Three Israels

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Three Israels



The main thrust of this author's work is that spiritual Israel has inhabited or dwelt within three different nations. The first nation to embody the Nation of Israel was the African or black people. Their leader was Nimrod and he brought the Israelite faith all the way to Egypt where in the Israelites dwelt. Now we have heard that the first Israelites were black and coming from the Middle East they would have had to have been very dark. MANY Jews today have dark feature even the European ones. But in the authors view the Africans lost the right to Israelite nationhood based on the fact that they practiced witchcraft and had hubris. A bit of She states that the Africans are lost in a permanent state of spiritual decay due to their sin of witchcraft, and can only rise out of it through Jesus Christ.

The seed then passed on to the sons of Jacob. Jacob as you know married Aesanat daughter of Potipher, an Egyptian priest. It was through Ephraim and Manasseh that the line carries on. The line of Moses did not continue through his two sons because of their lack of righteousness. Rather it went through Joshua as he was considered married in a spiritual nonphysical way to Moses. The author goes on to say that Jacob unrightfully stole the blessing from Esau because he was convinced by his feminine spiritual nature to do so. He did God’s will, but in the wrong way. 

There is somewhat of an interesting opinion on spirituality. The author claims that the feminine is stronger but less disciplined while the male half is not as strong but has more discipline. Later on the spiritual seed passed on through the church of Christ which grafts many nations to its enormous tree trunk. The khazars are also considered legitimate Jews despite the fact that they are not true Israelites, but converted no less.

I am giving this book an extra star for some interesting thought on masculine and feminine spirituality.

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