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Praise the Lord, we are giving a little review, well it is a review for those of you here It is not a review for our guest, just a basic introduction to Kabbalah so that you can have some idea of what you are getting into. Basically Kabbalah is based upon the teaching that there's only one living God, who has a variety of attributes, characteristics by which we can recognize him, when He descends low enough for human beings to be able to relate to him. The epitome of God, the highest, the unlimited one, the infinite one, is inscrutable. There is nothing about him that we can identify with, He has no attributes, we are incapable of comprehending him. It is He who is descending in a manner by which He reveals himself little by little to mortal man, if we are willing to study and reach for him.


What is the purpose of this deep study? The purpose of deep study is to ascend into the higher planes where God is, and where his mercy is, and ultimately where his eternal life is. God has come down in the form of the Lord Jesus Christ and the gift that Jesus Christ bestows upon humanity is called Christ, Christ in you the hope of glory. We might call him a spiritual womb. Christ grafted to you is your ability to receive the attributes of God, and to have them lock onto you and permanently join with you to form an unhindered channel between you [the individual, and, ultimately, this whole plane of existence] and the life giving influences, or the life giving emanations, or the glory [that is the New Testament word], of the world above, that produces eternal life and completely fulfills every human need.


You see, there must be a re-connection. Jesus called it the regeneration. He said, "In the regeneration...." Humanity has separated or divided from the world above, which is called the land of the living, or the world of the living, or the world to come. We've been divided, this is the divided age. We must be rejoined to the world above, who to us in this dispensation is called Jesus Christ. I encourage everybody to not get hung up on names. We are going to be sent, we are already being sent, to give this message to Jews, to Hindus, and to Buddhists. I haven't been sent to any Moslems yet, but we are being sent to the whole world. Do not get hung up on words.


Some people say to me, now that you are teaching Kabbalah, do still believe in Jesus Christ? Of course I do, of course I do. I believe that the ten Sefirot of the Kabbalah are appearing to the world today as the Lord Jesus Christ. Of course you can ask me that if you want to know who I am, and where I stand and what I believe, but do not get hung up on names, you see. Oh Sheila, how could you say that about the name of Jesus? Jesus is a spiritual man brethren, and his name is a spiritual reality, you see.


I know when I used to be in deliverance, if we wanted to make sure the demon was out, we would say to the person that the demon was in, "Is Jesus Lord"?" The demon would say, "Yeah, Jesus is Lord," and we would say, "Okay the demon is out." Brethren a name is not a word, a name is not a word, a name is the essence of a person, who they are. I do not want to confuse anybody, it is good to cleave to the name of Jesus, but that doesn't mean that the teaching of Kabbalah cannot be reconciled with Jesus. It can and we are doing it here.


There are ten Sefirot, and we'll go over the names in a minute. They can be in the time of Israel, of ancient Israel, they could separated, and they would move around, and that will be my next drawing, we will show you what is called the configuration of Adam Kadmon as a human. These different Sephirah [singular is Sephirah and the plural is Sefirot at the end instead of "ah." They move sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right, but ideally we want them lined up in middle line. Balance, we are looking for balance. Some of these Sefirot are harsh, some of them are loving, we are talking about a form of spiritual alchemy, that mixes the attributes of God to a perfect balanced expression of the Godhead to humanity.


What does that mean? Brethren humanity is fallen, we are filled with sin. God would not be God if He did not come with correction you see. It is not acceptable to God to sin against him, against our neighbor. It is not acceptable to him to have sin in our heart, you see. He will bless us while we sin because we are ignorant and fallen and spiritual children, but as long as we pursue him and seek to follow after him, and leave our sin nature behind to whatever degree we are capable at the moment, He blesses us like we bless our children, who make mistakes, you see. We cannot stay this way, it cannot go on forever you see. We are just being blessed while we are growing up, you see.


Some of these attributes, Gevurah for example can produce harsh judgment. What is harsh judgment? Well maybe it is a little boy in a cast from his neck to his feet – the result of generational sin, you see. Today Jesus Christ represents the perfect balance of these ten Sefirot, already balanced for us, you see.


In ancient Israel, it is my understanding that the Rabbis [it was all Rabbis that sought to ascend in God], by a knowledge of how to direct their prayers, could contact the various attributes of God, and they had to balance within themselves, the power of the sefirot. We're all looking for power, I want power, I want power to overcome my problems, the problems of this life, I want power to help you. We need power.


In ancient Israel, the Rabbis that studied, they sought to acquire these Sefirot, which are actually nine, because the tenth one is the spiritual womb that is in man. They sought to acquire the attributes of God because they wanted to power over disease, over their enemies, they wanted power in warfare, they wanted to have food, but there was always the danger of them acquiring these attributes of God in an unbalanced way, because spiritual power, unless it is mixed with loving kindness and judgment of one's own sin nature, produces cruelty. Imbalance of the attributes of God produces a spiritually powerful, cruel man. Of course I use the word man generically, it could be a woman.


Basically, this is what witchcraft is. It is an expression of spiritual power that is not tempered with loving kindness towards your fellow man, and judgment concerning your own sin nature, which produces a spirit of witchcraft. Cruelty is associated with witchcraft.


What we are looking for is spiritual power that is well balanced. We won't say equally balanced, but we are looking for the balance of spiritual power with loving kindness towards the people outside of us, with an honest judgment of our own contribution to every problem that we have. This balance is called the middle line. Let me show you that on the board. With this balance we have the hope in Christ Jesus of manifesting the power that Jesus Christ manifested, because Jesus said, "You'll do greater works than I did" you see.


The point that I am trying to make is that in ancient Israel, the Rabbis, somehow by the power of prayer [I do not fully understand it myself] had to balance these attributes of God. You see, we call these attributes of God down through prayer. For example, if you feel that you are a cruel person, today you would say, "Lord Jesus please, I do not want to be cruel, make me merciful." Something like that, I do not know exactly how they prayed, but the Rabbis calling down these attributes of God somehow had to balance them within themselves. They had to find that middle ground themselves. We do not have to do that, because when Jesus Christ said "I have already overcome the world," He meant that the 10 sefirot are completely, permanently balanced in Him.


