The Spiritual Root of the Prohibition Against Divorce

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Brethren, we have an interesting message today.  Actually, the guts of this message, which I hope we get to today, came out as I was working on the new book, which I think is Israel, Jacob, and Palestine.  I cannot remember the name of the book.  It looks like the Lord is going to let me finish this book.  This is one of the sections that came out by revelation.  I thought it was really interesting.  It is called the spiritual root of the prohibition against divorce.  The main point being that God is not telling us not to do anything because He just does not want us to have a good time, or because He wants to be hard on us.  Everything that God tells us not to do has a spiritual foundation which produces destruction.  If He tells us not to do it, it means that it is going to produce destruction in our life.  Divorce is a big issue.  Of course it was made into a very religious thing by society, trying to comply with God’s rules. 


Anyway, let us take a look at it.  I do not know if we will get to the part, the actual spiritual part that God gave me in the new book that I am writing, because I have some scriptures for you, and then I have a passage from the Zohar, to show you in the Zohar, that it is not desirable.  Then we will take a look at what came forth by revelation.  It is very, very interesting, the spiritual destruction to the soul that results from divorce.  It should only happen in the most severe cases.  I believe that the Lord told me to leave my husband, but I never married again.  That is what the Scripture says.  The woman can leave, but never marry again.  Well, what about the man?  All human beings are spiritually female in the eyes of God.  That is the whole thing that people just do not seem to understand.  All human beings are spiritually female.  The main issue being that a marriage is spiritual.  Now Paul clearly says, that a man and a wife become one flesh, that they become one soul, a man and a woman, and then a new entity comes into existence, a new soul.  That happens in the spirit, so now there are three. It is not really that the man and woman disappear and there is only one.  Now there is three.  The man’s soul, the woman’s soul, and the new entity that comes into existence as a result of their union.  That spiritual soul, eventually, is born as a human child. 


Now I heard somebody preaching, not too long ago, the Scripture that says let not what God put together be cast asunder, or be broken asunder.  I did not even know the Lord was preparing me for this message.  It just caught my ear.  That was this person’s opinion, but the Scripture is not talking about the actual marriage.  It is talking about the child, and that the marriage actually are the children.  The children are the fruit of the marriage.  The children are the marriage.  You cannot separate your children.  A man and a woman have something in common.  They have a connection for the rest of their lives if there are children.  That is the principle behind the scripture saying if you divorce, and you marry someone else, you make her an adulteress.  Then Paul says in another place, you are free to marry again once your husband dies.  Now the Scripture does not talk about the child dying, because it is a terrible curse for a child to die before a parent.  When that happens, it is a curse.  It happened in my family.  One of my sisters died before my parents died.  It broke their heart.


This is the truth.  A new entity, a new spiritual and physical entity come into existence as a result of the marriage, that connects the two parties, whether they get divorced by a court of law, or they move to the other side of the universe.  There is something, a child in existence, that has both spirit and soul, and flesh of the both of them.  Therefore, they will be joined until one of the parties to the marriage dies, or the child dies.  This is the spiritual principle behind the prohibition of divorce.  This ripping apart of the soul, of the spiritual soul that came into existence, as the result of a marriage, produces violence to all manifestations of that soul, which is the children.  You are never fully separate, which is a danger to any second or new marriage that you would make. 


There are two things I want to say about that.  I know fifty percent of second marriages fall apart, so what about the other fifty?  What are you talking about?  I am remarried, and I am happy, and I am doing fine.  What I have to say to that is that Paul is talking to Christians.  What I am trying to tell you is that the more you seek to follow God, and to live under His laws, the more there is a penalty.  I hate to use the word penalty.  It is a penalty.  What happens is a penalty, but not because you are so bad that you got divorced, and now you have a penalty.  It is not like that, but it is a penalty.  There is a spiritual law that says once that third entity has come into existence, you should not violate it, except in the most severe and extreme cases.  The reason for the violation, the reason for the ripping of asunder of that third entity, which is the spiritual soul, the children, and the family unit has to be addressed.  The reason for violating that which has come into existence, which should not be rent asunder, has to be greater than the reason for violating it.  It has to be greater than the value of the family unit in all of its parts.


The reason for the separation, for the violence that is about to be done, for the damage that is about to be done, it has to be more serious than the destruction that is going to come to pass as a result of the rupturing of that which God put together.  We are told this in the New Testament.  I think the word says adultery, but if you look it up, it says fornication.  That does not mean one act of adultery.  It means continuous habitual adultery, incest, or any other moral violation, that is so damaging that the other party cannot live with it, including continuously being beaten.  The damage to one of the parties, if not all of them, has to be greater than the damage of staying.   The damage of staying there has to be worse than the damage of leaving.  I did not get my point out.  These spiritual laws are activated much more quickly upon people who are living for God.  People who are not living for God are under the sowing and reaping judgment, and it is a hard way to live.  It is a hard way to live under the sowing and reaping judgement.


I am trying to get a way to say these things where I am not going to be misunderstood.  Bad things tend to happen to people under the sowing and reaping judgment.  That is called Jehovah’s harsh judgment, judgment without mercy.  Another way to look at it is the results of your behavior.  How do I say this, Lord?  If you are engaged in a lifestyle where you violate the laws of God all the time, there is destruction coming against you all the time.  It is destruction that would come against you for a divorce, or for fornication, or for immoral sexual acts.  The judgments that would come against you for that, they sort of get lost in the whole ball of wax, of the whole reaping that is coming at you, because you are not living for God in the first place.  Am I making any sense at all?  You are not living for God in the first place, so you are doing things wrong continuously.  You are violating the laws of God continuously, and then if you violate the moral laws, it is just one more thing.


It does not mean that you are going to be walking around with leprosy necessarily, but brethren, people have to wake up.  All this cancer in the country, and all the disease in this country, it is all a judgment.  People are having all kinds of torment in their lives, and they do not see it as a judgment of God.  It does fall on people living for God much more quickly, which means he may not see the destruction for this particular act until the next generation, or you do not recognize the destruction  for the particular act.  That is hard to do because there is no chart that you could look up, like if you do this, that is going to happen to you, or if you have an act of oral sex, that is going to happen to you.  There is no chart that you can look up.  You have to look at your whole life, and the direction that it is moving in.   


What I was saying before, is that sexual sin and immoral sin, gets all rolled up in the same ball as rebellion, and all other kinds of sin.  I was under destruction before I ever had sex with anybody, or anything that could be considered a sex act.  I was under destruction from eleven years old.  There was nothing that I could put my hand to that went well, and the Lord saved me.  Now everything that I put my hand to prospers and goes well, so I had a big reversal in my life.  I can put it to one thing, that I walked away from the call on my life.  Did God send all that destruction against me because I walked away from the call on my life in complete ignorance?  I did not have a clue.  No brethren, it is the sowing and reaping judgment.  God is not sitting there saying I am going to do this to you, and I am going to do that to you.  You walk away from the call on your life, and God’s hand comes off of you.  It is just like we read about in the Scripture, where Jesus took his hand off of Judas, and Judas went back under the influence of Satan.  That is what the Scripture says, Jesus took his hand off of Judas, and Satan entered in.


That means you come under the influence of the fallen mind of this age.  When you walk away from God, or when you go under judgment, you come out from under the protection of the Lord.  The mind of the god of this age enters into you, and you start getting into trouble.  Everything starts coming against you.  Once you serve God, and you walk away, you are marked.  Satan is viciously determined to take you out, to stop you from ever going back.  That is what God does.  He turns you over to the god of this world.  He does not sit there, and say I am going to do this to you, and I am going to do that to you.  He turns you over to the god of this world.  The first thing that is corrupted is your mind, so that you do things that are going to bring judgment on you, but you do not believe they are going to bring judgment on you. 


Brethren, the whole world, and this whole country where I live, this whole generation, it is amazing the things that they think are okay.  They are changing the laws of the land to make it okay.  If you are really into the Scriptures, so that you could see the contrast, it is a spirit of insanity that has taken over.  They do not believe it anymore.  They do not believe the Bible anymore.  They do not believe it.  The destruction is rolling in, and they do not believe it.  They do not believe it.  The Lord Jesus is continuously trying to engage an intervention to stop us from doing what the thoughts of the god of this world are telling us is okay.  You have to be very special for Him to tie you down.  You have to be very special for God to tie you down because He does not do that.  Years ago, when the family was intact, and fathers were fathers, young women would be tied down.  They would be locked in their room, or packed off to another country, if they were involved with a man that the parents made a judgment were not good for her.  They would pack her off to Europe to another relative in another state.  The father intervened.  Today there is no protection.


