604 - Part 5

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I wanted to explain to the people sitting here that the message is being preached here today or the activities of this ministry, expand and extend way beyond the people fed the word of God. This is a ministry that has been anointed to teach from the high planes of the spirit of God, where the creative purposes of the Lord, or his church and the world are manifested. Everything that happens down in the world is merely the playing out the acting out of the blueprint or the spiritual instruction or the programming that was created on the higher spiritual planes. Any ministry which has been raised up by the Lord Jesus into the world of creation or higher is the mouthpiece of the Lord which is declaring what will come to pass in the world.


I have something on the board, so I cannot draw it for you now, but I just want remind you that there are five worlds, we have had them on the board already. The highest world is the world of emanation, then comes the world of creation, and then comes the world of formation, and then this world, the world action where that which was willed into existence is acted out. Because of Christ Jesus and His position in us, and it is in us, His position in me is that He is raising up at the very least to the world of creation, probably higher, to the world of emanation, and when you sit, anyone who sits under me, you are at least for the extent of these messages, caught up to the same place where I am, and I am caught up to the same place where He is, because the Lord Jesus is manifesting His will through us.


When I preach here, it is really the group ministry, and I have explained this to you before, and you are all in submission to my teaching, everybody’s spirit rises and we meet in the air and a cloud of the kind of witnesses that Paul talks about, we are that cloud of witnesses that Paul talks about, witnesses to what? Witnesses to the truth of God as Jesus perceives it, not as somebody’s carnal mind perceives it. We have all kinds of opinions out there from very well meaning preachers as to what the last days mean, and as to what Jesus’ word saying, in the last days, it will be as it was in the days of Noah. We have some very interesting opinions as to what that means. The only opinion that the Lord is interesting in, is His opinion of what He meant when He said it.


One man said to me a couple of years ago, Well I meet with a group of friends and we pick and Scripture and we go around the circle and everybody says what they think the Scripture means and we do not need a teacher. I said to him, Well are you not interested in what the one who wrote the Scriptures meant when He wrote the Scripture, or are you interested in what you think it means? He just looked at me. In this ministry we have the privilege of bringing forth the truth of the word as the Lord is ministering it to His church today. The word of God fluid, it is not rigid, it changes, the foundation of it changes, but the use of it, the expression of it to accomplish the purposes of the Lord with a certain person or group of persons changes. The best example I can think of, is the way the Lord ministers, what we call the old covenant to Israel and to the church.


Most of the teachers in the church will tell you that the old covenant was ministered to the Jew and the new covenant was ministered to the Christian, but this is not true, Jehovah ministered the old covenant both to the Jew and to the Christian, through two different mediators. Does anyone know who the mediator was that Jehovah ministered the old covenant to the Jew to, who was the mediator between Jehovah the Jew? You have the answer?


COMMENT:  Moses.


PASTOR VITALE:  Moses, yes Moses was the mediator of the covenant between Jehovah and the Jew, and who was the mediator of the covenant that is between Jehovah and the world, actually for the world or church in particular, who is the mediator? Yes.


COMMENT:  Christ Jesus.


PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, Christ Jesus is the mediator between Jehovah and the Christian world, actually to the whole world, but the Christian world is the one that responding, the term Christian world represents the group of people saying, Yes Lord, today, Christ Jesus is the mediator between Jehovah and the whole world. Jesus is the savior of the world. It is the same old covenant. It is the promise of the Lord saying, if you keep my laws and keep my commandments, I will take care of you, I will protect you, I will see that you always are fed, that you have a roof over your head, and that your needs are met, He never promised that you would be rich, but He said that your needs would be met, that is His promise to you if you honor Him, that is the old covenant. Is that not what the Lord is doing for the church today? Yes, He is not doing any more for the church today in general. He has started to do the new covenant, what is the new covenant? The new covenant is, I will put My laws in your mind, in your heart, I will change your nature! I will put Myself, My laws, My mind, My heart, My will, My righteousness inside of you, I will be your new man, and I will swallow up the death in you and you will receive My eternal life and you will live forever, and you will obey Me. I will become your God. When Jesus was resurrected, the apostle said, And He is now my God and my Lord, and I go to, Jesus said, I go to your God and your Lord. I am sorry I may have gotten that wrong, but He is both God and Lord, He is God, Lord, He is Christ. What does that mean, what does Lord mean? The Hebrew and the Greek word Lord means controller. It means controller, it means He is giving us self-control. When He puts Himself inside of us, He is our new mind, our new heart, and He is the one who will control our sin nature, because the sin nature is a part of us, the sin nature is not going away, it is the darkness that gives form to the light which we are, the darkness is not going away. Christ Jesus is the consuming fire that will burn inside of us, He is the lake of fire that the Devil and the false prophet are in, because we are the Devil and the false prophet. He is going to burn them eternally in the lake of fire, it is not a tormenting fire, because that English word tormenting, it is not an accurate translation of the Greek word that translated tormenting. The Greek word translated tormented in the term tormented forever, means to be driven to the bottom. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, will be driven to the bottom underneath the Christ mind, and the Christ mind will burn continuously down, all of the way down into the depths of our being so that the carnal mind, Satan, the Devil, the false prophet, everybody that is in the lake of fire, cannot climb out and act out their will and their lusts through us. That is the new covenant, and I look at the church today and they are sinning just like the rest of the world is sinning, and they are sick just like the rest of the world is sick, and they are dying just like the rest of the world is dying, so I do not see the new covenant in the church today, except in a few people here or there.


Some people like me, we have the beginnings of the new covenant in us because it has not been perfected yet, because the Lord controls my life, He controls my life, He does not give me instructions from outside of myself, but He is a new man in me, He is a new mind in me, and where He wills I go. The new covenant is in me but not perfected in me. Most of the church is following after their own mind, but my point today, is that the new covenant was ministered through two different mediators in two different ways, to the Jew and to the church, because the Jew had to keep the law of ordinances, the law of civil Israel, which said, you have to make animal sacrifices, you have to go to a priest, the priest has to be a descendant of Aaron, those laws do not apply to the church, so the teachers in the church have assumed that the church is under the new covenant, but it is not true. The church is the same old covenant ministered by the same God Jehovah, to a different group of people, in a different way, the law that the church is under is the law of the Holy Spirit.


It is a spiritual law, and it says, Thou shalt not. The law to Israel says, Thou shalt not, thou shalt not and if you do these are the consequences. The law of the Holy Spirit says, Thou shalt not, and if you do the consequences are the sowing and reaping judgment. The new covenant says, I have kept My promise to you, you are no longer doing... I am going to say that again, the old covenant both to the Jew and to the church says, You shall not and if you do you will be punished. The new covenant says, I give you the power to not do, so that you do not have to be punished.


