604 - Part 4

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Praise the Lord. In part 3, we did a review of the Sefirot for those attending the meeting, or listening to the tapes, who may not have been familiar with them. Today we are going to review the partzufim, or the personalities, and the principle behind the Sefirot having another identity. On the left side of drawing #1, we see the Sefirot listed: Keter, Chokhmah, Binah, Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malkhut. I have written the meanings next to the Sefirot.


Keter means crown, Chokhmah means wisdom, Binah means understanding, Chesed is loving kindness, Gevurah is strength, Tiferet means balance or beauty or beautiful, it is a beautiful balance of loving kindness and strength. Netzach means achievement, or the drive for achievement, Hod means mind or the way that achievement manifests itself in a healthy way in the natural life. Yesod is the male organ and Malkhut is the female or the kingdom. Malkhut is also called the earth. She is the Sefirah which is the stage where all of these attributes are played out amongst human beings, as the characteristics and the qualities of human beings.


You may recall from previous meetings, that initially all of these Sefirot, when they first emerged, were lined up in a vertical line, and they could not communicate to each other because they were restricted to that, that vertical positioning, and because of a lack of communication, they broke apart and that whole configuration of the Sefirot in a vertical line is called the world of points, and the world of points broke apart, and died.


The world of points broke apart in the higher realms of the spirit but it still exists down here in this fallen world where fallen Adam is, because what I just described to you happened with the Sefirot, happened to Adam and then he died, so we see in human beings today, a very common phenomena that people have problems communicating, and that is because the fallen mind of mortal man which is the carnal mind is a manifestation of these ten Sefirot lined up in a vertical line.


Most people cannot communicate with themselves. The conscious mind does not communicate with the subconscious mind, or the unconscious mind. Most of us do not know what our motives are, or the reason that we do things. Most of us, some a little more, some a little less, have problems communicating with other people, and it is because we do not have all these attributes.


Everybody should have, or hopes to have all these attributes, but we do not all have wisdom, we do not all have understanding. If we do not have those attributes, then our personality as a whole is unbalanced and lacking. This is the reason for all of the problems amongst human beings, even in human beings who love each other. It is because either we are lacking one of these attributes or we are unbalanced in some way. As far as God is concerned, in the upper realms of the spirit, the world of points died, Adam died and the first Adam was the world of points.


The restoration is already in play, the restoration came into play in the realm of the spirit almost immediately, it is just taking time for it to filter down into ths fallen world, and the restoration, the plan that would restore Adam and restore him with a mind that would not break again, is called the partzufim or the personality. That is talking about arranging the ten Sefirot in a relationship or a series of relationships whereby they can communicate with one another. Another way to put this, this solution to the problem of fallen Adam is simply called the mind of Christ.


Sometimes it amazes me at how complicated this teaching is when we just need to know that it is the mind of Christ. However, viewing the situation in this kind of complexity enables us to understand things that we could not understand without this kind of complexity. It is like saying, Sheila, pick your clothes up off of the floor. If I was a child, I would understand you, but that does not mean that I can put complicated concepts together. Even though we can comprehend that we have the mind of Christ, and that the mind of Christ is balanced, we still need to break it down into these Sefirot and partzufim to understand some of the deeper principles that the Lord will be teaching us.


The world of points is the carnal mind, and the mind of Christ or the kingdom or the renewed kingdom or the kingdom of God, is the mind of Christ, and these attributes that I just named are present in both minds, but in the carnal mind, some attributes are missing, and there is lack of balance, the mind of Christ is completely balanced. I will give you the names of the partzufim, I will give you the Hebrew names and the English names, to whatever degree you can remember these names, that is fine, but do not worry about it, right now just get whatever you can out of this teaching. The partzufim or the personalities are as follow, Keter which is the crown, that is the highest Sefirot, he has his own personality, he has a whole personality, it is called Arik Anpin, and I think that means long face, but I am not sure, we do not deal with him very much, he is very high.


The next Sefirah down is Chokhmah, and the personality associated with wisdom is the father, so Chokhmah, Abba is the Hebrew word for father, so wisdom is associated with the personality called the father, and we are familiar with that because we pray to the Father, we pray to the Father in the name of Jesus, when we pray to the Father, we are talking about a high level of spiritual consciousness called Chokhmah, only the second one down. The third one down Binah, has a whole personality for herself called mother, and the Hebrew word for mother is Imma. When we read about mother in the Scripture, sometimes it is not talking about the natural mother of the person we are reading about, it could be referring to Binah who is understanding.


Understanding has its own personality, when we read about mother, it is talking about understanding, when you read about father, it can be, the spiritual application can be talking about wisdom. Mother, the spiritual concept of mother is not in any way a weak partzufim, the concept of mother in the Scripture is likened to a lioness, a female lion, as I understand it the female lion is a hunter, she is the one that does all of the work, the man lion just walks around and looks threatening and protects the family against attacks, but the female lion, she is the one who gets the food, she is the hunter, she is the killer for the children. We see this level of conscious called Binah, the third Sefirah down, her personality is that of mother, and the Lord Jesus Christ, the glorified Jesus Christ does appear to us from that level.


The glorified Jesus Christ has both a female and a male aspect. The female aspect of the glorified Jesus Christ is mother, and she is appearing to the church in the form of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is a female aspect of the Lord Jesus Christ, and she comes to those who are seeking the Lord to give them you might say, as a parable, a spiritual womb to give them something that can receive the seed of the male, when he comes upon his church to impregnate his church with his son. We see, also we read in the Scripture, in the King James translation, that all judgment is given over to the son, judgment comes from the son, and that authority to judge sin comes from the mother.


The Keter and the Chokhmah, the crown and wisdom, those Sefirot never communicate with human beings, they are very, very high, and we are not capable of receiving a communication with them apart from our relationship with Jesus Christ, that is whole new story we are teaching Kabbalah now, in Jesus Christ, all this has changed, but for people that do not have the Spirit of God, and before the resurrection of the glorified Jesus Christ, there was no ability to communicate the two highest Sefirot.


Binah, understanding, she was the highest Sefirot that someone seeking God could communicate with, and these three, the Keter, the Chokhmah, and the Binah, wisdom and understanding, they are one, they are a triad, they are one and they are inseparable. Mother and father are a permanently married couple, they are inseparable, so Binah, it is like the lowest part of three connected elements, it is like saying our mind is conscious, subconscious, and unconscious.


You cannot separate those parts of our mind, but it is basically the conscious mind that communicates when we are seeking to communicate. It is Binah, mother, understanding who communicates with men, she is the only aspect of this upper triad that will communicate with other men, and as I said, this is the Holy Spirit today, coming down from this level of Binah seeking to communicate with the Lord’s church.