As far as I know, God does not intervene like that.  On the occasion that He intervenes like that, you are one special person, because He does not do that.  He will give you the warning, and say choose.  Do what you want, and then you are under the sowing and reaping judgment.  For God to lock you up, that you cannot get out, to put you in a position where you cannot do what you want to do, you are one special person.  You need to know that.  Years ago, fathers did that all the time.  Fathers did that all the time, and sometimes brothers.  There is a famous movie called War And Peace, I believe, where there were a group of friends.  One of the young ladies was being totally seduced by this man.  I do not know whether it was her brother, or a male friend, or the guy that really loved her.  I do not remember.  She was going to run away with this guy.  In those days, if you ran away with a guy, and he abandoned you, your life was completely ruined.  They locked her in her room.  She missed the appointment.  That is what people did years ago.  It was considered valiant.


Today, there is no protection.  If God moves in that way, as a Father, wow, that is incredible.  He does not do that for people that are out in the cold.  If He is going to do it at all, it would shock me if He would even do it, it is for people that are close to Him.  Sometimes it is the children of people that are close to Him.  He might do it for children for people that are close to Him. That is today’s message, the spiritual root of the prohibition against divorce.  The prohibition against divorce is a warning, saying that marriage is spiritual.  It is a union that brings a new entity into existence, the family.  Before a family comes into existence, that family exists in a spiritual form, and when you try to rip that apart, it opens the whole family to destruction.  The fact that you got divorced, and got married again, and it is working for you, does not mean that you got off scot free.  I do not want to put anything on anybody, but I have to somehow get the truth to you.  That is my job.  So you married again, and you got off scot free, but your daughter just had a double mastectomy.  Brethren, wake up, wake up, wake up.  I have someone in mind. 


We are going to start this message with some scriptures.  This is not just about divorce.  You do any kind of evil, what God considers evil, you do something wrong, you violate His law.  You claim to be a person that is serving God, and you violate His law, and maybe you do not understand you did anything wrong.  I do not know, but you do not confess it, and ask for mercy, and then a few years later, one of your children is having a bad time, and you never connect the two things.  You are happily married to the second husband, and again, it may not be divorce.  You have gone on, and completely forgotten that you needed to make it right with this person, or confess it as sin, and then destruction hits your family in the form of illness.  You never connect the two events.  Illness or the loss of a job, any form of destruction, and you never connect the two.  The mercy of God is to connect the two for you.  That is why I have been exhorting you for years, if any kind of destruction comes into your life.  I can never promise you anything, but if you are a member of this ministry, you have the opportunity of coming to me, and having me partition the Lord on your behalf.  He might just tell me what brought that destruction into your life.  If I tell you, and you realize it, that means you have the opportunity to turn it around.  It is called the Spirit of counsel.  It is called the counsel of God. That is not a gift of the Spirit.  That is in Christ Jesus.


We are starting off with some scriptures on adultery. This is one of the Ten Commandments.  Exodus 20:14; Thou shalt not commit adultery.  Leviticus 20:10; And the man that committeth adultery with another man’s wife, even he that committed adultery with his neighbor’s wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death.  Is Jehovah just a vengeful God, or is there really something dangerous, spiritually dangerous, that happens when you commit adultery?  The answer is that there is something very spiritually dangerous that happens when you commit adultery.  You rip that unity, that third soul, that family that has come into existence, you rip that.  You do damage to that third entity.  Deuteronomy 5:18; Neither shalt thou commit adultery.  Proverbs 6:32; But whoso committeth adultery with a woman lacketh understanding: he that doeth it destroyeth his own soul.  I like this one best because it explains it.  If you are going to do something like that, God is not telling you, bad, bad, bad, shame on you.  You do not understand that you are destroying your own soul.  You are destroying your soul that is bound up with the soul of another person.  It is not only bound up with the soul of your wife or your husband, but your soul is bound up with the souls of your children, and destruction will come forth from it. 


All of a sudden, one of your children is having trouble in school.  You do not connect the two.  Even if your wife never finds out, it is something that happens in the spirit, a destruction that happens in the spiritual plane.  It is not only one act of destruction.  It is a curse that comes on your family, that will stay on the family line from generation to generation, until someone in your family comes to the Lord Jesus and has that curse broken.  Proverbs 6:32 is telling you whosoever committed adultery with a woman lacketh understanding.  You fool.  He that does it destroys his own soul.  Jeremiah 29:23; Because they have committed villany in Israel, and have committed adultery with their neighbours’ wives, and have spoken lying words in my name, which I have not commanded them; even I know, and am a witness, saith the Lord.  So we see Jehovah, himself, including adultery with lying, and committing villany.  If you do not understand it, then you have the option to put yourself under the law.  If you do not make either of those two choices, to understand or put yourself under the law, in that area you come out from under the protection of the Lord Jesus, and you are under the sowing and reaping judgment.


Hosea 4:1-2; Hear the word of the Lord, ye children of Israel: for the Lord hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land.  By swearing, and lying, and killing, and stealing, and committing adultery, they break out, and blood toucheth blood.  Again we see lying associated with stealing and killing.  We see lying, killing, and stealing are physical crimes, although lying is spiritual, but it is something that actually plays out in this world.  Adultery is frequently kept hidden.  Matthew 5:27-28; Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, THOU SHALT NOT COMMIT ADULTERY:  But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.  In other words, restrain yourself, brethren.  If you see a woman, and you know that that has happened in your heart, you need to confess it before the Lord, and ask him to remove that sin from you, because people are just human, and women dress very provocatively  today.


We know there are women lusting after men today too.  Women are having their parties where they hire men to strip and whatever they do.  I do not understand it, so call me old fashioned.  What can I tell you?  I do not understand it, other than women trying to be like men.  Anyway, it is the same thing.  If you are a woman, and you are lusting after a man, it is the same thing.  You need to understand that something spiritual is happening to you that will produce destruction in your life.  God loves you.  He is trying to save you by giving you these rules.  One of the most faithful husbands that you could find is someone who committed adultery, and lost his wife, and his family, and experienced all kinds of destruction, and has now found himself a decent woman, and you cannot tempt him for anything because he is not going to go through that again.


Matthew 5:32; But I say unto you, That whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery: and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery.  Except for the reason that there is such destruction to the family by this behavior, that the family is better off without her.  Whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication causeth her to commit adultery, and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committed adultery.  If your wife is doing something so bad, or destructive, which would also include doing her best to prevent you from serving God.  This is the whole message.  Even if the courts say that the divorce is legal, the spiritual ties still exist in your children.  Remember the man is a spiritual woman, also, if it is the other way around.  As long as one of the parties are alive, or the children are still alive, you are connected. 


There is a soul tie.  Your soul is still connected, and therefore God says you are committing adultery.  Why?  Because when you join with another man, now your soul is attached to two men.  That is what we are going to read about in the Zohar.  What happens, spiritually, when your soul, man or woman, because you are both spiritually female, when you have got the soul of the other party in your heart, and you get married again, or if you just have sex with somebody again, there is now a spiritual war that comes in a spiritual plane.  The judgments of adultery are coming down on you, and adultery means a conflict between two males.  That brings destruction to the whole family in the spirit.  Everybody might get along fine with everybody else in the natural, but there is violation to the spirit, and to the entity that came into existence called the family.   


I am going to read Jeremiah 29:23.  Because they have committed villany in Israel, and have committed adultery with their neighbours’ wives, and have spoken lying words in my name, which I have not commanded them; even I know, and am a witness, saith the Lord.  Hosea 4:1 thru 3.  Hear the word of the Lord, ye children of Israel: for the Lord hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land.  2. By swearing, and lying, and killing, and stealing, and committing adultery, they break out, and blood toucheth blood.  I guess I read that already.  3. Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away.  That verse 3 is describing the spiritual elements of the family, that third entity that came into existence. 


You cannot just get up and walk away.  If there are no children to the marriage, there is still a problem, but it is possible to break that soul tie.  It could take a couple of years, but it is possible to break that soul tie, and then go on.  Once children have been born, you do violence to the whole family.  Everybody is wounded, and hurt, and curses go on the family.  I am reading these scriptures twice.  Maybe I am supposed to be doing this.  Matthew 5:27-28; Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, THOU SHALT NOT COMMIT ADULTERY: But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.  That means that if you know that you did that, which probably happens to some people every day, you have to confess it as sin, and ask the Lord to forgive you, and then break that soul tie that has already come into existence because of your lusting for that woman or that man. 