When we stop sinning in any area of our life, we know that the new covenant is operating in that area. Today, everybody that I know that has anything, any part of the new covenant just has it in part. Look at your life, look at what you were doing five and ten years ago, if you are not doing it anymore, in that area the new covenant is operating in you, but it has to be perfected in you. the Lord wants to completely swallow up our sin nature so that we become incapable of sin because it will be Him living through us, and this is the basic principle that I am trying to impart to you through this difficult message, and if you want to look at the drawing that I put on the board, you will see that the name of it is Enoch, the city that Cain built.


The whole principle brethren, is that we are the skins that Jehovah imparted to Adam after he fell, and Cain who fell before, well Cain who fell had the same experience, skins were imparted to him. The personality, you see the last layer Lamech, the personality is the conscious skin that Jehovah gave to His people. Inside of us has to be a spiritual man, and the question is, is that spiritual man inside of us, is the foundation Cain, which is Cain, Leviathan, and Satan or the Serpent, I do not have this message worked out to the degree that I would like to, so you will find that I go back and forth between the negative names, Cain, Satan, the Devil, Leviathan, the Serpent, sometimes I am not sure which negative name or which member of the Serpent’s family to use, like in part 6 I may change my mind, do not let that confuse you, that is part of the point I am trying to make, the word of God is fluid, it is not rigid, as long as the foundational principle of what I am telling you is true, it can be expressed in many different ways, that is my whole point of telling about the old covenant ministered to the Jew and the old covenant ministered to the church, it is the same covenant, different mediator and different law.


The old covenant had physical law, a natural law, and the old covenant ministered to the church through Christ Jesus, has a spiritual law. In the old covenant ministered to the Jew, if you did something wrong, there was a civil law that punished you, just like today we have a civil law that can send you to jail. Today we cannot physically punish people because they are doing something wrong, either we will be punished through the sowing and reaping judgment, or we will be punished by the laws of this land, if we commit a crime.


My whole point of telling you that is that the word of God is fluid and it can be manifested in many different ways, depending on who the Lord is ministering it to, and what He is trying to accomplish, what He is trying to teach to that person or that group of people, and what He is trying to accomplish would bring forth in them.


For our purposes today, the whole principle that I am trying to impart to you, is that we the personalities of humanity, we are the cities, okay, there is a Scripture that says, In My Father’s house there are many mansions, and we have preachers all over the country I do not know about the world, teaching that everybody has a mansion waiting for them in heaven. No, no, we are the mansions, we are the houses, we are the cities, in some contexts, we are called a house, and other contexts we are called a city, but we are the holding tank, we are the container, depending on the intention of the whole verse, we may be called a house or a city, but we are the container that houses spiritual life, and the question is which spiritual life will be living inside of us, will it be the household of the Lord Jesus, or will be the household of the Serpent, and to date the household of the Serpent has been living inside of us.


The mind that is generated by the household of the Serpent is the carnal mind and that is why we sin and die because the man who lives in the house which we are, is a squatter, and we have been captured and stolen, we are the property of Jehovah, and He intends to take us back by sending His son to inhabit our house and to throw out the squatter. I believe Paul said that in the book of Galatians, throw out the bondwoman, cast out the bondwoman, because the man that is inhabiting us is not really a man, it is a spiritual woman, cast out the bondwoman.


This is my principle, that the city that Cain built was a line of descendency which ultimately appeared with a physical body, and that, that physical body was the physical body of a caveman. The principle that I have to impart to you if you are going to understand the rest of this message, is that human beings are the skins, we are the conscious skins that are a city that are the container for spiritual life. The Scripture says, we are a chamaeleon, we change depending on who is the spiritual being that is indwelling us. If Christ Jesus is the spiritual being that is fully indwelling us, we become righteous and we no longer get sick or die, and we no longer sin, when the process is complete.


When the Serpent’s household is inhabiting us, we have an animal body, we get sick and we die, and I tell you that the only reason in my estimation that humanity is as advanced as it is today intellectually and scientifically and in all forms of education is because the Holy Spirit came into the world. That is the only reason that we have what we have today, because we are all the descendants of Seth, and our line was descending, if the Holy Spirit did not come into the world, I do not know how long it would have taken, but our line would have wound up as caveman also, because evolution is a fallacy, we are devolving, we are not evolving, we are devolving.


We are the city, we are the chamaeleons, the spiritual life that indwells us determines who and what we are. We can even see that on a more defined way, if you can believe that all of the people of humanity are the skins that are inhabited by the Serpent’s household, and I am not talking about the people that are in the process of being appropriated by the Lord Jesus Christ, in general, we are the skins that are inhabited by the Serpent.


Drawing #1, we are going to be doing a translation today of Genesis 4:17-24, which describes the city that Cain built. You heard about the city that Jack built, you know, Jack built a beanstalk, or did he build a city. This is the city that Cain built, and what he built a house for himself, he built a human being, which looked a lot like what we look today, he built a human being that he the spiritual entity could reside in. Cain was unformed, I believe that he was spirit, that he was dust infused with spirit, but I believe that he had no form, no form that, that dust was not formed. Enoch, the house that he built, so we are calling Cain the foundation, and the unconscious mind is the foundation, and the foundation has an inside and an outside.


Cain was the consciousness of the dust that was unformed, and Enoch was some formation of the unconscious. What did he look like? I do not have a clue, I have a word in my heart membrane, but that is what came to me. Cain was the unformed dust, he was consciousness existing in particles of dust. Can you believe that? Consciousness existing in particles of dust. Do you know that the mind is not an organ, mind is not organic, mind is spiritual, even the scientists will tell you that, mind is spiritual, there is no one place where the mind is located, the mind is located throughout the entire body, it is spiritual, it flows through the blood, and the blood is made up of particles, there is no formation of the mind. The only formation of the mind in me is my skin, I am the formation of my mind. Cain was just particles of dust, and the next layer, Enoch that he surrounded himself with, was some formation of the dust, so the Lord told me it was a membrane.


Cain, the unformed consciousness, is the foundation or the inside of the foundation or the inner part of the unconscious, and Enoch is the formation of the dust, is the formation of the consciousness, some inner membrane, that is what the Lord told me, some inner membrane, I do not know what it is right now. The Scripture says, ...and Cain bear Enoch. What does that mean? People read that and they assume he had to have a physical body and bear it, but that is not true, all that the Hebrew word translated bear, all that it means is to bring into existence, he begat it, he brought into existence something that surrounded him, he formed himself. That is the outside of the foundation, the two are inseparable, like the inside and the outside of your hand. Then Enoch bear we are told Irad, and the meaning of Irad is separated, Irad is separated because what is happening is that Cain is building a mind around himself.


