969 - Part 1

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     Good morning, brethren. I have an interesting message today. For those of you that were expecting me to continue with "Gog, the Land of Magog," hopefully, we will get back to that on Sunday. I think, basically, the reason I am not preaching it today or to you today is that it is a -- as I told you, it is an extremely difficult translation for me. And I had hoped to translate the whole chapter before I spoke to you again. I like to translate the whole chapter so that I get the whole idea, although the last five verses seem to me to be simple descriptions of the warfare. But I never know what I am going to find, and I just did not have the time to do it.


     In the meantime, the Lord gave me another message. And maybe that was the Lord's intention all along that he wanted another message preached at this time. I think it is a very important message. I am calling it "The Sins of Sodom." And we are looking at a few of the verses at the end of chapter 18 and chapter 19 of the Book of Jasher.


     Now the Book of Jasher is apocrypha. Even though it is mentioned twice in the King James Bible, the Book of Jasher is an e- -- what they call an extra-biblical book. OK. It is a -- and that is -- the Greek word is apocrypha. That word, apocrypha, encompasses many writings that were not included in the Bible. OK.


     So when I first heard about it, I said, well, you know, who was it that decided what would be in and what would not be in? And there are -- the church fathers at that time were highly Catholic, influenced by the Catholic Church. And I do not believe that the Catholic Church is of God. So I read a couple of the apocryphal books, and I saw that I agreed with the men that decided to exclude them. There was a difference. I saw a difference between the anointing on the King James Bible and the apocryphal books.


     The -- a couple of them that I read, like Judith and, I think, Susanna -- I thought that they were -- they all had a moral. They were like a fable, you know, a fable that had a spiritual moral to it. When I took a look at books like the First Book of Adam and Eve and the Book of Jasher, I know that I have talked to you about this from time to time. I have told -- I found them highly mythical. They were -- now Jesus spoke in parables. But when Jesus spoke in parables -- but these books, I found them, like, the whole -- almost the whole book were myths. I could not find -- I had a lot of trouble finding reality in it.


     The Bible, I find reality in. In the letter of the word, I can find a message that can apply to me now. And then there is the parable, and the Scripture says, "And Jesus spoke in a parable." But when I look at the Book of Jasher, for example, or the Book of the First -- the First Book of Adam and Eve, I did not see anybody saying this is a parable. And the whole book seemed to be mythical.


     I know that I had, like, over the years, maybe one or two messages. I remember telling you that I would only read this book if God would show me what the parable was because to read the book, taking the parable at face value, could bring wrong doctrine into your heart. And then I laid it down. I remember what message it was, but it was actually a message that God had given me from one of these books. But that is how it was rare that I saw the truth in the parable and I preached on it. And this was, like, five years ago maybe. And I told you, but I will not preach anymore, OK, on it, unless I have the underlying understanding of what it is.


     The Book of Jasher, I had a big problem with, at the beginning, because I think I did not even -- I did not -- how can I explain this? I did not actually -- I think my understanding is deeper today than it was five years ago. And I really did not see that it was a parable that could possibly have any truth behind it. So it had to be my naivety or the darkness of my mind that -- because our mind is all -- we all have darkness on our mind in the areas where we are not enlightened. That I could not look at it -- and this one parable -- I am going to tell you about this one portion of the Book of Jasher. That I could not look at it and say, well, that is just so -- I could not look at it and say, well, that must have a deep meaning behind it, and I just cannot see it. I looked at it, and I said, that is just so ridiculous. And I put the book down. I even mentioned it to you at one point. It is the account of the death of Cain.


     Now we do not read anything about the death of Cain in the Bible, you know. Or do we? But I think he just -- I should not even say that. I am not even sure. But I know, Cain, he just tapers off. And the line of Cain comes to Lamech, who repents. I do not know that there is any formal death of Cain. At the moment, I cannot recall any formal death of Cain in the Bible.


     But in the Book of Jasher, Cain dies. And this is how the parable goes. It was Lamech. Lamech is the one that repents. OK. Lamech, from the line of Cain, he is the one that repents. He is out in the field with his grandson, and -- I hope I do not have the character wrong, brethren. You just have to forgive me with these details. I am giving you the guts of the story. There was Lamech, who was out there with his grandson. Maybe the grandson was Lamech; I am not sure. But these were relatives. These were two people on the line of Cain, so Lamech and his grandson.