Matthew 5:32; But I say unto you, That whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery: and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committed adultery.  Why?  Because this woman has the souls of two different men in her heart.  It is a spiritual thing.  Matthew 19:9; And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery.  Matthew 19:18; He saith unto him.   Jesus said, THOU SHALT DO NO MURDER, THOU SHALT NOT COMMIT ADULTERY, THOU SHALT NOT STEAL, THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS.  This was the young man that wanted to follow Jesus, and Jesus said, which laws have you kept?  Out of all of the Ten Commandments, these were the most important ones to this young man.  He never murdered anybody.  He never committed adultery.  He never stole, and he never brought false witness.


Mark 10:12; And if a woman shall put away her husband, and be married to another, she committed adultery.  Now this applies to all human beings, male and female, because we all are spiritually female.  If a woman put away her husband, and be married to another, she committed adultery.  Therefore if she really cannot bear living with him anymore, for any legitimate reason, it is okay to leave, but you have to abide alone.  Why?  Because if you marry again, you now have two souls inside of you, and that is not a good thing.  Luke 16:18; Whosoever putteth away his wife, and marrieth another, committeth adultery: and whosoever marrieth her that is put away from her husband committed adultery.  Adultery equals destruction of the family unit that came into existence as a result of the marriage.  Those curses go on the children for multiple generations.  They need healing in Christ Jesus.  It is very common for children of divorced parents to be divorced.  It wrecks their souls.  It damages the soul of your children.


I am going to go out on a limb saying this, but years ago, before this new morality came in, it was usually men, but women cheated too.  A lot of men cheated, but they would never leave their wives.  They would keep it a secret.  They would do the best they could to keep it a secret, and they would never break up the family.  Somehow, it was not nearly as bad as what is happening today.  A man or woman will cheat, and break up the family, and the kids are just languishing out there.  It is terrible to behold.  I am not for adultery.  I am not saying it is okay if you keep it a secret, but it was definitely better than this complete selfishness of just leaving your family, and going and marrying somebody else, and not having any care at all as to the result on your children, and of course, the woman that you damage, who you swore to take care of for the rest of her life is affected.


Romans 7:1 thru 3; Know ye not, brethren, (for I speak to them that know the law,) how that the law hath dominion over a man as long as he liveth? 2. For the woman which hath an husband is bound by the law to her husband so long as he liveth; but if the husband be dead, she is loosed from the law of her husband. 3. So then if, while her husband liveth, she be married to another man, she shall be called an adulteress: but if her husband be dead, she is free from that law; so that she is no adulteress, though she be married to another man.  As long as the husband lives, their souls are tied together. 


Romans 13:9; For this, THOU SHALT NOT COMMIT ADULTERY, THOU SHALT NOT KILL, THOU SHALT NOT STEAL, THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS, THOU SHALT NOT COVET; AND IF THERE BE ANY OTHER COMMANDMENT, IT IS BRIEFLY COMPREHENDED IN THIS SAYING, namely, THOU SHALT LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF.  Galatians 5:19; Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness.  That is the lust of the flesh, by which we are polluted.  We are spirits and souls living in a human body, the nature of which is lust.  We are told in the Scripture that we, which are spiritual, we are corrupted by the lusts of this world.  That is not just sex.  Lust corrupts the spirit man.  Is lust an evil thing?  No, but it needs to be controlled.  The mind must control the body, and the lusts of the flesh, and you will have a good life, if you serve God properly. 


When you live out of the lusts of your flesh, when your flesh controls your mind, you are in a downward spiral, even if you cannot see it today.  The end of that person is destruction.  Now the works of the flesh are manifest, and these are adultery, fornication, uncleanness, and lasciviousness. You are married, and you have fallen in love with this other woman.  Well, you have to control yourself, and make your decision out of your mind.  You do not break up the family.  You break up the illegal relationship with the other woman. 


James 2:11; For he that said, DO NOT COMMIT ADULTERY, said also, DO NOT KILL.  Now if thou commit no adultery, yet if thou kill, thou art become a transgressor of the law.  Adultery and murder are linked very carefully together through the whole Scripture, if you can see it, because it is the destruction of the family, and the parties to the family.  Mostly it is the children that suffer.  He that said, do not commit adultery said also, do not kill.  Now if you commit no adultery, yet if you kill, you have become a transgressor of the law.  In other words, James is just telling the people, do not think that you are so self-righteous because you have never committed adultery.  If you kill, if you lie, or if you steal, you are guilty of the whole law.  Anyone who violates the law at one point, is guilty of the whole law, which means you die, because the end of the law, when you violate it, is death.  No matter what part of the law you violate, the ultimate judgment is that you die.  Of course, people in this world take death as normal.  We hear that there is a lot of Buddhist philosophy in the movies these days.  You hear someone say death is just a part of life.  No, death is not a part of life.  Death is a part of this existence, but this existence is not life. 


Married to Christ.  Isaiah 54:5; For thy Maker is thine husband; the Lord of hosts is his name; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; The God of the whole earth shall he be called.  You see, brethren, when we become attached to God, he becomes our husband.  That is why, especially for human men, it is really difficult for them.  It is not just men.  I guess it could happen to women too.  It is just really difficult when your mate is taken by God, meaning that your mate comes into a close relationship with God.  The truth of the matter is that God becomes more important than the mate.  Now if both mates are in God, it is tolerable, but if one of the two mates is in God, and the other one is not, it is difficult.  Men especially find it much harder to take than women, but maybe that is my personal experience.  The man tends to take it personally.  He is in a conflict because his mind knows that his wife is just going to church and serving God.  What is there to complain about?  But spiritually speaking, on some level, he knows that he has lost the first place with his wife. 


Frequently, if he was too controlling, he has lost control over her because she now rebels against him if he tries to stop her from serving God.  When God calls us, and when we come, or when He takes us, whether we came willingly or not, we are now married to God.  This is hard to take, brethren, but I am here to preach the Scripture.  Once He marries us, if our heart is lusting for a human mate, it is considered the sin of adultery.  You are lusting for another mate. You have a mate.  God is your husband.  Well, I do not want God to be my husband.  I want a human man.  I am just telling you the truth, brethren.  I am just reading it to you from the Book.  He may give you a mate someday, if you are really young.  I am not telling you that once you come close to God that you have no hope of getting married again.  I am not telling you that, but I am telling you that only God can pick your husband.  Only God could pick your boyfriend, and only God could pick your husband.


Any attempt to do it on your own will end in destruction.  I am not going to put her name on the message here, but there was a woman who did that.  She walked away from this ministry because there were no men here at the time.  She was looking for a husband, and she just went from church to church, and she could not find a husband.  She finally found one in the Catholic Church, and she married him.  She has had grief ever since.  The marriage is not good.  At the worst point, a few years ago, he pulled a gun on her in a drunken rage.  She left him, and she wanted to stay away, but she went back.  Why did she go back?  It is because this woman has a weakness.  I am not going to judge her.  She went back to him because she did not have enough money to live on her own.  She is with a man that she does not want to be with.  You have to believe that if you are single, and finances is the problem, God will take care of you.   I am not saying that is the only reason that she married him.  Maybe it was.  I do not know.  There is nothing wrong with a woman wanting security.  There are all different motives for getting married. 


A woman getting married for financial security is not a crime, if she is willing to devote herself to her husband, and be a wife in every way.  It is not a terrible crime.  If you are not madly in love with a man, but to be willing to commit your life to him, is really the true love anyway.  She does not have to love emotionally.  In this case, she walked away from the call on her life, and she has had one trouble after the other since.  When I read the Scripture and tell you that you are married to God, all that means is that he is now ruling your life.  If he has a husband for you, he will present that husband to you.  If you try to find him yourself, it is not going to turn out well.  Do you know that on the day of her marriage, one of the most destructive hurricanes that Long Island has ever seen happened?  I did not go to the wedding.  I had to take care of my mother.  There was a terrible hurricane on the day of her marriage, if you are looking for a sign.  You cannot do it yourself, brethren.  Either God will give you a husband, or you will not have a husband.  Nothing else is going to work out.  You are just setting yourself up for disappointment and hurt if you do not understand this. 


Isaiah 54: 5; For thy Maker is thine husband; the Lord of hosts is his name; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; The God of the whole earth shall he be called.  If you are suffering, this scripture is for you.  Isaiah 54:11; O thou afflicted, tossed with tempest, and not comforted, behold, I will lay thy stones with fair colours, and lay thy foundations with sapphires.  In other words, he is going to meet your needs if you will just stop fighting.  Stop fighting.