If you look at the alternate translation, that the Lord gave me years ago, in the early chapters, it says, and the first thing that Elohim did was to bring forth a mind, a mind came forth even before the personality or the body. So Enoch begat Irad, and Irad means separated. Irad is the subconscious, Cain is the unconscious, Irad is the subconscious, and the subconscious part of the mind is divided, part of it is conscious and part of it is unconscious. In some areas of the literature it only talks about two aspects of the mind, the conscious and unconscious, because technically, depending again on the context of what you are saying, there is no subconscious mind, there is just another layer, an intermediary layer between mind and spirit, and half of that layer cleaves to the unconscious and the other half of that layer cleaves to the conscious.


The way this laid out here, we have between the unconscious and the conscious, we have the spirit and the soul. This may not be exactly right, just trying to make a point here. That is interesting, you know the Lord teaches me a lot when I draw like this, maybe this is a spiritual truth, I have to look at this drawing and see if the human spirit and the human soul is not in between the unconscious part of the mind, and the conscious, that is something I will have to pray about and investigate. This is the way it has come out in this teaching. Irad which is half cleaving unto Enoch, he separated the unconscious and half of him is cleaving to the next layer which is Mahujael, which we are told is the human spirit. I guess what the Lord just told me is that the human spirit and the human soul and the personality are all a part of the conscious mind, that is what the Lord just told me.


Irad is the next layer that Enoch built around himself, the subconscious, and have of the subconscious is cleaving to Mahujael, and Mahujael means, the mighty one who was murdered. In my Strong’s lexicon, it says, the mighty one who was erased, and erased, I looked it up in the dictionary, another word for erased is murdered, wiped out. We know that Mahujael is an incarnation of Abel, and we would say, or the Kabbalists would say, this is Abel of the other side because these are all Cain’s descendants, so this Abel of the other side, he is not a good Abel, he is Abel that is under the influence of Cain, he was a mighty one who was murdered, and he is the human spirit in Cain’s line, actually he is the human spirit that comes forth in Seth’s line too, so that seems to be the role of Abel, he is the breath of Jehovah in the creation that has been cut off from Jehovah.


Then Mahujael bear Mathushael, and the meaning of Mathushael, that is where I am getting these definitions from, the meanings of the name, the meaning of Mathushael is the mighty one. Mahujael was the mighty one who was erased, and Mathushael is just the mighty one, and this is what the Lord gave me, this was the mighty soul of Cain, and the implication was that, that soul was immortal. The soul usually operates through the emotions. Then Mathushael gave birth to Lamech, and Lamech is the first one who tasted of death, Lamech is the personality of Cain, and this is the first layer of generation of Cain that became mortal.


This is drawing #2, I have the ten Sefirot on the board, and you recall that the first configuration is the ten Sefirot in a straight vertical line, that is called the world of points, it is the carnal mind which cannot communicate. This configuration of the Sefirot is called, the Kabbalists call it, the configuration in the form of a man, head, shoulders, arms, heart, male organ, female organ, that is how the Kabbalists receive it. The reason I put this on the board for you is because I made a statement when I was talking about drawing #1, I said Abel from the other side, and I want to demonstrate that principle for you. Each of these Sefirot has subjective Sefirot, ten Sefirot that come out of each one of these Sefirot, is everybody okay with that?


The Kabbalists will say to you for example, I have shown you the ten subjective Sefirot that come from Chokhmah which let me remind you means wisdom, and so Chokhmah is a positive Sefirot, it is wisdom, Gevurah is the Sefirot that can under certain circumstances be Satan, and when Gevurah is not restrained by loving kindness, which is not interfered with the positive qualities, Gevurah becomes Satan and her name is strength. The Kabbalists will tell you, Gevurah of Chokhmah, Chokhmah is wisdom, she is positive and on the right side, but as a part of Gevurah, Gevurah has all of these other aspects under Gevurah. I am making any sense at all? Gevurah who is primarily wisdom has some aspect mixed him with him that could be harsh judgment, Gevurah is harsh judgment.


As a matter of fact, the judgment that manifested as the flood, which wiped out everything, came right out of here, Gevurah of Chokhmah.


They would say Gevurah of the right side. If you did not understand this you would look at the ten Sefirot and you would say, Gevurah is on the left side, what is she talking about, Gevurah of the right side, it is the Gevurah of Chokhmah, the Gevurah of Chokhmah, Gevurah that comes out of wisdom, not the Gevurah over here, am I making any sense to you? When I said to you, Abel of the other side, that is the principle, because every both sides have all of the principles in them, but depending on the overall influence they are either good or evil.


Abel that comes out of Cain’s side, is an evil Abel, because Abel was killed, he was forced under Cain’s ground, and when you get killed in the spiritual world, you do not cease to exist, you die to what you were before you got killed. Abel was righteous, and he died to his righteousness, and he came under the dominion of Cain, and became an evil Abel. Is everybody with me, this is tough stuff, are you with me? Any questions, everybody okay?


That is just the point that I wanted to show you, that this would be, it is Abel, if you want to assume that Abel is on the good side, over here on the right side, say, Well no, it is Abel of the left side, it is Abel that is under the influence of Cain, I hope I explained that.


Let us take a picture and try and get on with this. Today, we are not going on with Genesis 6 because I realized that to adequately preach on Genesis 6 we really had to do Genesis 4 first, and Genesis 4:17 says:



Genesis 4:17 And Cain knew his wife, and she conceived, and bear Enoch. KJV



This is a big question in the church today, where did Cain get his wife from, where did Adam get his wife from? Where did Noah get his wife from? Since the name of this message is, Giants, Noah And The Flood, this diagram went up on the board as Noah’s spiritual wife, even though we are translating Genesis 4. I hope you can understand it is all the same principle. Entities, Biblical entities that were not yet in physical bodies reproduce spiritually, it does not matter whether we are talking about Adam, Cain, or Noah. This is how the Lord had me put it up on the board. Probably my guess is, that the reason that the Lord did it this way, I am going back and forth between Noah which is Genesis 6, and Cain which is in Genesis 4, basically is the same creation. Noah was a descendant of Seth who was a reincarnation of Abel, and Cain is one of Cain and Abel, the one that went into destruction because of sin, but the spiritual reproduction, the process of spiritual reproduction is the same. This is something that I cannot show the Living Epistles group. Spiritual beings reproduce from both the male and female organs which they have within themselves. If you are looking for a natural example of spiritual reproduction, you have to look into the plant world, if not all plants, I am not sure, have both the male and female organs and they pollinate themselves, many plants pollinate themselves, and reproduce. Spiritual beings that are not in the flesh reproduce more closely to the way plants reproduce than to the way animals reproduce. This is Noah’s wife. Noah, Adam, Cain, every spiritual entity, they reproduce from within themselves, and you may recall that we had I think a whole lesson on the Partzufim, where I explained to you that the Sefirot are grouped into personalities, Partzufim is the Hebrew word for personality, for the specific purpose of the Partzufim being able to relate to one another, because the Sefirot lines up in a vertical line collapsed in self-destructed because they could not communicate with each other.