     And we are told that Lamech's eyes were very dim, so that was why his grandson was sent with him to help him. And his grandson looked in the distance and saw what he thought was an animal. And he said to his father, "OK, you can pick up your bow and shoot because the animal is in front of you." Now that does not make any sense at all. Why is someone who can hardly see shooting a bow and arrow? You know, why is he even out in the field that his grandson has to point him and then shoot when you cannot shoot for yourself? But anyway, that is the story.


     And so Lamech shoots, and then the -- what he shot at falls down. And then Lamech and his son go to look at what they killed because they thought it was an animal. But when they look at it, it is Cain. He killed Cain, which is his grandfather or his ancestor. I think it was his grandfather. And he was so upset that he killed his grandfather that he clapped his hands. And when he clapped his hands, his grandson's head got between his hands when he was clapping them, and he killed his grandson. OK.


     And then we read, in the Book of Genesis, in the Scripture that we have, that Lamech repents, saying, "I killed two men." He is repenting to his wives, OK, [?Adah?] and Zillah. And he says, "I killed two men." See?


     So when I first read that, I said, is that not silly? I mean, that is just really silly. So I have to repent of saying that was really silly. What happened is that I am trying to educate myself. I am frustrated with myself at how little I understand about the Bible. Maybe you are -- that is humorous to you, but I am not at all happy with the degree to which I understand the Scripture, the degree to which I have a knowledge of the letter. I am not satisfied with my memory that does not remember names and does not remember details correctly. So that is the 12 o'clock whistle, brethren.


     So I am trying to expand myself. I am reading the Old Testament. I read the New Testament. I read the Old Testament. I read the New Testament. I will read Psalms. I have a -- I started out with a Bible program that said, every day, this is a passage from the Old Testament; this is a passage from the New Testament. I stopped doing that because it put a pressure on me, and it did not always work for me. So I have my own record now: what chapter I am up to in the New Testament and what chapter I am up to in the Old Testament, what chapter I am up to in Psalms, what chapter I am up to in the Book of Jasher. And I am also reading the apocryphal Book of Esdras, what chapter I am up to in that.


     And as the Lord leads me, I do not do everything every day. I do not do a passage from the Old Testament, a passage from the New Testament, a passage from Psalms. I do not do that every day. As the Lord leads me, lays a book on my heart, I check my record; I see what chapter I am up to, and that is where I start reading. And that is working well for me.


     So last week, I felt that I wanted to read in the Book of Jasher, and I had not read in the Book of Jasher for a while. See, this way, when I -- now the Lord is not restricted by that schedule. He can move in my life and direct me to read what he wants me to read because he has a message for you all. And the message that he has for you all right now is coming -- today, it is coming out of the Book of Jasher. The example that God wants me to use to teach you the message he has for you today is coming out of the Book of Jasher. But I did not know that. I just felt led to read the Book of Jasher.


     So I picked up the Book of Jasher, and I am up to chapter 17. And I am reading chapter 17 and chapter 18, and I see that it is talking about Sodom. OK. That is the Hebrew pronunciation for Sodom. And I looked at it.


     And I have heard things in the s- -- you know I belong to the synagogue, and I am around Jewish people that have a particular mindset, a particular scriptural mindset, a way of looking at things that is different than the way the church looks at it. And it is good to have the mindset of other people; it is good to look at things from different directions.


     And I remembered. I said, oh, that is where they got this from, because the Jewish people that I know, these black hat Jews, they will not tell you that the main sin of Sodom was homosexuality. That is what the church tells you, that the main sin was homosexuality. And they do not even mention homosexuality. They say -- well, what I heard was, the people of Sodom, they were very stingy. OK. That was their understanding. But that understanding came from the Book of Jasher. It did not come from Genesis in the Bible. OK.


     So I am looking, and I am saying, oh, that is where they got that, thinking from -- is this not interesting? And I read through the end of chapter 19, which is what I have for you today. And I said, is this not interesting? And I see it as an analysis of evil.


     So it is not only -- it is an analysis of evil, but it is more than that. It is really another vindication of God's name because God -- to say that Jehovah destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality alone is lying about him. To say that he destroyed two nations because -- what do we -- what is the church saying? Were all the men homosexual? Were all the women homosexual? That, for that sin, being such a greater sin than adultery and fornication and theft and -- for that sin, homosexuality, Jehovah destroyed these nations to the point that nothing has been built there ever since he wiped it out for all time? That is giving power to one sin over -- to one behavioral sin over another behavioral sin.