This is Paul speaking.  1 Timothy 5:14-15; I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.  15. For some are already turned aside after Satan.  The adversary is Satan.  Paul is saying that young women are better off married, and I agree.  The younger women are better off married because if they are not married, they will be turning after Satan.  What does it mean they will be turning after Satan?  It could simply mean that they are going to be out looking for their own husbands and wind up with men that are not men of God, that will turn them away from the Lord.  Or it could mean that they actually go into witchcraft.  Satan is the god of this world.  Paul is saying it is better that you should be married to a Godly man.  That is the implication, that you should find a Godly man, so that you are not tempted to go after the things of this world, including the men of this world, which would turn you away from God. 


Does that contradict what we just read in Isaiah?  No.  When you are married to God, if he wants to have a husband for you, he will find that husband for you.  He will bring you together if you are on a lost island with no men there.  Someday a plane will come, and a man will land there, and he will be your husband, if he has a husband for you.  I agree with this, let the younger women marry, so maybe he has a husband for you.  I do not know.  I cannot promise you anything.  I would imagine he would have a husband for you, unless the end of the world is coming, and you have a special call on your life.  The whole issue is are you going to submit your life to him, and accept what he has for you?  Are you going to be praying, Lord, I am a younger woman, and I am reading the Scripture?  Where is my husband?  Or are you going to be trying to do it yourself, and then start a war with your spiritual husband, because you will not be able to do it.  If he lets you do it, that means you are not his, or he has released you.  It is not a good thing to be released by God, or divorced by God. 


Revelation 21:2; And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.  We see that the church, the Israel of God, we are the bride of Christ.  Yes, you can have a natural husband too, if the Lord permits it.  Usually when you are a young woman, he permits it; usually.  But I do not know that it is likely that he is going to be providing a husband of his choice while you are determined to do it yourself, and willing to pick somebody that does not believe as you believe.  I do not know, because all that means is you are in a war with him, so I do not know to what place he would want to bring you in your relationship with him before he would consider giving you a husband.  I do not know if he would want to deliver you from that rebellion completely.  I do not know.  I just know if he has got you that strongly in his hand, you are just treading water, and you really are fighting a losing battle if you are trying to do it yourself.


I have a portion from the Zohar here, which gives us some insight into what happens in the spirit when a woman has two spirits or two souls inside of her.  Following that I have reproduced word for word what is written in the book, concerning marriage and divorce, and spiritual marriage and divorce.  This is the Zohar.  What then becomes of the spirit of an ordinary man, whose widow has married again; widowed or divorced person.  Now this is interesting because the Zohar is talking about a widow, which means the man is dead, and she is still having this problem.  We are talking about divorced people, where the man is alive, which means the problem should be greatly more exaggerated.  What then becomes of the spirit of an ordinary man, whose widow has married again?  Come and see the wonderful and mighty works of the holy king, who can utter them, who can say the same things.  When the second husband’s spirit enters into the body of the woman, the spirit of the first husband contends with it, and they cannot dwell in peace together, so that the woman is never altogether happy with the second husband, because the spirit of the first one is always pricking her.  His memory is always with her causing her to weep and sigh over him. 


Now I suggest to you that the same thing is true in cases of divorce.  The suggestion here is the woman is a widow, so she loved her husband.  But if the woman did not love her husband, or this is a divorce, and the woman was abused by her husband, or felt that her husband abused her, or she was unhappy with her husband, it is the same thing.  The memories are there affecting the way she relates to the new husband.  Any divorced person, that is remarried, will tell you that this is the truth.  You do not even have to be divorced.  Today, people have affairs.  You go from one man to the next.  It is true for both men and women, that the relationship that they are in currently, is affected by previous sexual relationships.  They may be hindered in the way they show affection or receive affection, or whatever their problem is, because either they have been hurt by the previous lover, or if they are a widow, they loved the person very much, and they have that memory of love.  It has the same effect, that it affects the way they relate to the new mate.


If the woman loved her first husband, then the second husband may never live up to him in her mind.  People tend to idolize, and they tend to not remember correctly, and to idolize what was there.  They tend to forget all of the bad points of their husband, and remember only the good points, and the next husband can never live up to that.  If there was hurt there, the next husband, or the next lover, or the next boyfriend, whatever the young people call him today, either you are relating to each other based on past experiences.  It is very hard to form a healthy relationship in God when you are relating to the person you are trying to have a relationship with, based upon the way other men or women have treated you.  It is a problem.  That is the whole point.  It is a problem in the relationship.  The man/female relationships that have the best opportunity to succeed are when it is the first time for both of them, when they are both coming to the marriage, and never having been sexually involved before, and the two of them coming, each from a family where the parents love each other.  That is the best chance you have for a good relationship, starting fresh, with good memories from your own parents, or any part thereof.


It had been a long time since I was in the dating world, but we used to call it baggage.  You come with baggage.  If it is not your first relationship, or your first marriage, you come with baggage.  You come with memories, good or bad memories, that will be interfering with your new relationship.  It is something that has to be overcome.  When the second husband’s spirit enters into the body of the woman, the spirit of the first husband contends with it, and they cannot dwell in peace together, so that the woman is never altogether happy with the second husband because the spirit of the first one is always pricking at her.  His memory is always with her causing her to weep and sigh over him.  This is speaking about physical men and physical women.  In fact, his spirit rides within her like a serpent.  So it goes on for a long time, in other words, the serpent, and the carnal mind,   I guess that is what I said about idealizing.  Sometimes, people are hurt, and they put up defenses against being hurt again, so they idealize their old husband, or they idolize what a mate is supposed to be, and the physical person, man or woman, cannot live up to that.  So the relationship either breaks up, or they stay together and they are unhappy with each other.  That is what it means by it writhes like a serpent.  It means the carnal mind gets involved in the memories.


If the second spirit prevails over the first one, then the latter goes out.  That means the new guy goes out.  If the memory prevails over the new guy, if the memory is so strong that the new guy can never live up to it, either he leaves or she leaves him.  The latter one goes out.  But as sometimes happens, the first one conquers the second.  That means the death of the second husband.  Now that is really interesting.  It could mean that the relationship dies.  If the memory is so strong it could possibly destroy the relationship, but sometimes the second husband dies.  I remember when I was a young woman in a Jewish community, it was the belief that if two husbands died, that no one else should marry you.  That is what we are going to read here.  I remember a woman that I worked with in a law firm.  She actually told us that she was married twice, and would not marry again, and kill a third husband.  That was the belief in the community.  Actually, I knew a friend of my mother.  She had been married twice, and the second husband died.  She actually met a man and he wanted to marry her.  She had the children of one of her previous husbands, who was my friend Janet.  She had to decide whether to marry this man.  He was a bachelor, and had never been married, and he had no children. 


She told him the whole story.  What the belief is that two husbands died with me, so you will die before me also, but he married her anyway, and he did die before her.  He married her because he loved her, and then he got sick, and she took care of him until he died.  She survived three husbands, my mother’s friend Dottie.  Therefore, we are taught after that, that after a woman has been twice widowed, no one should marry her again for the angel of death has taken possession of her.  Most people do not know this.  Friends, I am aware that on this point you may well object that in that case, the second husband’s death was not in accordance with divine judgment.  So this is really another issue, but I decided to leave it in.  All of you people that are listening to this, saying if the second husband died because of the angel of death in the woman that he married, and he did not know that she had an angel of death, then it could not have been divine judgment.


It is not in accordance with the doctrine of divine judgment that you cannot die unless it is a judgment.  Friends, I am aware that on this point you may well object.  In that case, the second husband’s death was not in accordance with divine judgment, which says that God is in control of everything.  He answers, it is not so, however.  It is all decided by fair trial.  This is interesting.  What he is saying here, brethren, is that every time somebody dies, it is not because God willed them to die.  However, it is all decided by fair trial, whether the one spirit should prevail over the other, or be at peace with it.  But he who marries a widow is like unto who ventures to brave the ocean during a storm without a rudder, and without sails.  He knows not whether he will cross safely or sink into the depths.  In other words, if you want to marry a woman who has been married before, or a man who has been married before, you are taking a chance.