Jesus Christ, the glorified man, is the perfect balance of the attributes of God, and all we have to do is connect with him. We do not have to do the juggling act. He is the unification, Jesus Christ the perfect unification. The balancing act of the attributes of God, the perfect balance that cannot be undone, the middle line, the perfect middle line. This is what and who Jesus Christ is! Let me go through these Sefirot, so I can show you some drawings.


Here we are speaking about the attributes of God. As I said, Sephirah is singular, Sefirot is plural. There is a Name of God associated with every attribute of God. Now there is only one God but He takes different names. I am only one person, I take different names.


My name is Sheila, my name is Mom, my name is Grandma, my name is Pastor, there was a time that my name was Mrs. Vitale, there was a time my name was Miss Goldstein, I have many names. I am all of these names.


We see that the almighty has many names. The highest Sefirot is called Keter and is associated with the word crown because it is the highest of all of the other attributes. It crowns all the other attributes, and Keter is associated with the Name of God, "I am," which is a translation of the Hebrew word Ehyeh. I am is the one who came to Moses, when Moses asked, "Who shall I tell them you are?"


I do not want to get too complicated right now. Let me just tell you at this point that these attributes and these Names of God never appear alone. They always appear in combinations. The two highest planes, Sefirot #2, called Chokhmah in Hebrew, wisdom in English, associated with the Name of God "Yah," these first two Sefirot, never descend below. They never talk to men. They are too high, they are too exalted. What they do, is they do speak to men through the next lower Sefirot, called Binah, which means understanding.


Third Sefirot, Binah-understanding, in the Scripture sometimes called Mother, to fully understand the mysteries of the Scripture, we have to learn the code, we have to know that understanding can sometimes be called Mother, but if we see the word "Mother" in the Scripture, we have to take the context of the whole verse and maybe the whole chapter or the whole several verses, to find out that mother is really talking about Binah, the attribute associated with YHVH, this called the tetragrammaton, YHVH, Jehovah with the vowels removed, tetragrammaton. He is called the holy name, and sometimes it is called the unique name, there is no other name like Jehovah anywhere. Jehovah is the representative, now this is under Kabbalah now, Jehovah is the representative to humanity, of the whole Godhead above him, "Yah," I am, and even above I am is called the unlimited one in Hebrew, the Ein Sof. We cannot comprehend Yah, I am, or the Ein Sof, we just cannot, we are too fallen, so it is Jehovah, that is their representative to us. Jehovah is the highest level of the Godhead that we can relate to with any manner of understanding.


Keter-crown, and Chokhmah-wisdom, they relate to us through understanding, and Keter-crown, at some point without getting into the details right now, reveals itself to us through understanding as knowledge, as knowledge. It is wisdom, knowledge, and understanding are inseparable, this becomes knowledge, Keter becomes knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, they become inseparable. We can only reach understanding, and through understanding, we receive wisdom and knowledge.


Why do we bother with all of this complicated stuff, why? Because eternal life exists in the higher planes, eternal life exists in the heavenlies, how do we get up there? Many in the Church are waiting for a physical rapture, there is no physical rapture, but there is an ascension, there is a spirituals ascension which is an ascension of mind. How do we climb Jacob's ladder? We climb Jacob's ladder by thinking about the things that the Lord thinks about. Everything is what our mind focuses on. You really are what you think. You are what you eat physically, and you are what eat spiritually, what you focus on, that is where you are.


If you focus on this high doctrine of God, you will ascend in the spirit, and if we continue to pursue these difficult deep teachings, which are possible if we lend ourselves and submit ourselves to God, it is possible to understand it, because He will help us, this is how we ascend and will ultimately arrive at the plane of consciousness where there is no death. We climb Jacob's ladder with our mind, with our thoughts.


The third Sefirot is called in Hebrew, Chesed, it means loving kindness and is associated with the Name of God, El. You see, each of these names, what it is really saying is, when God or when the Lord performs a certain attribute or behaves in a certain manner, He takes a particular name describing that kind of behavior. Once you learn these qualities, when you see a particular kind of behavior associated with God in the Scripture, you can immediately identify it with the right name and with the right Sefirot. Why are we studying this?


To give us a deeper understanding of the written word, the written word is a parable, it is in the King James translation on a parable level, but there are deep mysteries, exciting mysteries of the life and the truth of God underneath the surface that if we, when we learn these difficult principles, will help us to unlock the Scripture. This pursuit of a knowledge of the Scripture places us on the track to ascend to the highest place, Keter. See even in Kabbalah, they tell it is impossible to obtain to Keter, we can only attain to understanding, but in Jesus Christ, we have the whole ball of wax, you see.


Jesus Christ is the New Covenant, the Church is not living in the New Covenant, Jesus Christ is the New Covenant, Christ in you the hope of glory is the New Covenant, when you live out of him you see. You have to live out of him, He has to graft to you, He has to mature in you, and you have to die to the lifestyle of the Fiery Serpent which your carnal lifestyle. Because if you are still carnal, you are at least not living 100% out of Christ. The man Jesus of Nazareth, who was born of a woman, He died to everything that He was in this world. He completely emptied himself out of everything and every desire to do with this world, and was so completely filled with the life of Christ that after his body was killed, He ascended. Well you can have both for a season, but you cannot have eternal life and the lifestyle of this world.


The fifth Sefirot is called Gevurah, and Gevurah is associated with might or force, and also associated with the name Elohim. Gevurah is not tempered by loving kindness which is above her, and Tiferet, which is below her becomes a force of destruction, and these three four, five, and six, Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, loving kindness, might or force, and beauty, which the Lord tells me is the white throne judgment. This is not Kabbalah, this is a word of knowledge, that beauty is the white throne judgment, it is what I just told you before. This is spiritual power, Gevurah, with loving kindness towards people outside of you, and the white throne judgment introspect in judgment of your own sin nature makes you a powerful person in Christ Jesus, a person with spiritual power.


As I told you before, we are talking about spiritual alchemy here, we are talking about the mixing of the different attributes of God, to attain to a certain goal. When we mix Gevurah, when we mix might and force, the white throne judgment and loving kindness, what come out is miracle working power out of the nature of God, that is what comes out.


Seven is Netzach, what we know in the New Testament, as overcoming, or victory, the power, that attribute of God that won't give up. The attribute of God that overcomes all things, and Jesus said, "If you overcome all things, you'll enter into the world above."


