578 - Part 2

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            Praise the Lord. I think I will start off by giving you a little synopsis of the original Matrix movie. Not necessarily a synopsis, but more of a background of what is going on in the Matrix reloaded.


            The principles of the movie are this, that there is a conflict between the machine world and humanity. Humanity had originally created the machines called artificial intelligence. Humanity had created intelligent machines, or we might know them as robots. Apparently, the machines became so intelligent that they over threw their human master, then enslaved them.


            The concept of the Matrix is that it is an illusion, masking the reality of the condition of humanity. The machine world had literally turned the tables on humanity. They captured them and replaced every individual in more or less of a pod. Almost like a casket that they could not get out of, almost like a coffin.


            Each human was in a coffin like box, strapped in with wires and cables plugged into them. That is why you see the plugs in the back of those who have been freed from the power plant. Each human being is attached to the power plant.


            The energy of each human being has been reduced to a battery for the purpose of the machine world. We were given this information in the original Matrix movie. In order to keep the human being quiet, the machine world created the illusion of the Matrix. Wherefore, every human being is trapped and bound, having their energy sucked out of them in a position that they cannot move from.


            The machine world is playing with the brains of the individual so that even though they are in that condition, they think they are in a wonderful world which is similar to our world here where they marry, give in marriage, have delicious steak dinners, go to amusement parks, have picnics, have sex and do all these exciting things of this world. It is all an illusion.


            What is interesting is that modern science really does indicate that all of human experiences are either chemical experiences, either a chemical interaction of chemicals in the human body, or some stimulation to the brain. Every human experience can be simulated in a person who is strapped into a chair with electrodes stuck on their heads or fastened to their head.


            There is an interesting truth behind this concept of the Matrix. We have been teaching here in Living Epistles for a long time that the reality of human existence is that this world is an illusion, that there are spiritual entities in the Astral Plane, Satan and all of her hordes, the feed off of us.


            This is a very shocking, hard thing to hear but it is the truth, and I have been teaching it for years before I ever found out that other spiritual disciplines such as Kabbalah teach the same thing, that the invisible entities feed off of us, just like the mosquitoes and the biting flies in our world, will land on my arm or your arm and take a drink of our blood.


            There are spiritual insects in the planes that drink of our spiritual blood. Now our spiritual blood is our energy. Every person, every human being comes in to this world with a measure of energy. Everything requires energy. Science knows that from the minute we are born, we start dying, but science has not been able to discover why.


            The answer "why" is that the invisible world controls the visible world. The entities in the invisible world feed off of us. The minute we are born into this world we start to die, because we have connections and roots to the invisible worlds that were formed by the Serpent. There are entities feeding off of us. That is a horrible word, but it is the truth and the truth shall set us free.


            Jesus said, "I have much to tell you now, but you cannot bear it." You are in the Matrix, this whole world is an illusion. The whole world is on spiritual drugs from the Serpent to keep us content.


            I want to tell you something. The biggest dose of all, the biggest drug of all that binds us to this system, that is what I am talking about, something that wants to keep us... the Serpent is giving us something else. I will tell you in a minute what makes us desire to be here even more than to ascend and be with the Lord, that is so loved in this world that most people will not give it up. What is it? Anybody? What is the pleasures of this world?


            What is the primary pleasures of this world?


            COMMENT: Money, sex, power?


            PASTOR VITALE: Sex! The pleasures of this world, primarily sex and power. Not so much money but the power that money brings. Fallen man loves it. I want to tell you that if Jesus visibly appeared tomorrow and said to His church, "Come with me, I am going to translate you into the spiritual world, where there is no marriage or giving in marriage," the majority of the carnal Christians today would not go. How do I know? Because I see Him calling people. I know what my walk with Him is like. I see the single people in the church. Paul clearly said, "It is better to not marry." I am not criticizing anybody, this is a commentary. It is painful, initially.


            The transfer from the satisfactions of this physical world system to the satisfactions of the spiritual world require a change of your attitude, a change of your mind. The initial change is very difficult. Once the change is accomplished, once you are translated, even here in the flesh, and you are preferring the things of the spirit more than the things of this world, it gets easier. Initially, the pulling away of the satisfactions, close human ties, not only sex, but close human ties, sex, power, money, everything that is important in this world, that is the way we get translated into the Kingdom of God.