I would always advise any single person that it is definitely not advisable to marry someone who has been married before, which I did, but that was me.  I did a lot of things that I should not have done before the Lord got a hold of me.  It is not at all advisable.  I married a man with three children.  It is not at all advisable for someone who has never been married to marry someone who has been married.  Why?  Because they have had experiences, especially if they are divorced, and not widowed, that have caused them pain, and they are going to see you in that light, even if they do not want to.  That is what happens.  Then of course there are problems with the children.  No matter how hard you try, there are problems with the children.  There are problems with the ex-wife or the ex-husband.  There are problems.  If you are young, and you are single, you should look for someone who is young and single, who is hopefully unencumbered with spiritual baggage as you are.  Start your life fresh, filled with hope.  Hopefully, God has approved of your choice.  Start life with the best hope that you can.  Actually, this begins with the exhortation that God gave me for the book that I am working on now.  It is very fascinating. 


The child born of the marriage binds a man and a woman for as long as they live.  Neither one is ever fully divorced from the other as long as the spiritual, emotional, or mental connection with the child of the marriage, the fruit of their union, exists.  This truth is the spiritual basis for saying that a woman who remarries, while her first husband is alive, has two husbands, and is therefore an adulteress.  The tie with the first husband can only be broken through the death of the first husband, or the child.  The tie is never broken, as long as the mate of the children are alive.  Many have questioned why this restriction is for women only, and not men.  The answer is that it applies to physical men, as well as physical women, since all of humanity is spiritually female.  We talked about that before.


The spiritual principal governing marriage and divorce can be expressed, esoterically, by attributing personal names to the spiritual organs of the couple that join together to form a new soul.  Paul says when two people marry, they become one soul.  So the spiritual organs are the soul in one person, and the soul in another person.  We are going to try to understand this on a deep spiritual level, so we are going to call that soul Cain and Abel.  That is what I am reading here.  The spiritual principle governing marriage and divorce can be expressed esoterically by attributing personal names to the spiritual organs of the couple that join together to form a new soul, a spiritual son, so to speak.  I am going to say that a spiritual son is born before any physical son is ever born, a spiritual son, so to speak, who contains spiritual elements of both parties to the marriage. 


This soul, this spiritual son, is the spiritual foundation upon which a physical child is eventually founded, and then born.  The man and the woman each have a dual spiritual organ called Cain and Abel.  I am calling their soul Cain and Abel.  We know that Cain and Abel is the mortal foundation of humanity.  The man and the woman, each have a dual spiritual organ called Cain and Abel, which is capable of joining with Cain in their mate, to form a new soul.  So the new soul is Cain to Cain.  Cain marries Cain.  Let me start from the beginning of the sentence.  The man and the woman, each have a dual spiritual organ called Cain and Abel, which is capable of joining with Cain in their mate to form the new soul, the spiritual son, that becomes the spiritual foundation of the marital unity.  That is the one flesh that Paul talks about.  A man and his wife become one flesh.  It is a marital unity.  It is a spiritual foundation of the children which are to come.  This new soul is held to be as enviable as a human child itself, except that, unlike a physical child, it usually dies when the parties of the marriage divorce.  The spiritual child dissolves, but the physical children remain. 


Let me read that sentence again.  This new soul is held to be as enviable.  It is almost a holy thing.  It is a living thing that has come into existence between the two people.  In the divorce that spiritual child dies.  I say it is becoming viable because marriage is really a holy event.  I was in rebellion when I was young, and I had no idea of any of this.  Today I realize that marriage is really a holy thing.  It is the foundation of society.  It is the foundation upon which society procreates and worships God.  It is the foundation upon which children are raised up to serve God, and live a good life.  It is the foundational government of God in humanity, and it is nothing to be taken lightly.  It is a very serious business, and it is much more than physical attraction, and your sex life.  It is much more than that.


It is the merging of two souls to produce a new entity, which eventually will appear as a family.  I do not know if people can understand this or not, but I have learned this.  It is a holy thing.  It is God’s government.  It is God’s way of survival.  It is God’s way of raising up the children.  Children can go into terrible destruction.  People can go into terrible destruction.  Children do not even understand the depth of the destruction that can happen in life.  Destruction by drugs; destruction by alcoholism; destruction by white slavery; destruction by poverty; destruction by physical illness; destruction by mental illness.  Terrible things happen in this world.  God’s provision for raising up children with the best hope of avoiding all of these terrible things is the family.  It is a holy institution.  It is enviable. 


Any single person that is going out with a married person, you are committing a very serious sin.  This modern day generation has no idea of what a serious sin you are committing.  If you are single, and you are going out with a married person, you could be instrumental in breaking up that marriage.  It is very, very serious business.  God takes it very seriously, even though this culture does not today.  That commitment that a man and woman make to each other, God considers it a holy thing.  It is nothing to be broken lightly.  You made a vow to that person, even if you are so smart today that you can get someone to marry you who does not say the traditional marriage vows, like in sickness and  in health, until death do us part.  Even though the person who is marrying you does not say that, God says that.  When you make that vow to that person, you are committed to them.  If they are sick, if they make a mistake, if they sin, you are supposed to forgive them, unless it is something beyond forgiveness, which we are told is habitual adultery, and other serious crimes like incest. 


You have to merge together and work together for the life of the new entity that has come into existence, the family.  You have to make sacrifices, and all Godly compromises, so that the family survives, because the family becomes more important than the man and the woman.  When two young people get married, and the basis of their marriage is sexual attraction, they are shocked at the thought of the necessity of the sacrifices that you must make when children come into existence.  People are not prepared today.  This society is under judgment for a reason.  We are failing in our most basic responsibilities to educate the young.  The preachers are failing.  The parents are failing.  We are in a lot of trouble, brethren. 


This new soul that comes into existence is held to be as enviable as a human child.  It is a very serious crime to destroy it.  Except, that unlike a physical child, it usually dies when the parties to the marriage divorce, but it could take a long time to die.  There could be a lot of pain until, and after it dies.  There could be a lot of pain, a pain that will affect future relationships.  The new soul, the spiritual son of the marriage, can be so powerful that sometimes it continues to exist in the mind, and the emotions of one partner, even after the divorce or the death of their mate.  That we talked about when we read from the Zohar.  In such an event, remarriage invariably fails, because the soul of the spiritual son of the previous marriage prevents the surviving spouse from forming a new soul, or spiritual son with their new mate.


The shattering of the new soul, or the spiritual son, that came into existence through the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual intimacy of the parties, is the death of the spiritual child, called the soul of the marriage.  It is the death of the marriage, and the living children come under a spirit of destruction, the spirit of death.  They may not physically die, but something inside of them dies, and it becomes an affliction to them.  It becomes a deficit to them.  It becomes baggage to them, to any relationship that they would be in, and any marriage that they might have.  They are going to be carrying the memory of the parent’s breakup. 


Cain marries Cain.  In a human marriage, Cain, which is the animal nature in the mother and the father, join to form the spiritual son, the single soul, which is the foundation of the marriage.  In a spiritual marriage between Jehovah and a mortal man, Jehovah’s son, Adam, joins with Abel in the mortal man, to form a single soul or a spiritual son, which is the proof of intimacy between man and God.  The name of this new soul, the spiritual son of the marriage, is Christ.  The mortal man that he exists in is called a son of God.  That is what we were talking about earlier.  Once you become a son of God, because Jehovah has married you through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the first and the last Adam, the only man you can marry, the only human man you can marry, is the human man that the Lord says is right for you.  Because if you marry the wrong human man, it is going to interfere with your marriage to God.  We are capable of marrying both God and man.  Cain in us marries a human being, a man or a woman, and Abel in us is capable of marrying God. 


Once God marries us, if He happens to marry us before we are married to a human person, the only human person we can marry is one that will be compatible with our marriage to God.  Look at how closely they are going to have to live together.  In us there is a Cain and an Abel.  If Abel is married to the Lord Jesus, and Cain is married to the human man, those two spirits have to be so close together; Cain and Abel.  If we marry a human being that is not compatible with our marriage to God, there is going to be a war similar to what we read about in the Zohar, and only one person can win.  It does not have to be God.  That spiritual female, whether you are a man or a woman, who has married a human being that God did not choose for you, you are going to find yourself in a position where you have to choose.  Are you going to side with your human husband, or are you going to side with God, because one of those two marriages is going to break up.  Unless you marry a man that God chooses for you, and that would be, I imagine, someone who believes as you believe, it will not survive.  You are going to give up one.  You could wind up separating from God.