Hod means identity, now the Lord gave me a word of knowledge because I did not understand what that meant, Hod is the ability in Christ Jesus to recognize Christ both in our self and in another man, because the world cannot recognize Christ.


Paul said that, "The world cannot discern us," they cannot figure out who we are, they usually try and kill us, because they feel very threatened by us. Paul said, "Only we can discern each other," only Christ can discern Christ.


When you have this quality of God, the Hebrew is Hod, the English word is identity, when you have this attribute of God, you can recognize Christ in other people. Yesod is called foundation, because all of the above 8 attributes that I just named funnel down into Yesod, which acts as an actual funnel, a foundation that collects all of the glory or the power or the emanations of these 8 attributes of God, they collect in the funnel called Yesod, which is the male, and now from 1 through 9, all of these attributes of God are in the world above, and Malkhut is Christ in you, and here's the division right here between 9 and 10. These through 9 Sefirot, they want to marry Malkhut or Christ in you. It is the same message I have been preaching for years, it is the whole message of the surface Scripture, there is going to be a marriage.


Christ in us is going to marry the glorified Jesus Christ, and the glorified Jesus Christ is all of these attributes of God, and the ability to mix and match forming different spiritual solutions if you will, different grades of spiritual power to accomplish different miracles, to perform miracles and meet different needs and all of this is in the glorified Jesus Christ. When we down here in the earth, when Christ is grafted to us, we are the female. When we marry the manhood, the lowest Sefirot of all these 9 Sefirot which are in the Lord Jesus Christ, when that connection takes place and it becomes permanent, we receive everything from Keter on down, right here in the flesh, and we become the land of the living, we receive life. Jesus said, "I am the way, I am the truth, and I am the life," marriage to me gives you eternal life.


What Kabbalah is teaching, now this is classical Kabbalah, there's a lot of commercial Kabbalah on the Internet today, personally I think it is very dangerous, this is classical Kabbalah, I do not think it is for everybody, it is the serious students of the Scripture and people who are sold out to God. Basically what it is giving us is the background details of what the New Testament says. I just explained Jesus Christ to you.


See people that do not understand this, they say Jesus Christ, the hope of glory he is eternal life, you are saved, but how? This is how, I just explained to you how he is saving us. It is the same message, it is the same message, there is no difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament, there is a difference in the translation, there is a difference in the understanding, but anyone who grasps the spirit of the Scripture knows that the New Testament is the same as the Old Testament, and this is why it is so hard to convert a Jew. Today basically the Jews that have been converted are Jews that really did not practice their Judaism. Any Jew that is really been educated in the Scripture and in the Kabbalah, you cannot convert them with the message that is being preached in the Church today, because they know that any new revelation that comes down, it has to line up with the existing Scripture, it cannot contradict the existing Scripture.


The doctrine in the Church today is largely in error, it is true that Jesus Christ is God, but we are going to have to explain it to the Jew, just like I just explained to you who Jesus Christ is. You cannot take people that have been studying the Scripture for generations, and expect them to take your word for something like Jesus Christ is God. They are entitled to an explanation which the Church is not capable of delivering today.


The Name of God I told you associated with might and force is Elohim, and the Name of God associated with the white throne judgment is Jehovah Adonay. Well what does that mean? It means that the Names of God that minister the white throne judgment, it is a combination, it is a partnership of Jehovah and Adonay. What does that mean? Adonay is the Name of God associated with Malkhut that is Christ in you. If you get Christ in you, that means Adonay must be the spirit of Christ. It doesn't have to be an exact match, we are dealing with spiritual principles principles.


Let us say, Adonay is the Spirit of Christ. Now the white throne judgment is the judgment of your own sin nature, that means that the God in you, the Spirit of Christ cooperates with the God above, which is the glorified Jesus Christ, to destroy your sin nature, it is a partnership, it is collaboration. Kabbalah says, that the Name of God associated with Tiferet, that which makes you beautiful, the judgment of your sin nature makes you beautiful, the repression, the judgment, the punishment of your ugly side makes you beautiful, see, and the Names of God associated with that condition is the collective Jehovah and Adonay working together, heaven and earth working together to make that particular vessel one worthy of Jesus Christ expressing himself through.


How are you worthy for Jesus Christ to express himself through you? Your sin nature is under the feet of Christ Jesus. The Name of God associate with overcoming is Jehovah Tzevaot, and that means hosts, the God of hosts, the Name of God associated with the ability to identify the mind of Christ is Elohim of hosts, and I haven't really studied these yet, so I cannot say anything more about them. The Name of God associated with Yesod, is El-Chay, Chay meaning life, life is associated with Yesod, why? Yesod is the male, that when He joins in an act of spiritual sexual union with Malkhut which Christ in you, Yesod gives life to the female.


Jesus came to give life to this dead world, it is not a dying world, it is a dead world, and the way He gives us life, is that He joins his lower parts to Christ in us, a spiritual sexual union, it is marriage, and true marriage, the definition of true marriage is sexual marriage, it is not the ceremony, it is not saying "I do," it is not the imparting of the ring, in societies for generations you are not truly considered married until the marriage is physically consummated, but we are engaged to Jesus Christ but we are not married to Him, and we will not be married to him until the union is complete and the proof of the union is his son, you see. You and I, we shall be saved in childbearing, when we bear the Christ child and, we will be saved from our own sin nature.


Are there any questions about this?


COMMENT: When you talk about child birth, is this then Christ coming to fullness in us?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, I would say it is the fullness of Christ in us, it is the Christ, Christ is grafted to us, Christ is grafted to us in seed form, and that seed has mature into Christ Jesus, and the way that seed matures into Christ Jesus, is that it wars with Satan. Now in order for a seed to sprout, it needs water, and Satan is the spiritual water, that every man has a measure of spiritual energy, or spiritual water, so Christ that grafted seed, He wars with Satan and in the warfare He boils her, she, the spiritual warfare between the grafted Christ and Satan in the individual, the parable of it is that Satan will be boiled.


Christ wars against Satan, who is represented by water. The warfare is heat, and she is boiled and in this boiling, she's distilled. The impurities remain in the ground, and Christ captures the convinced or vapor, the vapor that ascends, and the seed sprouts, and He grows up into Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus is capable of marrying the glorified Jesus Christ. Christ in us is the hope of our glorification, but it is a fight, it is a warfare, it is a process, and this whole process takes place, our part in it, is this kind of study, spiritual warfare and the warfare against our own sin nature.