Binah, she has no, or at least at the beginning, she had no name of her own, just like a married woman takes her husband’s name, well it is not the case today because women are very liberated in the west today, but in traditional humanity, women had nothing, they did not even have property in their name, their husband was everything. What named the woman something in this world was to bring forth children, that was the one thing that a woman could do traditionally speaking that would give her identity in the world, an identity apart from her husband, even though she needs her husband to produce her children, her children made her something apart from Misses so and so. That is the concept or the spiritual principle that we will be discussing a little further on.


We are told that the motivation for Binah or mother to have an identity or as the Scripture puts it, to have a name, or to acquire a name for herself, or to have an identity apart from her husband, and therefore she brought forth children, and she brought forth a son and daughter.


We see that the six Sefirot, Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod, that those six attributes... Imma has brought forth a son, and we all are familiar with the concept of the son, Christ is the son, there is a Hebrew name for Him, Zeir Anpin, and in Christ Centered Kabbalah, we know that Christ Jesus is the son. I do not think the Kabbalists appreciate me teaching it this way, but it is the truth, Christ Jesus is Zeir Anpin, He is the son, and He encompasses these six attributes.


He encompasses the six attributes of Chesed, which is loving kindness, Gevurah, which is strength, Tiferet, which is the balance between the kindness and the strength (we talked about that last week), Netzach, which is the drive to rescue us, to marry us, to perfect us, to bring us up to the higher realms of the spirit with him. Hod is the balance of that drive. He does not want to kill us, whilst bringing us back up to the high realms of the spirit. A lot of people say, Why does the Lord not get us out of here already? Because if He moves any faster than He is moving, it would kill us.


We see that there is a balance to His drive, because the Lord has a passion for us, and the Scripture says that He desires us like a man desires a woman, that is how strong His passion is for us. That is hard for those of us who suffer down here to believe, and we think in our carnal mind, that surely the Lord could deliver us from our afflictions. We do not understand His purposes, His mind is too high for us, but the Scripture tells us that He desires us like a man desires a woman, and that His drive to possess us, to marry us, is that strong as a man desiring a woman enough to want to marry her.


The sixth Sefirah or attribute, that is a part of the son, is Yesod which is likened to the male organ. The fifth partzuf is the personality of Malkhut, Malkhut is the female, and she is the kingdom, Malkhut is a Sefirah which is the only visible plane, where all of these previous attributes and the energies that they bring with them, are being played out, Paul said, like on a stage, here in Malkhut. We could say that the whole universe which is in a sack is the manifestation of Malkhut, and Malkhut, she has a personality and her personality is the one of the daughter, her Hebrew name is Nukvah.


We have incest in the spiritual planes, it is legal in the spiritual planes, it is not legal amongst human beings, so we see that the son is destined to marry the daughter, and the principle behind it is, that the energy of Arik Anpin pours into the energy of the father, pours into the energy of the mother, and it is a trickle down, you have heard of trickledown economics, this is trickle down energy.


Of course Keter receives its energy from God almighty, from the Eyn Sof, from the nameless one. We see that there is a channel, a series of links, a series of pools through which energy pours down to us here in this fallen world from above, a series of steps downward, so that is the whole idea to get the energy of God to humanity. When I told you about the world of points breaking, because the Sefirot were lined up in a vertical row and they could not communicate with each other, I failed to tell you at that point, and I am going to tell you now, the whole purpose of the communication is to impart the life giving energy of God to each Sefirot, and to ultimately get that life giving energy to humanity, who is languishing down here in the last Sefirot called the kingdom.


We are cut off from God, I am not talking those of us that have been reconciled to the Lord Jesus now, we are cut off from God, and we are languishing down here in the valley of the shadow of death, and the Lord is trying as hard as He can to work as rapidly as He can to get His life giving energy to us down here in the earth.


Malkhut is the earth and her personality is daughter. We see that the son is destined to marry the daughter for the specific purpose of giving her life. The son is called the life of the world, the life of the world. He is the last step in giving energy to those of us down here. All of humanity collectively is called the daughter, all of mortal humanity is female, and we are the daughter.


Even the church of Jesus Christ is female, we know that she is the bride of Christ. The son, Christ Jesus is on the scene, and the problem that the church has today is that the son is spiritual, and the daughter is spiritual, we cannot determine who is the bride and who is the bridegroom by looking at somebody’s exterior appearance. We have many in the church today that are completely confused, we have men in physical bodies who are spiritual women, and spiritual men in female physical bodies that are spiritual men, and we see the physical males of this world and in the church trying to impose a religious spirit on physical females who may be spiritual males.


The solution to the problem brethren, is to seek out, hear and submit to the Spirit of the Lord, not to the doctrines of men, or the carnal understanding that man has of the Scripture. Why am I telling you all of this? This review has all come about because we are translating Genesis 6, and I came up to verse 9. We have already translated verses 1-8. I came to translate verse 9 and it is a simple, very simple little verse, as verses go because they can be very complicated.


However, as simple as it is, if you do not know these basic foundational principles, you will never understand the alternate translation that the Lord has given me, and that is why I have taken this opportunity to review these basic Kabbalistic principles. Are there any questions about the Sefirot or the partzufim, or about anything that I have said?


I am going to read you my alternate translation of verse 9 before we work it up. I am starting with the King James translation of verse 9, at the bottom of page 3 where it says:


Genesis 6:9 These are the generations of Noah. Noah was a just man and perfect in his generation and Noah walked with God. KJV


When I went to translate this verse, I looked in the Interlinear Text as I always do and I looked up every word, and I had a little trouble with this verse. That is rare for me these days. When I first brought forth the doctrine of Christ, I would spend hours just staring at the Interlinear Text waiting for the Lord to give me understanding. Today, it is rare for me to not understand something as soon as I look at it. However, I could not make any sense out of this verse until the Lord showed me the word these and that there is a deep spiritual Kabbalistic principle associated with the word these.


All of this review that I am giving you is really preparing you for my explanation of this Kabbalistic principle that will explain that the Hebrew word translated these (which means these) is talking about the son that I just showed you on the board. It is talking about these children that Binah, mother brought forth so that she could have a name for herself.


She brought forth the son, and the son consists of, six Sefirot or attributes.


Since I did it already on page 5, I will read you the alternate translation before we work it up. Then I am going to explain to you how the word these means Zeir Anpin or means the son which to us is Christ Jesus. How does the word these equal Christ Jesus? That is my next attempt to impart a spiritual principle to you. For now my alternate translation of verse 9 is this:


Genesis 6:9 Zeir Anpin, he is the son now, which is Christ Jesus is the spiritual family that is resting in Noah, and Noah the mortal man who was Elohim’s resting place was completely by the law in the age before the flood, and Noah walked with Elohim. AT


We have a lot to talk about there, but all of this build up is to show you how I got the son, Zeir Anpin, Christ Jesus out of the word these, and as soon as I understood that, I then understood that Shem, Ham, and Japheth were within Noah. For a long time, I have been saying that Shem, Ham, and Japheth were within Noah, and I believed for many years that he was pregnant with them. Noah was not was not a humanoid, he was not in an animal body, he had some kind of a spiritual body.