            Satan is keeping the whole human race bound, and the Lord told me years ago that the biggest drug that she uses is sex, that is what binds the people to this world. We really are in the Matrix. The reason that human beings die is that the entities on the other side of the world drink our energy until there is no energy left, and then we die. If you think that it is normal to live for 70, 80, 90 or 110 years then die, you are mistaken. It is not normal. We are not supposed to die. It is a perversion.


            When our energy is used up, the Serpent discards the personality and the physical body and births new human beings into the world. I have been preaching this for years, so we really are in the Matrix here.


            That is the condition of the world, and a Savior is born into the Matrix, because the machine are destroying humanity. They will succeed in tearing down Zion. They are no match for the machines, and human being are no match for the Serpent and her crowd. We are no match, and that is why we need a Savior. Neo is the Savior, he is an immature or incomplete Savior.


            What is interesting is that the three fetal stages of Zeir Anpin indicate.. let me say it this way. There are three stages of development of Zeir Anpin. The second fetal stage or the second trimester in the development of Zeir Anpin renders what we call a Son of God who has some power with God, some dominion over the Matrix but is invisible. Nobody can see them. Somebody that is spiritual could see that spiritual power is being exercised politically and over the world, but nobody can see where it is coming from .


            The example of this in the Scripture is the book of Esther. This is what the Kabbalists say. Esther is a book that shows the power of Almighty God to deliver the Jewish people from the tyrant, Hyman, but there is no Savior standing up like in the case of Moses, delivering this great man of God, delivering the Hebrew children from the hands of Pharaoh


            What happened in the Book of Esther is a manifestation or an indication that some where in the earth, there is a man or men manifesting the second stage of fetal development of Zeir Anpin, a Son of God who can exercise spiritual power, who is still very human and very imperfect, and invisible politically.


            The third stage of fetal development or adulthood of Zeir Anpin renders a man like Moses who is exercising more political power than the Son in the second stage and who is politically visible. I believe that Zeir Anpin in the second stage of fetal development is present in the world today. I think that the battle raging against the secularist and the anti-Christs is fierce. The battle of the people who are fighting for the Lord, that there are people who are fighting for the Lord who are in this second stage of Zeir Anpin's fetal development. Why? Because I see the battle being won. It is a close battle. Actually, if you look at the Scripture even when Moses who was in the third stage of fetal development, when he challenged Pharaoh that was a close race too.


            It was up and down, up and down, until finally the supernatural intervention of the drowning of the Pharaoh set the Hebrew children free to enter into the wilderness. Then the battle really began because they had to battle with their own carnal mind concerning moving into the Promised Land.


            Neo, at least in the original Matrix movie, throughout the first movie he was in the first and second stage of fetal development. At the end of the original Matrix, Neo finds out who he really is. In the first stage of fetal development, he does not even know who he is. He is being told by Morpheus who he is, but he does not even believe it. Then he finds his identity at the end of the movie, because he becomes a supernatural human beings who defeats the agent Smith.


            The Matrix has what is called "agents," machines or programs from the machine that look like human beings, but they are not human. They have a humanoid shape, they are like FBI agents or CIA agents seeking to destroy humans, in particular humans that have escaped the Matrix and now are residents of Zion. At the end of the original Matrix, Neo defeats the agent Smith. He defeats him at the moment Neo discovers that he really is the one, the Savior of the Matrix. All of the years, all of the time that he could not believe it, he cannot deny it anymore.


            Of course, in the movie he was raised from the dead, but he is raised from the dead by human love, Trinity, another member of Zion, or a citizen of Zion loves him so much that her love raises Neo from the dead. When he is risen, he has supernatural powers.


            Now, remember that Christ is risen in the believer. If you follow the teachings of Living Epistles Ministries, Christ rose in the man Jesus before He was crucified. "Christ" is simply the Greek word for, "the anointed one." Adam is the anointed one. Adam died. At the death of Adam, time began. Adam broke into million, or trillions, innumerable or and uncountable number of pieces. At least, I do not know how many pieces he broke into.


            Each piece of Adam is manifesting today as a human being. We human beings have in the midst of us a seed of the dead Adam, a root, a dead seed of the dead Adam which is capable of being regenerated, which is capable of being quickened. When that seed is quickened Adam can rise from the dead in the individual or the nature of Adam. Righteous Adam can rise from the dead.


            That is what happened to Neo. When Adam starts to rise from the dead in the individual, he is not Moses. Well, he is not Moses in his heyday. Remember, Moses was not in his greatness in the beginning either.


