570 - Part 1

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Praise the Lord. To be honest with you, until now, I have had a problem with reincarnation. Kabbalah talks about reincarnation. Today I am studying Isaac Luria's Kabbalah so this is what he says about reincarnation. The majority of the Jews who pursue Kabbalah do pursue Isaac Luria. Although there are other groups who follow other teachers, I really have not studied enough with other teachers to draw a comparison. All I know is that when the Lord called me to study Kabbalah, he led me to Isaac Luria, and that is where we are.


We have done two series already based on our studies from the Tree of Life, which is a work of Chayyim Vital, Isaac Luria's primary student. Isaac Luria delivered the message or the system that was given to him by heaven to this student, Chayyim Vital orally, verbally. Isaac Luria never wrote down his message, he was a teacher. Chayyim Vital became a teacher after Isaac Luria passed on, and it was Chayyim Vital who put a large amount of Isaac Luria's work into writing.


This Gate of Reincarnations is Isaac Luria's teaching, but it was written down, put down in words, verbalized on paper, by Isaac Luria's student, Chayyim Vital. As those of you who study with us and have been studying with us for a while know, what we do here is Christ-centered Kabbalah. The message that we are preaching here is Christ-Centered Kabbalah. That means we are literally swimming through the incredible amount of knowledge and wisdom in Kabbalah, in Lurianic Kabbalah, and seeking to draw out that which the Lord witnesses to and to reject what the Lord does not witness to, and we are also weaving that which the Lord witnesses to together with the Doctrine of Christ.


We believe that, as powerful and knowledgeable as the body of knowledge of Kabbalah is, there is an error in the foundational message which can be described as salvation by works. Those of us who have faith in Jesus Christ for our salvation believe, and know to be the truth, that there is no other way to immortality than through union with the Lord Jesus Christ. We know that it is impossible to work our way into eternal life. This is the major difference that the Doctrine of Christ and all Christianity has with Kabbalah and all Judaism - the basic foundational teaching of how we are delivered from death.


That is a pretty serious difference of opinion, and it never ceases to amaze me how the Jews can have this incredible body of knowledge which has blessed me, and still blesses me, and not have the truth about the basic foundational teaching of how we are delivered from death.


I have never ceased to be amazed how the Lord opens up my understanding of many of the things that I read in Kabbalah, things that I could not understand until the Lord opened it up to me. I am at the point now that I am trying very hard not to pass judgment on what I do not understand. What I will do is say, I cannot witness to this, it does not sound right to me, but I am just going to leave it alone, because the people, the rabbis that have brought forth this knowledge were incredible spiritual giants.


However, despite that, they could not seem to get the foundational understanding that we will never make it through salvation by works, and this morning the Lord revealed to me the root of that misunderstanding. I am going to hold off telling you what that is for now, but will tell you in a while.


Before now, I could not witness to this teaching on reincarnation. Some of you may have even heard me say it. Maybe I even said it on a tape (prior to this) that I am staying away from the Kabbalistic doctrine of reincarnation because it just does not sit right with me; I am uncomfortable with it. I believe in reincarnation, but I do not believe in salvation by works. To the mind of most people, the doctrine of salvation by works, or the actual salvation by works, is inseparable from reincarnation.


Yet, the Doctrine of Christ has taught us that reincarnation is an aspect of the curse, and that Jesus Christ has come to put an end to reincarnation, that there is no good thing in reincarnation, that the purpose for reincarnation is that…


First of all, Satan (or whatever Satan's name is on this higher plane) is responsible for reincarnation. Kabbalah tells us it is an angel called Duma that is responsible for reincarnation. The correct name is probably the Serpent on this higher plane. She desires and, in fact, does cause that immortal part of us that transcends death to reincarnate, because it is only when that immortal part of us, that immortal seed (the Doctrine of Christ calls it a seed, Kabbalah calls it a spark), it is only when that seed is in a human body, that the illegal entities on the higher planes of consciousness can feed off of us.


The only condition in which the illegal entities on the higher planes of consciousness can feed off of us is when that seed or spark of life is in a human body.


I have brought forth a lot of truth with the Doctrine of Christ, and only one or two things of all of the radical things that I brought forth in fourteen years ever really caused me alarm. One of those issues was the reality of spiritual immortals that we could never overcome apart from Jesus Christ. That caused me some distress for a season, but I got over it. Faith in Jesus Christ overcomes that.


Another thing that caused me some distress was this teaching that there are entities, like trillions of entities, that could be likened to the trillions of insects, different species, all different kinds of insects, just trillions of them, literally feeding off of the human race in the spiritual plane. That is a horrible thought.


Then we start to study Kabbalah, and I see that they teach about the klipots, the shells, or the other side, or the negative forces. Kabbalah says that they are always seeking to suckle off of us. It is the same thing that I am talking about, just a different name.


Yes, they are seeking to suckle off of us, and what they feed on is our energy. I think sometimes, in an advanced case, these entities will feed off of our flesh, but you have to be really highly demonized to come to that point.


There are entities in the spiritual planes. The Book of Ecclesiastes tells us that the worlds are within us, and I tell you openly that I struggle with this all the time. I have it before the Lord. I struggle with this, that there are worlds, and billions and trillions of entities inside of us, entities that do not take up any space, and we are the outer darkness. Everything is inside of us. We are the outside skin.


The Book of Genesis says that Jehovah made skins for Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve did not have animal bodies in those days. We are the skins that Jehovah made for them, and there are worlds of thought, and intelligence, and whatever, however their activity manifest, within us.


It is all activity of mind that is inside of human beings, and inside of me. I believe it, but this is the one truth that I still struggle with, and it makes me uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable probably because it is not a very good feeling to know that we are just a skin, and that all kinds of different life forms live within us and are inside of us, seeking to suck our energy, which activity eventually kills us, and which activity is responsible for all forms of disease and disaster in our lives. That is pretty hard to deal with, but it is the truth.


I talked so much, I got off my point.


I was talking about this concept of reincarnation from the point of Kabbalah. I just could not get a witness to it. I just could not get a handle on it, even though I approached it as I have approached other aspects of Kabbalah. How do I approach Kabbalah? I approach it knowing that there is truth in it, and I approach it from the foundational point of the Doctrine of Christ. Anything that diametrically opposes the Doctrine of Christ must be set aside, at least, until such time as the Lord Jesus would come to me and reconcile that truth to me, and this is what has happened with the reincarnation of Kabbalah.


I am not saying that it is correct, because the reincarnation of Kabbalah does preach salvation by works, and that is not true. What I am telling you happened to me yesterday was that the Lord gave me a truth that could be gleaned out of this doctrine of reincarnation. Up until this point, I have not preached on this doctrine of reincarnation because I just could not get anything positive out of it. It had to be unlocked to me by the Lord Jesus Christ.


I see an aspect of teaching in Kabbalah that I just cannot receive, then time goes by and the Lord unlocks the truth of it to me. The more this happens to me, the more respect I have for, and the more humble I become concerning the body of knowledge which is called Kabbalah.


Apart from this basic foundational error where the belief is salvation by works, the amount of knowledge in Kabbalah is just absolutely incredible.


I said to the Lord last night, How could this be that that they have this error despite their incredible knowledge? How come no one, amongst this group of great sages, great spiritual giants that have existed for thousands of years, could come up with the truth? It is not just one person making the error. How come nobody could hear from heaven concerning the foundational error that is literally making this tremendous body of wisdom impotent? How come nobody could come up with it?


I cannot deal with it; I could not deal with it. I know it is the pride of their mind, and it just blows me away.


I just want to say one thing before I go on. When I say that the lack of this truth makes this great body of knowledge impotent, I mean impotent to the end of attaining unto eternal life through deliverance from death, because there is great blessing in studying Kabbalah. There is great blessing in pursuing knowledge of the Word of God. You get a reward right here, you reap what you sow.


But insofar as this great body of knowledge being a force to deliver us from death is concerned, it is castrated and impotent in its present form, because all of this great truth is directed towards salvation by works. This salvation by works (to the degree that I have studied it so far) seems to point to the fact that the Jew believes that behavioural activity can result in salvation of your spirit.


The Jew believes that everything, all of the mitzvahs, the laws that they keep (we are going to read about it) can rectify or restore them to the stature of their first estate. There are negative mitzvahs and positive mitzvahs. Negative mitzvahs are things that you do not do, or that you should not do, and positive mitzvahs are things that you must do, and you are told that through the keeping of the mitzvahs, the keeping of the law of behavior, you could be restored to the stature that you were before the fall.


We know that this is not possible, this is not possible. There is salvation in no name other than the name of Jesus Christ. That is the only name by which you can attain to salvation, through cleaving to Jesus Christ. It is not that salvation is a free gift. The Church has much inaccuracy in its doctrine. It is not that salvation is a free gift. That teaching has led many astray. The potential for salvation is a free gift. The opportunity to pursue salvation with a genuine hope of attaining that goal is the free gift.


I am saying the same thing as you read about in the Book of Hebrews, where it says, Let us go on to perfection, if the Lord permits. The work of Jesus Christ which has resulted in permission to go on to salvation has been granted to all of humanity. You have the permission to pursue deliverance from death and immortality, now let us see who will pursue it. Now pursue it.


If you do not have permission to pursue it, you can pursue it, and pursue it, and pursue it all you want, and from the first step you took, you would have never stood a chance of attaining to deliverance from death. But permission has been granted to you, to the whole world; you have permission to pursue life.


To teach the people that salvation is a free gift misleads the people. A statement like that really dwarfs another Scripture which says, Study to show yourself approved. The person who hears salvation is a free gift, and study to show yourself approved, could think that they are saved, and have an option whether to study or not.


They could say, I am saved, so maybe I will study to show myself approved and maybe I will not, or maybe I will study once a week, or maybe I will study twice a week.


This study is the pursuit of deliverance from death that you have been granted permission to pursue. Unfortunately there is no emphasis on the fact that you must study to show yourself approved.


We see that by teaching the people salvation is a free gift, we have killed many, we have destroyed many who believe that they answered an altar call and they are saved.


Praise the Lord. All of life is a contradiction. I am finding that out. In life, and especially with spiritual studies, there is contradiction and confusion everywhere. This tremendous glory, this body of wisdom and knowledge, Kabbalah, is corrupt in its foundation.


I will tell you the secret of what the Lord told me last night, how these great sages could be deceived like this. Let me say this, everything that I have read so far in Kabbalah is truth but it frequently is misapplied. It is applied to the wrong place. The application is wrong. I have come across some teachings in Kabbalah where truths have been applied to the carnal mind where it should be applied to the Spirit of Christ.


This doctrine of reincarnation was absolutely valid and tenable before the flood. This was the way to salvation before the flood, before humanity fell into animal bodies. Where these great sages have gone off is that they have applied it to the period after the flood when humanity manifested in animal bodies.


I received this understanding this morning, and immediately after this understanding came to me, the Lord gave me a memory of someone that I knew, a young person who was very rebellious and had to be sent to live with a relative. This young person had been raised up in a Church where the power of God, and the power of healing, was flowing. The young person was sent away from the immediate family to live with a relative and she became very ill.


She was sent to a relative that did not honor God, did not go to Church, and did not believe in healing. They really had no faith; they had absolutely minimal faith in Jesus Christ without any practice. When she became very ill, her first reaction was that she did not want to go to a doctor. She expected to be healed. She had seen her mother and other people healed in Church for five years. She had been in Church watching people get healed all the time, and she did not understand in her consciousness that when her rebellion forced her parents to send her to a relative to live with, that she came out from under that supernatural cover where you are healed without going to a doctor.


At first, the relative that she went to live with had a hard time getting her to go to a doctor. She did not want to go. She was a young lady; she did not want to take her clothes off. She did not want an internal examination; she did not want any of the humiliation of the medical treatment of this world.