If there is ever any, we are having a communication problem in this ministry for like 18 years, we are having a communication problem in this ministry, that means the carnal mind is appearing somewhere probably is all of us to one degree or another. The mind of Christ communicates, the mind of Christ is into godly confrontation and communication, because we cannot survive without it. For that purpose, the Sefirot who crashed, they did not cease to exist, they just died to their high lofty existence and now reconfigured in the form of the mind of Christ, in groups of Partzufims, each group having a family name for the purpose of communication with each other.


This drawing is called Noah’s spiritual wife, and I believe that, it is not really important to our message today, I have drawn Noah with the higher Sefirot of father and mother, father is the partzuf, wisdom is the attribute and Chokhmah is the Hebrew name. Mother is the partzuf, a personality, understanding is her attribute and Binah is her Hebrew name. Father and mother are permanently joined, they are not only permanently married, they are in a continuous ongoing uninterruptible union, a unified act that we might describe as spiritual sexual intercourse. What does that mean? They are continuously reproducing, and it is mother who is understanding, who was wisdom, who is sometimes depicted as a female lion, who was raising up children.


It is this aspect of God that raises up children, and that is why it says aspect of God called mother. Of course this typifies Christ, this configuration is Christ in Noah, it is not the carnal mind in Noah, it is Christ in Noah. And the mother who is continually raising up children, the mother has to have some disciplinary authority over children, so that is why judgment does come out of mother, and you would much rather be spanked by mother than father because when you are spanked by father you are dead, father brought the flood.


This continuous ongoing union has brought forth the son, and we had this message recently in these meetings, and as to why the mother or Binah wanted children, because she wanted to make a name for herself, she wanted a name and identity that was separate from her identity as the wife of the father, because she has no name up here. Is everybody with me? This is tough stuff, if you do not understand just raise your hand please and I will answer your questions.


The mother brought forth the son, and the son are these six Sefirot, the son has six Sefirot, that is why the number of man is number six, you may have heard that, I heard that for years when I did not know where it came from, but the Kabbalistic son is the sixth Sefirot, this is Chokhmah, wisdom, and the sixth Sefirot. If the father and mother are in a person, you have a higher mind, this would be likened to father and mother being in me or in you, it would be likened to the Lord Jesus Christ being resident in us. Remember, Christ is being formed in us, He is ascending to the heart center, and He is waiting for the Lord Jesus Christ to come down from above, and join Him in your heart center. There is one more Jesus Christ above, He is glorified, He wants to come to your heart center, and your heart center, and your heart center, so our job is to do whatever we have to do to get Christ into our heart center, and when the Lord Jesus Christ descends into our heart center, there is a spiritual sexual union and there is something born of that union, His name is Christ Jesus. He is the lamb that sits on the throne of our heart, and He is the mediator, He is the channel through which we see the potential to receiving continuous influx of the life energy or the spiritual blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. If Christ is formed in you alone, it is not good enough, it is a drop of God in you but He has to get reconnected to the eternal world, for you to receive eternal life. Father, and mother here would be likened to the Lord Jesus Christ whose male and female parts are permanently joined and He is virile, He has the virile seed. The son that is brought forth in the Kabbalistic literature is called Zeir Anpin, I think that means short faced, I am not really sure what that means at this point, but we know the son to be Christ Jesus. Just the very fact that the Scripture talks about the son of God, is the biggest witness that we have, that the New Testament is a Kabbalistic book. It can be understood on many levels, but if anyone, if you or me, if we really want to understand what the apostles who wrote the new Scripture was saying, you have to understand it in terms of Kabbalah.


You could understand it a little bit, if you want to understand what the apostle was saying to you, you have to see in terms of Kabbalah, this is the son, in a person, and he has six characteristics, Chesed, loving kindness, Gevurah, strength, Tiferet, which is the balance of strength and loving kindness, you do not want to be too strong, you kill people with your strength, you do not want to be all love, because then you kill people with your weakness. You need a balance between love and strength, that is Tiferet, that is the middle path, that is Jehovah’s position. Netzach, the drive to succeed, Hod, the mind of Christ that is brought forth, the drive to succeed manifested in your everyday life, providing the things that we needed in life.


The Yesod, that is the male sexual organ of the son, it has the virile seed, the Yesod is the male organ. Mother and father have also brought forth a daughter, the name of her Sefirot is Malkhut, and Malkhut means kingdom, she is the kingdom, this whole visible world is Malkhut, she is the earth, the whole universe is Malkhut, I am a Malkhut within a Malkhut, Malkhut is appearing, the earth is appearing on many levels, the whole earth, the whole universe is the earth, our planet is the earth, this country is the earth, our flesh is the spiritual earth. This is Malkhut appearing on every level, she is the daughter and she is destined to marry the son. In spiritual entities, in spiritual conditions we can do things that are not legal in the flesh, interaction, intermarriage between close family members is permitted and legitimate among spiritual aspects of a spiritual being.


The son is destined to marry his sister, and I guess this is why the Lord had me do it with Noah because we have Scripture here that seem to apply more easily to Noah than to Cain. Genesis 20:12:


Genesis 20:12 She is my sister, she is the daughter of my father, (this was Abraham speaking) but not the daughter of my mother (she was his half-sister), and she became my wife. KJV


Also, the Song of Solomon chapter 4:9-12, I am going to check that before you take the picture.


Song Of Solomon 4:9-12 She is my sister, my sister, my spouse calling out to my sister, my spouse. KJV



It is a spiritual principle that when spiritual entities reproduce the brother and the sister, the two offspring, the son and the daughter of wisdom and understanding, produce the next generation. I have been preaching for years, that Shem, Ham, and Japheth, and of course Noah were not physical beings, they were spiritual beings, and here is the answer to the church world who probably will not accept it if they can hear it, but here is where the wife was, there was a mixture, an intermixing of internal spiritual components, that produced the next generation, and neither were Shem, Ham, and Japheth in physical bodies, they were spiritual beings also. Does everybody, is this clear to everybody? This is where Noah’s wife came from, and this is where Cain’s wife came from, Cain had the same configuration, except that Cain did have wisdom and understanding, Cain was cut off from the father, so there was no wisdom and understanding, Cain was just the son, Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod, and the daughter, Nukvah. Nukvah is the name of the partzufim, the personality that is associated with the Sefirot Malkhut, is everybody okay with this? Do you have a question?