Paul says, that most likely you will give up on God, although he does not put it that way.  He says, if you marry, there is tribulation in every marriage.  There is trouble in every marriage.  Marriage is a war.  It is two individual people coming together trying to make one life.  You cannot survive without compromise and sacrifice, so marriage is a war.  Paul says, that when you marry a human husband or a human wife, you live to please your mate.  The reason for that is that they are there in person.  Brethren, it is very hard to have a marriage to God.  It is very hard being married to God because He really does not satisfy your emotions.  He will meet your every need.  He will take care of you, make sure that you have enough money to live on so that your financial needs will be met.  He will make sure that you have a place to live, meet your need for transportation, and that you will have enough food.  He will feed you spiritually.  The spiritual life is excellent, but He really does not satisfy your emotions.


That is the problem with marriage to God.  He does wonderful things in your life, and the growth is continual, but He does not satisfy your emotions.  He is not in your emotions.  He is in your spirit.  If He decides that you can have a human husband or a human wife, it has to be someone that is not going to interfere with your spiritual life.  If you do marry someone who does not believe as you believe, then you are going to have to choose who you are going to serve.  The average person, Paul is saying, will choose their physical mate because that physical mate is there.  The emotions are so intense when you live with somebody, when you sleep with somebody, when you have a sex life with somebody.  The emotions are intense, and they tend to block out God.


It is invariable that you will go the way of your human mate.  That is why it is essential that you only marry someone who is compatible with the God that you are married to.  Depending upon your relationship with that God, He will either interfere with every attempt that you make to marry somebody else, or He will let you go, which cannot be the best thing for you.  I am not going to pronounce destruction on you.  I am just telling you the truth.  Either God will destroy every attempt that you have with hooking up with someone human that He does not approve of, or He will let you go, depending on the intensity to your attachment to God.  If He lets you go, it is not the best thing for you, however that works out in your life.  You sort of have a testimony like that, when you married out of your religion, right? 


Now in mortal men, Cain lies on top of Abel.  I have been teaching that for years, that Cain is Abel’s maidenhead, and Cain has a function.  Cain and Abel are spiritual features in our psyche, and Cain’s function is to stop Abel, our potential to respond to Jesus Christ, our potential to respond to God, through Jesus Christ.  Cain stands between Abel and the person that is coming to witness to you about Jesus Christ.  It is like you meet someone, and they seem so interested in who you are, if they are attracted to your spirit, or they are attracted to what you have to say, and they say they want more information, but they never come back.  They say my husband this, or my husband that.  That is Cain standing between Abel, their potential to respond to the Lord, and the call on their life.  That is what I am talking about. 


I had a memory the other day of a woman that had cancer.  I do not know if she lived or died.  She was very, very sick.  The Lord sent me to her.  I had a vision that I was going to meet her.  Then I met her in the gym here at the condominium.  Just to make the story short, I did not have her phone number.  I do not know whether I lost it, or I had a word of knowledge for her afterwards.  I knew where she lived, but I did not have her phone number.  I went over to the house a couple of times, and she was not home.  It must have been the Lord moving on me.  I wrote a note saying I have been there a couple of times, and you were not here.  Please call me.  I go up to the house, and her husband is there.  The first two times nobody was there.  I gave him the note.  The next time I saw her, she told me he had a complete fit, asking who is this woman leaving a note for you at the house?  He made this big scene.  I told her I do not need any trouble with your husband. 


I have enough problems in my life.  The last I heard from her, I said it is okay.  I do not really understand what happened.  She had called me.  I came home one day, and now this is over a period of a couple of years.  After that she got cancer.  When I first met her, she was okay.  I had this vision of her, got her name, and met her in the gym over here.  Then somewhere along the line, a year or two later, I found out that she had a very aggressive cancer, and she was very ill.  After that, time elapsed, and I came home one day and there was a message on the phone for me.  I had tried to witness to her.  Nothing really came out of it.  She said, if you have time, call me.  It is not like me to not return phone calls.  I do not know why I did not do it.  I hope it was God that told me not to call her.  That was the last I heard from her.  I do not even know if she is alive or dead.  What is interesting is that I had that memory of her a couple of weeks ago.  I do not know what that means.


Now in mortal men, Cain lies on top of Abel.  He is Abel’s maidenhead.  It is Cain that has to be circumcised off.  Cain is likened to the foreskin.  I always wondered when reading about Samson, how he was challenged to bring a hundred Philistine foreskins in 1 Samuel, Chapter 18.  I said to myself, what kind of a challenge is that?  Do you have to kill the men to get their foreskins, or do you just knock them down while you circumcise them?  What kind of a thing is that in the Scripture?  That was what Samson was challenged to do.  I am wondering now if it does not mean converts.  Anyway, that is just my thoughts, for whatever it is worth.  We are told in the Scripture that Samson did it.  


Now in mortal men, Cain lies on top of Abel, so Abel must be circumcised before he can marry adam.  Cain is married to Cain in a human marriage, and Abel is lying underneath.  The Lord Jesus Christ, who is the last adam, he comes to a person and he wants to marry Abel in you.  But Cain in you is married to Cain in another man, and Abel is lying underneath the double foreskin.  It is bad enough if you are not married, and the Lord Jesus comes to you, and He wants to marry Abel in you, He has to get past Cain, your foreskin.  But when you are married, it is a double foreskin, and the Lord Jesus has to penetrate that to get to Abel to marry you.  It is very hard to do, if it is possible.  I will tell you this, that my personal experience has been that it is easier for physical women than for physical men.  Those wives, when the man is called, they will threaten them with divorce, with everything that you can imagine.  Just about every man that has ever been sent here, except one, made it, and that guy had to get divorced to come to the ministry.  There are more women that will overthrow their husbands will, and usually they do not get divorced.  That is what I think happened with you, although it was not an outright challenge to you, but I think that was what was behind it. 


Now in mortal men, Cain lies on top of Abel, so Abel must be circumcised before he can marry adam, Jehovah’ son.  In other words, Cain must be cut away from Abel before adam can marry that man. Cut away could mean divorce or it could simply mean a damage to the marriage.  In other words, the intensity of the soul tie between husband and wife must be diminished for one of them to marry the Lord Jesus.  It is going to diminish it.  The Lord Jesus becomes number one in your life.  We talked about this earlier.  The other party feels it.  Most of the time they think they cannot complain because their mate went to God, but sometimes they complain anyway.  It registers on their psyche as adultery.  They know that they have been put out of their position as number one in that person’s life.  Once Cain has been cut away, and discarded in a mortal person, that means either divorce, or somehow dealt with that they just accept the change in their marital relationship. 


That man is no longer capable of forming the new soul or spiritual son, which is the spiritual foundation of a human marriage, because Cain, the spiritual organ of connection in that mortal man no longer exists.  Let me try and pull that apart for you, once Cain has been cut away. This is what the Scripture means when it says if you cannot live with the person, depart from them, but then abide by yourself.  Once Cain has been cut away, and discarded in a mortal person, that means either the marriage broke up, or the marriage relationship changed radically, and your mate just accepts it, but they are not really happy about it, but they accept it.  That man is no longer capable of forming the new soul, a spiritual son, which is the spiritual foundation of a human marriage, because Cain, the spiritual organ, our connection in that mortal man no longer exists.  This is the basis of Paul saying, leave your husband, but do not marry again, because something has changed in you.  If the reason the marriage has broken up is because you are now joined to God, your potential to form another human marriage is crippled because you are no longer that carnal person.


Now you are a spiritual person.  Your life with God has made you another person.  The way it came out, esoterically, is that once Cain is circumcised, you are not capable of continuing because in a human marriage, Cain is joined to Cain.  It came out esoterically, once Cain is circumcised so that the Lord Jesus can get at Abel, you no longer have what it takes.  You do not have a Cain anymore, to join to Cain in your other party.  That does not mean you cannot go out and get married if you want to, but what it is saying is that it is not going to work very well.  This is a little difficult.  Do you have any idea what I am talking about?  Do I need to say it again?  In a human marriage, Cain joins to Cain.  In order for God to marry you, for the Lord Jesus to marry you, he has to really cut away Cain.  Cain is your potential to have a relationship with another human person.  Human marriage is Cain to Cain.


Spiritual marriage is the Lord Jesus to Abel.  If the Lord Jesus has to cut away Cain to have a spiritual marriage with you, cutting away means either your marriage ends up in divorce, or the marital relationship changes radically, and the person accepts it.  The cutting away of Cain, so that the Lord Jesus can marry Abel in you, means you are crippled in your ability to have a human marriage.  If God gives you a marriage after that, it will be Abel to Abel.  If you are joined to the Lord Jesus, and he or she has Abel joined to the Lord Jesus, you might have a marriage in God, where you are both joined to Abel.  But once you are married to God, it cripples your ability to have a human only marriage.  Am I making any sense at all?