This may sound shocking to you (or whoever is reading this transcript or listening to this tape), because your carnal mind is so grateful (and I am not saying you should not be) for the medical society of this world, that you really do not stop to realize how humiliating and invasive it is. Every time you have an internal examination, every time you take your clothes off, you are invaded and it has an emotional and psychological effect on you, but you submit to it so that you could live.


Only somebody who has spent years under the healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ would be able to see the truth of the humiliation of the physical, emotional, and psychological invasion of the medical community upon humanity, because the fruit of it is good, and you have every reason to hope that you are going to get healed if you submit to this.


The witness that the Lord gave me was that this young lady did not want to go to a doctor because she wanted to be healed like she had seen her mother healed.  She wanted a situation whereby someone lays hands on you, prays for you and you are not sick anymore.  However, this young lady had now fallen even though her mother was still on the other side of the flood. (This is a parable, I am drawing an analogy.)


Spiritually speaking, her mother was on the other side of the flood, not in an animal body, and was eligible for supernatural healing, but this young lady who had been sent to live with a relative because of rebellion, had migrated to the animalistic side of the flood. Now she was in an animal body, and that form of healing was not available to her. She almost died. Eventually, as she came close to death, she agreed to go to a doctor.


This is what has happened in the understanding of these great sages. They do not accept that they are in a different condition from their ancestors on the other side of the flood and are not eligible for that program any more. The do not understand that you have to be outside of the human body to be able to apply the form of deliverance from death through reincarnation that is in the heart of the Jewish intelligentsia.


This is the type of deception that Satan brings to us. The information is true, but applicable in another place and in another time. But how do you overcome a deception like that? You overcome it only through the spirit of truth, and humility, and subjection to the Spirit of Truth.


What is coming to me right now as I preach this is that the reason that all of these great sages have been deceived for two thousand years now (I guess more than two thousand years, well, whatever), is that they have not accepted that their condition now is different from that of their ancestors on the other side of the flood. They would have to get the understanding that now we are in a human body, and this form of deliverance from death does not apply anymore.


Then the next question is how come we are in an animal body? How come we have to find another method that will be inferior to the method that our ancestors on the other side of the flood had access to?


The great sages of Kabbalah have a program which is designed to deliver the man who follows it from death, and it worked for the beings that were on the other side of the flood. I do not know what they looked like, but they were not in animal bodies. This plan is for the beings on the other side of the flood. These great sages that have been teaching this for all these years need to hear the truth that they have sinned and are in animal bodies. They have to admit that they sinned in order to get the program for what we need on this side of the flood.


The program to get delivered from death on this side of the flood is different than the program on the other side of the flood before they were in an animal body, and their minds have not let go of the teaching from the other side of the flood. In other words, they have not accepted their condition. They have not accepted their condition. They still think it is possible to get out of the trouble they are in with the program that is applied to a higher plane of consciousness.


I know that they talk about sin. They know that we sin, although another thread that I have seen woven through the Kabbalistic writings is that it is possible to have an existence in this world and not sin. They draw a distinction between Adam's sin and the sin of man in this world. According to what I have read, they believe that it is possible to be born into this world, and die without having sinned. I do not believe that is possible.


The Jewish Intelligentsia that is saying that it is possible to be born into this world and die without having sinned is talking about behavioural sin. They do not acknowledge that sin is in your motive.


Listen, you all have to hear this, because I have some beloved Pharisees in this ministry that think the same thing. This Jewish intelligentsia is saying that it is possible for you to be born into the world and be without sin if you are brought up in a very righteous family, and you keep all the mitzvot, and do every single thing. There are 613 mitzvot which can be broken down into 248 positive mitzvot (things that you should do) and 365 negative mitzvot (things that you should not do).


They say if you light the candles on Friday night, and you put the prayer shawl on, if you say the right prayer when you go to sleep, and say the right prayer when you wake up, if you separate the meat from the dairy, and you do everything right for your whole life, you can die without sinning.


This great, great body of sages is missing the whole point that sin is in your mind. Sin is in your motives, sin is in your heart, sin is in your attitudes. Sin is your very spiritual foundation that gives you existence, and to be born in this physical body means that you have been generated by the Serpent.


God does not give physical bodies to his people. He does not give physical bodies that get sick, that itch, that you can slice with a knife and let your life's blood pour out. God does not give you physical bodies that require care. He does not give you bodies that have to be fed, that you have to spend your whole life (in some societies) growing food and raising animals so that you could feed it.


He does not give us bodies that have to be clothe, that you spend time weaving cloth and sowing garments so that you could clothe it. He does not give you bodies that have to be housed, that you spend time figuring out all kinds of ways to build a house and heat it so you do not freeze to death in the winter. This is not God's provision. This is not God's creation.


Therefore, there is nothing that you can do with this body, by way of behaviour, that will justify you. You must be restored to the righteous mind of God, and no human being on the face of the earth has that ability. Here again, we run into another problem. The Jewish community distinguishes themselves from the rest of the world, and they are distinguished from the rest of the world to the degree that they have the word of God.


However, today, the Church has the word of God also, and although the Church has the Holy Spirit, and the Church has the truth about salvation by faith, it does not have any of the knowledge that they need to attain to that salvation. You cannot attain to salvation without knowledge, you cannot. Salvation is not a free gift; the permit to pursue salvation is a free gift.


The Christian Church cannot become delivered from death without what the Jew has, and the Jew cannot be delivered from death without what the Christian has. The Christians are teaching their people to not go near Kabbalah because it is anti-Christ, and the Jews are teaching their people to not go near the Christian doctrine because Christians are pagans and idolaters, and both are true.


The Kabbalistic doctrine is anti-Christ at its root, and the Christians are idolaters, and pagans. How will we ever get together?  However, in Christ-Centered Kabbalah, the Lord Jesus Christ is weaving together the truth of Christianity and the truth of Judaism for those who have ears to hear. It is a very difficult and hard walk, and very few are called to it and of those who are called, not many make it.


But some day (I believe in our lifetime), the fruit of this marriage of the Doctrine of Christ and Kabbalah, will manifest an immortal man in the flesh on the face of the earth. When the 2 doctrines are joined together in a human being and grafted to that human being, in the person of Christ Jesus, that fruit will manifest as an immortal man in the flesh.


When that fruit appears, all peoples, not only the Jews and the Christians, but the Hindus and Buddhists, and the Theosophists, and all the peoples of the world, will bow their knee to the truth that Jesus Christ is the only one in whom true immortality is attainable or possible. He is the only one, the only potentate, the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords, the only way out of hell.


This is not pride in me saying that my religion is best, and any Christian who ministers out of pride is in sin. This is simply the truth. Jesus Christ is the only way and, in due season, he who has provided the way out will witness to all of the peoples of humanity the pathway, and all will follow, and all will be delivered, not unto my religion but out of hell and death and truly into the kingdom of his dear son, which is a condition of mind.


Salvation is a condition of mind that one can never attain to with their carnal mind. Therefore, even though Christ is grafted to you, you are still not saved because that Christ, which is your potential, must pursue salvation.


I think I have to correct something that I said. By the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the whole world is granted a permit to pursue deliverance from hell and death. The actual potential to be delivered from hell is when Christ is grafted to you, and then once you have your potential, you must study and pursue the life that is the lifestyle of the seed that is in you. The end of that pursuit is deliverance from hell. It is a whole lifetime; it is a pursuit of a lifetime.


The Lord told me that this is the stumbling block amongst these great sages. They have the truth, and it is the truth, but it is a truth that does not apply to them in this third stage of the fall. There is another truth that applies to the third stage of the fall, and that truth is that you are so cut off from your God, that there is no ritual, no clothing you could wear, no prayer that you can say, no mitzvah that you can fulfil that will reconnect you back to your God.


There is nothing that you of yourself can do to reconnect you or to put you back together again, because you have fallen down, and you are broken into many pieces, and your only hope of being returned to your first estate is that your higher self which did not fall, comes down to where you are and joins himself to you and takes you back up again, and his name is Jesus Christ. That is the provision of your God. Praise the Lord. In due season, the Lord will open your eyes, that we may all be saved.


May we all who truly seek the God of the Scripture, receive the Spirit of Truth, and return to our first estate.


I hope I have explained to you the reason (as the Lord has shown it to me) for the error in the midst of the greatness in Kabbalistic teaching, in particular in the teaching of reincarnation.


Enoch walked with God and he was not. Enoch returned to heaven, Enoch was born of a man and a woman, but he was not in an animal body. Enoch lived on the other side of the flood. Elijah on this side of the flood went up to heaven without dying, *1but Elijah was not born of a man and a woman. Elijah was self-incarnated. He appeared in this world as a full grown man. Elijah has no genealogy in the Scripture. *2Even Jesus who was born of a woman had no natural father.





We now know that Elijah is the new name given to Phinehas after he saved Israel from the plague. See, the following Messages:


  • Reconstructing Righteous Adam, CCK.688 – Parts 2 & 3
  • Araboth, the 7th Firmament, CCK.692 – Part 4

We have chosen to state this correction, and not make any changes to the original transcript.



NUMBERS 25:6-9

6 And, behold, one of the children of Israel came and brought unto his brethren a Midianitish woman in the sight of Moses, and in the sight of all the congregation of the children of Israel, who were weeping before the door of the tabernacle of the congregation.

7 And when Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest, saw it, he rose up from among the congregation, and took a javelin in his hand;

8 And he went after the man of Israel into the tent, and thrust both of them through, the man of Israel, and the woman through her belly. So the plague was stayed from the children of Israel.

9 And those that died in the plague were twenty and four thousand. KJV


*2Even Jesus who was born of a woman had no natural father.





We now know that Joseph was Jesus’ physical father, and that the seed of the Davidic Dynasty was imparted to Jesus through Joseph.


We have chosen to state this correction, and not make any changes to the original transcript.



MATTHEW 1:1-17

1 The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.

2 Abraham begat Isaac; and Isaac begat Jacob; and Jacob begat Judas and his brethren;

3 And Judas begat Phares and Zara of Thamar; and Phares begat Esrom; and Esrom begat Aram;

4 And Aram begat Aminadab; and Aminadab begat Naasson; and Naasson begat Salmon;

5 And Salmon begat Booz of Rachab; and Booz begat Obed of Ruth; and Obed begat Jesse;

6 And Jesse begat David the king; and David the king begat Solomon of her that had been the wife of Urias;

7 And Solomon begat Roboam; and Roboam begat Abia; and Abia begat Asa;

8 And Asa begat Josaphat; and Josaphat begat Joram; and Joram begat Ozias;

9 And Ozias begat Joatham; and Joatham begat Achaz; and Achaz begat Ezekias;

10 And Ezekias begat Manasses; and Manasses begat Amon; and Amon begat Josias;

11 And Josias begat Jechonias and his brethren, about the time they were carried away to Babylon:

12 And after they were brought to Babylon, Jechonias begat Salathiel; and Salathiel begat Zorobabel;

13 And Zorobabel begat Abiud; and Abiud begat Eliakim; and Eliakim begat Azor;

14 And Azor begat Sadoc; and Sadoc begat Achim; and Achim begat Eliud;

15 And Eliud begat Eleazar; and Eleazar begat Matthan; and Matthan begat Jacob;

16 And Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ.

17 So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen generations.





The Christ within Mary stimulated her physical body to produce a child. To the best of my knowledge based on everything the Lord has taught me, *3there is no human being born of a woman and a man who has ascended out of hell. We are waiting for the first person in the whole history of humanity that is born of a man and a woman to ascend out of hell.


*3Jesus was born of a man and a woman. He is the first human being, born of a man and a woman, to ascend out of Hell.


Jesus said, you will do greater works. I have heard so many Christians say, What is the greater works, what is the greater works? *4Well, maybe the greater works has many manifestations, but perhaps one of those manifestations is that we, born of a fallen man and a fallen woman, will ascend out of hell.