            We see this Son of God starting out as a typical human being finding out the cause, like finding out that he is a supernatural human being. Eventually, accepting that he is a supernatural human being, then moving into his supernatural office, then exercising his supernatural power. At the end of the original Matrix, Neo become a supernatural being with all the qualities, in my opinion, to the glorified Jesus Christ.


            Now remember, this movie is a secular movie, and the writer, the two brothers that wrote this story gathered their information from various spiritual books that they wrote.


            They have a lot of true spiritual principles, and some of them are a little confused or mixed up. Maybe they are true of the Serpent's crowd, I do not know. What I am doing is I am telling you what I see and relating it to the Doctrine of Christ. At the end of the original Matrix, Neo manifested powers that I believe are attributed to the Glorified Jesus Christ.


            What does that mean? He came out of his body. I should not say that he came out of his body. Neo's body translated into a spiritual body, into a form that enabled him to enter into the body of the agent Smith. He entered into the midst of his body just like Jesus, by His seed, is entering into us.


            Of course, it was a Hollywood version. According to the original Matrix, the whole personality of Neo entered into Smith and was moving around almost like a fetus in a woman kicks. If you have ever seen a woman's abdomen when she is pregnant and the baby kicks the whole abdomen will stretch out.


            Well, of course, this was exaggerated in the movie, and Smith's jaw stretched out all the way, his abdomen stretched all they way out until Neo blew him apart.


            Neo, in the midst of Smith, blew him apart. We all thought that Smith died, because he was blown to smithereens.


            In Matrix Reloaded which is the second movie of the trilogy, we see that Smith was not destroyed. No only was Neo raised from the dead, Smith was raised from the dead. Now Smith has become a hybrid. He is half machine/agent and half what ever he got from Neo. He has become a hybrid. He became a criminal hybrid. He is still hunting human beings, but he has also become a fugitive and an outlaw in the machine world.


            Smith has become a hybrid that is the enemy of both the machine world and humanity. Smith is multiplying himself. He becomes greater and greater, and greater. What is interesting about that is that the way the movie shows Smith is becoming great is that they show him as a whole city with millions of humanoid figures that we would think were human beings, and they all look exactly alike. They are all Smith.


            Brethren, the whole human race is Adam. Now, we may not all look alike, but in our nature we are all alike. Of course, in the movie it is shown that all of those men look exactly the same. That is making a point, it is making a statement. Humanity is alike, at our very root we are all the same. At our very root we are all the same man, fallen adam.


            Until the Lord comes back and starts to raise us back into our first estate, one spark, or one piece of the fallen adam at a time is being raised back up to Adam's first estate until Adam's whole body will be resurrected. That is what is happening.


            I am telling you about the original Matrix. I told you about the Agent Smith, I told you what the Matrix is. That is pretty much the background I wanted to give you.


            On Part One of this message, Matrix Reloaded, we see a scene of Zion which as I mentioned on Part One is the writer's concept. By the way, two brothers wrote this script, I believe they produced and directed the movie also. Zion is their concept of human sexuality. It was an orgy. We can see, although this movie is very interesting, there is no influence of Judeo-Christian morals or thinking in it at all.


            We know that the ultimate expression of sexuality, as far as God is concerned, is expressed as the love between a man and a woman, not in an orgy type situation. That is what we found in the movie.


            We also found that the Lord revealed that the reason there was a large number of black people in Zion was that the writers were making a point that all of humanity had now become one brotherhood. Humanity had finally overcome their race problems because they needed to come together to fight the machine world. We see that the race problem was overcome in Zion, and humanity was now gathered as one people to fight the machines.


            We see that Smith, of course who now has many aspects of himself, had incarnated in Zion. Smith who was an agent of the machine world who previously could only exist in the Matrix found the power to incarnate (I am using the word incarnate) in Zion. He took on a humanoid form, and nobody knew that he was a machine. He did not look like Smith anymore. This man is now the traitor in the midst of Zion. The machines are coming for Zion, they are about to fully wipe out the city.


            Neo is the only one that can save Zion. The Oracle, who was a character that existed in the original Matrix, calls Neo. She is the one that prophesied that Zion was going to be saved, she is the one that prophesied that there would be a Savior, and she is the one that witnessed to the fact that Neo was the one. That is the expression of the Savior, "He is the one."


            The Oracle calls for Neo. Neo is in the second stage of fetal development. He has supernatural powers. There are indications in Matrix Reloaded, which we are dealing with now, that he has the power to heal some people but not all people. He has the power to fight supernaturally and defeat a multitude of agents. We witnessed that last week, when we saw the beginning of Matrix Reloaded.