     So, brethren, we see this in the country today in the Judge Kavanaugh fiasco. We see senators who -- one senator in particular who lied for -- he lied for 10 years until he was caught, saying that he was a war hero, and it turns out he was not even at war. He was not even in Vietnam. And he is raking Judge Kavanaugh over the coals, accusing him of -- telling him he has to tell the truth.


     Bizarre hypocrisy that we are seeing in America today, I found in the Book of Jasher. I found an account of Sodom that deals not only with behavior but with the motives, the underlying corruption behind the behavior that was spread through the whole city of Sodom, except for a few, and the conflict of the thinking and the behavior between those two groups of people.


     So I was really very -- I love this kind of analysis because -- so I was so happy about it as I prepared it to discuss it with you. And I do not know how this is going to go. We have not done it in a long time, but I would like audience participation, both from the people on the internet and here. As we go through these Scriptures, I am going to give you an opportunity to recognize and participate by stating your understanding of how -- of the manipulation of the wrong thinking that was present in their mind.


     But then there was another side effect that I had to it. I really realized the benefit of the Book of Jasher, which I did not realize when -- five years ago, when I did have a small under- -- or just a small understanding that I preached one message on it. And I told you I was putting the book away after that. OK. This time, I have an understanding of the value of the message, but I went further, or the Lord went further. And now I understand that the apocrypha -- they are a different kind of book. They are a different kind of spiritual book that goes deeply into the motives and the righteous and unrighteous and the corrupt.


     You see, even unrighteous does not give us the understanding that we need. The corruption in -- the corruption of the mind and the corruption of the motives that is present in humanity. Now of course we want to cut off the ungodly behavior, but it will just come up again if we do not deal with the corruption on the spiritual level.


     And that -- you have to dig very deep for that in the Bible. You have to go into the Alternate Translation to find that in the Bible. But here it is in the Book of Jasher, very close to the surface, much closer to the surface than it is in the Bible. So I think it is an -- these books are advanced books. They are books for people who have developed the mind of Christ because you cannot understand these parables without the mind of Christ. So the apocryphal books, and in particular, the Book of Jasher, I am finding, is a book for the older Sons, for the mature Sons.


     Now that is not setting a division between one group here and one group there. But there is a division; it is a reality: those of us that have the mind of Christ and those of us that do not, those of us that can understand what I am going to be showing you and those of us who cannot. I do not set the barrier. I do not say you are [?weak?] and you are [UNINTELLIGIBLE] or any such thing. But God sets the barrier, OK, by whether or not he has developed in you the mind of Christ and to what degree the mind of Christ is developed in you. But nothing is -- nobody is locked out. Full advancement to the -- infinite advancement is available to all of us, as far as we can go, based upon our -- well, the qualities that we are born with, the intelligence that we are born with, the drive that we have to learn and overcome.


     And then at some point, for those of us -- and there is no condemnation in any of this, brethren. But for those of us that do -- I have a very strong drive. You know, I have an unusual ministry. If -- I think I would be terribly unhappy if God ever gave me a traditional church with a congregation of everyday people, with births and deaths and funerals and weddings and baptisms and -- I would be very unhappy because that is all carnal. I need to be spending hours and days of my life studying and having spiritual experiences that I share with you, the older Sons that are moving on in God towards maturity.


     So we are not a typical ministry, and I hope we never will be, unless the Lord wants to raise up an arm for average people and then put another pastor over them, but not me. I would be very unhappy, and that is what -- part of what makes me -- that is part of my apostleship calling. See, I am not called to do that, although I have done it for people, for the small group here. But my call is to lead the spiritual life, which includes my deep studies, and train you up to mature spiritually. That is the call in my life.


     So I am just briefly -- how -- I not only have an interesting insight into the account of Sodom here, but the Lord has touched me. I had to repent about really turning the book off after I read that account of Cain's death. I said -- thought it was so silly. So I do repent of that. I really am hoping for the Lord to give me the -- to unlock the message of that parable. But I have started to look at it with a different eye, now that I understand this. Now I am really looking for what the true message is there.