Jesus was only born of a fallen woman. He had no fallen male seed in him. He was born of the holy seed, and a mortal woman. We will be the first ones; this first fruit company coming forth would be the first ones. The world is waiting for the first one, and many thereafter, to ascend out of hell, having first been born of a fallen man and a fallen woman. Is that not exciting?


*4The greater works is the birthing of the manchild.


Does anybody not understand where the error of the great sages of Kabbalah has come from? Does anybody need me to explain this any further?


I see this consistently (not only in Kabbalah, but in the Church as well), people pick up a Scripture and apply it in the wrong time, under the wrong circumstances. I have been preaching this for years. Misapplication of the Scripture is deadly. Not only do you reap what you sow… I am not even concerned for the purpose of this conversation that you will reap what you sow because you misapplied the Scriptures. No.


If you have a need, and you are seeking God, and you are seeking him through a misapplication of the Scripture, you are no longer pursuing God in a way that could answer your need. Once you think that you have done what you are supposed to do, then you stop doing; many people stop doing. If you have misapplied the Scripture, if what you have done is incorrect, you are no longer pursuing God in a way that could answer your need.


We have many disillusioned people in the world, many disillusioned Christians, many disillusioned practicing Christians, and many disillusioned nominal Christians. Their parents took them to Church on Sunday, but they were taught incorrect application or misapplication of the Scriptures, so it did not work for them, and they became disillusioned. I just saw it on TV the other day, a depressed policeman whose partner had died (he killed his partner by mistake), was talking about some little girl that had been violated, and he wondered how God allowed that.


Lack of education is a plague, a curse, to be avoided at all costs. Educate yourself. Do not be foolish, be wise. There is life in the wisdom of God. Such a question concerning God resulting from that hurting man's ignorance is an indictment of God. Misapplication of the Scripture is a very common occurrence among Jews and among Christians, and among non-Christians or non-practicing Christians who are using the Bible for their own purposes. Misapplication of the Scripture is a serious error. That is why the Scriptures without understanding is worthless, or can even have a negative product come forth from it.


Of all things, get understanding, because the Scripture without understanding....I do not want to say it is valueless because God does honor his word, but we have many Christians that have been in the Church for years, they are still in poverty, they are still sick, they are still suffering in their relationships, and the Church is not a particularly good witness to the world today, because people have the word, but they are not pursuing deliverance from hell.


They have the permit to pursue deliverance from hell, but not many have the potential. Even those that have the potential today are so lifted up in pride that they are stuck at a particular level. I believe that as the Lord opens this understanding of reincarnation to me, that this stubborn pride would permit one to go on. This is one of the reasons why one must die in some cases. One must die to go on to the next level, which is what this doctrine of reincarnation teaches, because people cannot get past the pride of their mind.


Look at the Church, brethren. How many Baptists go on to Pentecost? How many Baptists go on to manifesting the gifts of the spirit which is the next stage up? How many? How many Christians from a protestant denomination where they are not really strong in teaching the Bible, go on to actually reading the Bible? How many would switch to a Lutheran or Baptist Church where they really pursue the Scripture? Not many. People stay in the Church that they are born into. They stay there and they die there.


How many Pentecostals go on to discipleship? How many Pentecostals go on to deep doctrine? Out of those who go on to deep doctrine, how many are willing to be told the deep doctrine that you are following is wrong, and this is the right one over here? The pride of man, brethren, is so strong that sometimes people have to pass out of this world and then try again, to get to the next stage.


I am going to use myself as an example as I frequently do. I have to tell you that if I was not having the experience, if it was not for my own personal experience, I do not know that I could ever understand the things that the Lord teaches me through Kabbalah. He will open up something that I cannot understand, and my point of contact is my own experience, and then I understand it, and I could teach it to you. But if I did not have the personal experience first, I do not think I could embrace many of these advanced doctrines and, in particular, this doctrine of reincarnation, which I have held off for two years.


I think we have been studying Kabbalah here for two years now, and I have resisted this doctrine of reincarnation for two years saying that it is not sound, it is just not sound. Today the Lord has shown me the soundness in it, except that it is misapplied in the case of the Hebrews.


I will use myself as an example and, in fact, I believe that the Lord opened up the teaching of reincarnation to me in response to my own prayer, which is, Lord, what is happening to me?


I will tell you about the one issue that I was concerned about. Actually this is true in several areas, but the one issue that I was concerned about is this. I will not go into details because it is personal, but I will tell you enough to relate to.


It came to my understanding in recent days that I am experiencing something in my life very similar to what I experienced years ago. I am experiencing a difficulty in my life very, very similar to a difficulty that I experienced about seventeen years ago. It involves different people, a different place, different time, but it is the same problem, and I have said, Lord what does this mean? Am I backslidden? Is this a curse that, after serving you with all my strength for 25 years, I cannot get away from? What is happening to me?


Actually, I have been praying that prayer for a while, but I think I got pretty intense with it these last couple of days. The Lord's answer to me was this study in reincarnation. I thought that I was just reading something spiritual. Then when I started reading it I realized that the Lord was answering my questions through this teaching. This happens to me a lot. This happens to a lot of people who study the Doctrine of Christ.


Right now, he is answering a lot of my questions through Kabbalah which is, in many areas, a higher level of revelation. The Doctrine of Christ is what is missing from Kabbalah, but Kabbalah is higher, it is on a higher level. You have to be more ascended to understand it. Your mind has to be in a certain place to pursue a certain level of study. This is not pride; pride will destroy us all brethren. You cannot walk in and begin at this level. If you are a Christian, you have to start with the Doctrine of Christ. However, this is where I am right now.


 The Lord showed me that I am experiencing the same thing (spiritually speaking) that I experienced 17 years ago, on a higher level.  


 In just another couple of minutes, I am going to start reading from a series of articles that I have printed off the internet which is a translation of Isaac Luria's Gate of Reincarnations. It is the teaching of Isaac Luria which was recorded by his student, Chayyim Vital.


This man who did the translations and teachings is a great intellectual. He has done all this work and I thank him for his efforts.


We thank you, and we bless you, and we send the greetings of the Lord Jesus Christ to you.  We hope that, in due season as the Lord permits it, you  will receive that missing element into your body of knowledge, that you might have the same glorious experience that we are experiencing in Christ Jesus, the potential for deliverance from death, the missing key that will make all of your teaching a reality in your life.


What good is having instruction if you do not have the power to implement that instruction in your life?


This is the whole principle behind internship. You go to college for four years, then you go to medical school for four years, or you go to law school for three years. You are really not a doctor or a lawyer until you do your internship. You may have a license but you are really not qualified to practice until you have practiced under supervision and received training from someone more experienced. You have to practice what you have learned under the discipleship or under the headship of someone who has experience in addition to knowledge.


There is book knowledge, and there is knowledge that comes from experience, and you cannot make it on book knowledge alone. It has to become an experience, and that is the way the Lord is doing it here. That is the way the Lord is teaching you through me. That is a part of discipleship. I only teach you what I have experienced. I would not touch this teaching before the Lord related it to my experience for me. Now I know that it is real, let us see what we could learn.


Does anybody have any questions or comments on what I have said so far in my introduction?


We are going to start today with Chapter One, Section One, Gate of Reincarnations. Names of the Soul "Gate of Reincarnations": Chapter One, Section 1 by Rabbi Yitzchak Luria as recorded by Rabbi Chaim Vital.


What we have here is the translation and then a commentary. This is both a translation and a commentary, and it begins with a review of what you have already learned in A Look At Kabbalah and Kabbalah Study. This is a good opportunity for you to review that teaching since we have not been in it for a long time.


I believe the large print is the translation, and the small print is the comments. There are some foot notes there. If you see a little number in brackets next to something like where it says Chapter One(1), it says one in brackets (1), that is a foot note. Let me see where they put their footnotes here. Sometimes footnotes are at the bottom of the page, and sometimes footnotes are at the end of the section. When footnotes are at the end of the section, they are called end notes. They are called footnotes when they are at the bottom of the page that the reference number appears on.


I have given you a whole sheaf of papers; this is the whole of chapter one, but it was translated and written up, a section at a time. There are ten sections to this Chapter One. I see that the end notes are appearing at the end of each section. For example, Section One of Chapter One has four pages, so the end notes for the section are on page four. If you want to find out what that says before you continue on, you go to the end of the section, not the end of the chapter. You have like twenty pages here for the chapter, but the end of the section would be page four. if you look halfway down page four, you will see a horizontal line, and underneath that you will see that there are four footnotes there.


If you look at the upper right-hand corner of the first page, they will tell you page one of four (1of4), that means this section has four pages. We have two footnotes on page One. The first footnote is after the words Chapter One, and the second footnote is after the words….


Chapter One(1), footnote one says, in the original Hebrew text, each chapter is called (and please forgive my pronunciation), hakdama, which means introduction, however, we shall refer to them as chapters since that is what most English readers are accustomed to. Also, for purposes of this series, we will divide each chapter into a number of sections.


Praise the Lord. Are there any questions?


Chapter One, Section One, the five names of the soul; this is a review for you all.


We will begin with what the Rabbis wrote that the soul has five names. The comment is, This is a reference to the five levels of soul. The soul has five levels. From the bottom up the five levels of soul are, Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Chaya, Yechida. Hopefully, you remember this.


The translations are: the Nefesh is.... please understand that each translator and even each Kabbalistic writer has variations in these basic principles. There is liberty amongst the Hebrew writers, which is something that we do not have too much of in the Church today. Differences are acceptable as long as they are not foundational differences (we are teaching foundational differences in Kabbalah).


You will find variations from writer to writer or from translator to translator as regards the names of the levels of soul, or the Sefirot or the meanings of the Sefirot. The differences also arise out of what sect the writer or the translator is out of. This man is, I believe, of the Lubavitch movement. I do not know if Lubavitch is the right word or not, but he is of the Chasidim movement, and I honestly do not know if there is more than one group within Chasidim. I do not know whether Lubavitch is interchangeable with Chasidim or Lubavitch is one aspect of Chasidim.


This man is a Chasid, and this is basically made up of Jews from Middle and Eastern Europe, as opposed to the Sephardims, which the Rabbi who wrote the teachings that we taught the series A Look At Kabbalah, and Kabbalah Study is from. That Rabbi is a Sephardi. His background is from what we would call the Latin world. I think that particular Rabbi has a French heritage. French, Italian, and Spanish Jews are Sephardic Jews, and also Middle Eastern Jews are a part of the Sephardic Jews. That is just an aspect or a branch of one of the twelve tribes.


This teacher here is from the Chasidic movement (if I am pronouncing it right), which is a different movement than the one the Rabbi that taught the other studies that we taught from, belongs to. A lot of the differences in the terminology and the opinions also come from the school that the individual has been raised up in. There are variations of opinion in these schools. For example, I heard another Rabbi say (just to give you an example) that the general teaching from this Chasid group is that they believe that there were civilizations before Homo sapiens came into existence. Before Adam, there were other civilizations.


I have read about that in non-Jewish sources, from occult sources, and I am inclined to believe it myself, but the Sephardic rabbi who is the one who was saying this, said that the Sephardic rabbis do not believe that there was civilization before Homo sapiens. However, this particular Sephardic rabbi embraces the teaching of the Chasid movement in this particular area. He believes that there were civilizations before Homo sapiens, but the great sages of the Sephardic Jews do not believe it.


There are variations of opinion, and variations of terms, and variations of definition of Nefesh and Ruach etc. Here it says, The Nefesh means that which has come to rest. Personally, I never heard this before, I have never heard it expressed that way before, but it makes sense to me.


The Nefesh is the life energy that manifests in the natural as the blood, the life of the flesh, the human blood that runs in our veins. You cannot be born without it. Every baby that is born is born with a Nefesh because it is the Nefesh that provides the blood, and, as far as I am concerned, provides the body, the skin also. Everybody has to have a Nefesh at the time of being born, or you would not be born.


I just had the most interesting thought! Oh, I love this stuff, I just love it.