            He also flies like Superman, he flies and moves at supernatural speed. He does all of these supernatural feats but he does not know how to defeat the machines. As far as he knows, he does not have the power, and he does not have the power to defeat the machine world. He is a frustrated young man.


            If you look at his expression, you will see that he is very serious and not very happy, because he carries this great burden. He knows he is the Savior, he believes that he is the Savior, but he cannot figure out how to save Zion.


            The Oracle calls for him, the Oracle tells him, "You have full sight now, can you not see what is going to happen?" The Oracle was prompting him saying , "Can you not understand Neo, you have to die? The only way Zion will be saved is if you die." Neo could not see it, and he is troubled through this whole movie because he just does not know what he is supposed to do.


            The Oracle says to Neo, "Look Neo, you can save Zion if you can get to the source. The source is the machine world mainframe, you have to get there."


            She does not tell Neo what he is supposed to do when he gets there. He has to figure that out for himself. That is what she tells him, "You have to get to the machine world mainframe and you could save Zion but in order to get there you need to get formation and help from the Key Maker."


            Who is the Key Maker? Just somebody that they added into the movie to make it more interesting. I guess it is a way of saying he needed a key to get to the place he had to get to. Now the Key Maker has been held captive by an old program, a very evil program called the Merovingian. This is where Part One ended.


            We see that Neo has taken the instruction from the Oracle that if he gets to the Merovingian at the right time, because time is of the essence, it is a possibility that he can save Zion. Now, it is not assured that he will save Zion. I tell you that about everyone that has the Hope of Christ rising in them, and being a Son of God, being a part of Jesus' plan to save the world, it is not written in stone that any individual human being will arise to that place.


            What is written in stone is that Jesus Christ will defeat the anti-Christ forces of this world, but who the individual people are who Jesus Christ will manifest Himself through, that is not written in stone. We have to do all that we can do and hope for the best and believe that God is with us. We are all racing against death.


            I remind you that the race that Paul talks about is the race against death. We are waiting for a group of people to start standing into immortality before... we are waiting for a group of people who are mature enough that he will impart immortality to them before Satan can legally kill them. That is what the death is all about. That is what the race is all about.


            We are going to pick up, this is Part Two of the Matrix Reloaded. I am going to let you hear the dialogue between Neo and the Oracle again, it is important. It is one o f the most important dialogues in the movie if you want to understand the movie in any depth.


            She is trying to get Neo to understand that he has to die to save the world. Neo does not get it. Are their any question before we go on with the movie?


            As we pick up, we will see that Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity are going to see the Merovingian to rescue the Key Maker. Also, please note that the Merovingian is French, and that he says a few things in French, so do not think that you are not understanding the movie speaking in French.


            Initially, we see an example of his evil, and I guess I will just stop things and explain them as we go along. Praise the Lord.


            COMMENT: Where is the Merovingian from?


            PASTOR VITALE: He is a program, he is from the machine world, he is one of the oldest programs. Sort of makes him sound like the Serpent, that old Serpent, and he is purely evil. What is interesting is that he has a wife. I do not know if she is his wife, but she is a woman that is his partner, who he is emotionally abusing, and we know one of the secrets of our existence is that Satan and Leviathan are a couple. Actually, Satan is the female and Leviathan is the male, but the roles are reversed. Satan is dominating her husband.


            We see that the the evil one...Kabbalah teaches that Satan has a mate. Actually, Kabbalah says that Satan's mate is Lillith. I have not read anything yet that the Kabbalists have this revelation that the Lord gave me that Satan is the female. The Kabbalists, from what I have read, say that Satan is the male and that Satan has a mate, Lillith. The Kabbalist usually say Samel and his mate.


            The Lord revealed to us in the message called, The Scapegoat, that Satan is really the female like Jezebel and Leviathan would be like Ahab. That is the couple.


            This Merovingian would be Satan, well I would say Satan and Leviathan are the Merovingian and his friend, whoever she is, wife or girlfriend, what ever. Did I answer your question?


            I would like to comment on what the Oracle just said about every time you hear about a ghost or a vampire, it is the system correcting itself. Basically, what she is saying is that every time there is a...there is supposed to be peace. Every time there is a conflict, there is something wrong. You will hear that later on in the movie. It is called an anomaly, which just means something unexplainable.