I do not know what these beings on the other side of the flood looked like, but Noah was a descendant of Seth, who existed on the other side of the flood. I have also been preaching for years that the world that existed on the other side of the flood, was in a condition that I call the second stage of the fall. The third stage of the fall did not come into existence until humanity arrived on this side of the flood, and we fell into these animal bodies. We are in the third stage of the fall. The beings in the second stage of the fall before the flood, did not look like we did because the judgment was not as hard on them, and they lived much longer than we do.


I have been preaching for a long time that the beings on the other side of the flood did not reproduce like we reproduce, and that Noah has his three sons within him, and his wife was within him. How do I come to that conclusion?


There is a general principle that the Lord has taught me that if anyone does not have a personal name in the Scripture, they are a spiritual principle. Noah’s wife is not named, so as far as, based on this principle that the Lord gave me, Noah’s wife was not a separate entity, she has no name, she was just Noah’s wife. The first wife that is named in the Scripture, is Sarai, Abram’s wife, all of the wives before that were spiritual entities within the being. God made man, He made Adam male and female made He them, but the two of them together are called Adam.


Adam is male and female, he is both male and female but the name is Adam, the woman has no name of her own. That is the principle that I just told you about up on the board. The spiritual principle called mother, who represents understanding, she has no name of her own because she is permanently attached, who is called father, wisdom, is also attached to a higher Sefirot called crown, very high Sefirot.


She wanted to bring forth children so that she could have an identity apart from the husband that she was attached to. This is very interesting because when she, because the generations from this point of view, the generations from this point of view are appearing as different levels of consciousness or different worlds, let me show it to you.


We see that these four worlds, these four Kabbalistic worlds, they are talking about levels of consciousness, the Scripture says that Jesus ascended to the right hand of the Father. What does that mean? It means that He is all of the way up here.


Jesus is up here in Atzilut, in the world of emanation, that is very high world, and every world has, I do not have it on the board for you right now, but a right and left column if you remember from a past meeting, I set up the Sefirot in three columns, a left column, a right column, and a middle column, the right column is loving kindness, drive for achievement, the right hand of the Father would be wisdom, loving kindness, and the drive for achievement.


Jesus ascended to the three of the ten different levels of wisdom. Every one of these worlds has the ten Sefirot subject to them, we call them the subjective Sefirot, so Jesus ascended to the positive side, the right side of wisdom, on the left side of wisdom is judgment, so He is not judging us out of wisdom, the judgment that comes out of wisdom is very destructive judgment.


When the Father reigns down judgment on you, watch out, people die. We see that in our human relationships, mothers usually do not discipline the children with the force their fathers do. I know my mother would not let my father come near me, or he did not want to come near me, or my sisters, as a family. This is because he hit one of us, I think it was me, I was always a brat. He hit me so bad that he scared himself and he would not touch me after that.


Wisdom that comes out of the Father, that is the judgment that brought the flood, the wisdom that came out of the Father, everything was wiped out, complete destruction. Jesus is ascended to the right side of the Father, the power of wisdom, of love, and a drive for positive achievement that comes from this high place, and he said, Where I am, you too shall be, so that is our potential, to rise up, He rose higher than Moses. The Jews know that Messiah will rise higher than Moses, but they do not believe that Jesus is it, that He rose up higher than Moses, and we have the potential to attain, to what He attained to in the days of His flesh.


These four worlds, they are levels of consciousness. Today right here in this meeting, we are up here in Atzilut talking about this message, and you listening to me, we have been raised up to the right hand of the Father, we are sitting there with Jesus today. What you do when we come out of this meeting, is another story, we are not up here indefinitely, because we come down and we have a natural life, but it is possible to be up there with such an intensity that we stay up there even as we pursue the carnal pursuits of this life. Jesus was in heaven and earth at the same time, and that is our potential.


We are talking about mother making a name for herself. In the days before the flood, this lower world, the Hebrew name for our world is Asiyah, and that means the world of action. Paul talks about us being on a stage, this is the only visible world where all of the consciousness, the ideas and the world that comes from the higher worlds which are all invisible, manifests themselves through people, in the world down here called the world of action, or the stage that Paul was talking about.


On the other side of the flood, this world did not yet come into existence, this world was not here, this is the third stage of the fall, we mortal humanity are the daughter, we are the third stage of the fall, we fell down from up here. Emanation means, and in this term the world of emanation, emanation means this is the world from which the concept of Let us create a man in our image and in our likeness came forth.


It was not an idea because God does not have a mind, but it was the will of God, and that is hard to explain the difference. I do not know that I can even explain it to you, I am not sure that I completely understand it myself, but I do understand that God almighty does not have a mind, He is higher than mind. What He has is will, Let us, let Him, think about it, Let us, so He had a will, and that came out of this high place, and that, and we are told in Kabbalah that it went forth as a point, a point of what? A point of light.


Who knows what these things are, God is so great right? But we know that it is something greater than we can conceive of. We talk about His light, as the light descends it becomes spirit, but on this high spiritual plane, we call it light because I do not know what else to call it. The will of God went forth and said, Let us make man in our image, and a point of light appeared, and we are told that, that point is mother. Let us make man, and the mother of the man appeared, and does that not make sense? Let us make man, so first when you make the man, you have to make the vehicle to make the man.


It is like a human in this world, whose work, well I do not know about today, but years ago, it used to be like this, he spent years of his life you know establishing himself financially and in business and materially, and he has everything he needs and sits down one day and he says, I would like a child. Today we go out and adopt somebody but most people would get married and have a wife to bring forth a child of their own seed.


The will of God was, Let us make man in our image, and the first thing that appeared was the vehicle that would produce the man, the mother, and she appeared as a point of light, and we are told that, that light, whatever that is, that I cannot comprehend, was transmuted into a thought, and the word transmute means to completely change it, like the word is alchemy, alchemy that old witchcraft, who knows if it was ever real discipline that said, you could a base metal and transmute it into gold, completely change the nature of something. Those of us who are fallen which is all of us are going to be remade into the nature of the Lord Jesus Christ, we are being transmuted, our nature, the very core of our being is being transmuted, being completely changed to something that is completely alien to us, a righteous nature, righteousness is completely alien to the human race.


The best that we can hope for is to be the good of this world. Jesus said to the young ruler, He said, Why do you call me good, only God is good, but that is a different kind of good, that is the goodness of God. Down here in this world, there is the good and evil of this world. The most that we could hope to have is a very high degree of goodness of this world called heroism, that is the best that you could hope for in this world, but we still die, even the heroes die.


We have no hope for righteousness other than to have our nature transmuted, take base metal which is like led, and have it changed into gold. We are told in the Scripture that the foundation that we are receiving from the Lord is a foundation of gold, and that is the only foundation that counts. Paul says it is the only foundation that can be laid. That means there is no other foundation except the Lord Jesus Christ that can give you a positive immortality, immortality without pain, without sorrow, with positive good things in it.