     What is the true message? First of all, Lamech and his son thought that Cain was an animal. Why in the world would they think that he was an animal, other than Cain had become human and he was in an animal body? But Lamech and his grandson were not. OK. How could that happen? Well, Cain was the eldest, so he deteriorated into a human flesh before they did, even though their generation came later. Well, that does not make any sense, Sheila. Well, it is not supposed to make sense. The message is: Cain became an animal. Cain looked like an animal. And he died from a bow shot, from an arrow that would have killed an animal. OK.


     And that Lamech was almost blind. He was blind to the reality of what happened to Cain, and Cain could not have been one person, you know. Eventually, Lamech -- as a result of that, Lamech repented. So he was blind to the sins of Cain. And then he was so upset that he killed him that he clapped his hands and he killed his grandson. Well, there is a song that says "clap your hands." Well, the hands typify the mind. So what does that mean? He clapped two hands together. I do not know what that means, but it might mean the union of the two Adams. And why did that kill his grandson? Well, maybe his grandson was one of the Adams. And he clapped his hands together, and there was only one Adam. I do not know. But there is a -- I no longer am saying, how silly. And I really would like to know the truth behind that parable. And when the Lord tells me, I will share it with you.


     So I now have a whole new thought towards the Book of Jasher. I am reading it differently. It is a different -- it should not be in the Bible. It should be extra-biblical. It is a whole different spirit on it for a whole different group of people. OK. The Bible is for everybody, and that is why it can be understood on four different levels. This Bible, this book, the apocrypha, is -- are not -- the apocrypha is not for everybody. And if you understand it on the surface level, you will get false doctrine. OK.


     So our message today is "The Sins of Sodom." And we are going to do a deep spiritual and psychological and motivational analysis of the sins of Sodom. And of course, everything is not spelled out. Homosexuality is not even mentioned. What is mentioned is cruelty, insensitivity towards other human beings and the corrupt mind. It is -- we see the demonstration of the corrupt mind that happened to Cain, who became an animal. So we see the corruption present in the animal mind. And we see how it affects both citizens and strangers when that corruption takes over the government and, in particular, in these accounts, the judges that had the power. They had the spiritual -- had the authority to do right but agreed with the wrong person because the mind of the judge was corrupt.


     So when we see is corruption seeps into the whole culture. We see that people with a right or a righteous mind are not safe in that culture. You see? It is really timely because it is happening today. I have been watching this for years. And here it is in the Book of Jasher, all these years ago that it was written. But even more so, what we find in this parable of the sins of Sodom is the progression that leads to judgment. We see evil appearing in men, in their own society. Then we see evil appearing in the government, you know. Then we see God sending a man to bring judgment, a man to tell you that is wrong and even to punch the guy.


     And that is what happened in World War I, in World War II, in whatever righteous wars that we did fight. OK. It was -- God sent a man to stop what was going on in Germany. God sent a man, the collective Christian world, to stop Hitler, who was a pagan. And then after that, we see that does not straighten out the nation. God sends out divine judgment. It is a judgment by angels, and then -- and that is destruction to the whole town or country.


     And then even after that, the people that are delivered from the divine judgment, we see an example of the danger that they are in of being destroyed. What is the right word? Of be- -- after the destruction, they -- those that escape from the destruction can still be destroyed. We saw that with Noah. He escaped from the destruction, and then he was destroyed when Satan rose up and overtook the -- or when the se- -- first Adam rose up and overtook the righteous mind of the second Adam.


     So we are always in danger, but we are supposed to rest in Christ and trust in him as we do our best to live righteously according to what he is teaching us. And that is a hard balance to find because we do not want to walk around being afraid or frightened of being punished by God. OK. God punishes evil, brethren, true evil. And this is what many of the people in this country and in the world today cannot recognize. There is a true evil. We have become complacent.


     The -- that is -- again, I speak about America; that is what I know. But I think it is true of Britain and Europe too and maybe Africa too. I do not know, you know. We have become complacent. Well, in Africa, you have had some really hard times. Here in America, we are just really spoiled. We have lived through two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam. We have lived through all of these wars or police actions, whatever they call them, and nothing has happened here. Life just goes on in this country. We have enough food to eat; we have a roof over our head; we have air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter. We are -- we cannot believe anything really bad could have happened to us, and that is a dangerous place to be.


     So you have to have a godly fear. We need to have a godly fear, which is a knowledge that bad things can happen to us. War can come to this nation. We can step off the curb and be hit by a car. But even more so, if your thinking is right, we can be slain with cancer, slain with a heart attack. But we are so mind-controlled that we think that disease is normal. So we never think of it in terms of God slaying us. And therefore, the country, the population, the society does not repent, and they do not change their ways.