Once Cain has been cut away and discarded in a mortal person, that man is no longer capable of forming this new soul, or spiritual son, which is the spiritual foundation of a human marriage.  That is because Cain, the spiritual organ of connection in that mortal man, no longer exists.  This spiritual experience is called the circumcision of Abel.  This actually came forth as a part of an explanation in the King James where it says Moses was trying to leave Zipporah to go to Egypt, and Jehovah met them in the way and threatened to kill Moses, which is not an accurate translation at all.  This whole teaching came out as a result of it, but I am not going to include that teaching in this message.  




Any questions or comments on this message:


COMMENT:  I will just say that there is war in marriage when you marry outside of your faith.  It is very difficult.  It is also difficult if your husband is not as spiritual as you are.  Once you are married to your husband there is a tremendous amount of jealousy.  You have to learn how to deal with it.  Although we had four children, and everything came out okay, it was hard.  I do not know how, but it did.  They are nice children, but they are not serving God.  They are considerate of my spirituality.  They believe in God, and some of the things I have been saying to them, they seem to accept.  Their children seem to be more adaptable to what I say to them.  They seem to accept it.


PASTOR VITALE:  The idea is that if two people marry, who are serving God, one would hope that that spirit would get on their children.  If you are in agreement, and you are in church together, and you are believing the same things together, and the children are raised in that, one has every reason to hope that they will have a born again experience also.  For example, if you are a Baptist, whatever you are, or if you are Jewish, your hope is that when you raise your children in that, that they will do the same thing.  So many people of this generation seem to be falling away.  I do not believe in religion.  I just do not know what else to call it.  Religion is not a bad thing.  Religion is the law.  It is what you have until you get the spiritual reality, so you raise your children in religion.  Like somebody here, their children go to another church.  That is what their children need right now.  They are not ready for this ministry, so you send them to a place that your children can respond to at this time.  


The Scripture says that if you raise them up that way, when they are old, they will come back to it.  If you are married to someone who is of a different faith, they do not get raised up that way.  It does not work, all of this nonsense.  My husband was not Jewish, so we were going to raise our daughter up in both religions.  It is not ideal.  What God is saying, the ideal is that you marry someone that believes what you believe, and you raise up children in what you believe, and hopefully you are serving God in your own heart.  What does that mean?  It means that your children will be safe.  God is not religious.  He is not a jealous God that says I just do not want you to have another religion.  We are talking about raising children that will be safe in this world, because this world is not safe.  It is not a safe place.  Do you know how sick this nation is today?  Do you know the degree of physical sickness?  It depends on how you look at it. 


It is wonderful that we have all of these hospitals, but look at all the sick people in the hospitals.  You have to see that, at least to some degree, as a judgment.  God wants us to be safe.  He wants our children to be safe.  He raises up families so that the children should be safe.  They should be positive people, and not wind up in jail.  I did not mention that before.  You could be sick.  You could wind up in jail.  The jails are brimming over with people.  He wants our children to be safe, and the family is the foundational form of government that God raises up.  It is the hands on form of government that God raises up to give our children the best possible chance that they could have in life.  The parents are supposed to be an example to them. 


COMMENT:  Would you repeat what it means to be married in Abel?


PASTOR VITALE:   When the Lord Jesus marries a man, he marries Abel.  When two humans marry, Cain in one marries Cain in the other.  In order for the Lord Jesus to marry Abel, Cain has to be pushed out of the way because Cain is the maidenhead that covers Abel.  If a person is married, it usually results in either the breakup of the marriage, or the deterioration of the male/female relationship.  That is because another man has entered into the marriage.  The only time it does not produce a problem in a marriage is when both parties are serving God equally, and they both have a vibrant relationship with God, when they come together.  That is the only time it does not destroy the marriage.  That would enhance the marriage.  But if the party that you are married to, male or female, is not sharing what you have with God, then you have to choose.  Is the relationship with your partner that does not rise to your level of relationship with God, are you going to keep your partner frustrated, and pursue God, or are you going to satisfy your human partner and pull back on God through Jesus?


Most human people will please their partner, and pull back on God.  That is what happens to the human psyche.  Why?  Because their human partner is an emotional love.  An emotional love is much stronger than spiritual love.  The flesh is very strong.  It is emotional and physical, sexual and mental love.  It is much stronger than the spiritual love of God.  That means in order to serve God, and reap all of the benefits that He has for us, we either have to have a partner that will not hinder us, or we are going to have tribulation.  That is what Paul says.  If you marry, you will have tribulation because there is jealousy in a relationship with God.  It is as simple as that with human emotions.  Now people that are not experiencing it might say that is really crazy, that my wife or my husband should be jealous of God.  That is crazy.  But jealousy is not rational.  It is an emotion that rises up.  Either you put it down, or it controls you.  Very few people put it down successfully in a situation like that, especially men.  But I am telling you that the women have been terrible.  The men who have been here have dropped out because their wives would not have any of it.


COMMENT:  My husband threatened to leave me because I was going on with God.  I remember Susan’s father, who was his best friend, said to him, if you let her go, you are crazy.  My husband must have listened to him.


COMMENT:  You were talking about baggage.  I was realizing my sons will have baggage.  I have really thought about how their relationships are going to be, bringing what they originally thought a marriage was, and now this new thought of marriage after my divorce.  How is this going to affect their choosing a wife, and how will they see marriage now?  I do not know, because I did not come from a broken home, and I do not have that way of thinking, the thought that a marriage could break up, and how my future will play out.


PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, now that it is a possibility.  There was a time, where not too long ago, fifty years ago, divorce was horrible.  The thought of your chances of getting married again if you were divorced were so slim because divorce was a horrible thing.  Well, it has to affect your two sons in another way.  It has to affect how they look at themselves as a man, and what is expected of them as a man, and a husband, and a father.  Young people might have a real challenge.  They may be caught between condemning their father, and understanding that adultery is wrong, and leaving your wife is wrong, and yet not condemn their father.  They may not be mature enough to do that, to walk that middle line, and deal with their emotions and their hurt, and their disappointment.  That could damage their own manhood if they cannot process it as young men.  It is very sad, but they will be okay.  God is in their life, so they will be okay.  You have to believe that God is in their life.  You did the best you could.  There is nothing more to be said about it. 


This is interesting.  I asked the Lord why I am preaching on divorce today.  I do not really know why, other than that He gave me an easy message because I had a crazy experience.  I was in bed all day Saturday.  I am so tired of talking about being sick, but I had some kind of an attack, and it hit me Friday night with pains in my stomach, and I was in bed all day yesterday.  This may be the reason that he gave me an easy message which ended early.  It was a crazy thing.  I am really torn between thinking that it was bad fish from when the refrigerator went bad or my niece Eileen.  I thought that all of that fish did not defrost.  It was still pretty solid.  Then again, I am having a birthday luncheon here.  I invited my niece, who has not talked to me since my sister died.  I invite her every time I have something, and she never comes.  At least twice in the past, when she was angry at me, I was hit with severe nausea.  It was within a few hours after I got her husband’s e-mail saying that they were not coming to my birthday luncheon.


I immediately broke the curses, which I should have done before I even sent it out.  Maybe I did.  I do not remember.  If it was the fish, it was a good five hours after I had eaten it.  If the fish was contaminated, I do not know if it would take five hours for it to affect me.  I do not know.  It was shortly after I read the e-mail that I got pains in my stomach.  I do not know what the answer is.  I am still going back and forth.  The first two times I definitely know that I had that severe nausea, and I really believe it was my niece, but this was worse.  It was pains in my stomach.  It was no fun.  I have to give God all the glory.  I might have wound up in the hospital again, for all I know.  I was ignoring it, which is what I tend to do.  I tend to ignore any physical discomfort.  I just kept on working.  I was collapsing over my desk, and finally I said I think I better stop working, and I better get into bed.  As I went into my bed, it had to be the Lord that caused me to take some probiotics.


I take probiotics, and I usually take a certain dosage.  How am I going to say this?  I was due for a dosage that day.  Sometimes I take it before I go to sleep.  As I am heading for the bed, almost doubled over, I grab that bottle of probiotics, just thinking that I had better take my pills before I get into bed.  As I was laying there in bed just rebuking it, it got better enough for me to fall asleep.  When I woke up, the pains were really bad.  I was just laying there rebuking it, as the Lord had taught me to do when it was just nausea.  I had my hands on my abdomen, and I was just rebuking it, and then the thought came to me, I think it got better after I took those probiotics.  So I took some more probiotics, and it alleviated the discomfort.  The pain went away and I fell asleep again.  I did not know how often I could take those probiotics, but I remember reading that they were just food, so you could take as many as you wanted.