We saw a movie here a couple of years ago. Actually it was made by a Christian organization in Africa, and it was very heavily laced with witchcraft. You have to realize that every ministry must deal with what is happening in its own back yard, and there is still a lot of witchcraft in Africa, so this ministry was dealing with what the congregation had to deal with, witchcraft.


This movie had a lot to do with witchcraft, and one of the events in the movie which I have never heard of before, was that this woman who came in contact with an evil spirit gave birth to a stone. I do not know how common the occurrence is, but the knowledge of it is very common in Africa. This woman who came in contact with an evil spirit gave birth to something hard (I think it was a stone) which had no life in it.


What just popped into my mind right now is what caused that was that all of the material was present to produce the child, but the soul never entered into it, and it was therefore born as this hard object, which I think was a stone, but I am not sure. It was as hard as a stone anyway.


What this says to me, brethren, is that the Lord has just witnessed to me that that is a reality. I do not think it is happening every day, but that it is a reality in places where witchcraft is very heavy that a woman would give birth to an inanimate object, not even a dead child, not even a flesh child.


The Lord has just witnessed that this is a reality, and that what causes it is that the witch that had put the curse on the woman has taken the soul of the baby before it was born, and all that is left is the raw material that would have been animated by the soul. Do you all hear this?


We have got a spirit of revelation going this morning. This is going to be good day. Does anybody want to say anything to me about that?


The Nefesh is that which has come to rest. Where does it come to rest? The soul comes to rest in the flesh (and, of course, the flesh and the blood of the infant come from the body of the mother where the baby is being formed), but if the soul is not given, a flesh baby cannot appear. Is that not something?


The Nefesh is that which is come to rest, or the place of rest. The Lord also told me something in my studies last night, concerning the Scriptural teaching that the Sabbath day is the day of rest, and that on the seventh day, God, who made the creation, rested in his creation. That teaching never really sat right with me. Why would God have to rest? I now understand that it means that on the seventh day, God comes to live, or rest, or nest, or indwell his creation.


If God is in the process of making you his home, you are moving into the seventh day of creation. The degree to which you are becoming his home is the degree that God thinks through you. The more He thinks through you, the greater the degree to which you are the home for the living God. He is not necessarily manifesting the gifts of the spirit, but the more He thinks through you, not only thinks in doctrine, but thinks towards other people, thinks politically, the closer you are to the Sabbath day. The more your opinion lines up with the opinion of God, the closer you are to the Sabbath day, which is ultimate rest for you as well as God.


However, you cannot tell whether your opinion lines up with the opinion of God unless you are around a person who has the opinion of God, and you believe that, that person has the opinion of God. Otherwise, what will you have to measure yourself against?


Salvation is in the way you think, in the opinions that you form about what has happened to you, around you, and to people that you are concerned with.


One aspect of discipleship is to place yourself in close proximity to someone who thinks with the mind of God most of the time, and every time you do not agree to subject yourself, or to subject your opinion to the opinion of the person that you are put under, you do not acquire the mind of Christ.


Of course, you have every right to go before the Lord and say, Lord, I have subjected my opinion to the other person's opinion, but just in case, in this one time, that other person is wrong, please do not let me believe a lie. But you acquire the mind of Christ by subjecting your opinion to my opinion, even when you cannot understand it.


I could not understand this Gate of Reincarnations for two years, but I did not try to fight with them, or shut them down, or argue with anybody. I said, Lord, I just cannot deal with that. I do not think it is true, but I cannot deal with it, and now I found out there is a truth to it but it is being misapplied.


We have the five levels of soul; Nefesh is the place of rest or that which has come to rest, the soul which has come to rest in this physical body. Ruach means wind, and I have read in another place that that means the spirit of man, the spirit of man, the spirit that is in us. Neshemah is breath. I could never really understand the difference between breath and wind, it sounds the same to me, but Neshemah is the breath of God, and Ruach is the spirit that is in man. The Neshemah, the breath of life, is the mind of God.


God breathed into the man, so it was the breath of God that came out from God, but at the time that, that breath of God joined itself to the man and became a part of man, that breath that was of God now is the wind or the spirit of man, and now belongs to the man.


Chaya is life force. Chaya is the life force of the Ruach and the Nefesh, and the Neshemah. I believe the Lord has told me that that life force is in conscience and wisdom. You can have nefesh, blood in your veins, you can have ruach, the spirit of man in yourself, and you can even have the breath of the Neshemah which is the mind of God but you still need the Chaya which is wisdom and conscience.


The Neshemah, the breath of life, is the mind of God but you still need the Chaya which is wisdom and conscience, because the mind of God that comes to you needs to be trained up and developed, and that which trains up and develops the mind of God is wisdom and conscience, and that is why you are in discipleship. You need to be subjected to the wisdom and the conscience of God.


I just heard somebody saying, I have a good conscience, I would not steal, I would not commit adultery, I do not lie, or I do not do anything like that. I have a good conscience. But do you have the conscience of God? Do you know what is right concerning the political conflicts going on in the country today? Do you know what is right?


I do not always know what is right, but I have a teacher, a spiritual teacher, who will tell me.  I do not even form opinions because I am just learning. I am just under instruction now to become political. I do not have enough knowledge to make my own judgments right now concerning political events. I only pray as the Lord directs me. I am not educated politically enough to even have an opinion. I listen to the experts on TV, experts with different opinions, and I ask the Lord how he wants me to pray about that political situation.


This message is being made at a time when the United States is about to invade Iraq, and there was a time several months ago that I prayed, Lord is President Bush doing the right thing? I pray for your wisdom to rest upon that man. There are so many people against him, is he doing the right thing? I do not even know.


The more I prayed, the more I found myself supporting President Bush in his goals, and I now believe that President Bush, our president, George W. Bush, is moving under the wisdom and admonition of the Lord Jesus Christ, and I do not hesitate to pray according to our president's program, because I believe that he is under the wisdom of the Lord.


The fact that you have the mind of Christ which is the Neshemah, the breath of God, is not enough. So many Christians believe that they have the mind of Christ; they believe that every thought that they have is of God. They believe every voice that they hear in their head is of God, and that is not true.


It is so common that Christians who have the mind of Christ and those who do not even have it yet (they have the Holy Spirit, and they do not know that the mind of Christ is different than the Holy Spirit) believe that every thought that they have is of God. Even those who have the mind of Christ do not understand that Christ is given to us as a seed so it must be taught and instructed and trained up. That is the child within us.


Every person I have ever met except maybe the people in this congregation (and maybe even you too) when they believe they have the mind of Christ, from that point forward, from the day that they believe that they have the mind of Christ, they believe that every thought that they have is of God. They believe every voice that they hear in their head is of God, and that is not true.


The mind of God, the mind of Christ, is grafted to us as a humble seed, a potential that must be taught how to be Christ. To think that every thought that you have and every spiritual word that you hear is of God is a big error, because that voice, that humble seed that is grafted to you is so young at the beginning that if you are not listening for him, you will not hear him.


If you think that every thought that you think is from the Christ mind when it is just your carnal mind, and you are not listening for the wisdom of Christ, you will not hear him. You will think that your carnal mind is God. This is how people murder in the name of Christ. This is how people violate in the name of Christ. They have been taught incorrectly. They believe they have the mind of God, and they just follow every thought in their head which sometimes is a demonic thought. God told me to kill my babies.


May God help the clergy that have miss-taught the people. May God help us all for being under women and children for all of these years.


When the true pastor arises he is killed by the people he is trying to help. May your people, Lord, come to recognize the true pastors that are fighting for their lives and find it within themselves, find the ability within themselves to submit to the wisdom and counsel of God coming through imperfect men, yet it is the wisdom and counsel of God. Praise the Lord.


We pray that your people should be taught, Lord, so that their sins should be on their own hands, and not because of ignorance. That is not a glory to God.


The Chaya is the life force of the Neshemah, the Ruach, and the Nefesh, and, as I have just told you, I believe the Chaya is wisdom and the conscience that comes from wisdom. There is a conscience that comes to us because our mothers and our fathers trained us. Our mothers told us not to steal, and if we stole our fathers whipped our behind. That is one kind of wisdom, that is one kind of conscience. However, I am talking about the conscience that comes from God.


I have known people that grew up in criminal neighbourhoods that would not do anything illegal because they had made a decision they did not want to go to jail. They were not refraining from illegal activity because they believed it was wrong. They decided they did not want to go to jail, therefore refrained from the criminal activity, and that is not a bad thing. That is a form of conscience. That is conscience, but that is not the conscience that comes from wisdom.


The Chaya is our conscience that comes from wisdom. It is the higher wisdom of God, not the wisdom of man.


The highest level of soul is Yechida which means singular.


What is happening to us and what we are called to is to receive all of these five levels of soul in our person, or in our vessel. The goal of this human being whom we are is to receive all five levels of soul in this incarnation. When we reach the Yechida, it means we are one. It means that all of the five levels of soul are joined to each other and under the dominion of the highest level which is joined to God.


When you come to that place of the Yechida which is a very high place, you have no mate.  Jesus Christ attained to that place. It is just you and God, and you are satisfied completely by the spiritual realms.


Let us see what is on the next page here. I have some notes for you, but I want to read you the next paragraph first. I am at the bottom of page one.


Each of these levels represents a different level of light that originated from the Ayn Sof, the infinite light emanating out from God.


This is the commentary. This is not a translation of The Tree of Life. On the level of Yechida, the light is still very sublime and unified. Sublime means rare. The word I would use is rare although that is not a word that you hear in our society very often. Rare means thin, like the air at the top of the mountain is very rare. If you go up high in an airplane, the air gets very rare so you need oxygen.


On the level of Chaya, the light is less sublime and less unified, but it is considered to be the life force of all that comes after it.


"Neshama" is derived from the word "neshima," which means breath, because this level of soul is said to be like a breath in the mouth of God, so-to-speak.


Ruach is the soul light as it leaves the stage of Neshemah like a breath blown out of the mouth of a person. The soul light comes to rest on the level called Nefesh, which is in the blood of a physical human being, and, therefore, it acts as an interface between the spiritual and the physical.


The Ruach, the breath of the person's mouth or the soul light, comes to rest in the Nefesh, and it is a mediator between the blood of the human being, the animal nature, and the Neshemah above.


The Neshemah is the mind of God. The mind of God does not, according to this teaching, sit directly in the human being, in the blood of the human being. There is a mediator. The Neshemah rests upon the Ruach.


Now my understanding of this is that the Ruach is the personality. The teachings vary here, but personally, I cannot make any sense out of this other than to tell you that what the Kabbalists call the breath of man, the spirit of man, I call the personality. To me the mediator between the physical animal body and the mind of God is the personality.


I have been teaching for years, for all the years that I am teaching the Doctrine of Christ, that when the mind of God comes to you, you must choose who you will marry. Will you stay married to the blood?


The blood that is in your veins has consciousness. Satan and Leviathan dwell in the blood of the physical body. There is a body consciousness. All lusts of the flesh are a body consciousness; lust for food, lust for sex. Lust is a body consciousness. You have heard me say that my body is screaming for a bagel or something. I work so hard and my body is just screaming for a bagel, or my body wants that bagel, it is just screaming for it. There is lust of the flesh.


I hear somebody say that lust for food is all lust of your mind. That is true, it is lust of the mind at one point, but then it becomes an addiction of my body. I become addicted to white flour. If I have an ungodly diet, if I have a diet that is not healthy, my body becomes addicted to it, and I start craving the unhealthy foods, then I gain weight, and my body swells up, and I am not in a right state of mind. I put on water immediately; my legs start to swell up.


It may be a lust of the mind at some point, but it becomes an addiction of the body. Drug addiction, may start out as a mental or emotional problem, but it becomes a lust and a craving of the flesh, and there is this animal consciousness, this bestial consciousness, in the flesh. It is the same consciousness that the animals have, and our emotions are a part of it. Emotional lust is a very big thing; emotional needs are a part of the bestial body.


