to me the other day, I don't think I could go to the wedding. This is what's in my heart. I would talk to the Lord, but I don't think I could go to the wedding. Because I heard this scenario before this woman's husband ever died. And we broke the curses at that time. We broke the curses at that time, but the husband still died. Because someone outside of you can break the curses, but they're only broken on faith, and the curse is not broken unless you yourself turn away from someone else's plan for your life.


Now of course the man didn't give himself a heart attack, I'm sure he didn't want to die, but for some reason, I don't know how to explain that to you, the man was close to God. You have to be close to God to have curses broken on your life. People who are very deceived in the church, they think someone prays over you and pops you on the head, or pours some oil on you and the curse is broken, no it's not. The curse is broken when Christ Jesus becomes so real in your life that you follow after him rather than the path that leads to the fulfillment of the curse.


So if you stay on the path that you're on in your natural life, the curse will be fulfilled. You've got to turn off of the whole path to avoid the curse. Does anyone not understand what I'm saying? You can't stay on the path that you're on and just break a curse on that path, you've got to forsake the whole path, that the curse is upon. And that, this is heavy stuff brethren, this is heavy stuff, and you know the Christian that's not initiated, the Christian that's spiritual but without wisdom, will say, well maybe I shouldn't resist this, we had those dreams and it came to pass, my husband had a heart attack and died, and now this friend of the family is asking me to marry him, well maybe it was God the whole time. No it wasn't, no it wasn't, God's been calling you for years. It wasn't God the whole time.


Brethren it's time for the church to grow up, and start to realize that Satan is the god of this world, and that Satan exists in the mind of every human being, and when we have, well how do I say this, we have needs brethren, because we're not complete, and when we yield to our emotions and to our own solutions to these needs, in other words, if we say, "My wife is dying and I cannot be alone, who could possibly be a wife for me? Well I know someone who's a Christian and a spiritual woman, and I wouldn't mind marrying her, to bad she's got a husband, and you think you put it away, but Satan picks it up and goes forward to bring it to pass for your life. You need to know that when that happens, that mark is on your life. You will surely reap what you have sown.


Well Sheila, how could anybody know that they're doing that? Well brethren, all that I could tell you is that we are instructed to turn our whole life over to the Lord Jesus Christ, and to serve him, to serve him a day at a time, and don't solve your own problems. Witchcraft is ramped in the church. This man, well at the time he was a Christian, last I heard he was completely backslidden and living with a woman in fornication. He was frantic, you see. Satan moves in strong emotion. He was frantic at the thought of losing his wife and of being alone, and in that strong emotion, in the spirit, it was set into play. What was set into play? The provision for the kind of wife that he wanted, a Christian spiritual wife, and it took about four years to bring it to pass.


Brethren, this is the truth. What we are trying to accomplish here is to tear down the veil between our understanding and the subconscious and unconscious parts of our mind, so that we can see all of these plots and plans and contracts, and put them before the Lord, and cancel every plot plan and contract that is not of God.


You know the Scripture says, "even your enemies shall be at peace with you", do you know how your enemies are at peace with you? You deal with their evil in the spirit before it ever comes into the natural. You war against the unconscious part of their carnal mind and they come into peace with you. This is the meaning of being spiritual, that you know what's going on in the spiritual planes, and you deal with all of your conflict and all of your problems in the spiritual planes. You know that's what witches do, they deal with all of their problems in the spirit.


So I can actually see sometime in the future where their whole society becomes spiritual is that there's never any physical conflict, people just die from heart attack and strangulation. The whole war is in the spirit.



Well we've got to get our eyes open, or we will be subject to passions and desires of other spiritual people, whether they know what they're doing or whether they do not know what they are doing. So I will speak briefly about the garden of Eden, and this was just a short exhortation, and we'll just make a short tape out of it. Brethren there is a garden of Eden above, and there is a garden of Eden below. Everything that is below is above, and everything that is above is below, in different forms. Above is invisible and below is visible. We have a shadow. All of the planets have invisible aspects of themselves. There is an etheric earth, and an astral earth. This is a many membered creation, we exists an many, many, many, planes, both within us and beyond us.