            You hear that in Start Trek a lot. It is a scientific term, an anomaly, something is wrong.


            When I first heard this, I have watched this movie two or three times, I could not understand they way she was saying it. She said, "Every time you hear about a ghost or a vampire it is the system correcting something that is wrong." That sounds like to my ear that the ghost or the vampire is the one that is doing the correcting. That is what it sounds like she is saying.


            When I asked the Lord what it means, the Lord said to me that every time you see something, a ghost a vampire or a war, or someone out there murdering somebody, it is an anomaly in the system and the system rises up to correct it. I do not know why she said it that way in the movie. If the Lord tells me by the end of this tape I will share it with you.


            Basically, what we have in this country today is a correcting. The fierce political and spiritual battle going on in America today is the system, and the true system is the system that promotes. Christ is rising up to correct the vampire, the anti-Christ system that is trying to swallow us up. There is a vampire system in this country today trying to swallow up the true America, so there is a correction going forth. There is a war, and there is a big upheaval.


            Now, right after she spoke about that she talks about a program sometimes being deleted. When the program is deleted, he is supposed to go back to the mainframe, but sometime he does not, and he hides out in the Matrix. She is talking about Smith. Smith is the program that Neo got inside and blew apart, then Smith became a rouge agent. He is now an enemy of the machine world as well as an enemy of humanity. Smith is the program that should be deleted he went bad. He is no longer doing the function that he is supposed to be doing, he is not longer in submission to the machine world.


            She has likened this Smith who now has become a rouge agent to a vampire or a ghost. There is now an upheaval in the Matrix. The Matrix has to rise up to put down the problem. There is a conflict in the Matrix. This is what the Oracle was telling to Neo. She was warning him about Smith, but Neo did not understand. Right after his discussion with the Oracle, Smith appears and explains everything to Neo. Are there any questions? Did you understand what I said? Any questions at all? Let us go on with the movie.


            I just got the understanding from the Lord. The Oracle is saying, "Every time you hear about a ghost or an angel, it is the system assimilating something that has gone wrong. She said when the system..." what has happened here is that Smith went awry, he died . Smith died, Neo killed him and he was supposed to go back to the main source, but he did not go back to the main source. If Smith was just hiding around the corner, no one would know he was there. Because the system is after him to assimilate him, he has become very evil.


            Now, this is so interesting because this is a Scriptural principle, that evil shall become more evil and good shall become more good, and evil should become more evil so that evil could be fully manifested so that it shall be fully dealt with and put away. Is that not what the Scripture talks about?


            I hope you know that, that is what the Scripture talks about. Paul said that evil should become fully manifest so that it could be dealt with, and that is true on a national level, because it is also true on the human level although you do not hear it preached very much today.


            I preach it here. Our sin nature is to become fully exposed, fully manifested so that we can see it without a doubt and fully line ourselves with Christ and destroy that sin nature. That is what we are supposed to be doing, that is what that Scripture is talking about. That is what she is talking about, because the program Smith would not go back to the mainframe like he was supposed to.


            Right now, humanity and the church are not going back to their first estate like they are supposed to. In order to deal with that problem, that program that has gone awry, the system forces the evil to a visible head. According to what the Oracle is saying, that visible head, or that visible manifestation that the evil has been forced to sometimes manifests as a vampire or an evil angel so that you can see it fully for what it is, so that the system can go after it and destroy it.


            Brethren, this is what has happened to humanity. Jesus Christ was crucified and rose from the dead 2000 years ago. Why is the church still in this condition? Because we will not go back. It is what I told you at the beginning of this message. The truth of the matter is that people love the world more than they love the Lord, with a few exceptions.


            When you love the Lord with all your heart, mind, and soul, you head back to your first estate which mean your leave the pleasures of this world behind you. The pleasures of this world are family life, close emotional human ties, sex, and power over your own life, because when you serve God you have no power over your own life. I am telling you I am spiritually barefoot and pregnant. What the Lord gives me I have, and what He does not give me I will not have.


            It has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with how hard I work, whether how many hours I work, how talented or knowledgeable I am. My income and my material blessings have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with that at all.


            It has to do with my faithfulness to God. He rewards me, I get rewarded. When He does not, I do not.


            Let me say it again. Evil and strong manifestation, and a visible manifestation of evil is a sign that the powers that be in the Matrix is the machine world. As far as we are concerned, it is the Lord Jesus Christ. The powers that be are moving to swallow up the evil, the interim step is pressure upon the evil that makes it fully manifest for what it is.