Then there is this Christ Jesus, the child that will save us, and the way this child saves us, is that He is the one that the glorified Jesus Christ comes down and joins permanently to. The glorified Jesus Christ will enter into the earth, and all, I heard somebody saying "He already came."


Yes, He came as the Holy Spirit that is just his arm, the whole man is coming, you see, and He will save us through permanent union with us, in order for him to join with us permanently, there must be something inside of us for him to latch on to. There must be something inside of us for him to join with, and that is Christ Jesus. Therefore, Christ in you is your hope of glorification, if you do not have Christ, Jesus Christ can enter into this world in the absolute fullness and if there is nothing in you to hold to his emanations, to hold on to his glory, to hold on to his spirit, he'll come and he'll go, and you will be the same as you were, because the Holy Spirit is likened to water, and water falls on you and drains off of you, and dries up, and whatever is there evaporates.


Christ is known is signified by oil, and He sticks to you. Christ in you is oil, and when the glorified Jesus Christ comes down, He will cleave to that oil. Now in this world, oil and water do not mix, you see, but in the spirit they mix, and there will be a permanent union between the glorified Jesus Christ, and Christ Jesus in you, and that is the fullness of God. That is the double portion, the glorified Jesus from above, from heaven, and Christ Jesus in our earth, and the marriage is a permanent union which fills us with Christ, and that is the fullness of Christ.


We must have an organ that will receive him, and this is our part to be prepared for the joining, is to have this organ, Christ Jesus present in us. The preparation involves the exposure of the sin nature, the rejection of it, the warring against it, and of course the knowledge of the Scripture, and knowledge, deep study is knowledge, we ascend in knowledge. We are going up a stair case, Jacob's ladder, did I answer your question?


COMMENT: While you were at the board, the Lord quickened the Scripture to me "Work out your salvation with fear and trembling," the whole process.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, this is some process. Well, what does that "fear and trembling" mean? I personally believe, I haven't studied it, but I personally believe that fear means respect of God, respect of God, because when you respect him, He respects you. When you turn towards him, He turns towards you, you know. God is no respecter of persons, but if your back is to him, it is sort of hard to get the blessings from the Lord when your back is to him. See, when you are walking away from him, or when you are rejecting him, or when you are insulting him, you cannot receive the blessings.


He doesn't withhold from anybody. Our attitude which comes out of our sin nature separates us from God. Satan doesn't want us to have the blessings of God, you see. Praise the Lord. Anybody else?


Adam Kadmon is the foundational principle of Kabbalah. Kadmon means Primordial, and Adam Kadmon means Adam, the primordial human, the first human. We see Adam Kadmon configured or described to us it two different ways, as a descending line of the attributes of God, as Adam Kadmon descends into the lower planes.


Adam Kadmon appeared on a very high plane of consciousness, He is closest to the unlimited one, He is a channel or vehicle through which the light and the life of the unlimited one pours into.


Adam Kadmon is a filter. If the life of the unhindered life of the unlimited one were to pour into us, it would destroy us. Jesus clearly stated that principle, saying, "If you put new wine in an old wine skin, the wineskin will be destroyed, and the wine will pour out. Adam Kadmon was the primordial being, we do not know what He looked like He did not look humanoid, he is beyond my ability to understand right now, and He was a vessel through which the light and the spirit of the infinite one poured into and filtered through him in measured amounts. These measured amounts were used to form into 4 worlds, which slowly descended, we are in the lowest world, this is called the world of action, and Adam Kadmon, the whole world as we know it is Adam Kadmon. All of the 4 worlds are within Adam Kadmon.


Adam Kadmon is the name of the creation of God. Adam Kadmon, the primordial human, the creation of God at the beginning of time, in primordial times. Jesus said, it says in the book of Revelation, that Jesus, the glorified Jesus is the beginning of the creation of God. He said "I am the first and I am the last." Jesus said, I am Keter, the unknowable Sefirot, and I am also Malkhut, the unknowable, the inscrutable has come down to the earth to dwell with us, that is what Jesus meant when He said "I am the first and the last." He also said "I am the beginning and the end." It is the same principle.


He was Adam Kadmon at the beginning, and He is also Adam Kadmon in the earth. See Adam Kadmon never left the highest planes of consciousness, He just put down aspects of himself, just like a plant puts out feelers, what ever they call them, vines, shoots, just as if I wanted to get into a hole in the ground, I could stick my arm all the way into the hole in the ground, but I am still up here. Jesus said, "I am the beginning and the end," "I am the first and the last," I am Keter the crown, and I am Malkhut in the earth, I am the Primordial Adam, and I am the Primordial Adam appearing in a human being.


Now, for the purposes of understanding Adam Kadmon, the sages or the great teachers of Kabbalah configured him, this is what they say, configured him as a human. This is all Kabbalah says to appease the ear, it is all a parable format for the purpose of understanding. The ten attributes of God are arranged with three on each side, these are the harsh, remember I said earlier that we have to have a perfect balance between the strength and the kindness of the attributes of God. On the left is the strength of God, understanding might and force and identity with Christ.


Well, Pastor Vitale, what does that have to do with the heart side of God? Understanding is Binah, and Binah can be likened to a female lioness, she is judgment, judgment comes down from Binah. Judgment comes down from understanding.


I saw this principle years ago, but I did not understand it. I knew as soon as I came to God all kinds of judgments were falling on me. As soon as we receive understanding, we are expected to clean our act up in accordance with that understanding. Just to make a blatant example, if you are in fornication and you come to God and you hear the word that God does accept fornication in the people that are following him, you are expected to come out of fornication. If you do not come out of fornication, you are in danger of contacting a disease or some other unhappy result.


The warning is kind judgment, the warning is kindness, merciful judgment, saying "Get out before you have to suffer a consequence," and if you do not respond, harsh judgment falls on you. Understanding, that is a very deceiving word, but understanding comes with judgment. Well why Pastor Vitale? Because you cannot understand the things of God unless your carnal mind is judged. All of us, our inability to understand that which blocks up our ears is Satan, the Scripture clearly indicates that, Satan produces deafness.