I did not plan on going this way today, but I am not going to fight with the Lord. We are going to take this picture and there is a Scripture in the New Testament that tells us that in Noah’s day there were eight souls saved by water, and the next drawing that I will do, will be an explanation of who the eight souls were that were saved by water.


The Lord wants to make this point today about the internalized spiritual reproduction through the union of the spiritual parts of one spiritual entity. We have a Scripture in the New Testament, I Peter 3:20, which tells us that eight souls were saved by water. Most teachers teach that it was Noah and his three sons and their wives, but I would like to show the Kabbalistic truth to this Scripture, but first let me read you the few Scriptures before 20, we will start with verse 18 and we will go through 32.


I Peter 3:18-32 For Christ also has one suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the spirit, by which spirit He also went and preached unto the spirits in prison. (That is us brethren, some preachers say, after He rose from the dead He went to hell, no He descended into our world, we are the spirits in prison, and He came down here to preach to us), which spirit sometimes were disobedient, when once the long suffering of God waited in the days of Noah. (Brethren, if you are responding to this message, your spirit, you as a spiritual being were present in the days of Noah, we are the same spirits who were disobedient when the long suffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was preparing wherein few, that is eight souls were saved by water.



I think I will just stop there, eight souls were saved by water, saved from the water. The king James translation says, souls saved by the water, but the Greek word translated by could easily be translated from, so the correct translation is that eight souls were saved from the water, and the waters of the flood came out of Chokhmah, as I have explained to you, they came out of Gevurah of Chokhmah, the harsh judgment that comes out of the father wiped everything out. The Scripture clearly says that everything in the earth was wiped out. Everything in the sea was not wiped out, everything in the air was not wiped out, only that which was in the earth, that which was in the world of action. What is happening is that Cain had overshadowed and polluted and perverted the line of Seth, the line that was raised up to bring forth the Christ in a people, the mind of Cain had appeared in the descendants of Seth on the other side of the flood, and they were corrupted, it was no longer possible to bring forth the mind of God in the entities however they were appearing, whatever they looked like on the other side of the flood. They did not have physical bodies, they had spiritual bodies on the other side of the flood.


I know a couple of you here, you have been through the basics with us, but we have learned, that there are five levels of soul, and the lowest level of soul is called Nephesh, that is the soul that gives animation or gives existence to human beings, that is the soul that everybody is born with, that is the mortal soul that can die. We also have an immortal soul, but I am not going to go into that now, but the soul has five levels, and the Nephesh is the lowest level, with the animal nature. That level of soul is associated with Malkhut, the lowest Sefirot and the partzuf of Malkhut is Nukvah, she is the daughter. The lowest level of soul is associated with the daughter, female, and associated with the earth. Remember what I told you earlier today, that every Sefirot has ten subjective Sefirot.


This is the diagram of the eight souls that were saved from the water, from the waters of judgment that came out of Chokhmah. Binah, she is the mother and when she reproduces, when she brings forth the son, she brings forth the son out of her lowest subjective Sefirot called Malkhut, and that is a very important Sefirah that brings forth the son, so it has its own name, its own name it Tevunah, but is Malkhut of Binah, that has a special name to it, and the function of Tevunah is to bring forth the son.


We see that any level of Malkhut wherever it is appearing is considered the earth, and earthen soul, the earthen aspect of soul. The New Testament says eight souls were saved by water, it is talking about eight Malkhuts being saved, the Malkhut of Binah was saved, now this is in the man Noah, he was a gigantic powerful spiritual being, Malkhut of Binah was saved, the Malkhut of Chesed was saved, remember the son has six Sefirot, Noah is the son, Chesed through Yesod, and each of these Sefirot has a subjective Malkhut.


Can you hear what I am saying, does this make any sense to you at all, that the earthen aspect of each of the six Sefirot of Noah who was in a type of the son, was saved. In other words, it is possible to not have all of your Sefirot. You heard of not having all of your marbles? It is possible to not have all of your Sefirot. Everybody does not have loving kindness which is Chesed, everybody does not have strength, which is Gevurah.


I was just watching the Wizard of Oz the other night, we saw the lion, he was afraid, he had no strength, he was fearful, human beings are lacking, many human beings are lacking the various qualities that when we have all of them, we are a well balance person. These six Sefirot make a man a well-balanced person. Loving kindness, strength, balance, the balance between the two, the drive for achievement, and the manifestation of that achievement, because you know you could be, look at Howard Hughes, he had a drive for achievement and he died in a little corner of the world, his money did not do anything for him, it did not produce a good life for him, so he may have had Netzach, but he did not have Hod, it did not manifest in a positive way in his life.


Each of these qualities, they are more than just a quality, each of these Sefirot are powerful spiritual beings in and of themselves. It is if to say, my heart has its own ministry to you, my lungs has its own ministry to you. Noah and the beings on the other side of the flood, were so much higher than we are, that the very parts of them, had a consciousness and function of their own, is that making any sense to you at all?


That is what the angels are you know, the angels are aspects of God. In other words let us say, God has a thought, I want to bless xxxx, and that thought becomes an angel and goes forth to accomplish the will of God. That is what angels are, they are aspects of the greater being of this incredibly large powerful spiritual being. Noah was a large powerful spiritual being and these Sefirot in him were qualities for humanity that were preserved for the other side of the flood, Noah was preserving the seed to start all over again. He was not a man like we were. I hope I am making some sense here, he was a powerful entity and everything that was within him, was the beginning of the new world.


It is like you would take a cutting from a tree and burn down the whole forest and then you would take the tree and you are going to plant it and start all over again. That is who Noah was, he was the cutting, he was the preserved portion of what was Seth that was not corrupted by Cain, that was capable of planting a whole new forest. Am I making any sense at all, I am getting through at all.


These are the eight souls that were saved, it was not eight human beings, it was eight Nepheshs, eight manifestations of the earth, the attribute of Chesed was saved, loving kindness, the attribute of loving kindness came over to the other side of the flood, Gevurah, strength, the aspect of strength. This is not just physical strength, there was no physical body, this is called spiritual and mental strength, the power to build the pyramids with mind power, was carried over, it was preserved, and carried over to the other side of the flood. Tiferet, which is the balance of the two, but Tiferet is more than strength plus loving kindness, it is something that is born out of the strength and loving kindness, that is greater than even the two of them together. Just like I said Christ in you marries the Lord Jesus Christ, and Christ Jesus is born, He is the only mediator between God and man, so something great is in Tiferet, and that is the Sefirah that signifies Jehovah.


Netzach was preserved, the drive for accomplish, Godly accomplishment, it was preserved, this quality was preserved in the seed that was going to be replanted on the other side of the flood.


