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Sheila R. Vitale is the Spiritual Leader, Founding Teacher and Pastor of Living Epistles Ministries (LEM) and Christ-Centered Kabbalah (CCK). Pastor Vitale has an international following and has been expounding upon the Torah (Scripture) through a unique Judeo-Christian lens for nearly three decades. As head of the teaching ministries, Sheila Vitale disseminates free Judeo-Christian literature, both printed and online, to individuals around the world. Pastor Vitale also planned and organized the creation of Libraries of audio recordings of her teachings on Judeo-Christian Spiritual Philosophy and distributed them across Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.


She also administers the organization’s charitable giving. Under her direction, Living Epistles Ministries donates a significant percentage of its income to organizations that advocate for Judeo-Christian values, defend the United States Constitution and provide food and medical services to individuals most in need.


In addition to leading the ministry, Pastor Vitale is an illustrator, researcher, translator, social commentator, lecturer, movie, TV and theater critic, and author. She has given more than 1,000 LEM lectures illustrating hundreds of spiritual principles, all of which may be purchased on CDs or as downloadable MP3s. In addition, some of Pastor Vitale’s lectures are available on DVDs or downloadable MP4s. She has written more than 40 books based upon the Old and New Testaments and authentic Rabbinic Kabbalah, including Not Without Blood, The Noah Chronicles and The Three Israels, as well as unique and esoteric translations of canonical Biblical texts such as The Prophesies of Daniel, Chapter 8, The Prophesies of Daniel According to Kabbalah, Chapter 11The Crime of the Calf, Sophia and The Common Salvation. Some of her forthcoming publications include The Kabbalah of Hebrews, Chapter 1 and The Noah Chronicles, 2nd Edition.




Pastor Vitale began her training for ministry in 1978, and answered a divine call to begin teaching in the New York hamlet of Port Jefferson Station in 1987. The Lord spoke to her about teaching after she expressed her desire for a deeper and more spiritual understanding of the Bible. Shortly thereafter, she began to teach Spiritual Christianity under the heavy hand of the Lord Jesus Christ, who named both ministries: Living Epistles Ministries in 1988, and Christ-Centered Kabbalah in the year 2001. She was teaching The Doctrine of Christ with Lurian Kabbalah for at least one year before the ministries were divided and the name, Christ-Centered Kabbalah was given.



In the year 2000, an affiliated organization, Christ-Centered Kabbalah, emerged as a vehicle for the publishing and distribution of a new, distinct and unique branch of her prolific teachings. Christ-Centered Kabbalah is the merging of Lurian Kabbalah and Pastor Vitale’s own brand of Spiritual Philosophy that she calls The Doctrine of Christ.


Pastor Vitale prepared and delivered her first two formal messages entitled The Truth About Witchcraft and The Seduction of Eve in January and April of 1988. After that, she began preaching on a regular basis within the Office of Prophet and as a Teacher of Apostolic Doctrine, preparing weekly messages, including Signs Of Apostleship and Lazarus & The Rich Man. Pastor Vitale’s unique, multi-message style is seen in LEM Serial Messages such as, A Place Teeming With Life (9 Parts) and Quantum Mechanics in Creation (18 Parts). Pastor Vitale also analyzed the Greek text and preached extensively on the Book of Revelation in her early years, during which she produced 197 distinct Message Parts under 29 distinct Message Titles all of which deal with The Book of Revelation. Although the initial meetings of Living Epistles Ministries in 1987 were casual and spontaneous affairs, formal, weekly meeting began in January of 1988, and gradually increased to two and then three times each week by the mid 1990s.


Interest in the LEM/CCK message continues to grow and, today, Pastor Vitale travels internationally and across the country on ministry business, most recently promoting her signature accomplishment, The Alternate Translation Bible, an esoteric understanding of the Scripture which is not intended to replace traditional translations.


She journeyed to Africa for the first time in 1992, where she was called to the office of Evangelist. After that she moved into the Office of Pastor. 




Sheila Vitale has been studying Torah (Scripture) and the New Testament, in-depth, since the 1970s, and began to teach her understanding of it, which she calls The Doctrine of Christ, in January of 1988. In the year 2000, she began to study and teach authentic Lurian Kabbalah. Since then, she has woven her continuously evolving understanding of The Doctrine of Christ and Jewish spiritual philosophy into a fascinating and unparalleled course of study that she calls, Christ-Centered Kabbalah.


She has been studying the authentic Jewish Kabbalah of several Rabbinic scholars, including Moses Nachmanides (Ramban), Moses Cordovero (Ramak) and Isaac Luria (The Ari) since the year 2000. She has read many of the English translations of their writings, including Ramban’s The Gate of Reward, Ramak’s Pardes Rimonim (Orchard of Pamegranates), and The teachings of the Ari, as written by his student, Chayyim Vital, in The Tree of Life: The Palace of Adam Kadmon, and The Gate of Reincarnations.


Sheila Vitale received the call to study kosher Jewish Kabbalah in August of the year 2000 while evangelizing in Greenville, South Carolina. At that time, the Spirit of God directed her to read and study the teachings of Rabbi Luria, as written by his student, Chayyim Vital, in The Tree of Life: The Palace of Adam Kadmon. She could not understand it, but continued to read anyway. Shortly thereafter, she saw an angel enter into her, and the eyes of her understanding began to open. Pastor Vitale attributes her ability to understand and teach authentic Jewish Kabbalah and Christ-Centered Kabbalah, which she believes is beyond the grasp of the human mind, to the Lord Jesus Christ.