The operation of Satan produces deafness, the operation of Satanic activity. Does that mean you have to be a black witch? No, there is Satan operates on the social plane, she is engaged in envy, she is engaged in back biting, she is engaged in gossip, she is engaged in hatred. No matter how you cover it up when you manifest it, no matter how you try to cover it up and tell yourself that you are doing something for somebody's good, that is all the operation of Satan on a social level in the life of a quote unquote good person.


For us to receive understanding, our deafness must be dealt with. In anybody that cannot understand this message which is just about everybody, there's a very small amount of people in the world today, a small percentage of the total amount of the population that is capable of understanding not only Kabbalah, the doctrine of Christ, because they are really the same message, just coming from a different vantage point. Most people cannot understand. Why cannot they understand? Did not Jesus say to the Pharisees, why do not you understand my speech? I just explained it to you, why do not you understand it? Because their carnal mind is blocking their understanding. Therefore, if the Lord Jesus intends to give you understanding, understanding comes with built in judgment to bomb Satan out of the way so that you can understand it. Satan represents sin in your life.


If you cannot understand, it is because your heart is not pure, but the Lord doesn't condemn you, He brings judgment that will clear that impurity out of the way so that you can understand. Understanding comes with judgment. Anybody hearing this tape or reading this Scripture, if you are seeking the understanding of God, you better prepare to face your sin nature, because once you make that commitment to the Lord, when you start screaming "get me out of here" he is not going to do it.


Might or force, the Hebrew Gevurah is also on the left side and that is Elohim. This aspect, the attribute of God, might or force, if it is not tempered by loving kindness or one of the Sefirot on the right side here, can actually destroy somebody, because there is judgment of God, there is a judgment of God for sin. There is a judgment of God for sin without mercy. There is judgment with mercy, there is judgment without mercy, and there is the mercy of God without judgment. God deals with us in all different ways, depending on how troublesome our carnal mind is. He does not want to reign down judgment on us, but if He intends to save our life and our carnal mind is in the way, judgment must fall to save our life, that is the bottom line. He prefers to just come with mercy, He prefers to come with mercy and truth, He will come and tell you the truth. This sin is in your heart, you try and stop doing it, but we cannot stop doing it, see. It takes that paddle.


Hopefully we will have judgment with mercy and not Gevurah alone, the harsh judgment of the Lord. The last Sefirot, on the left side, is Hod, which is the ability to identify Christ, and what this means to me is that we are talking about judgment on two levels, understanding, that is judgment with kindness, or judgment without kindness through Christ. Then there is another aspect of Christ that is completely outside of Christ, which is ministered by Satan. We see the left side, signifies judgment, Adam Kadmon's left side signifies judgment.


Now on his right side, we have wisdom, wisdom is a good thing, we have loving kindness, and we have the power to overcome, power to overcome who? The power to overcome our carnal mind, and that power comes from Elohim over here with the might and force, the power to overcome is a spiritual alchemy, a connection between overcoming and might and force.


You cannot overcome Satan without power. Remember all of these Sefirot, they are mixing and matching each other, and the perfect balance is called the middle line. This middle line. When these 4 attributes are lined up, and they are all communicating with one another, because it is possible for them to have their backs to each other, and they are all communicating with one another, that means there glory or their emanation or their spirit or their qualities are mixing with one another, the person that this configuration exists in, or there is a clear line, in other words from the female, which is Malkhut, which is Christ in me, if my connection is with Christ Jesus and that connection is with the glorified Jesus Christ, up in the crown center, I am in perfect order, and the glory of eternal life is pouring into me down here in the flesh. This is what is spoken about in Revelation chapter 12 with the sun-clad woman, she is in perfect order, the sun under her feet, the stars are over her head, she's in perfect order to receive the salvation of God. Praise the Lord.


This middle line is called Jacob, I do not know if I told you, the left side is identified with Isaac, and we know that we did a study on Isaac and we found him to have harsh spiritual power, before I ever heard of Kabbalah, see. Probably if I had another two hundred years to study or three hundred years to study, I would have gotten this whole message from Kabbalah by myself, because I am graced with that spirit of Revelation, but the Lord decided to speed things up a little bit, so we taught the doctrine of Christ here for thirteen years, we taught it formally, and He said you are ready to take a quantum leap, we are going to turn you over to Kabbalah, and you are going to go forward that much faster, because it is already, the revelation is already worked up for you, you just have to learn it. When I opened the books of Kabbalah, I see much of what, the doctrine of Christ, I see the doctrine of Christ in Kabbalah. We're just getting some more details now, some more details, that is all.


Isaac typifies the harsh side, Isaac typifies a man with strong spiritual power used for the wrong motives, and the right side of Adam Kadmon signifies Abraham, Abraham represents goodness, but we want this mix, and you cannot have the middle line, the perfect line that ascends into eternal life without judgment. You see we are down here, we are the female, Christ in you the hope of glory. Yesod here is the male organ. This is Jesus Christ glorified here, actually it is the male organ of Christ Jesus, this is Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus ministers the white throne judgment, and this is his male organ that descends from there, to join in a spiritual act, in an act of spiritual sexual intercourse with the individual, and we get all of these, now the reason that these attributes are drawn as circles as they are spheres, they are three dimensional spheres, just like the planets out there, they spin on their orbit, they spin on their axis, and they also go in an orbit, that is why we draw them as circles. All of these 4 Sefirot, they are all spinning on their axis, so they have to be facing each other and they have to all be mixing, mixing their attributes.


Well certainly, certainly this white throne judgment signifies Christ Jesus and Keter signifies the Lord Jesus Christ. These two definitely have to be mixing their attributes, and that mixture is funneled down into the tip of Christ Jesus, called his male organ that descends from him. Then Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus gives it, and Christ Jesus is in a human being and gives it to Christ in you, to the other people who do not have Christ Jesus developed in them, they just have Christ grafted to them. Christ Jesus is also capable of grafting Christ to individuals that do not have Christ. Then if everything is in right order, and everything depends on your dealings with your own sin nature, see, if you are not looking at your sin nature, your back is to Christ Jesus. This is the teaching of Kabbalah in nut shell, we want to get, or actually what is happening is the powers of the world above are coming down to where we are, that is how we ascend.


That is how it is expressed in the Scripture that we are ascending, but what is really happening is the powers of the world above are coming down to dwell in us, and that is how we ascend. Ascension for us means that we experience the world above, but we do not leave the earth, we are in heaven and earth at the same time, Jesus was in heaven and earth at the same time. He was in a physical body that was on the earth, but all of the highest powers were dwelling in him, right down here.