My understanding of this is that this mediator between the flesh body and the lusts of the flesh and the higher mind of Christ is the personality. This is not what Kabbalah says. The Kabbalists say there is something that mediates between the lusts of the flesh and the mind of Christ. I agree, or the Doctrine of Christ agrees with Kabbalah there. There is a mediator between the lusts of the flesh and the mind of Christ. However, Kabbalah says it is the spirit, it is the breath of life, and I say it is the personality.


I do not know. Maybe if I had a Kabbalist right here, he would say to me that that is what is meant by the breath of life. I do not know what he would say, but do not let this distress you in anyway. This is my understanding of the word Ruach, that it has to be the personality, and I tell you all the time, once the mind of Christ is grafted to you, you, the personality, must choose who you will cleave to, the lusts of your flesh or the mind of Christ, because if Satan and Leviathan is in your flesh, that means pride is in your flesh.


If Leviathan is in your blood, running through your veins, that means the pride of man which does not want to yield to the mind of Christ is in your flesh, and you, the personality, has the option to choose the mind of Christ which is now above you, or the mind of the flesh which flows through the blood in your veins called Satan and Leviathan, which is really beneath you.


I say that your flesh is beneath you because the personality has the potential to be redeemed. The personality is your Fiery Serpent. Back to the Doctrine of Christ, the Fiery Serpent, Cain and Abel within you, that two-fold symbiotic seed that is your mortal foundation, has the potential to be redeemed, but that seed is incarnated in a physical body that is controlled by Satan and Leviathan, and Satan and Leviathan have no redemption.


Abel is your redemption. Therefore, your personality arises out of Abel, the female that must choose between the true male and the pseudo-male. This is the problem that we have here, brethren, this manifests in our everyday life. I see it all the time. The problem that I run into with people is that I am so laid back. I do not know whether you all think I am laid back or not.


I know that I am pretty tough when it comes to our standards in our office work, and when it comes to my standards for your behavior in these meetings. I am very tough when I am in a position of authority in areas like this. However when I have to tell you something about your life, or when I am outside of my position of authority, I am very laid back. I will tell you, and if you do not listen, I will not fight with you.


People that exercise the authority in Satan will make it into a power play. They will threaten you with a sack or something if you do not do it. As the Lord moves me more and more into how Christ ministers even to people that he has authority over, I see that I cannot do this. Christ does not do this. He tells you, and he will tell you again, and maybe he will tell you a third time, and if you will not do it he will let you be.


That is what happened to Balaam. He said, Alright go do it, you will find out. It is pride that says, I told you the truth and you would not listen to me and now you will find out. I hope something bad happens to you so that you find out. Christ says, I did all I can for you, and now you are on your own, I hope for the best for you, but you are on your own.


We are migrating from the thoughts and the opinions of the carnal mind into the thoughts, and opinions, and methods, of Christ, and He is a whole new world. You cannot learn what He is like from a book. You can only learn what He is like from experience or from a teacher who has had those experiences.


In my opinion, the Ruach is the personality. Certainly these names have been ascribed by chance or convenience. Rather, know that the person himself is the spiritual element within the body. Listen to this, the person himself is the spiritual element within the body. You are not your body; I would say you are the personality. They say the person themselves. Person, personality, we are really saying the same thing in different words.


Rather know that the person himself or the personality himself is the spiritual element within the body, while the body is only a garment for the person. Your body is not you; you are not your body. This is what is written, On the flesh of man do not anoint, and that is (Exodus 30:32), as it is noted in ari, Parashat Bereishit, 20b.


I do not even know where to find these books. They probably have not even been translated into English, but I was surprised, pleasantly surprised, to find out that the Hebrews have books and books, and books, and books beyond the Scripture, and they are all commentaries and expositions on the Scripture.


That is probably what this is. This must be a commentary on Exodus 30:32. In other words, "flesh of man" implies that the flesh belongs to man, but it is not the man himself. "Flesh of man" is only the body and the exterior garment. It is not the real man. It is, therefore, not worthy to anoint your flesh, or to not pay too much attention to your flesh.


The first time I ever heard anything like that, it really had a shocking effect on me. I had this neighbor who was older and more sophisticated than I was. She was a nurse who traveled and lived all over the world, and I remember the day she said to me something to this effect. This body of mine is just giving me a problem. That was the first time I had ever heard anybody separate the person from my body.


But today, I, the personality, who is married to Christ Jesus, in myself, I am taking authority over this body more and more every day. I am rebuking infirmity; I do not have to get sick. I am praying over this body every day, commanding my immune system to get stronger. I cover my organs with the blood of Jesus, I pray over my body. This body is my servant. I cannot serve Jesus Christ when this body is not working.


I feel very powerful separating from my body and my mind because I was sick for years, and years, and years. A cold has been trying to get on me for about a week now. I rebuke it every day, and it goes away, and one night a couple of nights ago, it felt like I was really coming down with a cold. The old me rose and I almost said, Oh well I have a cold, and Christ just rose up in me and he said, Do not take that, and I rebuked it again, and the next day it was gone. It is power.


Just like I tell you all here all the time, I cannot submit to any of your ungodly pressure. I cannot. I must rule as the Lord Jesus teaches me and tells me to rule. Even if you are right in an issue, you must go through the correct protocol. You must go and pray, either that or if the situation applies, just come and talk to me. You cannot try to take authority over me. I cannot yield to that because it would bring down the whole ministry. If I yielded to you, you would come between me and Christ, and the whole ministry would crash.


In the same way, the Lord is teaching me that I must not yield to this body. Jesus Christ is my head, and this body is not my head. I must be at peak performance so that I can serve my God. There is power in that.


I have known it for years, but I have not lived it for years. I have believed it, but I have not implemented it in my life. I have not had the power to implement it in my life. For this to work for you, all of your sins must be under the blood. You must be willing to face whatever correction of mind, or attitude, or belief that the Lord brings to you for this to work, for you to have this kind of power, because your body is the vehicle of correction, frequently, for your sins.


If you have unconfessed sin, frequently your body is that which causes you pain. For this to work, you really have to be under corrective judgment, and you have to be dealing with your pride and rebellion every day, and listening, and be willing to listen and pray about and believe, by faith, every correction that any legitimate authority gives to you. That is when you get this kind of power. What I just described to you separates you from your body of death.


Paul talked about a body of death. The body of death is both our carnal mind and its expression which is this physical body.


We are reading on, we are on page two.


In other words, the flesh of man implies that the flesh belongs to man, but it is not the man himself. The flesh of man is only the body and exterior garment, it is not the real man. It is, therefore, not worthy to be anointed.


The body is not anointed, brethren, neither are the activities of the body anointed unless they are under the control of the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of Christ.


We are told, Since man.... this is the words of the Ari, and I guess I have not been distinguishing between the two. I will try to do it in the future. This is the translated words of the Ari. Since man connects all four worlds, well we have.... maybe I better stop here because I see we have an abbreviation here. I did want to put something on the board for you. Maybe this is a good place to stop.


This is drawing #1, I have written the names of the four worlds on the board, and I have taken the first letter of the name of each world, the a of Atzilut, the b of Beriah, the y of Yetzirah and the a of Asiyah, and, of course, what I am doing is what the Kabbalists have been doing for generations, and we form an acronym.


An acronym is a word that is made from the first letter of a series of words, and I believe the pronunciation of the ABY'A is Abya. Exactly why they put the apostrophe in there, I cannot explain to you at this time, but we are dealing in Kabbalah now, and it behoves us to make some effort to learn these acronyms. Just as we learned the names of the Sefirot and the names of the worlds, let us try to learn some of these acronyms.


If you hear or come across the word ABY’A, it is an acronym which represents all four worlds. Instead of saying the four worlds, we just say Abya. I will try to do both for you as we go along, but we are studying from a text, and we could be in this study for a long time.


We are studying from a text that uses these acronyms so let us try and get it. If ever you see one of these acronyms, and you cannot remember what they mean, just look at the letters and try and figure out what each letter stands for. Just try and figure it out until you get used to it.


Drawing #3 is on the board. I have inserted this into the teaching here. The teaching is the Lurianic concept of reincarnation, but, as always, as we study Kabbalah, the Lord gives me His input into it. If ever you see a drawing, or you hear from any message that you are listening to, if you hear me saying, this is Christ-Centered Kabbalah, that means that the segment that I am teaching at that point is not Isaac Luria's teaching, but it is what the Lord has brought forth in me, either in response to something that Isaac Luria has said, or in addition to what Isaac Luria has said.


What we have on the board here with drawing #3 is in addition to what Isaac Luria has said, and I have chosen this point to put it on the board. Actually, I have a couple of pages of notes that the Lord gave me as I was reading these messages, and we will insert the information on drawing #3 at this point. It is a title, the rectification of the five parts of the personality in the world of Asiyah.


I do not think I made it clear to you, but this whole concept of reincarnation.... I do not know about you, but I really never fully understood what Kabbalah was talking about when it spoke about the rectification of the soul, and it was something that I did not really deal with because I associated this concept of rectification with salvation by works, which I do not believe in. I really never addressed the concept.


But I now understand that what the Kabbalists are talking about when they say the rectification of the soul is perfection. They are talking about the perfection of the soul, and we know that we are called to perfection.


Let me remind you that we are complete in him. When Christ Jesus is joined to us, we are complete. Before Christ Jesus is joined to us, we are spiritually female. When Christ Jesus is joined to us, our male side is joined to us, and we now have the potential to be a spiritual man or, technically, we are a spiritual man, but you have to be living out of that manhood to really be a man.


The reason we need to be completed is that we are just female, and the spiritual man is male and female. Therefore, Christ Jesus completes us. He is our manhood but after we are completed then we have to go on to be perfected, and this perfection is what the Kabbalists call rectification, and they say that there are five levels to the soul, Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Chaya, and Yechida, and each of these five levels of the soul exists in all of the worlds.


These five levels exist in Asiyah, and Asiyah is the world of action. That is where we are, here. These fives levels exist in Yetzirah which is the spiritual world that some people call the astral plane, and these five levels exist in Beriah, the world of creation, which is pretty high. That is where the spiritual man Adam, is. And these five levels exist in Atzilut where the man, Ze'ir Anpin, the father of Adam, is.


According to the Kabbalistic teaching, each one of these five levels of soul, in all of the four worlds, have to be perfected for us to enter into immortality, and this perfection is really talking about overcoming our carnal, fallen nature. That is what rectification is all about.


When the Kabbalists say, in your first incarnation you have to rectify the Nefesh of Asiyah, we know from the Doctrine of Christ that the Nefesh is the life of the flesh that is in the blood. I spoke about that earlier during this message. That is the lust of the flesh. Satan and Leviathan dwell in our blood, they are in our blood. All of the curses and the blessings are in the blood. That is how it goes from generation to generation.


Satan and Leviathan are pride and envy, and every evil work is in the Nefesh, in the life of the flesh. That Nefesh has to be perfected. That means that the mind and the personality of God which is coming to dwell in us must join himself to each aspect of our soul. The Kabbalists say soul, I say personality. We are talking about the same thing. Our New Man is being added to us.  This is Christ-Centered Kabbalah. The Kabbalists do not say anything about a new man being added to them. The Kabbalists are still clinging to the instruction manual that was given to the people before the flood.


Let us say you incarnate, you have experiences in this world, and you perfect your Nefesh, that means you overcome the lusts of the flesh. You do not fornicate, you do not commit adultery, you do not masturbate, you fast. You know when you are called to fast, you eat only the healthiest foods. You have to bring the lusts of your flesh under control by your own will power, although, I do not know if the Kabbalists would say that, but they believe that you rectify the soul by doing the Mitzvah.


You do all these good works. You light the candles, you put the tefilin on, you say this prayer when you wake up in the morning, you say that prayer when you go to sleep at night. You believe that doing all these actions will perfect your Nefesh, and bring every lust of the flesh and of the mind (it is not just a lust for food, or lust for sex; the mind lusts) under control.