And as I was telling you, the garden of Eden is knowledge, wisdom and understanding, that's where the tree of life is, and it exists in the mental plane, for someone like me, who spends my whole day, my whole life, I'm in the physical, as far as, I have not yet attained to a place, if it exists in Christ Jesus, I'm not sure, where I enter into another plane of consciousness so completely that this plane of consciousness ceases to exist for me. I'm not really sure that that happens in God, I know it happens in the occult, but it might.


I know I had a physical example of it, I went to Nigeria for five weeks. This only happened to me the first time I went, I've been there three times, and the world was so different on the other side of the world, in Africa, it was for all intents and purposes as if this whole world where I am today in America ceased to exist. See, I don't think I would have felt that way if I went to a European country, but Africa was so radically different, that it was as if I went to sleep and I woke up in another place. And after five weeks, I almost forgot about this whole world. Then when I came back from Africa, it was shocking coming into the United States.


Now I didn't have this experience the second and third time that I went to Africa, it was just the first time. But I understand according to the occult, I've never heard this from a Christian, that it is possible to have experiences on other planes of consciousness, where this physical plane of consciousness for all intents and purposes cease to exist, that every aspect of you, that you're so completely moved into another plane of consciousness, that this world ceases to exist for you. And I know that I've been reading in the Zohar somewhat, and it talks about the celestial academy, and I have asked the Lord, he hasn't answered me yet, but I said Lord is there, is there a place where someone who's spiritually high enough enters into with all of their, where they meet other people on that same mental plane in Christ Jesus, in a physical meeting place, leaving their home behind? And he hasn't answered me yet. But if it is true, if it turns out that that is true, then there are just different levels of the garden of Eden.


Every time I commune with the Lord, and partake of that tree of life I am in the garden of Eden, right here in the flesh. Then there are just different levels of the garden of Eden. Every time I commune with the Lord and partake of that tree of life, I am in the garden of Eden right here in the flesh. There's different levels of it. You can eat from the fruit on the lower branches of the tree, you can eat of the fruit on the high branches of the tree. And of course there has to be a significant change when we enter into eternal life, it has to effect us in our physical bodies, it has to effect us in the atoms of our bodies, and it has to do with your state of mind.


Right now, our spirit is subject to this physical body, that's the reason we can't get off the ground. But our spirit is rising, as we study spiritual things, our spirit is rising and in the day that our spirit is above our carnal mind, we will not be subject to the physical laws of this world. I mean we'll simply think about going to Africa or Europe and we'll be there. But because our carnal mind has authority over our spirit in this present condition, we are subject to the limitations of this body, which is subject to the limitations of the physical laws of this world. So to just pull this together with the beginning statement, to enter into a parallel universe, and to enter into a parallel universe permanently is a miracle. It is a miracle of the Lord Jesus Christ. Anyone who is permanently turned from a path, a particular path of destruction into a positive path, has experienced a miracle, when it proves to be a permanent change.


Of course those of who start out on a positive path can be turned into a destructive path. We're still transversing parallel universes. So I'm curious to know if Spock's experience does exist on some level, where if that was just a fictionalized version, the quantum theory, then I know that on some level, I have migrated into a parallel universe, and that somewhere in the spirit, the universe that I was dwelling in twenty two years ago when the Lord had mercy on me still exists. An aspect of me is still in that parallel universe. What aspect would that be? My potential to sin, my potential to follow that destructive path is still in me, but I'm rebuking it, and resisting it, and beating on it. But whether or not there is some place in this universe where I am physically existing and living that life, I don't know.


Of course on the other hand, if we have children, or offspring of some kind that have not, that have been born from us, and have received through birth our inherited sin and they are pursuing a lifestyle that is similar to the one that we would have been on, if we did not translate over into a parallel universe, to some degree our offspring who is a part of us, is still following and pursuing that parallel universe that we were on before we crossed over into the parallel universe that's pursuing Christ Jesus. And I have that with my daughter. I think she's doing better, you know then she would have been doing if I hadn't crossed over into Christ Jesus, but she's still on that path that I was on before I crossed over.


Very interesting, does anybody have anything to say about this? Praise the Lord.




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