He was in heaven, you know for years I knew that He was in heaven in his mind, but I never understood it like I am understanding it now. He had all the wisdom, knowledge, understanding, loving kindness, overcoming power, and power of God right down here in the flesh, and brethren this is the promise, this is salvation, it is not leaving the earth, it is not living in a mansion, it is not walking on physical streets of gold, it is possessing the earth, and having all of our needs met, it is possessing the earth in safety. Salvation means safety.


Brethren we are not safe in this world. See the people who think they are safe, they are naive, they are spiritually naive. We are not safe, we can get in our car tomorrow and be dead, we can walk out of this room tonight and have an aneurism and that is the end of us, the blood clot hits your brain and it is all over. We are not safe see. We do not know what is coming tomorrow, or the next minute, or the next second. Most of the people at least in this country anyway, we are so privileged here, most of us are so privileged here, that we just walk in total immaturity of what could really happen to us, you see.


We do not want to walk in fear, people do not want to walk in fear, and we know that basically they have no power over these things, so they deny it, but I know that the Lord has told me that I have to know these things so that I can depend on the Lord Jesus Christ to keep me. Because if I am not admitting that this world is a very dangerous place, but that Jesus Christ will sustain me in this world, if I am not facing that, his protection of me is limited, not because He doesn't love me, and not because he is a respecter of persons, but to have the full protection of Jesus Christ in this spiritual penal colony requires my admission of the truth of my condition. My life is in danger every second of every minute of every hour of every day, my life is in danger.


I am in physical medical danger, I am in emotional mental danger, I am in spiritual danger, a bomb could drop on me any moment. Oh Sheila, you are just paranoid, you are negative. No, I am in truth! Jesus Christ sustains me from second to second. I could die in my sleep, He sustains me from second to second, and He sustains you, He sustains you the person who is saying Sheila you are negative, only I know it and you do not, that is the only difference.


My knowing it and my willingness to face it gives me the opportunity to praise the Lord and to thank him for his protection of me, which draws his protection towards me, you see. Our prayers go up to heaven, or go up to the higher realms as incense ascends. What does it mean, and the Lord smelled their sacrifice. You know, the carnal Christian would say, Oh Jehovah, He just loves the shedding of blood. No He doesn't! That is a parable brethren.


What does it mean "And He smelled their sacrifice"? Their prayers went up to heaven, and the glorified Jesus Christ or, if it was the Old Testament, in the Old Testament it was Jehovah. Jehovah represents the Godhead to us, Jehovah represents all of the Sefirot to us, He is the center point, and Jehovah is appearing to us today as the Lord Jesus Christ.


The fact that the Scripture says that He smelled the sacrifice, or He smelled the incense, it means that the person's prayers ascended all the way up, at least to Jehovah, went all the way up and He became aware of them. Based on other teachings, this is a review so I do not want to get too deep, but those of us that have taken some advanced lessons here, we have been studying about Adam Kadmon's nose. The fact that the Scripture says "And He smelled the sacrifice," why did not He see the sacrifice, why did not He hear the bleeding of the animals, why did not hear the sacrifice, why did not He taste the sacrifice, why did He smell the sacrifice? Because it must have to do with some function of the Godhead, that suggested by the function of Adam Kadmon's nose, which I do not know enough about at this time, to say any more.


For the purpose of this message, our prayers move the heavens, we pray, God responds, we pray, God responds, and the ultimate goal is to bring down heaven to earth, through our petitioning of the world above, and the God of the world above, the Lord Jesus Christ.


We see that Kabbalah has the same message that is in the carnal church. If you can hear it, it is the same message. Of course it differs from the rapture which is false doctrine, but it is right in line with the doctrine of Christ, but with more detail.


The middle line is know as Jacob. What does that mean? In the Scripture when you are reading the Scripture and you are reading about Jacob, you can read it on a surface level, I am sure Jacob existed, I do not doubt that Jacob existed, but if you would like to see the hidden mysteries in the Scripture, you should know that Jacob signifies the middle line. You have to take the context of the whole verse, and the surrounding verses, you see.


You see, the whole Scripture, when you start dealing with the Scripture on the level of mysteries, excuse me, you have to deal with the Scripture as we deal with the Hebrew language. You know the Hebrew language originally had no vowels, it had no vowels. The Hebrew, the people, the Jews who study in Hebrew or worship in Hebrew, they make up the vowels as they go along and depending on what vowels you impute to a series of letters, can change the word. Not only that, but I am told that, when the Scripture was originally written, the Hebrew letters were not broken down into words, they were just letter after letter after letter.


The Hebrew mind had to decide which letters to take and then which vowels to impute to them, so what does that say to me? What does that say to you? What it says to me is that the Hebrew language was intended to be read under the anointing, under the anointing, under the anointing. That is almost inhuman, I mean I do not think I could do it with English, you give me a series of letters, and it would be blowing my mind, trying to figure out what the words were. I guess I could do it if I sat down for a few hours. Well I have known this for years about the Hebrew language, but now I see that the Scripture is founded in the same principle. How could this be? Well it is Jehovah up here, and if you remember the other board that I just erased, Jehovah appeared in 3 or 4 places, Elohim appeared in a couple of places, and then they tell you, "Well under this circumstance, it is wisdom manifesting in Yesod, or it is Gevurah manifesting in overcoming, it could drive you crazy.


Is wisdom up here, is wisdom the second Sefirot? Or I just found out, no, there's an upper wisdom and there's a lower wisdom, I just read that in my studies today. There is an upper wisdom and there's a lower wisdom. Well how do I know which is which?


You have to read the whole verse and maybe a couple of verses before it and a couple of verses after, and you have to find out, just like you had to impute the vowels, and select the letters to decide where the word began and ended, and this, you have to decide whether the word really means understanding or the word means judgment, and there's like 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 potential meanings, I am just giving you a basic introduction here today.


Reading the Scripture with spiritual understanding requires doing the same thing that reading the Hebrew language in the early days required. You have to know where the word the letters begin and end, you have to know what word is being spoken, and what vowels to impute, and the only way you can do that is when you are reading these verses under the anointing of Jesus Christ, the spirit of revelation of Jesus Christ, otherwise I do not see how it is possible, unless you have a spirit of witchcraft on you. Outside of a spiritual anointing that is guiding you, who could do this? It is impossible.