She began to teach the authentic Lurian Kabballah that she was learning in October of 2000, and to teach Kabbalah creatively in November of 2002. Thus, after serving 12 years with LEM, she undertook a second mission and founded Christ-Centered Kabbalah, an organization that weaves The Doctrine of Christ together with Lurian Kabbalah. Christ-Centered Kabbalah is based upon her original research is in the Hebrew text of the Torah, the foundational books of Philosophical Kabbalah, such as The Zohar, and the Greek text of The New Testament. Christ-Centered Kabbalah distributes free written material through its online reading room, and free video lectures through its YouTube channel.


She often cautions her students about the dangers of Qabalah that is not kosher. She asks everyone who would like to know more about her to please note that all Kabbalah is not kosher (authentic). Pastor Vitale teaches authentic Kabbalah, which glorifies God, and she shuns the occult Qabalah of personal power, which, all too frequently, is used to control unsuspecting persons, acquire wealth by spiritual power, or punish one’s enemies.


She continues today to manage Christ-Centered Kabbalah and to write and teach about authentic Kabbalah. She also continues to make a wide range of Biblical translations and educational materials available for free on the LEM and CCK official websites.




Sheila Vitale was born into a Jewish family, and began her spiritual journey as a child when her mother enrolled her as a student in an Orthodox Hebrew school. She also attended synagogue on Shabbat during that time, where she experienced the Spirit of God for the first time. Such a deep longing for God was stirred up in her that she wept. She was touched so profoundly that she became desperate to attend yeshiva (Jewish high school) but her parents could not afford to send her.


She became very ill around the age of 11, which led her to cry out to God, seeking a deeper understanding of what was happening to her, and has battled with chronic illness ever since. (Her most recent struggle against premature death came in 1990, when she spent three months in the hospital before recovering and going on to resume teaching and managing LEM.)  


Much later, as an adult, after years of searching, She, once again, experienced the Spirit that had brought her to tears, but this time it was at Gospel Revivals Ministries, a Pentecostal church where Deliverance Ministry was emphasized. She had desired a deeper understanding of Scripture since her early years, so she began to attend church regularly. She read at least one Chapter of the Bible every day. But Scripture was difficult for her and she did not understand what she was reading.  After about six months, however, while reading the Bible, she saw a vision of the angel with the little book described in Chapter 10 of the Book of Revelation, Verse 8. After that, she began to understand the Bible but several more years had to pass before she began to receive Revelation knowledge of the Scripture.


Pastor Vitale studied the Bible and Deliverance Ministry for about seven years under Charles Holzhauser, the Pastor of Gospel Revivals Ministries, in Mount Sinai, NY. Sometimes she attended as many as five teaching services each week, as well as studying for endless hours to gain key insight into her faith. She also edited Pastor Holzhauser’s books during that time. After that, she studied independently under the influence and direction of the Holy Spirit, before founding Living Epistles Ministries.




Sheila Vitale’s signature work is the three volumes of The Alternate Translation Bible: The Alternate Translation Of The Old Testament, The Alternate Translation of the New Testament and The Alternate Translation of the Book of Revelation. The Alternate Translation Bible is an esoteric translation of the Scripture, and is not intended to replace traditional translations. The Book of Revelation and several other books that Pastor Vitale has written have been translated into Spanish.


Paperback versions of her books are available at, Google Books and Barnes & Noble.  She also has an Author's website which displays all of her books, as well as several photographs of her and a short bio.


Digital copies maybe downloaded from Kindle (  The Alternate Translation of the Testaments may be viewed or downloaded from the official LEM and CCK websites or purchased from


She has also made extensive videos reviewing movies, TV shows and plays which are based upon spiritual principles, such as The MatrixThe Edge of Tomorrow and Wicked.


Pastor Vitale also analyzes modern Social Trends in view of the Scripture and, in that vein, reviews media that deals with Family and Culture, such as the TV series, The Sopranos. She also writes for the LEM and CCK Blogs, on their respective websites, where a detailed review of radio talk show host Alex Jones’ interview of Louis Farrakhan is posted.


She has also delivered hundreds of messages, many of which have been transcribed and may be viewed free of charge on the Living Epistles and Christ-Centered Kabbalah websites:


Both ministries, LEM and CCK, have YouTube channels which make Pastor Vitale’s video-taped teachings available to the public, free of charge. She also has a third YouTube channel called Short Clips, where she posts short, focused messages which average 15 minutes each.




Pastor Vitale serves a range of ecclesiastical, educational, and administrative functions from her headquarters in Selden, New York. Operating in the Offices of Prophet, Pastor, Teacher of Apostolic Doctrine and Evangelist, she continues delivering her powerful messages on a range of topics, from movie reviews and social commentaries to doctrinal error, esoteric interpretations of the Scripture, Judeo-Christian Spiritual Foundations, Christ-Centered Kabbalah, Spiritual Philosophy, Salvation, Faith, Truth, Judgment, and Spiritual Warfare.


She has dedicated her life to studying and teaching Judeo-Christian spiritual principles, and continues to focus daily on studying, teaching and writing. In February of 2016, she joined other LEM and CCK teachers to dedicate a new LEM/CCK Building in Gray Court, South Carolina.


She is also a philanthropic individual who supports numerous charitable organizations, including Feed the Children, Judicial Watch, World Vision, Lighthouse Mission, and The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. She also helps local groups such as the Terryville Fire Department. In her spare time, Pastor Vitale enjoys watching movies, attending plays and partaking of cuisines from different cultures. An avid traveler, she has visited numerous countries in Europe and Africa as well as many cities in the United States.

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