Biblical Sayings

Biblical Sayings 


Is it really in the Bible; "Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman's Scorn"  and if so, where?


No, this saying is not in the Bible, but the Bible does suggest that the female is emotional and wrathful. This suggestion, however, is referring to the soulish nature of mortal man (both physical men and physical women), not to physical women alone. Although physical women are more likely to have an emotional or wrathful nature than physical men, especially today, we see more and more physical men manifesting the emotional nature, and more and more women manifesting a rational mind.


The Scripture also tells us that when Christ Jesus becomes the mind and controlling factor of a person's life, i.e., a physical man or a physical woman, that person becomes the expression of Christ Jesus, who is male, which makes that person (physical man or physical woman) spiritually male. Full spiritual manhood (which is a condition of mind) for a physical woman dries up her sex life, however, because the physical man is the head of physical marriage by virtue of his physical body (even if the woman is wiser) and homosexuality is forbidden.


Thank you for writing.


Sincerely in Christ,
Sheila R. Vitale,
Pastor, Teacher & Founder
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