Brethren, we see once again that the Church is in a dire condition believing that they cannot change one English word of the King James translation. They are in a desperate dire condition of death, because I just explained to you how the whole Scripture is intended to be fluid, not to be solid and immovable, but to be fluid in accordance with the anointing and what the anointing is trying to tell you. Ideally we could take one Scripture, and everybody in this room, will have something different to say about that Scripture, but I do believe that foundationally there would have to be a foundational agreement. That if everybody was truly in Christ, there wouldn't be any contradiction.


Now, I do find a contradiction from time to time, and the contradiction that I found that I thought I would be preaching on tonight, I do not know if we are really going to go that way or not, is the account of Jacob wrestling with the angel, I have been preaching on that for years, I guess we are go that way tonight. I have been preaching on that for years, that the angel that wrestled with Jacob was Christ in Jacob, and Christ touched Jacob's thigh, thigh meaning reproductive part, and if I am not mistaken He touched his left thigh, and the left side is his harsh spiritual power, meaning that Christ Jesus arose within Jacob and broke Satan's power within Jacob. That is I mean I have been preaching that for years, but in the book that I am studying now, that Rabbi Gikatilla doesn't see it that way, He thinks that Jacob was wrestling with an evil angel, and I looked at that and I said, "Lord am I wrong, I need to know if I am wrong," I have it so very, very strong that this was Christ rising in Jacob and breaking his carnal mind, why?


You may recall that Jacob was afraid that He was going to, He and his wife and his whole family and servants, his whole everyone that was traveling with him, was about to be destroyed by his brother Esau. He prayed and He prayed and He prayed asking the God of his fathers for help, and suddenly this angel appeared and wrestled with him, this was the conflict between Jacob's carnal mind and Christ Jesus within Christ or Christ Jesus within Jacob, and Christ Jesus defeated Jacob's carnal mind, and touched the reproductive part of his carnal mind. Does anyone know what the reproductive part of Jacob's carnal mind, of anyone's carnal mind is? What is the reproductive part of the carnal mind? I think it is the Fiery Serpent, she is the one who has the ability to join with Leviathan and bring forth spiritual power in Satan.


Christ Jesus touched that Fiery Serpent and made her impotent to join with Leviathan, and therefore from that day forward, Jacob lived, He was no longer strong on his left side. Well Sheila how does that glorify God? Well Christ Jesus became his strength.


Look brethren, we are limited in our ability to manifest Christ Jesus while our carnal mind is in competition with him. Whether we know that our carnal mind is in competition with him, or we do not know that our carnal mind is in competition with him, if we are manifesting pride, rebellion, or envy, Christ Jesus is limited to what He can do in us and through us, for us or for other people. This is the war that I have been talking about all night on this message.


If you have spiritual power, and loving kindness towards the people outside of you, and you are judging your carnal mind inside of you, you at some point, you will ascend into miracle working power, I believe that is the teaching of the Scripture, see. Well that is what happened to Jacob. He was terrified of his brother Esau, Esau, He was a spiritually powerful man, the son of Isaac, He was on the left side, his soul was on the left side, He was spiritual and He was cruel and He was not serving the living God, and Jacob was terrified.


Brethren, what happened to him? He prayed all night, do you think He prayed all night to meet an angel that defeated him? No, you know for the longest time, when I read that account in the Scripture, that the morning came and Jacob met Esau and they were friends, for the longest time I thought "Oh look at that, Jacob had nothing to worry about after all, his brother did not mean him any harm." No, Esau intended to destroy him and his whole party to a man, but Jacob had a spiritual experience with Christ Jesus or in the Old Testament if you do not want to say Christ Jesus, then it is the resurrected Adam in him, it was Adam Kadmon in him. Whatever name you want to use, the angel of the Lord arose in Jacob and defeated Jacob's carnal mind because Jacob was terrified and Christ or the angel of the Lord is never afraid.


The angel of the Lord arose and defeated Jacob's carnal mind, and touched his Fiery Serpent, the reproductive part of his left side so that she could never join with Leviathan again, and to this day, Jacob's descendants still limp, I think that is the Scripture, something like that, or the sinew that shrank, or they put it out in their feasts, they still talk about the sinew that shrank. The sinew that shrank, it was Jacob's strength in his carnal mind. Then the angel of the Lord compensated for the side that was crippled, and the battle was won in the spirit before the two men ever faced each other in the morning. As soon as Christ Jesus prevailed over Jacob's carnal mind, Esau was defeated and made to be harmless in the spirit.


Brethren, every battle that we have is with ourselves, we are undefeatable in any and every situation if Christ Jesus has defeated out carnal mind in that situation. If we are manifesting pride in that situation, if we are manifesting self preservation in any form, self preservation can manifest in many different expressions. If the bottom line is self preservation, our carnal mind is prevailing and we can lose, you see. You do not win a battle because you answered an altar call, and you do not win a battle because you speak in tongues and you do not win a battle because you prayed. If your prayer results in Christ Jesus rising to the surface and covering your carnal mind, you have the victory. Why? Because your carnal mind separates you from connecting to the Lord Jesus Christ up here in the Old Testament, if you are a Jew and you are listening to this tape or reading this transcript, your carnal mind prevents you from contacting understanding, who is the representation of wisdom and Keter to you.


If you are down here in the earth, and your carnal mind is in here, your carnal mind breaks the marital union between yourself and the male organ of the middle line, and you lose all your power.


Therefore when Satan wants to defeat you, she will seek to find your weakness, to do something that will make you angry, she will temp you to sin in some way for the specific purpose of breaking this marital union between Christ in you and the male organ of the glorified Jesus Christ so that you could be cut off from the spiritual power that you need in the battle. Therefore your biggest battle is with your own carnal mind, to resist all temptation, to become angry because Christ doesn't get, not this kind of angry. Christ does get angry in righteousness, but I am talking about an anger that arises out of pride.


Satan will try to make you angry, Satan will try to make you envious, Satan will try to distract you, she will try to make you disobedient, anything to cut off the power from you, and from the day that you get this revelation, and you receive your sight and you have the ability to look into your own motives and your own heart, and say, No, I am not going to yield to these thoughts, or this emotion because I have an assignment in Christ Jesus, or I know that this is wrong and that this is going to cut me off from the power of God. You are indefeatable, you just have to get on top of your carnal mind, we have the glorified Jesus Christ, it is much easier than it was for the men of Israel.