     So what we think, and the way we think, is very, very important. Being in church is very important. Hearing messages like this on a regular basis is very important. What do you do if your pastor does not preach? You need to cry out to God, and he -- until he directs you to the place where you will be fed because you will -- even if your body is alive, you will die from the spiritual famine. OK.


     So let us take a look at this very interesting message. I gave you some Scripture references. We are starting at -- in verse 11 of chapter 18 of the Book of Jasher. But I gave you a Scripture to start with, Genesis 13:10: "And Lot lifted up his eyes and beheld all the plain of Jordan, that it was well-watered everywhere, before the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, even as the garden of the Lord, like the land of Egypt, as you comest unto Zoar." So Sodom and Gomorrah, and Egypt, by the way, were so prosperous, at this time in history, that the Scripture likens them or Moses likens them to the Garden of Eden.


     Now there is a strong parallel to the western world today, especially to America. We are very well-watered, brethren. And there is an evil spirit that has entered into our nation, has entered into our society, and it has progressed. It has burrowed. It is like a worm; it has burrowed its way into our government. See? It is very far gone. The place that we are up to now is that God has sent the society, the help that we need for man to overthrow this evil, and that is what we are up to right now. That is what we are up to right now. God sent Donald Trump. God raised up the military alliance and all of the people with the power to do it that drafted Donald Trump. You know.


     But we, the people, elected him. Nobody is a child sitting here that is being saved. Everybody has something to do. Our responsibility is to know the truth. Our responsibility is to vote. Our responsibility is to be mentally and emotionally involved with the emotions of God, recognizing righteousness and casting down on righteousness, recognizing it everywhere, recognizing it in yourself, recognizing it in the relationships that you have with other people, recognizing it in the other people and learning how to deal with it without sinning yourself, recognizing it in your government, recognizing it in the newspapers, recognizing it everywhere. You cannot do that without the mind of Christ, brethren.




     Now it is possible there is a righteousness that is in the carnal mind, that people will see things on the surface. But we are called to go even deeper. People -- carnal Christians, OK, people that still have a healthy mind, should be able to recognize corruption. The problem is that there is a seduction, a slow-moving seduction which corrupts the mind. So one year, you have someone that can recognize immorality, moral corruption. And then the next year or the next day, they can no longer do it.


     So you are only responsible for yourself, brethren. You cannot rely on anyone. You can listen; you can learn from me, but you are responsible for yourself. You are responsible to pray, to listen to everything that you hear. I am all over the internet. I listen to many different voices. You try the spirit on every voice, and you trust that moral conviction, Christ Jesus in the midst of you, the Spirit of truth, the one who tells you, yes, that is true, or no, that is not true. And if he is not speaking to you, you need to stand neutral or hold your own and be willing to change at any moment.


     Brethren, this message is timely for this country. And by and large, the media, the reporters, their mind is corrupted. Their mind -- I have -- there is a corrupt mind in the media. With this latest incident with Judge Kavanaugh, I -- the questions that they ask -- it is really hard to stay calm, but I am doing better at it.


     Well, did you not hear President Trump say that Dr. Ford was credible? And now he is calling her a liar. Why did he change? Well, you silly people, the information changed. Additional information was added. President Trump, he listened to this one; he listened to that one. And we are supposed to be influenced. If you talk, give me your opinion, I am supposed to say, oh, I am going to take that part of what you said, and it is supposed to change us. And you want to nail him because he said she was credible and then he found out that she was a liar? So he has to keep on believing that she was credible, even though all of the facts say that she -- now say that she is a liar? Your mind is corrupt. Your thinking is corrupt. And the corruption means that you are under the influence of evil angels because it is evil angels that corrupt your mind.


     So here we go: Sodom and America. Jesus was crucified in Sodom and Egypt. Sodom and America -- well, I guess, to the garden of Eden.


     Chapter 18: My first topic is the moral corruption of the people. Subcategory: longevity. "In those days" -- and this is the most nebulous, nonspecific verse of the whole study today. "In those days, all of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah and of the whole five cities were greatly wicked and sinful against the Lord." Now this is a very spiritual message. The five cities is talking about the five Sefirot of Malchut through Gevurah. Chesed, which would be the sixth one, is attached to the upper triad.