We now understand, I hope you understand, if not, I will take your questions, that mother decided to have a name for herself, she no longer wanted to be a part of father, and the way she was going to do it, was to bring forth a son and a daughter. We see that the whole drive of the creative process is demonstrated in this world. Most people do not, things are different today since the industrial revolution, but before the industrial revolution, the drive was always to produce an heir, produce an heir, see, because our heirs, our children are the future, without children the world would come to an end, and it was an issue of great pride with most people, especially a man to produce an heir. We say that, that attitude in this world is merely a reflection of the attitude, the spiritual will that is driving the creative force to produce an heir.


To the best of my knowledge, the Hebrew word for God, He has no personal name, is Eyn Sof, the God that is all of the way up here, on top of Atzilut there is another world, another world on top of Atzilut called Adam Kadmon, Kadmon means primordial, Primordial Adam, we are fallen adam, this is Primordial Adam, there is all different Adams, at all different levels. Jesus said, I am the first Adam and I am the last Adam. The Primordial Adam, Adam Kadmon is the first world, above the world of Atzilut.


I was talking about the creative force, the Eyn Sof, I was telling you the Eyn Sof is higher than Adam Kadmon, He is just God, we do not even know, we cannot relate to Him at all, I think Eyn Sof means the unknown one or the endless one, if I am not mistaken, He has no personal name.


Somewhere out of the Eyn Sof arose this will to produce a son that would reflect the nature and the attribute of this unknowable one, because God is unknowable, and He has I do not know how to say a lot of these things, I understand that God in that high level, is homogeneous, He is a simple light, He does not have any attributes, like kindness, strength, justice, all of these attributes are woven together into one simple light.


Sometimes I cannot find the words to use, but it is my understanding that the will came forth in the Eyn Sof to have His attributes, but He does not have any attributes up there so, to have someone to bestow upon His kindness, His strength, His justice, His achievement, what good is it having all of these things if you have nobody to bestow it upon, so to the best of my knowledge, that is the purpose of the creation, that the Lord can revealed so that the Eyn Sof, the God almighty in the highest place, in His simple light, can be revealed. What was behind that? I do not know.


Even Paul said, We do not know what we are going to be, but we see Jesus, so what does that mean? We have a vision of the next step up, but I personally do not know and have not read in any of the Kabbalistic writings that I have read, what God is going to do with us when we finally come into His image, because we are not in His image now, we are in the image of the Serpent.


When we are transmuted, when our nature is changed, then what, and the whole world is reconciled unto God almighty, then what are we going to do? I do not know, but I do know this, that we will not be in physical bodies anymore, but we will not be without meaning to our life. What comes next, I have no idea, but in today’s message, I am getting to a point where I am trying to show you that the son that the mother desired to bring forth and did in fact bring forth, is represented by these attributes.


He is represented by these attributes of kindness, strength, justice, achievement, mind, and the male reproductive force, and that these, each of these qualities, each of these attributes, is a conscious being on a high spiritual plane, a conscious being on a high spiritual plane, and that these six attributes are the these, this is the teaching of the Zohar which I printed out in the notes, we will go over it in a minute, the teaching explaining that mother who brought forth these, these six attributes in the form of the son, and we know that the son today to be Christ Jesus.


The son is destined to give the life of God to the daughter, the son is the bridegroom, that the whole church is waiting for, and this whole world is the daughter. It is not just the church you know, the whole world is potentially the daughter, but in order to be married to the son we have to have the Holy Spirit.


You do not have to speak in tongues, but you can have the faith that is produced by the Holy Spirit. There has to be something in you that will receive the son, or the seed of the son. Until the daughter, and we could a human being at a time, until she receives the seed or the life of the son, we are dead. All of our fellow human beings out there that have not been touched by the Lord Jesus Christ are dead, and as far as God up here, He cannot even see them. He cannot even see them.


Someone in the meeting had a problem with their modem last week, and they called up Cablevision, and Cablevision said, I can see your TV, I can see your router, but I cannot see your modem, it must mean your modem is dead, you need a new modem. There are human beings on the face of the earth, that God cannot see, Why not? Because there is no transmitter in them or receiver in them, there is no receiver that the Spirit of God can relate to in this people and He does not see them.


Creation has not even begun in those people. If you have that receiver in you which is the Holy Spirit, and there is different degrees of the Holy Spirit, you do not have to speak in tongues, that is called receiving the Holy Spirit, nobody that I know of today is baptized in the Holy Spirit, if you are baptized in the Holy Spirit, you are a very powerful spiritual being with supernatural powers and you speak other known languages. Nobody is doing that today. Today people are receiving a prayer language, a personal prayer language, an unknown tongue that needs to be interpreted, but cannot always be interpreted. That is called receiving a taste of the Holy Spirit, and then other people have the Holy Spirit, the power of God in their life by faith. God is working with everybody.


That is who these are, the son, and he is destined to marry the daughter, and each and every one of us, if you can hear this brethren, is a dust particle in this dried out world because the spirit left this world when Adam died. Did you ever see one of those balls when you shake it and the particles go flying everywhere, well that ball is our planet, and each dust particle is a human being, and we are continuously moving, and continuously relating to other people, and changing, and today we are grouped together in this group, when this meeting is over, you are all going to go your separate ways, maybe you will be grouping with other people, we are continuously changing our formation, and that is why this world is an illusion, it is not permanent, it is continuously changing.


Are there any questions on anything that I brought forth here? If not we are going to read that passage in the Zohar which explains that the word these is talking about mother, understanding, and she is in the world of creation. She is the creative force from above, the son is the creative force that is underneath her. The energy is coming from the highest world down into mother, and from the mother into the son and from the son into the daughter.


This energy is the impartation of life to this world a human being at a time. Let us take a look at the passages in the Zohar, and I will explain it to you as best as I can. It is right there in page one, these, and you know not that you have to learn this for anything but just for your information, the Hebrew word for these is well it is important that you hear, the Hebrew word for these is Ehyeh, and it is important because when the mother joins with her son, the mother’s Hebrew name is me, the Hebrew word, well I will do that in another drawing.


A word that refers to the mother which really means who, but we will do that later. When you add Ehyeh, which means these to me, you get Elohim. I think everybody here is familiar with the word Elohim. We find out who Elohim is, Elohim is the power, the grade of power, a specific grade of power.


You know when you buy an electronic piece of equipment, it tells you how many watts that piece of equipment can use, and if you put a different kind of plug in there, that is a greater power, you are going to blow the whole thing up. We know what 220 watts means, we know what 15 watts means. We are supposed to know what the name Elohim means, Elohim means the lowest of the Sefirah of the mother, because each of these worlds has ten subjective Sefirot in it.