Again, Yesod, the reproductive force of the line of Seth, the line that was to produce a race of people that would reflect the nature of God, and be immortal, this is the seed of the immortal man that we see manifested, in the Lord Jesus Christ. The last Adam, this is what this multifaceted seed, was destined to bring forth. What we see in the Lord Jesus Christ, not even in the days of his flesh, but in His glorified state, He is raising up and He is capable of supporting all of humanity, of saving us, of meeting our needs, of being our father and our husband, He is a great glorified being, that is what Noah had the potential to be, to raise up a whole race of people to father them, to nurture them, to meet their needs and to bring forth these qualities in the lower planes of consciousness in the whole race that was to come from him.


Each and every one of these qualities, had a subjective Sefirot, had an aspect of it, that was the earth, and that is what was saved, these were the eight souls that were saved, and then the Malkhut of Noah himself, the earthen aspect of Noah himself, she is the female, the main female, she is not subjective, she is the daughter, she is going to bring forth the whole new kingdom, her name is kingdom. All of these other Sefirot reside in her, all of these other layers of Malkhut reside in her.


Everybody okay? It has been a hard day, are you understanding me at all? You may remember from a previous meeting, we had a description of Elohim, who is Elohim? Elohim is the lower Sefirah of Binah and the sixth Sefirah of the son, the lower Sefirah of the mother and the sixth Sefirah of the son, we had this in a previous message. After Noah got out of the ark, he was spoken to by Elohim, where did this Elohim come from? Did he come from the sky? Everything in the earth was wiped out, who is this Elohim that was speaking to Noah and making a new covenant with him? It was the Elohim that came from within this spiritual being, Noah. This is all Noah. The aspect of Binah that came over from the flood with him. If you remember correctly it was Elohim that was talking to Noah, saying build the ark. We see that Elohim, that Noah had an aspect of the higher mind, and at some point Jehovah was talking to Noah also.


Noah had the higher mind of God, he was just the son, he had the higher mind of God too, and that is how he heard, that is how Noah heard the message to prepare the ark. We were taking about this in the first meeting today, how the people, the members of the church today, that they have the Holy Spirit, but they do not have Christ and they cannot hear the Lord saying that this message is of God, and we talked about Abraham sending his servant Eleazar to get a wife for Isaac, and that when Eleazar brought Rebeccah back, as she approached the territory where Isaac lived, she saw a man in the distance, and she said to Eleazar, who is that? Eleazar said, That is your husband. The bridegroom company is here today, the word of the Lord is here today, but very few in the church are seeing the bridegroom company, and of those who are seeing the bridegroom company, even less are saying, Who is that?


Even less are going before the Lord and saying, Who is that Lord?, because they do not see any glory on the bridegroom company, because they do not have Christ, they have the Holy Spirit and they cannot see past the Holy Spirit.


This is the Elohim who spoke to Noah, and his sons, and I want to read you those few Scriptures. Elohim came out of this entity, it is like me talking to my heart, and me talking to all of my organs, Noah was the whole man, and he had a higher mind which is called Elohim, it is like Christ talking to me, it is like Christ Jesus talking to me or talking to you. Noah came over the other side, and the higher mind was formed in him.


He came over with Binah, he did not come over with Jehovah, he came over with Elohim, Jehovah is associated with Chokhmah wisdom, and Elohim is associated with Binah, understanding. Noah made it to the other side, and he had the higher mind of Elohim, he had what we might liken to the Holy Spirit, why did Noah fall? Because he came over to the other side without Jehovah, he just had the Holy Spirit, he did not have Christ. Do you hear what I am saying?


He came over to the other side with Binah, understanding, which is associated with Elohim, the Holy Spirit, the judgment came out of Chokhmah, the judgment came out of Jehovah, the flood. He did not have any of Jehovah, and that is how Satan overtook him. I would like to read you some of those Scriptures and maybe we will speak a few minutes more on how he was overtaken by Satan and we are going to call it quits for today. It has been a difficult day.


Genesis 8:15-22 is the account of Elohim speaking to Noah. Noah is in the ark and the waters are everywhere, and God speaks to Noah. This is the God in the midst of Noah, it is the Holy Spirit inside of him, said to him, Go forth from the ark, it was not God outside of him, the internalized Elohim, the internalized Holy Spirit, said, Now it is safe to go out. Noah was not thinking with his own mind, he was in submission to the higher mind. Go forth of the ark, thou and thy wife and thy sons, and thy sons wives.


HE said, Noah, Noah is Chesed through Yesod, and your wife, which is Nukvah, and your three sons, which I have not drawn on that board yet, but I have it on drawing #3, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, the next generation that came forth from Noah’s Yesod marrying his own Malkhut, or Nukvah. Elohim within Noah is talking to him. It is like me talking to the parts of my body, saying, blood flow, heart beat, lungs breath. Go forth from the ark, you and your wife and your sons, and your sons wives with you, bring forth with you and the whole living thing that is with you, of all flesh, both of fowl, and of cattle, and of every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. Where is the earth? The earth is Malkhut. These are all spiritual entities, it is not physical, this is the spiritual creation, that they may breed abundantly in the earth and be fruitful and multiply upon the earth. All of the spiritual entities, all, if you want to use my body or your body as an example, all of the different kinds of blood cells, all of the different kinds of cells in my body, all of the organs, everything at their foundational point that builds this body. I was saying, all of you, come on let us go forth, liver cells, blood cells, heart cells, spleen cells, that is what this means, it is a parable. Was there a flood in the natural? Maybe there was, because everything that happens in the spirit does play out in the natural, but even I understand the Bible scholars, they have different opinions as to whether or not it was a flood that covered the whole planet or it was as localized flood. I do not know, but you know it does not matter.


The spiritual reality is what matters, why? Because it is happening again today, it is not going to happen, it is happening today. The Lord is wiping out the earth, because it is becoming more and more corrupted every day, and the only people that are going to survive are the people who have the higher mind of Christ Jesus. We see that Noah did not survive because he just had Elohim. This time those of in the ark are going to have Jehovah, as well as Elohim, and of course the two together are Christ Jesus to us in this generation. Noah had the power of God, the Holy Spirit, but he did not bring the wisdom over with him.



18. Noah went forth and his sons and his son’s wives with him.

19. Every beast and every creeping thing and every fowl, and whatsoever creepeth upon the earth after their kind, went forth out of the ark.

20. And Noah built an altar unto the Lord and took of every clean beast, that word every can mean whole, and took of the whole clean beast, do you know what that means? That means the aspect of himself that is both the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the whole beast, the whole creature, and of every clean fowl of the whole spiritual, the whole mind of Christ, and offered burnt offerings upon the altar.



The fowl is the part that flies in the heavens, the spiritual part. He took from his earthen side, and he took from his spiritual side, he took from the mind of Christ, and he took from his earthen part, and he offered them all to God, he sacrificed them all, he brought them all into submission to God.