Do you know how many people have envy, and they do not recognize it as envy? Everybody has envy. Envy is the number one characteristic of Satan, and Satan is everybody's unconscious mind. You may have survived in this world by not recognizing envy in yourself, and by pushing it aside if ever you do recognize it, but everybody has envy, and if you are not policing the unconscious part of your mind, you do not even have a clue as to the degree to which you are envious of anybody.


That is all in the Nefesh, in the life that is in the blood. That has to be perfected. That means, according to the Kabbalists, you have to overcome that, but then again I do not see the Kabbalists talking about overcoming the thoughts of your mind and your heart, or maybe they do know that, maybe they do understand that rectifying the Nefesh means....


The Lord just corrected me, they do understand that it is a correction of the thought life, and the heart life, and the emotions. They do understand that, but they believe that this can be accomplished by doing carnal acts, and maybe that was true before the flood, according to the revelation that is coming down here, but it is not true of fallen man in his present condition.


What is the proof that I have of this? Brethren, look at the world, look at the Jew. It has been 2000 years since Jesus appeared, and I believe it was 400 years before that, that Israel was without a prophet. Israel had been backslidden for 400 years by the time Jesus appeared. I am not mocking the Jewish people but do you see anybody being rectified amongst the Jewish people? On the contrary, the Jewish leaders are very concerned at the mass defection of the modern Jew, both in the United States and in Israel, and I am sure in other parts of the world. Jews are departing from the faith.


I have not had a secular job in about eleven years now, but before that when I use to work in Manhattan, there was a man that looked like a genuine Chasidic man to me with the black hat and the black coat, roaming around mid-Manhattan on lunch hour trying to pick up a woman, and I mentioned it to a Chasidic Rabbi that I had a relationship with at the time, and his response to me was that the man is not a Jew.


Who is a Jew? Someone who acts like a Jew? I bet you that man was in synagogue every Saturday saying all his prayers and doing all his Mitzvah, and he had a lust that was so strong that he was out there looking for some non-Jewish woman to relieve himself with.


I have heard stories of recent date of what goes on in the Chasidic communities. It is not gossip; these are people who have family members. I am not against the Chasids. My whole point is that they are not being rectified; they are going down. They are not being rectified, it is not working. Even one of the Rabbis that I study with openly admits that the intellect of the Jew today is not comparable to the intellect of the Jew in past years. I do not know how far back he would go. Do you know that Chayyim Vital learned Isaac Luria's whole system in eighteen months? I am still on gate one of the seven gates, and I have not even mastered that yet, and that is after two years.


The intellect of the Jew in the past was highly superior to the intellect of the Jew today. I am told that they knew the whole Scripture; there was no chapter or verse they did not know. They knew where everything was. I wish I could memorize the whole Bible. I have not memorized the whole Bible. I need a computer program to go look up a Scripture that I am looking for.


It is not working. Reincarnation is not perfecting the Jew, because the plan that they are preaching and teaching is the plan for a past age. There is a new plan for this age, and that plan has a name, and that name is Jesus Christ. That is the only name by which we can be saved. Christ-Centered Kabbalah teaches that we have a new man; a new man is being given to us.


One of the things that the Jews preach is the Hebrew soul. I saw a documentary on Israel recently about the conflict between the secular Jew and the religious Jew in Israel, and it shows the religious Jew going around preaching to the secular Jew saying, Come to synagogue, receive the Jewish soul, come to synagogue, receive the Jewish soul. That sounds like, Receive the seed of Christ to me, but has the religious Jew really received the seed of Christ? If he has, how come the nation of Israel is not being perfected? It is because they have the wrong plan for this age.


Maybe they receive something when they live their religious life, I do not know. God is so merciful that I have no problem believing He is visiting them on some level. Maybe they receive something; either the Holy Spirit or something comparable to the Holy Spirit, but that is not the seed. What I am trying to say is maybe they hear from God as they read the Scriptures and pray their prayers. Maybe in that Holy word, they hear from God, but that does not mean they have the seed.


We have to get a new man because our old man is dead. He is dead, and he is not going to rise again. Our old man is evil, desperately wicked, who can know it? But we have a new man, a righteous one made in the image of Almighty God, and He has come to graft himself to us and become us, and our salvation is through union with Him. Our new man grafts to us, and He comes to perfect us.


He is perfecting us a piece at a time, and He starts with the Nefesh of Asiyah. You must come under obedience. All the little disciplines that we have in this ministry are all a part of coming under obedience. Everything that I have taught you, everything that I have asked you to do, all work towards the perfection of your soul. Every time I ask you to do it my way, you must learn to put down the lusts of your flesh, the pride of your flesh that wants to do it your way, or that feels embarrassed if I ask you to do it my way. That is the perfection of the flesh. You must come under obedience.


We do not have this in the Church today. This is a part of discipleship. Most of the Church is filled with rebellion. They would never submit to the program we have here. In this ministry you are all participating in the rectification or the perfection of the Nefesh of Asiyah within you, and this message is in the Doctrine of Christ. The Doctrine of Christ expresses it this way; we must all come under the headship of God. Cain, our carnal man, must come under the dominion of the Lord, and Abel, our spiritual man, must come under obedience.


This was being taught here years ago, and it is what this aspect of Isaac Luria's doctrine of reincarnation is talking about. The only difference is that he is expressing it in a different way than I expressed it, and he is breaking it down into five levels rather than the two levels that I taught you.


I taught you that Cain and Abel have to come under the dominion of Christ. Isaac Luria breaks it down into five aspects. After you get through the fifth aspect Yechida, after you acquire Yechida in Asiyah, then you go to the world of Yetzirah and you start with the Nefesh of Yetzirah. I sort of evaluated all of us here when I was putting this message together, and I think that I am at the very, very beginning of Yetzirah. That is somewhat disappointing, although I should have known it.


I keep telling you to not judge me by the revelation I have. Judge me by the health of my body, judge me by my victory in life in every area, judge me by the spiritual growth. Those of you that have known me over a period of years should judge me by how I have changed for the better. Judge me by how I manifest Christ; judge me by how I deal with crisis and difficulties in my life.


I am not really surprised that I am at the very, very bottom of Yetzirah, and I believe that you are all at the bottom of your Nefesh. You all are up to the perfection of your Nefesh. One of the reasons you are here, is to learn to come under obedience.


I do believe that this rectification is not linear; I believe that several aspects of your soul can be in the process of being perfected at the same time. Although, according to what I read by Isaac Luria, he says that people spend a whole lifetime perfecting one aspect of their soul. Maybe that is true according to his program, but from everything that I have seen, according to the program of Jesus Christ, you can be perfecting more than one aspect at a time.


According to Isaac Luria, you cannot begin to perfect or rectify your Ruach until your Nefesh is completely rectified, until you have completely come under obedience to authority, but I see it happening otherwise. When your Ruach comes under instruction to be perfected, it results in the departure from Satan’s spirituality. The Ruach is the human spirit or the personality, and this is what the Lord gave me. The rectification of the Ruach is the departure from Satan's spirituality.


The whole world is in witchcraft. Do not shut off the tape or lay down the transcript. Witchcraft is just a word. Witchcraft is a word which means control; the whole world is into control. Most people are into to control. Another way to say it is power. Most people are into power, and because of the world that we live in, you almost cannot blame them, because this world is a jungle. Either you are the controlled or the controller. However, in Christ, we do not have to be either, but not many people are living out of Christ.


Concerning the rectification or the perfection of your human spirit, or your personality, you are working on departing from Satan's spirituality. You must depart from Satan's spirituality. We teach that here also, you are working on that also. Everybody here is working on the perfection of their Nefesh. You are coming under obedience. You are also working on the perfection of your human spirit or your personality because every time you manifest a control spirit, we deal with it here, and I explain to you that there is a better way in Christ to do things.


Then the third aspect of the soul is the Neshemah which is the breath of God or the mind of God. The Neshemah is the mind of Christ. When He comes to you, He comes with gifts. The first thing that he sends to you is the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which come out of Beriah. That is a realm of soul that is higher than you have in yourself.


Not many human beings ever acquire the mind of God. Many never acquire the mind of God, and according to Isaac Luria, many never even acquire a Ruach. Now I do not know about that. That could be, but since I call the Ruach the personality…. I suspect when he says, There are many who do not acquire Ruach, he is not talking about personality. He must be talking about some level of spirituality. However, I think I even read in a Kabbalistic book that Ruach is personality. So I do not know how you could not acquire a personality.


Do you know what the Lord just said to me? This is what the Lord just said to me. He said that the word personality from a Kabbalistic point of view, is talking about the emergence of what I have in the past called a civilized man.


An animal has a personality. If you ever had a pet dog or a pet cat, you would know that animals have personalities. I had a dog, and he had a personality. That dog used to get mad at me; his eyes would turn red when he got mad at me. When I would put him out of the house in the back yard, he would stand at the door and bark at me; that dog was mad at me, and I knew it.


There is personality in the Nefesh; there is personality in the animal nature. The Ruach is the personality of the civilized man who begins to learn how to communicate, the man who begins to learn how to talk to get his needs met. Do you know that there are still people in the world that are always ready to brawl and fight to get what they want? They come with a strong arm to fight and take what they want.  Then there is a civilized man who knows there is a better way to do things.


That is what the Kabbalist is talking about when he says the personality is added to the Nefesh. Then you have to work for the Neshemah, according to the Kabbalist. According to the Kabbalist, if you do all of the Mitzvah you receive a Neshemah which is the mind of God. Of course, we know that there is no way that you could work for that. It is a free gift. You have to get it from Jesus Christ.


This is what the Lord gave me; the beginning of the mind of God is the Holy Spirit and His gifts. Then the next aspect that is added to you is the Chaya, and not many people attain to this. The Kabbalists call it the life force, the life force of the Nefesh and the Ruach. The Lord told me (and I have read in other Kabbalistic books) that the Chaya is the conscience. The Lord told me that the Chaya is the conscience of wisdom, not the conscience of the law, but the conscience of wisdom that overcomes ignorance, the wisdom that overcomes ignorance. That is when you understand the law.


When you are a brute beast, you come under the law, and you do it because you do not want to go to jail, or you do not want to get hurt. But when the Chaya comes to live with you, you understand the reason for the law, and that changes the whole dynamics. When you do not understand the reason for the law, and you have a lust in your members that wants to do something, and the law says you cannot do it, that means you live under a struggle. You really want to do it, and the only reason you are not doing it is because the law says you should not do it, and so you suffer because you deny yourself your own desires. But when the Chaya is added to you, when you receive the conscience of wisdom, you understand why the law is a good thing, and you come into agreement with the law.


Let us say you are a young person, and you are lusting to fornicate, and you live in this society where everybody is doing it, and you say, I love the boy or I love the girl. Why can we not do it? My parents are just old fogies and they just do not want me to have a good time. However, you do not do it because you are afraid to do it because of whatever law has been put on you. So you suffer, and you are angry, and you are resentful, and you are hurt.


But when Chaya comes to live with you, you understand that your best bet for a positive life is to wait to get married and to make a life with yourself with one mate, and to make sex a part of a whole relationship that involves responsibility and caring for other people. You understand that, that is the best and safest way to deal with human lust so that it does not become negative in your life. When you understand that, you will agree with the law, and your pain will not be there.


But of course, who understands this until they are 50 or 60 years old, right? Children never understand this at their young age, or teenagers, so they are under the law. But that is what happens when you get your Chaya.


Then the fifth level of soul is Yechida, and you are still all in Asiyah. Yechida means unity, and unity means the marriage of the mind of God that has been given to you, the Neshemah which is male, to the Ruach, the personality which has been given to you. That, I believe, is Christ which is grafted to Abel, according to the Doctrine of Christ, and then you are both male and female, and they are unified, and you become Adam, the man. You become the powerful, spiritual man, Adam, who abides in Beriah, and Adam is male and female.


