Curse of the Concubine

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Curse Of The Concubine



Sheila R. Vitale leads Living Epistles Ministries and is a noted Christian pastor and author who has developed alternate translations of select verses of the Old Testament. Born a Jew of secular parents, Sheila R. Vitale was touched by God as a child following a chronic illness that came close to killing her. Today, she also leads Christ-Centered Kabbalah and focuses on approaches to the Bible that incorporate the principles of Kabbalah, an ancient Jewish tradition.


She presents numerous writings at, including “The Curse of the Concubine,” which presents her interpretation of a nightmarish dream. Pastor Vitale was surprised to learn from the book of Daniel that God sometimes communicates in ways that generate a sense of horror to the natural man. The nightmare she experienced happened after she read the account of Gideon in the Book of Judges in the King James Bible.


Tested by God, Gideon’s faith stays strong and he becomes a judge of Israel who raises an army, battles the Midianites, and creates peace where there was previously oppression. At the same time he has 70 legal sons through multiple wives and at least one illegitimate son through a concubine. The Scripture talks of the envy that this illegitimate son, Abimelech, experiences toward the power and respect of his righteous brothers, and of the good fortune enjoyed by Israel.


Abimelech leads the men of Shechem to slay all of Gidgeon’s legitimate sons but one. This one righteous son calls down a curse upon Abimelech and the men of Shechem for their evil deeds. Pastor Vitale goes on to explore her nightmare as it relates to this passage of Scripture. She interprets this vision in part as relating to a great schism that will appear within the Arab world, leading to military conflict and bloodshed, and ultimately to their conversion to Christianity.

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