21. And the Lord smelled a sweet savour, and the Lord said in his heart, I will not again curse the ground anymore, for man’s sake, for the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth, neither will I again smite any more every living thing, everything living as I have done, while the earth remaineth, seed time and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night, shall not cease. KJV



All of these qualities are in the earth, they are in the kingdom, they are in Malkhut, these are the qualities that make us know that we are in the kingdom, seed time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, we are in the creation, we are a part of the creation, we are in the world of action, this is Asiyah, and He is not going to wipe out Asiyah, that is what He is saying, He is not going to wipe it out.


Chapter 9:1 And God blessed Noah, that is Elohim, blessed Noah and his sons and said unto them, be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, replenish Malkhut, replenish Nukvah, replenish the kingdom, replenish the visible world. Everything still existed in the spiritual world, replenish the visible world.



2. And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast or the whole beast of the earth. The whole earthen part of the creation is going to be terrified of you and they have to be terrified of you because the spiritual mind of Christ must rule because if that beast rises and overtakes you again, I am going to have to wipe you out again. God said, Do not worry, this universe is not going to come to an end, this place where you live, this kingdom where you have day and night, cold and heat, summer and winter, is not going to be wiped out. The Lord said He is not going to do it, He is not going to curse the ground anymore. All of these people preaching that the world is coming to an end I do not know where they are getting this from, it is not coming to an end. The fear of you and dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, you are not going to have any trouble keeping that earthen nature down because they are going to be afraid of you as long as you are in submission to me.



Even today with the earthen nature having risen up above our spiritual nature, the earthen nature is terrified of us, that is why Christians or anyone who truly manifests that anointing gets attacked wherever they go, because the earthen nature is afraid of us, and upon every fowl of the air, they are going to be,



2. And the fear of you shall be upon the spiritual aspect of the earthen creature, which is Satan, and upon all that moveth upon the earth and upon all the fishes of the sea, into your hand are they delivered. KJV



The whole creation is subjected, or was subjected at this point to the mind of Christ, within Noah, that is the same condition, that Adam was in at the beginning, Jehovah said, Do not do this, do not do this, and you have dominion over your earthen nature, so you do not have to do it, you have all that you need to obey Me. That condition was restored to Noah, the condition of dominion over his earthen nature was restored to Noah, so you could keep the law, the spiritual law of God.


We are not there yet, we have the potential for it if we have Christ, but we have not been given all power over our earthen nature, I do not have all power over my earthen nature. We were just talking about this off of the message, how we all binged on food yesterday it was a tough day. Noah had all dominion over his earthen nature, just like Adam, and he fell just like Adam, why? Why did he fall just like Adam? Because he was lacking the help that Jehovah said was meet, was sufficient for him, and that help is the internalized Christ Jesus. Noah was still lacking Christ Jesus.



3. Every moving thing that liveth shall be meet for you, even as the green herb have I given you all things. KJV



Every part of the creation is for you, is made to serve you. We have people in the world today, in this country today trying to say animals are equal to us. I do not think we should be cruel to animals, but they are not equal to us.



4. But flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, you shall not eat. KJV



This is the first place in the Scripture where man is given the privilege of eating flesh, so we see that something is different here on the other side of the flood.



5. And surely your blood of your lives will I require. At the hand of every beast will I require it, and at the hand of man; at the hand of every man's brother will I require the life of man. KJV



We are not supposed to be killing each other.


6 Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God made He man. KJV



Noah was in the image of God, but he lost that image, when Satan rose up, and overtook him.



7. And you, being fruitful and multiplying bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein. KJV

8. And God, that is Elohim spake unto Noah, and said to his sons with him, saying,

9. And I, behold, I establish My covenant with you and with your seed after you,

10. and with every (or with the whole) living creature that is with you (that is within you, that is within you!)--of the fowl, of the cattle, and of every (the whole) beast of the earth with you (or within you), from all that go out of the ark to every beast of the earth (or to the whole beast, to whole earthen beast, to the whole earthen nature that you carry, that you are pregnant with).

11. And I will establish My covenant with you: Neither shall all flesh be cut off any more by the waters of a flood (and that does not mean that there is not going to be a flood, Elohim says, neither shall all flesh be cut off); neither shall there any more be a flood to destroy the earth.

12. And God said, This is the token of the covenant which I make between Me and you and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations:

13. I do set My rainbow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between Me and the earth. KJV



We did a study on that, and the bow in the clouds is talking about judgment, this is the covenant that Elohim made with Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, that I will judge your sin nature, that is how you are going to survive, judgment is going to fall every time your sin nature rises.



14. And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the rainbow shall be seen in the cloud. (Judgment)

15. And I will remember My covenant which is between Me and you and every living creature of all flesh, and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh. (No more judgment from Chokhmah)

16 And the rainbow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God (Elohim) and every (the whole) living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth. KJV



That Hebrew word translated flesh, is pudenda, it is the male organ, so a lot of people read this and think that Elohim is talking about the physical flesh that they have today, but that phrase creature of all flesh, it means the spiritual male organ of the creature, and what is the spiritual male organ of the creature? It is Adam, today we call him the mind of Christ, it is Adam, that is the male organ, that is the manhood of the creature. When Adam is killed by his own flesh nature, the creature become female. Adam is the manhood of the creature, and he is a mind, he is a mind and a nature, he is a nature, he is an image of God. This whole series of verses that we just read is not talking about human flesh, Elohim is saying the male aspect of the creature, one that will not be, what does it say? ...that I will remember the everlasting covenant between God and the whole living creature, and the male organ of the whole living that is upon the earth. AT


Elohim made a covenant with Adam, Elohim made a covenant with the regenerated Adam, not with the human flesh that we are made of. Adam has to appear in this earth again, I do not care how bad it looks, we are not going into another dark age, Christianity is not being wiped out, God is never late, Elohim will not forget his covenant with Adam, the manhood of the creature, pudenda, male organ, it is translated flesh, in this book.


And Elohim said unto Noah, this is the token of the covenant which I have established between and me and Adam, the male organ, the whole male organ that is upon the earth. AT


The sons of Noah that went forth of the ark was Shem, Ham, and Japheth, and Ham is the father of Canaan, and I found out recently why Canaan which is the fourth son of Ham is preferred, does anyone have any ideas why Canaan the fourth, Canaan, see, Canaan is mentioned here, he is the only offspring of the next generation of the Shem, Ham, and Japheth that is mentioned, we have not mention of Shem’s offspring, no mention of Japheth’s offspring, and the only one of the four sons of Ham that is mentioned is Canaan, and you may recall that when Satan stood up in Noah, and cursed Ham, he cursed Canaan, what is it about Canaan.