The name Elohim, and I will put that on the board for you shortly means the lowest Sefirot of the mother, plus the six Sefirot of the son, and all of those attributes, all of those Sefirot, those ten Sefirot together, is a degree of power that has a particular specific name, and that degree of power, Elohim, does particular specific things, that if you know, if you are educated in this way, and you see certain manifestations in the earth, you know that, that judgment came from Elohim.


I mentioned to you earlier that the flood, the judgment that manifested as water, came from the Father, killed everything, no one wants to get judged by the Father, everybody dies. That is signified by water. The element that typifies the judgment of the mother is fire, our God is a consuming fire the Scripture says, that judgment is coming out of mother. The judgment that comes out of the son is justice, that is judgment with consideration for extenuating circumstances. Did you ever get a ticket? You can go to court and you can plead guilty with an explanation.


That kind of judgment with justice and mercy although it not, mercy does, forget about the mercy, I cannot explain that now, but that is what justice means, comes through the son. Your hope for justice comes through the son. If there is a flood coming, you better run for your life because there is no personal exceptions. The flood is coming, you better get off of the planet, or out of the geographical location because the Lord Jesus is not looking down and saying, Well, I know you did not do anything wrong, so this tidal wave is not going to hit you.


The tidal wave is coming, you better get out of the way of the tidal wave, and the best that you could hope for if you are in right standing with the Lord and there is a tidal wave coming, is that He is going to speak to you and say, Hey there is a tidal wave coming, you better get out of town, and if you do not hear it, or if you hear the voice and you decide it is not God, you are going to drown in the tidal wave.


There is a lot pride in the church that does not understand that. I have a friend who lives out in some state, I am sorry I forgot what state it is. This goes back five or seven years, I do not remember what state she lives in and I have not heard from her for a while. I do not remember what tragedy befell city. I did not realize that she lived outside of the city, and after it was over, she, I called to see if she was alright, and she told me, Well, she was going to go into the city that day, but she decided not to.


I tried to point out to her that the Lord had saved her life, but her response was prideful and she said to me, Oh, no if I had gone into the city, He would have saved me anyway. I said, No, He would not, if you did not go into the city it was because His Spirit moved on you not to go, you happen to respond to His, you may not have realized it, but you responded to His Spirit. If you did not hear His communication and or you heard it, and you went anyway, you could have been hurt and you could have been killed.


Once you are in the middle of the storm and He told you not to go there, there is no help for you. If you are in the middle of the storm and you cannot get out, He will protect you where you are, and when He tells you not to go and you go anyway, you are on your own, you are on your own. If the bomb is coming, and you are in the building where the bomb is going to blow up, if you are in the spot where the bomb is falling, you will get blown up, if you happen to be a couple of feet away, you will not get blown up, but you are on your own because He told you not to go.


There was someone in this ministry a few years ago who was on an island with a hurricane coming, all of the warnings were out, and she and her party decided to stay, it is a miracle that they did not get hurt, and her position was, The Lord will protect me. No He will not, that is arrogance, you get all of the news warnings that the hurricane is coming, and you decide to sit it out? They were in a dangerous place, there was no reason for them to stay there except stubbornness, they were on vacation and they did not want to leave, that is called arrogance, presumption.


It reminds when I was a child and my nephew who was a police officer gave me a sticker to put in my car. I put the sticker in the windshield and I drove to the most highly policed area of Manhattan, and parked my car right in the middle of one of the movies. Thousands of people had gone to the movies, and I came out, and I had a ticket. It is called arrogance.


This is quoted from the Zohar. Let me tell you this, Kabbalah is an umbrella term for a series of spiritual literary works, and the Zohar is one of the foundational documents. I have it, in the form that I have it, it is a five volume set, the translation that I have here, and I have a second translation which is bigger than that. We are quoting from the Zohar, when the most mysterious wish to reveal himself, that is the Eyn Sof, the unknowable one, He wished to reveal Himself. That is the whole purpose of creation, He wished to reveal Himself.


He first produced a single point, I just mentioned that earlier, a single point, a single point of light which was transmuted, and transmuted means to change from one nature or substance, form, or condition, into another, it means to transform. That is the miracle that the Lord Jesus is doing for us, He is taking our fallen nature and transforming it, a fallen attribute at a time. We see that this single point of light was translated into a thought. Probably that could be preached on for a couple of hours how you transmute, a point of light to a thought because a thought means a mind, just like I said, a man wanted a son, he had to go out and get a wife, to produce a thought you need a mind. How do you produce a mind?


First you have to produce a man, that the mind is going to be in. This is so typical of spiritual writings. We read about a single point of light, and it goes to a thought, and in between those two words, point of light and thought, we have a whole process of creation, the mother being brought into existence, the son being brought into existence, the mind being formed in the son, all of that to go from point of light to thought, and you know, this is true of the Bible.


When you start reading the Bible with the spiritual mind of God which is the mind of Christ, you see that it is a highly abbreviated book. There is one passage in Isaiah where we see the two comings, one sentence apart, and it is already two thousand years. The Bible can be appreciated by the people with a carnal mind as a parable, but to really understand what that book is saying, you have to have a knowledge of spiritual principles. This is the second message that I am preaching to prepare you for the translation of Genesis 6:9, one little verse, and the verses that are coming.


We have some very exciting revelation coming. The Lord has given me more information on who the eight souls saved by water were that Peter talks about in the New Testament, and He has given me more information on the reason for the flood. We are told in the Scripture that there was evil going on, but we do not know what the evil was, so the Lord has really blessed me these last couple of days.


This is what happens, when you have, when you are in a place where I am, whatever place that is, I do not even know how to describe it, the Lord dumps wisdom on you, He dumps these ideas upon me, but for me to teach them, I have to explain all of the principles that are resident in me, see I can understand what He said because all of these principles are operating in me, they have been built into me from years of study, but to preach and to teach it, I have to lay out all of these principles to prepare you so that you would have a hope of understanding what I am going to tell you.


I probably have enough material for the next two messages. We will see what we can do today. We see that this is how the worlds came into existence, the most mysterious desired to reveal Himself and that will, the desire produced a single point of light which was transmuted into a thought. We go from mother, which was a point of light, to the full development of the son and each successive world, each successive level of consciousness is stepping down lower and lower withe ultimate purpose in mind of a visible creation.


We are not supposed to look like this. The only reason we have animal bodies, we are mammals, the only reason we have animal bodies is because we have an animal mind, it is the mind that forms the body. When the mind of Christ, when our new man takes full control of our life, we will have a different kind of body, we will have a body that will reflect the nature of Christ, we will have a spiritual body of light. What are we going to look like? I do not have a clue, you know, but we see Jesus. What does Jesus look like today? As far as I know, the only form that Jesus has is us, He is a shape shifter today, He can take any form that He wants.


The question is.... First let me say this. The form that He is taking today is us. He is coming to us as spirit form, and manifesting Himself through us. He is talking to you today through me. The question in my mind is.... I guess I just got the answer. After the whole world is reconciled to the Lord Jesus Christ, when He is manifesting through everyone on the face of the earth, at that time, what will He look like? He is going to look like humanity. That is going to be it. He is going to stay in spiritual form and He is going to manifest Himself through His body. Whatever we are going to look like, that is going to be the manifestation of Himself. Does anybody not understand what I just said?