I waited another two hours, and I took it again, and it got better.  I did that a couple of times, and then the pain cleared up completely, but I just felt all beat up.  I was sleeping on and off until 3:00 P.M. yesterday.  It started Friday night, and it went almost all day Saturday.  I had that fish Thursday night, and I was okay.  Then I ate it Friday night.  So I am really torn between whether or not it was just bad fish or it was witchcraft from my niece, but it was pretty terrible.  I thank God for showing me about those antibiotics because if it continued for another day, I probably would have wound up at the hospital.  It cleared up, but I still was not feeling well until last night.  I really could not eat anything.  I tried to eat some chicken, and I could not eat that chicken.  I could not eat it, so I made myself some toast.  Then 1:00 A.M. in the morning I had eggs.  Today I can eat normal food.  As I was putting my makeup on, I looked in the mirror as I was putting my makeup on, and I said I look alright for someone that was so beat up this weekend.  I really look okay.


Anyway, that is what happened, so I guess the meeting is going to end early.  I really should have put this testimony on another message, but it does not really matter.  That is what happened.  I was all beat up Saturday and Friday night, and I woke up having the most interesting dream.  As I was laying there really in pain, I said, Lord. I wanted so hard to not be condemning the Lord, or be ungrateful to God, but I said Lord, I am really thinking it was my niece.  I had dreams about my niece while I was in the midst of all of that.  It is possible, I guess.  My niece Eileen, was in the spirit because they had just refused my invitation.  I am laying there in pain and I am dreaming about my niece, so I am thinking it really came from her anger at me.  She is very angry at me.  This was the dream that I had, either Friday night or Saturday morning, when I was still going through this. 


There was a black teenager.  The Lord has shown me that when a black person is in my dreams, in a dream in this context anyway, it usually means high spirituality.  There was a black teenager that was a delinquent in my dream.  He was very muscular.  He looked like a male.  Later on in the dream it turned out that he was a female.  I kept seeing his arm for some reason.  It was a very muscular man’s arm.  I kept trying to grab it, and he was angry at me.  I kept trying to tell him how much I loved him, and he would not believe it.  Then it was his left arm.  It switched.  At the end of the dream, he was sitting down in a chair, and saying, I cannot go to your event.  He did not say it had anything to do with my birthday.


He said I cannot go, or I cannot join you, because my husband is only here every other weekend, and he is going to be here that weekend, and I need to be with him.  Now the truth is that my niece Eileen’s husband has a job in another state, so it is very possible it was them.  I heard that he has an apartment in another state.  He lost his job, and she wanted him to retire.  They have enough money that he does not have to work, but he wants to work.  The only job he could get was in another state.  She has been angry at him ever since.  That is for years already now.  The last I heard he has a job in Massachusetts or somewhere in another state.  He has an apartment there, and he comes home when he can.  It might be very true in the dream that he only comes home every other weekend.  That is not the reason she is not coming.  She is just mad at me. 


That was one of the dreams that I remember when I was in pain.  I thought that was a witness from God, that it was not the fish, but my niece.  I threw the rest of the fish out because I was not taking any chances.  I thought that was a witness that the issue happened from her, but of course, it could just be that she was in the spirit because I just got the e-mail.  I am torn, and I do not know.  Then I woke up this morning, and I was saying to the Lord, how does this happen to me?  When is this going to stop happening to my body?  When I woke up this morning, I guess I had the answer in a very interesting dream.  The dream I had this morning was that I had an appointment in a beauty parlor.  I do not remember the name, but it was supposed to be a very high popular beauty parlor.  They do not even say beauty parlor anymore.  They say salon.  It was a top degree salon.  I got there in the morning, and I was on time.  I thought nobody was there.


I thought the place was locked up, so I went to eat.  I was in the restaurant, and I saw this man who was this great hair designer.  That was his salon.  When he left the restaurant, I followed him.  I saw him go into the salon, so I went in.  I sat down, and then he called me.  Of course, those top hair dressers never wash your hair.  They have someone else to wash your hair, but in the dream he was washing my hair.  I told him, and he said something about me being late.  I said, I was not really late.  In the dream I was an hour late.  I said I was here at 9:00 A.M. and there was nobody here.  He was washing my hair.  Your hair is your spirit, and washing your hair usually means to beautify you spiritually.  He said, oh that is really strange that nobody was here at 9:00 A.M.  Then he sort of looked off in another direction, and I realized that there were other employees there, and that somebody should have been there.


All of these employees were grouped down a hall in another room, and they were playing musical instruments.  They were grouped together like a band in this beauty salon.  They were all playing musical instruments.  The one that I saw was playing an instrument that looked like a violin.  At the top of the violin bow was a white bow that looked like a marshmallow.  I know this was really strange, but it was the actual marshmallow that was rubbing the violin.  It was not an actual marshmallow, but a white bow that looked like a marshmallow.  It was actually rubbing against a string that looked like a violin string.  It was making the sound, which makes no sense at all.  But anyway, what I think the interpretation of the dream is that the man washing my hair was the Lord Jesus.  What He was telling me was He was not late.  There were people here to help me, and that the people are the collective Christ Jesus in the ministry.


We are just not mature enough yet to have saved me from that kind of thing, but it really was a miracle that I just picked up that probiotic.  I mean that was definitely a miracle.  I think I would have probably been in the hospital again.  Christ Jesus, even in the whole ministry, collectively, was not strong enough to save me from that.  That really blessed me that the Lord told me that.  You know, understanding is the answer.  Sometimes, we are just human, and our humanity blames God.  I guess that was what I was doing.  I was repenting while I was doing it, but I was really saying, Lord, when is this going to stop that I get afflicted in my body?  His answer was that the saviour of the body is Christ Jesus.  It is not the Lord Jesus that did not get here to help me.  He came an hour later.  It is the job of Christ Jesus to heal the body, and Christ Jesus is not mature enough to have saved me from that, although he did take that action, because it made no sense at all for me to take those probiotics on my way to bed, when I had pains in my stomach.  It made no sense at all, except that he really helped me.  That was my dream this morning. 


COMMENT:  Tony is saying this on the chat room interface.  Tony is saying that when he left the gym, he was stopped at a red light.  A thought about divorce entered his mind, and all the divorces in his family.  He said your message gave me the answer.  It was a great message.  Family roots were revealed to me. 


PASTOR VITALE:  Thank you Tony for telling us.  I am glad to hear it.  I did say that I got a dream from Tony too.  I will answer you, hopefully, tonight or tomorrow.  I do not think it had anything to do with this.  Then Jesse had a dream this morning.  Brett had a dream this morning too.  I think Brett’s dream was about Brett.  I will answer you on that too, Brett, if you are there in the chat room.  I think Jesse’s dream was about me.  Jesse had different thoughts on the dream.  Of course, it was his dream, but I think it was about the trial that I went through.  It was not so much my physical trial, but I think it was about my niece.  I think she is really mad at me.  When you are really mad at somebody, you do not talk to them at all.  When you get an invitation to their party, after not hearing from them in two years, the whole thing just reruns in your mind again.


I tend to think that was Jesse’s dream, but something like that is subjective.  If he does not want to agree with it, that is fine.  It is his dream, but I think that is what the Lord told me.  Only God knows whether it was the fish or whether it was my niece.  I do not know.  Anyway, I had a short message today because I was laying there yesterday saying, Lord, what am I supposed to preach tomorrow?  This is what I got.  It was not such a bad day, except we are a little early.  If nobody has anything else to say, I will give you guys a break, and we will end early.  But just wait.  Let us make sure that there is no one else that wants to say anything, that no one wants to get on through the telephone, or say anything.  The truth is that I am a little tired, and I do not have my full strength today.  It is fine with me that we ended early. 


COMMENT:  Rita says after listening to you, it sounds like it was your niece, rather than the fish. 


PASTOR VITALE:  I appreciate that witness.  I threw out $75 worth of fish, but it is just money, brethren.  I would not go through that again for anything else in the world.  I will take that witness.  Thank you Rita. 


COMMENT:  Sandra and Jesse say thank you for the message, and God bless you.  Rose says God bless you. 


PASTOR VITALE:  Okay brethren, God bless you.        


05/02/2015 – Transcribed by MJS

05/02/2015 – 1st Edit MJS


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