What is it about Canaan, what is it about Canaan? Canaan, it was the descendants of Canaan that repented and turned back to the Lord. We find that Abraham had a confederacy with three or four Amorites, and the Amorites are descendants of Canaan, and these Amorites, they were in Abraham’s household, they fought with him, when Abraham went to deliver Lot, after Lot was captured, and the scripture clearly says that Abraham circumcised every man in his household.


Salvation appeared, rejoining reunion for Jehovah appeared out of the three sons of Noah, it appeared in Canaan, the fourth son of Ham, is that not interesting. The Canaanites, they must have been dark, because I think that Canaan had one, I am not sure, but I think all of the Canaanites were dark, whether they were black Africans or not I am not sure, I am not sure about that, but they were all dark, and we know here that the original Israel of Bible days was black, the Lord has revealed that to us.


I had to check this out, I do not know if I know how to check it out, but I would bet you that if I could check it out, that I would find out that the descendants of Canaan and maybe even particular, the descendants of the Amorites, who I do not know what nationality there are today, that they are the black people that became the Israel of God, they are the people that Jehovah made His covenant with. I will bet you, and Lord, I will pray, Lord, if there is any way I could find this information that you are show me how to find it.


That has to be the answer based on all of the information that the Lord has brought forth to this date right to this latest thing that you have not heard me preach yet, that the Amorites were the descendants of Canaan, and the Amorites had a relationship, there were at least four Amorites, I cannot recall the name right now, had a relationship with Jehovah through Abraham, Abraham was the mediator. They were in Abraham’s household.


I will bet you anything that the Israel of Bible days which we know as black, were Amorites or a nation that came out of the Amorites, is that not interesting? Everything in this ministry is so interesting. There is just, did you understand this with all of these Malkhuts? We studied this, those of us who have been here for a while, when we study the Gate of Reincarnations. You may recall, those of you who are with me when we study the Gate of Reincarnations, how every Sefirah has its subjective Sefirah, and all of the Malkhuts are Nepheshs. It was a deep study, we studied it for a long time. Just try to understand it as best as you can, these are the eight souls that were saved, the souls that represented Elohim, and the earth.


I just wanted to take a couple of more minutes to explain to you how Noah fell, what happened that Noah fell. It is the same thing that is happening in the church today, the church is falling because they cannot tell the difference between the Holy Spirit and the counterfeit Holy Spirit. Elohim is the power of God, when Elohim is joined to Adam, we have the spiritual seminal fluid of Jehovah, Adam is the seed, Adam is the seed, he is the seed, the wisdom is the seed, and Elohim is the water, the water medium of the sperm, Adam is the sperm. When Noah could not tell the difference between Adam and his carnal mind, and he agreed with his carnal mind, Adam died. When we agree with our carnal mind, we kill Christ, every time we agree with our carnal mind, we kill Christ. Christ is Adam in this generation.


Some seduction had to come to Noah and he agreed with his carnal mind, and Adam died. The seed of the seminal fluid died, and the only thing that was left was the water. What is the name of the water of seminal fluid without Adam, what is the name of it? What name does it take? Yes.


COMMENT:  Satan.


PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, Satan is the water, is the energy without the seed, she is the wild raging passion energy of God, she has to be controlled by the wisdom of God, which is Adam. If the wisdom of God is not present, especially if that raging energy has its own way, it starts killing people, it is Satan, she becomes the enforcer of the sowing and reaping judgment killing everybody that makes them sick. When the wisdom of God is present, mercy is present also, mercy and instruction and grace, which came in the person of Jesus Christ. That is why Noah fell, because he incarnated without Jehovah, just with Elohim. Today, in the person of Christ Jesus, we have both, we have both wisdom and power, we have both Jehovah and Elohim, we have both Elijah and Moses, we have both in Christ Jesus, but the church has to, Christ Jesus has to be formed in the individuals. Right now the church is in disobedience, not that they know when they are saying no, they do not understand, the Bible says, the Lord says that they are in disobedience, because the Lord is calling them, there is a Scripture that says, I call to you day and night, but you do not hear me, you do not hear because the carnal mind is deaf, and they have to go on from the Holy Spirit, they have to have Christ formed in them, and grafted to them or they will never hear. For this reason the Lord is coming as a thief in the night. Conception is painful. Are there any questions or comments on this difficult message today? I am just going to look at those last Scriptures in I Peter 3:20 again. When sometimes were disobedient, when once the long suffering of God waited, did you have a question before I go on?


COMMENT:  This a comment, when I first came to the Lord years and years ago, I wanted to know a study on how, who was the first black man, and it took me at least a week, I went to, I think through sixteen books, encyclopedias, I was stuck to my couch, my husband was getting furious with me, but what I finally ended with, it seemed, I could be wrong, the but the son of Canaan, I think it said Cush was the first black man.


PASTOR VITALE:  The son of Canaan, oh okay.


COMMENT:  If you do a study, it is much easier now with the...


PASTOR VITALE:  Well thanks for that, so Cush, and then we know that Nimrod came out of Cush, right? Let us get it on the message.



Genesis 10:15. And Canaan begat Sidon, his first born and Heth,

16. and the Jebusite and the Amorite, and the Girgashite

17. and the Hivite, and the Arkite and the Sinite,

18. and the Arvadite and the Zemarite and the Hamathite; and afterward were the families of the Canaanites spread abroad. KJV



Cush was Canaan’s brother. That is just very interesting you know, the Lord, He just adds little bits, little bits every time. I just wanted to spend a few minutes before, I know it has been a hard day, on these Scriptures in I Peter 3:21.


1 Peter 3:20 who one time were disobedient, when once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah while the ark was being prepared, wherein few, (that is, eight souls) were saved by water. KJV



Or you could say, saved from the water of Chokhmah, the destructive water that flowed out of Chokhmah.



21. The like figure to this, even baptism, doth also now save us (not the putting away of the filth of the flesh, (not washing your physical body, not that kind of baptism), but the answer of a good conscience toward God) by the resurrection of Jesus Christ, KJV



That is talking about the baptism into Christ, we have to be completely submerged under His Spirit, we need to be washed by His Spirit, we are told that we are washed by the water of the word, and the water of the word is the wisdom of the word, it is the spiritual understanding of the word that we teach here. We are not washed clean, although we are not washed clean by the literal understanding of the word, although the literal understanding can certainly help us. I know someone who told me once, a woman, that she was so far from knowing right from wrong, when she came to the Lord, that for the whole first year, all that she did was read the book of Proverbs, she just did not know what was right and what was wrong. Verse 22 says: speaking about Jesus Christ:



22. Who has gone into Heaven and is on the right hand of God, angels and authorities and powers being made subject unto Him. KJV



He is ascended. What does that mean, Jesus the Christ who has gone into heaven? Christ Jesus is heaven, Zeir Anpin is heaven.


04/20/07 Transcribed by RR


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