We've got to get past saying, "It is impossible," we have to get past saying, "I am afraid," we have to get past saying "I am too old," "I am too sick." Most of you know my testimony, when the Lord came to me and asked me if I would start this ministry. My response was, "Lord, I am half dead, I am very physically weak from disease, and I am holding a job, I travel 2 ½ hours each way going and coming from work, and I barely have enough strength to make to work and back, you want me to commit to a group of people that I'll be here every week to teach them?" And my answer to him was no. He came back again and I said, "Lord can this really be you asking me," and I said, "If it is you I will try it," and that was 13 years ago brethren, that was 13 years ago, and it is been quite a 13 years, quite a 13 years.


If the Lord is truly calling you, if it is not your pride, if the Lord is truly calling you, there is nothing that you cannot do, He will equip you to do whatever He is calling you to do, and the power is in the glorified Jesus Christ, and Satan is down here cutting us off from it by causing us to sin. The big battle that we have in this ministry is the hidden sins of the heart. It is not likely that anyone here is in fornication or adultery or thieving or a thief or anything like that, but we have, we are trying to learn to recognize the thought patterns of the carnal mind. When they are good, you see, to distinguish between them and the thoughts of Christ, that is the battle, and the battle is overcoming our pride when it is pointed out to us that a particular thought was out of the good side of the carnal mind, or that what we thought was a good act really arose out of an evil motive.


That is the problem all we Christians that have been serving God for 20, 30, and 40 years are running into. Serving God for 20, 30, and 40 years doesn't purify your spirit you see, it doesn't purify your spirit. Recognizing the evil and crushing it with Christ is what purifies it. He who has this hope, what hope? Of bringing down the unlimited power of the Godhead into our earth, that is the man that purifies himself. If you think you have the hope of manifesting the power of God in Christ Jesus, now I know the gifts and the calling of God are without repentance in the Holy Ghost, but if you are hoping to manifest, permanently manifest Christ Jesus, where your gifts ultimately result in eternal life, and you are not purifying yourself, you are deceived, you are deceived. Any questions or comments?


Someone here just requested prayer acknowledging that sometimes they have a self righteous reaction to sin. You know there is a sensitivity to sin. In other words if we recognize unrighteousness manifesting in somebody, it can actually cause us pain, it causes me pain, see, and pain has a tendency to make us have an ungodly reaction. I know for years, I arose in ungodly anger that came out of my carnal mind when I was confronted by sin. That was the only reaction I had, and I couldn't control it, but I lent myself to prayer, and this gift was given to me. I am not 100%, but I would say I am in a 99% victory range, that I have the power to restrain the self-righteous reaction, the anger that comes out of pride, and to come forth with the righteous reaction from Christ, the righteous reaction to sin. The way we distinguish between the two is this, the self-righteous reaction to sin destroys, it hurts the other person, it hurts the relationship in general. In general the truth is that it is Satan in us punishing the sinner, can you hear that? It is Satan in us that recognizes sin in the other person and punishes them with harsh judgment and that is the truth. When Christ Jesus rises up in us, to judge sin out of Christ Jesus, we deal with the sin in a way that exposes it, and teaches the person and gives them the opportunity to understand what they did wrong and to change.


These are the two different reactions to sin directed at us, sin that has hurt us. We can be Satan to that person and punish them unto destruction, or we could be Christ to that person, forgive their sins and teach them unto life. I pray that you receive that gift, as I have, and I pray that it should be increased in me unto perfection. As I was praying for this lady, someone else here received a word of knowledge called jurisdiction. Now that means to me is this, there really are legal courts in the realm of God's Spirit, there are court houses and there are court rooms and there are judgments and verdicts handed down. That is just another way of saying a family line curse, a judgment was handed down on a family line for a particular sin, and it goes, the judgment goes on the books man, and that judgment will burn in humanity until is completely satisfied. How is a judgment or a verdict that comes from God satisfied, it is only satisfied in one of two ways, either the whole family line is wiped out, and brethren this happens, sometimes whole family lines are wiped out, and that is the harsh judgment, or it burns until somebody on the family line cries out to Jesus Christ and his prayers are heard, and that person receives mercy, mercy in the form of corrective judgment.


Every curse manifest as mode of thinking. All destruction in our life arises out of wrong thinking. If there is any form of destruction on you or on your family line, it is arising out of wrong thinking, therefore the merciful judgment exposes what is wrong with your, your wrong thinking may not be obvious. The corrective judgment the merciful judgment of Jesus Christ, will show you how the curse is manifesting in your thought process, give you an alternative way of thinking and give you the opportunity to say, "I choose to change my way of thinking, Lord Jesus give me the power to do it," and when that thinking pattern changes, the curse has burned itself out for you and all your descendants, and most likely relatives on the same generation as you, that is the truth. I do not care how many Christians would object to that, I am telling you the truth of the Scriptures and the truth of the world that we live in, there are judgments for sin coming down everyday, every second, every minute.


What did the word jurisdiction mean when this woman was repenting, was confessing a character flaw, sin, sin is a character flaw, that is what sins are, they are character flaws, they are attributes or ways of reacting that God would not react, therefore it is a character flaw, something to be overcome, something in our personality that is less than ideal and should be overcome.


When this lady confessed her sin and asked for help, the Lord pronounced an office upon you, He pronounced a ministry upon you, and He told you that the end of what is happening here tonight is that when this deliverance is fully manifested in you, or even it doesn't have to be fully manifested, whatever point it has to get to, you will be an officer of the Lord's court. You will have jurisdiction to judge sin in his spirit. You see, you already have this gift, you are sensitive to sin, and because you have repented of reacting to it in an ungodly manner, He is going to answer your prayer He is going to enable you to respond in Christ, but it won't be just for yourself, after He gives you this miracle, He is also going to give you an office with it, and He will send you to judge the sins of His people in righteousness, because most people cannot see their sins, see. Most people cannot see their sins, but because you can see your sins, and because you want to see in righteousness, you will help many people, you will help many people to see their sins, giving them the opportunity to burn out the curses in their lives and the lives of their relatives. God bless you, amen, amen.





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