He will always be higher than us, He will always have the pre-eminence. He said in the Scripture that we can hope to attain to what He attained to, but He will always have the preeminence, because we are His offspring, we are His children. He will always have the preeminence, we can never be equal to Him. We can achieve what He achieved but we will never be equal to Him.


It is like a man who has a son, or a married couple that has a son. Your child, son or daughter, can be very successful in this world. Let us say you are a lawyer, and you have a son or a daughter who becomes a lawyer, they become just as great a lawyer as you are, or maybe even a greater lawyer, but you are still the parent and they are still the son. You will always have it over your son and hopefully your children will always respect you.


That is the principle. We can attain to what He attained to, but He will always have the preeminence. Why will He always have the pre-eminence? If for no other reason, He is the one that is connected to the higher realms of the Spirit. We need Him to be connected to the life giving force of almighty God.


Second paragraph, And in this, He executed innumerable designs, this is so interesting, He executed innumerable designs and engraved innumerable gravings, He further graved within the sacred and mystic lamp, and the words in parenthesis are my additions, and a mystic lamp, a sacred and mystic lamp, it is talking about, to the best of my knowledge, talking about a grade of light that produced the male aspect of the linear Sefirot.


Maybe I have to show you what that is too. Let me show you the linear and the circular Sefirot. We are looking at drawing #3, and I am showing you the circular aspects, there are circular aspects of the Sefirot and linear aspects of the Sefirot, there is really only one Sefirot, it is not that we have ten linear aspects, and ten circular aspects, there are just ten Sefirot, some of them are linear, and some of them are circular, and all of the attributes that we impute to the ten Sefirot up here, both in the linear aspects and the circular aspects.


The circular aspects of the Sefirot are called worlds, and they represent the soul. There are different levels of soul, which we are not going to get into in this message, but there are five worlds, and five levels of souls, and the linear Sefirot signifies spirit, why are we drawing this picture right now? Because the passage in the Zohar that we are studying, talks about a building, but it is a spiritual building that is being built, and this is the spiritual building. It is the linear aspect of the soul, and it is a building that will lead us up to the heights of the high Spirit of God, and this building has an opening, an opening that the light of God enters into.


Remember the whole purpose of everything, is to get the light which is the energy of God to the creature, to get the energy of God to the creature, we are the creature, we die because we do not have enough energy. We are born into this world with a measure of energy, and when we use it up, we die. That is why we age, because the measure of energy that we come into the world with, starts to dissipate, in the world, this world is not of God, in the world that God created, we would have the energy of God continuously circulating through us, just like our blood circulates through our body, and that is why there will be no death, no aging, and no disease.


This whole world, the whole universe is in a sack which is cut off, from the eternal world of God, which has all of the energy for our survival. We are cut off, that is why we need a savior to reconnect us, to the eternal realm of God. The savior in the midst of us is our life support that the Lord Jesus Christ who is now ascended, when He comes down into this world, He can connect to Christ Jesus, or to Christ in us, and that is the connection of the lifeline. One of the names of the Lord Jesus Christ is lifeline, we are dying here, we just do not realize that we are dying because people think it is normal to die 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 years old.


I saw a 101 year old woman the other day, and she looked good, she had color in her face, but she was in a wheelchair, she was very and obviously not leading a physically productive life. We think this is normal, this is not normal, aging is not normal, dying is not normal, sickness is not normal, it is a part of the curse. How will people ever repent, if they think this is normal? Do you think this is normal to spend 60, and 70 years learning, experiencing, growing, acquiring a wealth of wisdom that can benefit the youth, and then to die, do you think that is normal? Do you think that is the plan of a loving God? Think brethren, think, you are in hell! That is not normal, that is not normal!


The linear Sefirot, is the vehicle that channels the energy which is the life of God to human beings. Who is this building, who is this linear Sefirot? It is Christ Jesus brethren, He is the one that at one end connects us to the glorified Jesus Christ, who is one with the Father right now, and the other end of Him if you have Him, is that He is penetrating right to your center. This is Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man, and He mediates between soul which we are, our personality is soul, and the Spirit of God. Christ Jesus is a mind, mind is a mediator between the soul which is a personality and God which is Spirit.


Spirit and soul have absolutely nothing in common, there is no way for them to join together, there is no way for them to join, so that why we need a mediator, someone who is both spirit and soul, who can connect at one to the soul which is mankind, and the other end to the Spirit of God. That is why we need a savior, we are all dead. You know, when you read about Adam dying, in the Interlinear Text, what it says is ....and dying you shall die, that means spiritual death is an ongoing process.


It is like that movie Ground hog day, we just keep dying over and over and over again, but because of the different incarnation, and because most people are in darkness, we do not understand it, we think that our existence is just this life, but it is not. We are being born and dying over and over and over again. Jesus has come to put a stop to that. This is not His world, and His world does not line up with His plans, and He is the architect that is designing a world that will ultimately come into existence.


Over here, I say the circular aspects of the creation are called worlds. The worlds represent soul, the linear aspects of the creation is called world. The circular aspect of the creation is called world, the linear aspect of the creation is the edifice, which is another word for building, that emanates from Binah, which is the light that came forth because the will of the almighty decided to be revealed, and that building emanates from Binah. It is the son, the male aspect of the creation.


The creation is mind, Jesus said, I am the creation of God, and Jesus no longer has a physical body. Brethren, we have believers in the church that are willing to fight to the death to prove that this physical body is going to be glorified, saved and glorified, they are mistaken. Jesus is saved, and He does not have a physical body.


Mind is the union of spirit and soul. We are told to be renewed in the spirit of our mind. That means in the linear Sefirot. In the mind of Christ, this linear male aspect is Christ Jesus. The person who has a carnal mind, this male aspect is Leviathan. We have to be renewed in the spirit of our mind, this is the part that is changing, the linear aspect. The soul, the circular part of us is staying the same, but when this linear aspect changes, when it transmutes from Leviathan which is the animal nature into Christ Jesus, which is the holy nature of God, we the personality, we will be a new creature.


Is that not the promise of the Scripture, that we shall be a new creature, a new or a renewed creation? This is the part of us that the Lord is dealing with us, and in the carnal mind, this linear aspect is pride, pride, pride, pride, which is dominating and controlling the personality, and in many cases really tormenting the person that Leviathan has penetrated. Leviathan is penetrating every human being born of woman. We are all penetrated.


In the book of Romans Paul calls this our husband. You do not have to have a PhD to see that it looks like a male organ, Paul calls it our husband, and he says, now that you are reconciled to the Lord Jesus, act as you are divorced, because you are not divorced yet, but resist, resist, disobey, rebel against the one who is penetrating you which is Leviathan, representing your pride, and cleave unto your new husband which is Christ Jesus, even though He is not in there yet in His fullness in your mind.