Of course in Genesis 1:7, we are told that Adam was male and female, and in Colossians 1:27, we are told that Christ in us is our only hope of glorification.


For some reason, the Kabbalists and the Hebrews have not been able to make the transition. For some reason, they have not been able to understand that a lot of their methods that they teach do not apply to them. I think part of the problem might be that they believe that God put us in these bodies. Although, I could be wrong about that; I do not have insight into the great minds of the Kabbalists. I only have the messages that have been translated here.


However, there just seems to be a block there that they cannot get this understanding. It has to be some manifestation of pride that will not let them acquire this understanding. Another problem that they have is that they believe that there is a distinct separation between the Jew and the rest of the world, so they would have a problem believing that the soul of Asiyah, the great equalizer, is poured out upon all of humanity.


There will always be a separation in function. I mean, let us say the Orthodox Jewish community received Jesus Christ tomorrow and they all received the seed and they would now have this glorious potential to be a supernatural man in addition to all the knowledge that they have. There would be a distinct difference between them and the Church. But it is only a temporary difference. The difference is not in quality, the difference is in development.


I am your leader and I am your teacher, I am no better than you are, but, in function, I have more authority than you do because of my ability and my qualifications, but our end will be the same. We are all going to grow up into the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ. So any separation between someone that has more authority or more knowledge to teach and the person that is the recipient, any such discrepancy is temporary. It is a real discrepancy, and you are supposed to honor the elders in the Church, but it is only a temporary discrepancy because at the end of all things, we are all going to be restored to our place in the body of Christ under the control of the Lord Jesus, and he will be fully shining through us.


Does anybody have any questions or comments on this teaching?


This is what the Lord gave me as I studied Isaac Luria's Gate of Reincarnations. If there are no comments or questions about this, we will just go on with Section One of Chapter One. We have a little bit more of Section One, and we will have drawing # 4 here, consisting of this chart. On with page two, we see a chart here showing the relationship between the four worlds. We have the four worlds listed with their Hebrew name, with their English name, and with the level of soul.


We see that the world of Atzilut has an English translation of emanation. The world of Emanation is Atzilut, and that level of soul is called Chaya. When the Chaya comes and grafts to you, or joins to you, you now have some connection to this higher world of Atzilut. Jesus tells us that where He is, we are with him. The Holy Spirit, I believe, comes out of Beriah. When we have the seed grafted to us, one end of Him is in us, and the other end of Him is in Atzilut, a very high place.


However, that is not going to do us any good until that seed is trained up, until we come under obedience to Him. As I mentioned earlier on in this message, the majority of the Church hears from their carnal mind and convinces themselves that it is the mind of Christ. This error must be exposed, and that is one of the things that we do here.


We teach you to distinguish between the mind of Christ and your carnal mind in your thoughts, in your urges, because when a spirit talks to you, frequently it is not in an audible voice. It is just an impression, a strong impulse to do something. The carnal mind can speak to you in that way as well as the mind of Christ. Most Christians that I have met cannot tell the difference between the good side of their carnal mind and their Christ mind. They could tell if it was an evil thought in their mind. They would know that was not God, but it could be a good thought. Yes, Satan can give you a good thought.


We had that situation here just a couple of weeks ago. I asked you all to do something, and then one of you heard a voice or had a thought telling you to pray. The person chose to pray rather than do what I told them, and they were shocked when I said that, that was Satan in their mind. They said, Satan would tell me to pray?


Yes, the good side of Satan tricked you into being disobedient because what she told you to do was a good thing. That is the kind of thing that we teach here. You must learn to distinguish between the good side of your carnal mind and your Christ mind if you are to go on. Of course, you want to go on.


As I tell you all the time, we all love the doctrine, we love to study doctrine; it is delicious and satisfying and makes us feel good. That is the sweetness. The bitterness is having the errors of our mind revealed to us. This ministry or the ministry of Christ is both bitter and sweet, but I do believe that we attain to a place, eventually, where the sweetness overshadows the bitterness.


Eventually, we will get there, and this is the path that we are traveling, the rectification or the perfection of our soul. It is a level or a degree of our soul at a time, as our new man, Christ Jesus, deals with these aspects of our old nature and changes them into His way of thinking and His way of doing things.


I read something in this teaching that excited me. The way it is expressed in Isaac Luria's Gate of Reincarnations is that (of course, I am putting this in my own words) the light of our new man, the power of his mind, will shine so brightly in every one of these areas at some point, that even though our Nefesh is still there, and the pride of our mind is raging in our blood, the life and the mind of Christ Jesus who is joined to us will be shining so brightly that all of the pride, or shouting, or  yelling-the noise of Satan and Leviathan- will not even be perceived.


We studied this concept in The Tree of Life. Do you remember that the light from the eyes shines in the same place that the light from the nose and the light from the ears is shining? The light from the ears, the nose, and the mouth is all shining in the same place, and when the light of the eyes overshadows it, you cannot see any of those lights. You cannot see the light of the nose where the light of the ears is shining; you cannot see the light of the mouth where the light of the ears is shining.


Christ Jesus in us is going to grow up to be such a powerful glorious man that he is going to shine so brightly through us that our sin nature will not even be perceived. The very glory that will be revealed in us will cripple our old man. That is what is going to happen to us.


Yes, we are required to do everything we can to resist and restrain the sin nature. We have to be civilized people, but that is only temporary. You must resist sin only for a season until such time that our new man matures to the point that he so overshadows our sin nature that his glory cripples it.


We are simply occupying until he comes. Resist sin until your new man cripples her. We will never overcome sin by resisting. That is what the law does. Under the law, we resist sin, but it never goes away. We just resist it. Sometimes we fall, then we get back up and resist it again, but we can never, never, kill sin by resisting it in our own strength.


Therefore, the most important aspect of our walk with God is to do everything possible to build and nurture the new man in us, because He is our Savior. The new man in us is our Savior. He is our hope that our sin nature will be crippled by his glory in us. We can never do it of ourselves.


We must seek to bring forth the new man in us, and one of the things that we must do to bring him forth is to fall out of agreement with our carnal mind, and you cannot do that until you can recognize the thoughts of your carnal mind and distinguish them from the thoughts of Christ. As much as we love the revelation, that is the least important aspect of the ministry of Christ. Praise the Lord.


The world of Atzilut (in English, world of Emanation) is associated with the Chaya level of soul. The world of Beriah (in English, the world of Creation) is associated with the Neshemah level of soul. The world of Yetzirah (in English, the world of Formation) is associated with the Ruach level of soul. The world of Asiyah, (in English, the world of Action) is associated with the Nefesh level of soul. When you have any of these levels of soul within you, you have an aspect of the world that it is associated with, within you.


We are told in the book of Ecclesiastes that the worlds are within us, and the five aspects of our soul (actually, it is more than five because there are four worlds, so there are really twenty aspects of our soul if you can hear that) is a little bit of the associated world within us, within our mind.


Going on with our notes at the bottom of page two, our commentary says, a very important concept implied by our text here. Even though a person's physical body is minuscule compared to the physical world, his spiritual soul spans all five spiritual worlds that emanate from the Ayn Sof.


He is saying five worlds; that means he is including Adam Kadmon. Let me read that again. Even though a person's physical body is minuscule compared to the physical world, his spiritual soul…. and that would be his spiritual soul as opposed to his carnal soul, or his new man as opposed to his old man. ….his spiritual soul spans all five spiritual worlds that emanate from Ayn Sof.


Since there is a direct and automatic correlation between the levels of soul and the levels of worlds, man's actions, besides having a direct impact on his soul, have a direct impact on the corresponding spiritual worlds.


Do you hear this? Every thought you think, everything you do, is affecting the whole spiritual world associated with the state of mind that you are in when you are doing these things. You are affecting a whole world, brethren. This is just another way of saying that the person that is sensitive in Christ is afflicted by someone else's anger. If your anger manifest in a world that I am conscious to, I have tidal waves, and cyclones, and hurricanes in that spiritual world within me. That is a tough one, but I just told you the truth.


Since there is a direct and automatic correlation between the levels of soul and the levels of worlds, man's actions, besides having a direct impact on his soul, have a direct impact on the corresponding spiritual worlds. When a person performs righteous deeds, it unifies the levels of his soul and, hence, the four worlds and the opposite is true if a person sins.


Let us see, we have a footnote [4]. I will not deal with that right now. Let me just go over that with you again.


When a person performs righteous deeds, now this is Lurianic Kabbalah, when a person performs righteous deeds in the flesh, it unifies the levels of his soul. We know that, that is not true on this side of the flood. Righteous deeds cannot cause the unification of the aspects of the soul, only the Spirit of Christ can unify your soul.  These righteous deeds of Jesus Christ unify the levels of soul and, hence the four worlds within you as well.


Do remember that we are fallen, and we are dying because we are separate. We have all been broken in pieces, so unification is the way that we will return unto immortality.


Then our note says, the opposite is true if a person sins. This means that to whatever degree your soul is unified within you, that unification will disintegrate when you sin. Brethren, we see that happening all over this country today.


The unification of the soul-if the Nefesh is under the control of the Ruach, and the Ruach is under the control of the Neshemah-brings about a wholesomeness and orderliness to society. That was what we had back in the 1950s. There was a lot of order in our society; there was a lot of order in the family. Then rock and roll music came in, in the late fifties, and a lot of parents who in those days had a lot of control over their children, were very concerned about rock and roll, that it would bring out the lower nature in their children.


In those days, people, society was much more wholesome, and the bestial nature was under the authority of the Ruach. It was illegal in those days to read people's fortunes. The Ruach, the rectified Ruach, had departed from Satan's spirituality. The Ruach was under the Neshemah, for people who were in God, especially if they had faith in Jesus Christ or the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which is faith in Jesus Christ. Their life was wholesome and these parents were concerned that rock and roll music would free up that Nefesh, and bring out the bestial desires that are present in all men, and they were right.


Look at what has happened to our society, from the 1950s to the year 2003. We have nine year old children who have already had ten sex partners. Just a couple of weeks ago, there was an article in the paper that two children were having oral sex on the school bus. That did not happen because of rock and roll music but rock and roll music was the beginning of the release of the Nefesh, and it has spread like wild fire through the whole society. Rock and roll music was just a point of contact that Satan uses. A lot of other things happened also. This is just an example. The parents were concerned that the Nefesh in their children would be released.


Our Nefesh is supposed to be bound up. Our Nefesh is never supposed to lead us. It is supposed to be under the authority of the Neshemah, the mind and the conscience of God, and then if you get the Chaya added to you, or the Yechida added to you, then you are really strong. When Christ Jesus in me married my personality, I began to become strong. That is where the strength is, in the unity.


I believe that my whole Asiyah is rectified but not completely rectified, because I still have a problem with lusting for food. I have not really overcome. My discipline of eating habits is not perfected. I weigh more than I would like to weigh, and I have not been able to take the weight off, because I have not been able to overcome the lust and the domination of my Nefesh in this one area.


I still have other areas where I struggle, where Satan opposes me. I still struggle with certain areas; I am not a perfectly disciplined person. Although, I think a lot of people would say that I am very disciplined, the way I run this ministry, but I know in my heart that in areas where Satan opposes me, I am not as disciplined as I could be.


But practically, Asiyah within me is pretty much rectified, and I am working in Yetzirah, which is a high place to be. According to what I have read, Moses may not have gotten beyond Yetzirah. He ascended to the higher levels of Yetzirah.


Are there any questions or comments about what I have taught here?


Let me see. We have just a little bit more on this Section One. Let us see what it has to say. We are at the bottom of page two. This is the translation of Isaac Luria's Gate of Reincarnations right now. Since man connects to all four worlds of ABY'A…. (ABY'A is an acronym for Atzilut, Beriah, Yetzirah, and Asiyah). Since man connects all four worlds of ABY'A, by necessity, there has to exist within him sections from all four worlds.