            I want to tell you that I am very excited to tell you this because the evil that is reigning in this country today is disturbing. Looking at it from this point of view that the evil is getting more evil is the witness that the power of God is present with power that it is making manifest the evil in preparation to duly assimilate it. I thank God for this word. This just really, really blessed me. Are there any questions is there anybody that does not understand what I just said?


            The Oracle says, "You have already made the choice." What choice? This is the second time she has said this, "You have already made the choice, but now you have to understand it."


            The choice that he made is to believe that he is the one. He has accepted the fact that he is the one, and he is moving in a measure of supernatural power. She says, "You have made the choice, you accept the call, you are number one, you are the one, but now you have to understand it." What he has to understand is that he has to die. That is what he has to understand that he has to die. Anybody have any questions? Comments?


            You will see that when they find the Key Maker, he is in a room with hundreds of keys. I just got the revelation of who he represents. He represents Able. Abel, who is the root system of the dead adam, exists in every human being. The hundreds of keys are the hundreds of Abel's. Every human being is an Abel, the seed of the dead adam manifested as a human being.


            I mentioned it earlier on this tape. Abel is our potential to be resurrected as the righteous Adam who has the right to return to the higher worlds. Only he who came down from heaven can go back to heaven.


            The dead Abel is the part of us that is our passport. He is the key, the way we get back up to heaven, the way we become immortal. Did anyone not understand what I just said? Everyone okay? Did you want to say something? I now know who the Key Maker is. Thank you, Jesus.


            We are watching the fight scene and Smith has just revealed to Neo that he is a rouge agent, that he is unplugged from the machine mainframe. Then Smith tries to absorb Neo into the Smith program. This is what Smith is doing, absorbing what he can. Agents of the machine world, he is making them a Smith, and human beings he is making them a Smith.


            This he tried, but he failed to absorb Neo. Neo threw him off, now there is a big fight going on. What is interesting is that the end of the whole process is that Neo joins with the machine world with the goodness in control. When Smith is trying to absorb Neo, then the evil Smith is in control. Smith is trying to absorb Neo and make him a part of the evil. The end of the third part of the movie is that Neo gives up his life to be absorbed into the machine world with the good side prevailing. That is exactly what is happening with humanity.


            I have been preaching for years that the personality cannot exist alone, either we have to be a part of the Serpent's world, which is manifested as the carnal mind, or a part of the Kingdom of God, which is manifested as the mind of Christ to us. We either have to be absorbed into the evil world or into the righteousness of Christ. It is the same message.


            Okay, we are watching the fight.


            COMMENT: You said Neo had to die in order to save Zion. Why did he have to die?


            PASTOR VITALE: You will see this principle developed as the movie goes on, and in the Matrix Revolution which is the third part the principle is being exposed here that the machine world needs us, and that the humans need the machine world. Just as it is wrong for the human to enslave the machines, it is wrong for the machine to enslave the humans. We should become one.


            I guess it went past you. You may recall that this is what the Oracle said in her dialogue with Neo, that we have to get together. If the machines do not get together with the humans, everybody is going to be destroyed. That is what the Oracle was saying.


            Neo becomes the mediator, which is what Jesus is. Neo becomes part machine and part man, and everybody becomes part of the new blood line. That is the message.


            This is so interesting. Think back to when Neo was speaking to the Oracle. She gave him all of these instructions of what he has to do to save Zion. He has to untie or loose Abel, which by the way when Jesus said, "Loose the"... what was it that He came into Jerusalem with? An Ass. He was really signifying, "Loose Abel that is tied up in all the human beings." When he said to loose Lazarus, He really meant loose the Abel that was bound under Cain in Lazarus.


            When the Oracle gave Neo his instructions to loose the Key Maker, she said, "Good luck, kiddo." As soon as she left the scene, Neo was attacked by the rouge agent, Smith.


            Brethren, this is what happens with our walk with the Lord. When you start to move onto maturity, He gives you that call, He tells you what you are called to. Then, the trials come. Why are you surprised that the fiery trails have come upon you? Because God gives you that call before you are qualified to fulfill the call.


            He gives you the call, the test comes, and then the Lord gives you the power to overcome. While you are in the fires, you are being made into the person that your are called to be. If you get a prophesy that you are called to be an apostle in a particular part of the world, that is not going to fully manifest for 20 years, but you will take little baby steps along the way learning how to be an apostle to the other parts of the world.