Pursue after your new husband and reject your existing husband, and you will be transmuted, your nature will be changed. That is the promise of the Scripture. That is how we are being saved. We are not being taken just like we are, in all of our sins and translated into heaven. It is just not going to happen.


We have to be changed, and the Scripture says, Behold, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye we shall be changed. Job said, I wait until my change comes. We have to be changed, not after we die, now today. You have to find out what you are doing wrong, one thing at a time, as the Lord reveals it to you, and change. That is how we are being translated. The Lord gives us the power to change, and now we have to change. He gives us the power and now we have to change.


We would be in darkness if I did not flip the light switch on. The power to produce light is in this room, but if I do not flip the light switch, I am the darkness. I have to do something. I have to appropriate what God has provided for me. He gives me the power to do it. He gives me the instructions how to do it. He gives me the moral support and the strength, and I have to do it. He is not going to do it for you.


He is not going to do it for you. This is the edifice. Some of you that have been with me for a while know that I had a powerful dream... There was a time that I dreamed a lot, and I have a whole folder of dreams that I typed up. A lot of my dreams I forget the next day, but this dream is still with me today after years and years and years.


In the dream there was this very tall high rise building, and on my left, it looked a reservoir or an above-ground pool, but it was very large and the waters were just very rapidly moving, and I was looking from one to the other and I could not understand what that meant. This was before the Lord brought me into Kabbalah. It was a Kabbalistic dream, based on Kabbalistic principles.


The above ground-pool or the reservoir with the rapidly moving water typified the soul, that is the water that is on the deep that we read about in Genesis 1, moving rapidly. That is the soul, it is violent. That is the animal nature in the soul, and it is violently moving. It is Satan’s waters, and the building on the right was Christ Jesus.


The high rise building was going into the sky, I could not see the top of it, and in various levels there was someone leaning out the window. I grew up in the city, so it was very common for people to hang out the window and call your friend. There used to be a program on TV called Molly Goldberg, and she was always hanging out the window. That is what it looked like, people just hanging out the window talking to each other. I am just so fascinated with it to this day. I even mention it on several of my messages. The Lord was telling me I am going to introduce you to this study. It has changed my whole life. I am just so grateful to Him for this great gift.


Are there any questions about this board which I put up here for you so that we can understand what the Zohar is talking about, when it talks about a building, and when it talks about the linear Sefirot. Is everybody okay with that?


Let us go on with our study in the Zohar. When the most mysterious wished to reveal himself, he first produced a single point which was transmuted into a thought. We see that thought is not light, but the light was completely changed to produce a thought, it became a mind. In this He executed innumerable designs, and engraved innumerable engravings, He further engraved within the sacred and mystic lamp, this mystic lamp is the grade of light that produced the male aspect linear Sefirot, a mystic and most holy design. How do I know that this mystic lamp is the male aspect? Because the next few words say that it is an edifice, a wondrous edifice issuing from the midst of thought.


What is all of this talking about, innumerable designs and engravings? What that is talking about brethren is.... I am at a loss for words frequently because I am told that God is higher than mind, so I am at lost for words, so I am probably using the wrong words here, but... Let me try it this way. People that are into witchcraft are taught to engrave with their mind. They are taught to visualize (not imagine) something in their mind if they want it to come to pass to it, and that is called engraving with your mind. I do not know everything that witchcraft does is a counterfeit of what God does, so there has to be a place for this in God.


I knew a woman who would sit down for an hour before her husband was expected home, and for an hour she would envision him walking through the door with a smile on his face, and every time she did that he came in and he was pleasant, and if she did not do that he came in like a wild beast, but she was using witchcraft on him, she was controlling him with her mind.


This is the concept of engraving, which to me was always associated with witchcraft, until one day quite a few years ago, the whole ministry came under a particular kind of attack in our dreams, we were all being attacked in our sleep. I cried out to God for several weeks, there was no relief for several weeks, and finally He spoke to me and He said, Before you go to sleep, engrave a castle and engrave yourself, picture yourself inside of the castle, and I was distressed, because I said, Lord, that is witchcraft.


For years I have believed that kind of activity is witchcraft, and the Lord said to me, Sheila, everything that comes out of my motive, if I tell you to do it, if it is out of My Spirit, it is okay. That was one of the first times that I had to break with tradition to follow the Lord, and it worked and to this day, I tell anybody that is being attacked in their sleep or attacked during the day, but usually it is when you are sleeping, before you go to sleep, you put yourself in a tower, and the tower inside of a castle, and everything that you would do if you had the physical wherewithal to do it to protect yourself.


You do it with your mind. You put walls around yourself, you put warrior angels around yourself. It is amazing, with these nocturnal attacks, they stopped, it works. Words are the weapons of our spiritual war, words that the spirit that speaks the words.


To be sitting at a table and envisioning your husband coming and smiling when he does not really have any intention of smiling, that is control and that is witchcraft which is sin, but to put yourself in a castle to defend yourself against illegal onslaughts is not sin, who are hurting by doing that? You are hurting the person who is illegally trying to hurt you, that is acceptable to God. You should not be doing it out of fear because anything that you do out of fear is sin, so everything has a but. You know, it is not easy. The spiritual life is not easy, but once you get a hold of it, and you can only get a hold of it when Christ Jesus is formed in you, it is a glorious lifestyle.


We see that this high manifestation of God who I am told does not have a mind, somehow by His spirit is executing designs and engravings, and what is that? It is people, it is the world, the world is being conceived of. We cannot say that the word thought of because He did not have a mind. He willed the world to come into existence by His Spirit, by the wisdom of His Spirit which is above mind.


I do not fully comprehend it myself but I understand the principle of it, that there is something higher than mind, the will of God that things should appear, that the world should appear in a particular format, and I want to tell you brethren that this world down here, in the world of action, is not lining up with the blueprints. This world is not the world that almighty God imagined, it is not the world that He engraved, and it is not a world that He intends to tolerate much longer because it does not reflect His nature, it reflects the nature of the Serpent, and there it cannot survive.


We see that all of these engravings and designs produce a wondrous edifice issuing from the midst of thought. We see thought comes out of mind, and I have a diagram of our mind on the board for us. That is the mind of man, and the only difference between the man with the carnal mind and the man with the Christ mind is the quality and character of the spiritual male penetrating the spiritual female which is the personality, but that is a diagram of mind.


This wondrous edifice issued from the midst of thought. I do not know maybe there is a higher mind, I have not really grasped this myself, so I am a student teacher, I am telling you openly that I do not know, there might be a higher thought, I am not sure, so I am just going to go on. ...and this is called me, and me in Hebrew means who, signifying who is that, and who was the beginning of the edifice?