We said that just above. It says, Since man connects to all four worlds of ABY'A, by necessity, there has to exist within him sections from all four worlds. We are being taught that there are five aspects of soul and that these aspects of soul are connected to four spiritual worlds.


The conclusion we must draw, if that is true, is that there are five levels of soul in us that are connected to four spiritual worlds. If this is true, then, therefore (that is what by necessity means), there has to exist within each man sections from all four worlds. If the soul is in us, and the soul is connected to the worlds, then aspects of those worlds are in us. The Book of Ecclesiastes says that the worlds are within us.


Each section is called by one of the five names. So we have sections of all four worlds within us, and each section is called by one of the five names, and I honestly do not know how to pronounce this, but we have another acronym here NRNCh'y. I do not know how to pronounce it, but we have an N, an R, an N, a Ch, and a y. Now that must mean Nefesh, Ruach, Neshemah, Chaya, and Yechida. I would like to know what the pronunciation of that is, but I do not have it to put on this tape.


Here is a commentary. Why did the original text of the Gate of Reincarnations use the word introductions and not chapters? The way of wisdom is to acquire…. (this is the answer).


Does everybody understand the question? The question is why does the original Gates of Reincarnation translation, call the four chapters introduction? What are they introducing? Here is the answer.


The way of wisdom is to acquire knowledge, one piece after another until the entire subject fits together clearly into one whole. For this realization at the end, all these introductions were needed first.


To get the whole picture, to understand the whole picture, you have to have or have to experience and learn all of these pieces of knowledge, and they all fit together, eventually, clearly into one whole. Therefore, Isaac Luria says, these are not chapters. They are introductions. Each piece, each lesson that we learn is an introduction to the whole understanding of reincarnation


We do have a footnote here. The footnote goes back.... I should have read it at that time. The footnote goes back to the bottom of page two where it says, when a person performs righteous deeds it unifies the levels of his soul, and that refers us to footnote # 4 on page 3, and this is called the Glassblower Analogy.


In the Zohar, Chapter 3, Verse 25a, we find that the Nefesh is bound to the Ruach, the Ruach is bound to the Neshemah, and the Neshemah is bound to the blessed Holy one, which is Ze'ir Anpin. The three thus form a sort of chain linking man to God. The idea of these three parts is best explained on the basis of the verse in Genesis 2:7, God formed man out of the dust of the earth, and He blew into his nostrils a breath of life.


This is likened to the process of blowing glass, which begins with the breath, and the Hebrew word for breath is neshemah. It begins with the breath of the glassblower, it flows as wind which is Ruach through the glass blowing pipe, and finally comes to rest in the Nefesh, the vessel that is being formed.


The Neshemah thus comes from the same root as Neshamah meaning "breath," and this is the breath of God. The Nefesh comes from a root meaning "to rest," and, therefore, refers to the part of the soul that is bound to the body and rests there. Ruach means a wind, and it is the part of the soul that binds the Neshemah and the Nefesh.


That is just an explanation. Does anybody have any question about that? I think it was pretty self-explanatory. Are there any questions or comments? We have completed Section One of Chapter One.


We will begin Section Two of Paragraph One. I am going to comment on the first paragraph on that page, and then we will close part one of this message.


This is Chapter One, Section Two, and the title is Spiritual Growth From Level to Level. This is the translated words of Isaac Luria now.


He does not acquire all of them, talking about all five levels of soul at one time, but rather according to the man's worthiness. This is the major difference that Christ-Centered Kabbalah has with Lurianic Kabbalah. We could never merit a higher level of soul. All of humanity is descending; we are descending. Spiritually, we are deteriorating. We have been deteriorating since the flood. The Lord attempted to raise us up by giving the law to the Jews on Mount Sinai. That was a move of God to hinder the deterioration which worked for a season and then failed.


The creation is deteriorating. Then the Lord sent Jesus Christ, and that brought a great deal of morality, certainly to Europe, to the Europeans, and that is failing today. It is amazing to know of the Christian morality that existed in Europe and, in particular, in Great Britain in the past, and to see the condition that they are in now. It is amazing to know of the morality that existed in this country, United States of America, and to see the condition that we are in now.


Man cannot sustain the victory. When the Spirit of God comes in and attaches himself to us, we find the power to overcome our carnal mind, but it never lasts. This is what happened in both the nations of Great Britain and the United States, and the Jews.  It has never lasted in all of human history. The ability to overcome our fallen nature has only been acquired and sustained in the person of Jesus of Nazareth.


You ask what about Enoch, who walked with God and was not, and what about Elijah, and what about Jonah and a whole bunch of holy men? They are all in Jesus. He is the latest expression of the glory that was in these men. You cannot do it in this third stage of the fall. You cannot be worthy, nobody is worthy. We need a new man, the man from above.


What is interesting is that you will see as we go on with these messages that Isaac Luria talks about a righteous soul coming to dwell with us. It is amazing the revelation that they have of everything that Jesus Christ is doing, and yet they cannot see that he has done it, or they do not believe that he has done it.


It is a very fine line. Lurianic Kabbalah talks about the righteous soul coming to dwell with you to help you to perfect your soul, and that is exactly what is happening to us. The righteous soul of the glorified Jesus Christ is dwelling with us, to help us to overcome our sin nature, but, yet for some reason, it is not working for the Jew today. Maybe it is a soul of a righteous man who was not perfected.


We have the soul of a righteous man who was perfected to the point that He came out of the body. What about Enoch and Elijah? They are manifesting today as Jesus Christ. I do not really even have the answer to this one you know. What about these holy men of Israel that claimed Elijah comes to teach them, and Elijah comes to join to their soul to give them the power to overcome. Why are not they perfected?


Do you know something? I do not know what the answer is. I do not know what the answer is to that. If someone asked me that question, I would not know what to tell them.


It is late and I am a little tired, but I am going to put that question before the Lord and, hopefully, I will have an answer for you by the time we preach part two here.


Ah, I have the answer! Jesus Christ glorified has the authority to plant a seed in us that will graft to us and become a part of us, and become our permanent new man. If the spirit of Elijah (if it is even possible because he is swallowed up into Jesus today, but let us say it is possible for the spirit of Elijah to come and dwell with a man to help him to overcome) the glorified Elijah does not have the authority to leave a part of himself with you that will become your new man.


Only Jesus Christ has that authority to give himself to you in a permanent way. As a matter of fact, as I have read in these teachings, the righteous souls that come to dwell with you are not interwoven with you. That is an advanced teaching. I am jumping ahead of myself here.


They do not weave together with you and, therefore they are not damaged by your sin. They are just there to help you, but the seed of Jesus Christ weaves together with you and becomes you. Therefore, salvation is only in that Holy name, Jesus. There is no salvation in the name Elijah. Only Elijah in the form of Jesus who was glorified has the ability to impart a permanent expression of himself to us.


According to this teaching of Lurianic Kabbalah, the righteous soul comes and dwells with you for a season, just long enough to strengthen you to overcome and then leaves. After the righteous soul leaves, you are left there with a personality or a soul that maybe has dominion over the lusts of your flesh, but you do not have the potential for immortality which is in Jesus Christ.


These righteous souls come to assist you, but they do not weave together with you, and they do not give you any permanent manifestation of their own life. All that you have done is to raise up your carnal mind; you have raised up your carnal mind to a higher level, but there is no immortality in that. You have to be woven together with the new man to acquire his life.


I thank you Lord for helping me with that answer.


Lurianic Kabbalah says, the man does not acquire all five levels of soul at one time, but, rather according to his worthiness, and we know that since we are in these flesh bodies on this side of the flood, no man is worthy, and we all need a Savior. That is why we need a Savior because nobody is worthy, because even if a righteous soul comes to help us, once he leaves, we are in trouble.


You may recall that, that was what happened to Elisha. You may recall the alternate translation of the account of Elijah and Elisha, where several people, a lot of people were coming to Elisha and saying to him, You know Elisha, Elijah is going to be taken up, Elijah is going to be taken up, and who is going to be there to help you to control your Nefesh, now that Elijah is being taken up?


Do you remember that? Do you remember that teaching?


Sure enough, once Elijah was taken up, Elisha's soul blew apart. Elisha had five levels of soul that were all bound together under the authority of the highest level, and his soul was being kept in that condition by Elijah's mind, and when Elijah was taken up out of the flesh, Elisha's soul unravelled.


Does anybody remember what happened to Elisha, how he overcame, because Elisha went on to be a great prophet to Israel. Elisha knew that his soul was unravelling, and Satan and Leviathan that were in his Nefesh were arising to power. Elisha experienced the flood; Satan started to rise in him, and Elisha cried out to God to deliver him, and the glorified spirit of Elijah came and saved him.


Elijah is the Savior of Israel. Jesus who is a future incarnation of Elijah is the Savior of the world. The spirit of Elijah came and must have indwelt Elisha for the rest of his days and kept his soul unified. We have to overcome all the base aspects of our nature.


Brethren, listen, this is very important. There are a lot of people who have the base aspects of their nature under control by their will power, but if you are controlling your base nature by your will power, you need to know that you have a breaking point. This is very important, you have a breaking point.


Nobody knows what they would do under torture, or under starvation; you do not know what you would do. Would you prostitute yourself if you were literally starving to death? Would you prostitute yourself if you saw your children starving to death? Nobody knows what they would do. The will power you are using to control your base nature comes from your carnal mind. You have a breaking point. But the will power that comes from your new man is covering over the lusts of your flesh. He has no breaking point. Your new man has no breaking point. Praise the Lord.


Lurianic Kabbalah says, he does not acquire all five levels of soul at one time, but rather according to his worthiness, and we know that there is no worthiness in fallen man; there is no good thing in our fallen soul. At first, he obtains the lowest level of soul which is called Nefesh. Afterwards, if he so merits, he then also attains Ruach. This is explained in several places in the Zohar, such as Parashat Veyechi and Parashat Teruma, and specifically at the beginning of Parashat Mishpatim (94b) which says, come and see: when a person is born, he is given a Nefesh.


Then we have a commentary. Although a person begins life with only a Nefesh, he has the potential to ascend to higher levels of soul, according to his merit (as explained below).


As we close the message tonight, I point out to you one more time that a major difference between Lurianic Kabbalah and Christ-Centered Kabbalah is this belief that we can actually merit spiritual growth, and, once again, I tell you what the Lord told me this morning. This was true for a particular age. It was true that a man, in and of himself, could merit spiritual growth in the condition that man was in, on the other side of the flood. I do not know what he looked like. I just know that he was not in an animal body.


There was enough righteousness in the beings on the other side of the flood, that it was possible for them to follow this procedure, to merit the next level of spirituality by the good works.


Brethren, listen to what I just said. The beings on the other side of the flood were not in an animal body, so what kind of good works could they have had? They had no hands or feet, they were not in animal body, so what kind of Mitzvah did they have to do? I do not know, but I could guess that everything that they did was an act of the mind. Apparently, they had the ability on the other side of the flood. They were still attached to God.


Remember, the beings on the other side of the flood were the offspring of Seth who was raised up in the condition that Adam was in. Seth was in right order. Seth had dominion over sin. These men (I use men generically), these beings had the ability to ascend in the level of soul because they were the offspring of a man who was in right order. Humanity today is the offspring of the fallen sons of Noah, different name, different game, different plan.


It does not work for us, and it does not work for the Jew, and that is why they have not ascended again. I see all of the sins common to man coming forth in the Jewish community including the false doctrine of the carnal mind. On this side of the flood with animal bodies, we need a mediator to reconnect us to God. The beings on the other side of the flood were connected to God; therefore, they had the ability to ascend or to perfect the levels of soul.


Does anybody not understand this major point that I have brought forth here? Are there any questions or comments before we close for the evening?


Praise the Lord.


Lord willing, we will continue. I hope he lets us continue on. There is some really good stuff in this series, and we have barely begun, so, Lord willing, we will continue Thursday night.


God bless you all.



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