            What happens in the church, because this is not taught, is that most people that get a call on their life, and they think they are supposed to go out and do something, or they go out and their carnal mind tells them what to do. Because this kind of instruction is not available in the church, I am going to say it again.


            When the Lord prophesies over you, then your training begins to be what the Lord wants you to be. Because even if you think you are ready, the Lord does not think that you are ready. Everybody that is called to a true calling in Christ has to be raised up. No matter how much education you have or how spiritual you are, you have got to do it God's way, and He is the only one that can train you up through experiences and instruction.


            He may send a teacher like me to instruct you, but you have to have your experiences. The Oracle instructed him, then came the test. Please note that he did not defeat the agent Smith at this point. He merely held his own then escaped with his life. Initially, when God calls you, you are not qualified to defeat the enemy on the level of Satan that is going to come against you, oppose you from moving into and completing and accomplishing what the Lord has called you to do. Initially, you are not qualified to overcome the enemy on that level.


            Eventually at the end, I an telling you at the end of Matrix Revolutions, Neo overcomes the agent Smith who is now a many-membered rouge agent, by joining with them. Joining with the goodness in a position of power and it converts all of these manifestations of Smith into goodness. Then it blows apart the rouge agent by joining with the goodness on top and, remember, this is typified by Cain and Abel. When Cain is on top of Abel, humanity is good and evil. When Abel is on top of Cain, humanity is righteous, This is exactly what we are talking about here.


            My point is that Neo escapes from the conflict with Smith. He does not defeat him, he gets away barely with his life. He does not defeat Smith until the third movie of the trilogy after Neo has had his experiences, solved his problems, and understands everything , and makes the choice to complete the sacrifice to save both the machine world and humanity. Any questions or comments? Okay, on we go.


            The Scripture said, "Satan departed Jesus for a season, after the temptation." This was Neo's temptation.


            We have just watched the beginning of the Merovingian's dialogue, and he is challenging Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity saying to them, "Do you know why you are here?" Both Neo and Morpheus are saying, "Yes, we know why we are here." The Merovingian says, "No, you do not." What is going on is that they do not know why they are here. The three of them Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity believe that they are there to get the Key Maker, which is their truth. The Oracle said to them, "You have to get to the Key Maker in order to save Zion." That is as far as these three humans could see.


            The Merovingian knows that the Key Maker, the ass that is bound up that when it is free is going to be restored to the righteous Adam, and who will restore immortality in the human race unto its first estate. The Merovingian has sight that exceeds the sight of the humans. We are in this condition all the time. The Lord tells us to do something, and we have our assignment in front of us and we understand it, but we do not see the end of the tunnel. We do not see the end of the plan.


            I was even telling someone today that when the Lord first called me to teach I had no idea, I did not have a clue to what I was getting into, or what was waiting for me in the years ahead. The ministry is now 16 years old.


            The Merovingian is the very old program and he understands that the Oracle sent Neo to get the Key Maker because it is not enough for Neo to go to the mainframe if Abel is not freed. The Holy Spirit is not enough coming into humanity if Abel is not freed from Cain's dominion. Cain keeps Abel dead. If Abel does not rise from the dead, I cannot preach the whole Doctrine of Christ, but basically Abel rising from the dead is Christ. If Christ does not rise from the dead in you, the fact that you have the Holy spirit is pointless.


            This is what the Merovingian is saying. The whole church has stopped with the Holy Spirit, if they have gotten to the Holy Spirit. There are elements of the church that have not even gotten to the Holy Spirit yet, and they have stopped there. They have stopped there and said, "That is all there is. Now we die and go to Heaven." Satan has stopped the church where they are. They have got the Holy Spirit, but Abel is not raised from the dead. What good is it? The church is dying?


            The Church is dying because you cannot stand still, either you go forward or you go backwards. You cannot stand still. Now, the next thing that the Merovingian said, I think Morphous answered the Merovingian. Now try to envision this. There is a conversation going on between three very serious, let us say Sons of God, but they are no match in knowledge for the Merovingian, because they do not have the whole picture. The Merovingian knows what the Oracle is doing, she is trying to free Abel, and that the power is not enough if you do not know what you are supposed to be using it for.


            That is interesting that, that just came out of my mouth because it was just today that I was just talking to the Lord about... well, the Lord as talking to me about the Pharisees apposing Jesus and how they were so anger that He was healing the sick and casting out demons. I believe that the men that had the power in Judah, it never occurred to them that they were supposed to use this power to heal the sick and cast out devils. They wanted the knowledge, they wanted the power, whatever they were doing with it.