What is being said here is that me is Binah, it may not say it here but it says it elsewhere. I want to tell you that I have studied this for years, and this is the best I have ever grasped it, as of today, the word who is a secret synonym for Binah, understanding, mother, and the word what is a hidden word for Elohim in the Scripture. When we do our alternate translation, if it is appropriate in the context of th whole verse, we frequently will translate the word what as Elohim or who as Binah, or mother, when we are looking for the spiritual understanding of the Scripture.


We see that the foundation of the building is mother. What does that mean the foundation of the building? The building I just told you is Christ Jesus, right? The building is Christ Jesus, He is the son, if you can recall the drawing before this, who brought the son into existence? The mother, Binah brought the son into existence, so she is his foundation. We see that this who, who is this, who is this incredible power to do this, who could possibly comprehend in any kind of fullness this level of God called understanding, Binah, mother, Imma, she is all the same.


She is both existent and non-existent. What does that mean? The word existence signifies appearing in this world, so the Lord Jesus Christ today, He is both existent and non-existent, He is existent and that He is appearing today right now talking through me, He is appearing to you through my words, but He is also non-existent, He appears on a level of consciousness that is not seen in this world. You have to ascend up to where He is to see it. Binah who is the Lord Jesus Christ, is coming out of Binah today is existent and non-existent, she is deep buried and unknowable by name, deep buried.


She is buried under her husband, Chokhmah wisdom, father, all the same. Chokhmah, Hebrew means wisdom, partzuf or the name of the personality is father, she is buried deeply within the father, and she is unknowable by any name, she does not have her own name. It was only called me which means who, who is this? It desired to become manifest and be called by a name.


We have already gone over that, I have shown you on the board how she would acquire a name by having children, and the spiritual children that she has given birth to are the son and the daughter, and the intention of the great architect of the creation is that the son and daughter should mate, because the daughter in and of herself has no way of surviving.


She is the typical woman of the pre-industrial revolution. She is the way we were, and have been treated in this world for generations, totally helpless without a man. They cannot have any property. They have no means of taking care of themselves. The only hope of any kind of decent life in this world, is to have a husband to take care of them, and that is the spiritual principle of Binah here. She wanted her own name.


It therefore clothed itself in a refulgent, and refulgent means shining forth, brilliantly radiant, so this point of light clothed itself in a brilliant light, brilliant and precious garment and creative Ehyeh, that is the Hebrew word Ehyeh, and it means these, and Ehyeh acquired a name. Ehyeh means these and these are the six attributes of the son that we had on the board in the previous drawing, and you can see in the next paragraph here, the letters of the two words, Ehyeh which means these, and me, because that was the only name that Binah had, who is this? She had no name. They put those letters together, and the complete name is Elohim, which means God.


As I explained to you earlier, a name signifies a degree of power, just like 220 watts, it means a degree of power to you, and we can look at the activity of Elohim and get an idea of what that degree of power does. Elohim is harsh judgment, Elohim is not as powerful as the judgment that comes out of Chokhmah wisdom, the flood came out of wisdom, the water came out of wisdom and wiped out everything, Elohim is lower than that, because the wisdom comes from the judgment of the father, and Elohim is the judgment of the mother, but it could still be pretty harsh, pretty harsh, fire, fiery judgment, it burns up and consumes, and that of course is the lake of fire, the lake of fire, it is the mother, Binah, that is where the Lord Jesus Christ is.


The letters of the two words intermingled and that is how we formed Elohim, and then we just have a comment here from the Zohar. When the Israelite sinned in making the golden calf, they alluded to this mystery in saying, Ehyeh, these are their Gods oh Israel. In other words, your God is the God of the level of the son, do not look any higher for God, do not look to Chokhmah or Binah. Do not look to the higher principalities. Stay down here, because the son signifies man, we have the ability in Christ Jesus to become the sons of God, that is what this means, to be the sons of God.


When Christ Jesus is manifesting through us and we become the new man who is made in the image of His righteousness, we become the righteousness of God, we are the son, and there is a level of judgment which comes from the son which is supposed to be the manifestation of mercy, when the higher degree of judgment is joined to us. In this case the son never leaves his mother, and the mother brings forth the son and she joins herself to the son.


Then the son joins himself to the daughter and together, they bring the judgment that comes with mercy that we saw manifested through the Lord Jesus Christ. The mother alone will burn you up, she is the lake of fire. Are there any questions of anything that I have just said? I am going to one more drawing just to show you how the word, how the Ehyeh and the Me are joined, how Elohim is formed, and then we are going to call it quits for today, and we will pick up next week Lord willing with the alternate translation of Genesis 1:9.


This is drawing #4 and I am showing you an application of the sub-sefirot. Keter does not get involved much. We are starting with Chokhmah which is wisdom, and Chokhmah has ten subs-efirot, Keter, Chokhmah, Binah, Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malkhut, ten. Binah has ten subsefirot, and each Sefirot is a grade of power, so we are talking about the mixing of powers.


It is spiritual alchemy, the mixing of powers to produce a particular collective grade of power. We see that the lower part of Chokhmah starting from Chesed, and I do not know if Malkhut.... the question that I said I do not know all of the answers, and I do not know if Malkhut is involved here or not. I do not have all of the answers, this is to the best of my understanding.


The word these is referring to the offspring, this man.


I do not know whether Malkhut is involved in this or not, so I certainly do not have all of the answers, but this is the basic principle, the these, the ones that are born, the son that consists of six attributes, Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod, he is the son, so those six attributes of the subsefirot of Chokhmah, from Chesed through Yesod, and I do not know if Malkhut is included or not, because she is the female. I do not know if she is included.


These six Sefirot, the son, that is under Chokhmah, joined to the top three Sefirot of Binah, Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah, this is the greatest power that we know as Jehovah, it came with Jehovah, the lower portion of Chokhmah and the upper portion of Binah, and that grade of power has specific functions, I do not even know what all of them are, I just know that the flood came out of here, out of Chokhmah. The six attributes of the son under Binah included with the son that Binah brought forth is Elohim.


Again I do not know if Malkhut is included or not, because something tells me that we should not have any more than twelve Sefirot here, the son is six, and then if we take Chesed through Yesod of Binah we have twelve, but if we include the Malkhut, we have thirteen. I do not know what the answer is, this is the basic principle, Jehovah is higher than Elohim, but the two of them work together all of the time, and we see how Binah joined with the son that she brought forth, from her lower part to the son that she brought forth, is the greater power known as Elohim.


The power in the son is Elohim. You may recall that Elohim is the raw power of God, likened to the Holy Spirit, and the raw power of God, if it is not under the dominion of wisdom of God, can become evil. It is really important that wisdom, Jehovah is joined to the power of Elohim, and that is why you almost always see them together in the Scripture. Jehovah is the wisdom of God, the power that comes from wisdom, and Elohim is the raw power of God that comes from the son. That was a little complicated. Are there any questions on that? If not I think we are going to wrap it up. I think you had enough for today.


04/06/07 Transcribed by RR


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