            The only two things that I have read about was making a Golem or creating a calf. They never got it, that you are supposed to use the power to help human beings. When Jesus came and used that power to help human beings, He showed them up and they hated Him for it.


            The Merovingian is talking about, he is telling these three Sons of God, I am calling them sons of God because I am relating their role in the Matrix to the Sons of God. They are not even in the same ball park as far as understanding what is going on here. Morphous speaks up trying to meet the Merovingian's level of authority and he says to him, "Everything is a matter of choice." The Merovingian says "Choice is an illusion. No one really has a choice." We have been preaching that for years also.


            Listen, if you take someone who is completely bound by Satan that they cannot stand up on their own feet, they cannot stop drinking, they cannot stop drugging, they cannot stop any kind of destructive behavior, and you say to that person, "Just say no," does that person have a choice? Can they really just say, "No?" They really do not have a choice. When Jesus comes, and He gives His power to you, Jesus levels the playing field. When you have Jesus on your side, and I have been preaching this for years too, now you have a choice. When you confess your sins and receive Jesus Christ and His power to help you, now if you are willing to fight, you can win. That is what the Merovingian is saying from an evil perspective.


            Choice is an illusion that those in power tell the people that do not have power that they should know that they are just slaves. Then the Merovingian goes for to exhibit what He just told them. He wrote a program, he showed a woman having dinner at a table with other people. He wrote a program and what he gave her was an aphrodisiac, and she is eating. What she is eating is apparently stimulating her sexually or making her into a zombie, I am not sure. You will see, because she leaves the table, and, as you see further on, the Merovingian goes and has sex with her.


            Either he made her completely unable to resist, or he made her sex crazed. I do not believe the answer to that question is here, just that they had a sexual encounter. Any questions or comment?


            The Merovingian is saying, "Everybody under their positive exterior is completely out of control." What he is really saying is that the average human being can be manipulated by witchcraft, and they will not even resist because they do not even understand that they are being manipulated. The Merovingian says the only way to have power over your own life or this world is through understanding.


            That is what we teach here in this ministry, to look into yourself to recognize your motives, and eventually when you start judging your own sins, you will recognize someone else's mind moving to manipulate you.


            He is saying that we are all manipulated. I have been preaching this for years. Other people's thoughts come into your mind, and you think that they are your thoughts. Also, even science says that. I do not know what percentage it is. Three-quarters of all our decisions are made by the unconscious part of our mind.


            What the Lord Jesus Christ has done for us, He has given us the ability to have His nature, His mind formed in us, so that we could stand back from the carnal mind that runs our whole life, either Satan speaking through the unconscious part of our own mind or other people's thoughts, that whole mechanism that is controlling our life. We think that we have choices, but we do not. It is an illusion.


            Jesus Christ has given us choice if we are willing to submit to the process. In order to appropriate what the Lord has given us, we have to judge our own sin nature, which the majority of Christians are not willing to do. You have to completely police your spiritual internal life. Jesus Christ has given us the ability through the indwelling and the engrafted Christ to police our own carnal mind, and the thoughts of other people that try to come in to control us. Whether it is their conscious mind, or it is their subconscious mind, or their unconscious mind, we will be controlled. Every human being in this world is controlled, the only exception being those who police their internal spiritual life, because they are moving, living, and thinking by the spirit of Christ.


            Does anyone not understand what I just said? Then he goes on to tell the three, "You do not even know why you are here." It is true that you are here for the Key Maker but what does that mean? You do not even know why you are here. Then he said, "You go tell the Oracle that her time is up." You will see later on that Smith comes to and, in fact, absorbs the Oracle. This rouge program is swallowing up the whole world.


            This Merovingian, I do not know... I am getting more revelation as I watch this movie for the fourth time. Let me correct what I said before. The woman is his wife. His wife's name is Persephone. I believe that name is in Greek Mythology. I think I am going to run to my computer and see if I can find anything about Persephone before I go on, and see what that means.


            Right now, I do not know who the Merovingian is in relation to Smith because the Merovingian is saying, "Tell the Oracle her time is up." I do not know if the Merovingian is subject to Smith or is stronger that Smith, I do not know. Is everybody following me here? We are going to shut this off for a minute and I am going to try to look up "Persephone" and see what we could find.


            This is the end of Part Two. God Bless you.


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