     So there are people whose personality, whose character, whose consciousness, is operating on a level that can be associated with the first Sefirah. And that there are categories of people that -- you cannot see them when they walk down the street, but their mind, their conscience, the way they think, is associated with one of the five Sefirot.


     And that is true in our culture today. People think on different levels. You have to know who you are talking to. You have to evaluate the people you are talking to. You need to know what you can say to them, what you cannot say to them. Fights arise because two people that are trying to have a conversation do not realize that each of -- or at least one of them does not realize that the other person is in another spiritual world, speaking another spiritual language, that their mind is traveling on a track that is not reasonable.


     Our mind -- we are supposed to be open to influence. We are supposed to decide who we will let influence us and who we will not let influence us and what will influence us and what will change us and what will change our opinion. We are sup- -- you are supposed to change your opinion.


     So you condemn President Trump because he was pro-abortion, and now he is not? And now he is anti-abortion, and you think that he is just a liar? No. What happened to you? Well, I saw -- I had a friend that chose not to abort, and I saw what a beautiful child grew up out of that fetus that they were about to murder, and I realized that that is really wrong. Oh, you are just a liar. We cannot believe what you say. Why? He grew. He matured. He understood more about life in that particular area, and he changed.


     If you do not change, you are going to break. You have to change, brethren. The world is changing rapidly. If you do not change, you will break. You need to adjust. Now that does not mean that you do what the world tells you to do. But you need to change. How? You need to educate yourself so that you can deal with the evil that is in everyday society today. What evil is in everyday society? Wrong, corrupt thinking and manipulation and dishonesty in communication. You have to learn to deal with it in a manner that is not sin for you, or it will destroy you.


     I call this subtopic longevity. "In those days, all of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah and of the whole five cities were greatly wicked and sinful against the Lord." Brethren, we are talking about the 666 of the beast, except only -- we are only up to five Sefirot. The sixth one has not corrupted yet. Either it has not corrupted, or it is not there.


     Remember, what happens on the righteous side is happening on the unrighteous side and vice versa. So humanity -- we were spiritually producing offspring. And we are spiritually producing up to six Sefirot, six categories of attributes of mind. And when we produce the sixth Sefirah, or when we produce the sixth spiritual vehicle, the sixth aspect of mind, which is spirituality -- when we produce that sixth aspect of mind, which is spirituality, there is a higher spiritual force that wants to come down and join with our newly developed spirituality.


     Well, in the case of the church, it is the Lord Jesus Christ that wants to deal with Christ in us, our developing spirituality and righteousness. But there are people in this world who are spiritual, who have developed up to five Sefirot already, and now they are working deliberately to develop that sixth potential within them, and it is not the Lord Jesus Christ coming down to deal with it; it is the serpent coming down to deal with it. So these people are only up to the fifth Sefirah.


     Now you need to understand, brethren, that the Lord will not let the sixth Sefirah develop. He will wipe out the whole planet, if need be, before he will let the sixth Sefirah develop and Satan -- I am sorry -- and the serpent join with that sixth Sefirah to bring total and permanent evil into this world. He will do what he did to Sodom and Gomorrah first. This is a very serious message. You need to understand. We need to understand the message here. The Lord is very longsuffering, but he will not let the serpent join with humanity permanently. He will not allow it. He will kill us all first. And of course, our soul continues to live. He will wipe out the vessels. We are the vessels. He will not let that happen to us. He will not let us be victimized to that degree. That is the message of Sodom. You cannot do that to the people.


     I just had an interesting thought about Cain being an animal, you know, because I am not really sure where the human race came from. I know that we are the vessels and that Adam dwells in us and that God dwells in Adam. I know that. I know that Adam is supposed to be marrying human vessels. I know that. But I did not -- I have not preached anything about where the human race came from.


     But the thought just occurred to me: If Cain was an animal, if Cain had deteriorated to humanity like we are today, so that the beings, Lamech being one of them, that had not yet degenerated to a human form, if you can hear this, OK, that if the aspects of the creation that had not yet -- now remember, there are people growing out of each of the five Sefirot. We look the same, but we are not the same. OK. So if there were a people, a particular category of beings on the earth at the time, typified by lightning, OK, that did not recognize another category of human beings that had degenerated to the point that they took on human flesh -- do you understand what I just said?


     I am going to say it again. Let us just say -- let us say that humanity -- that where we came from is that -- Lord, help me to get this -- these words out of my mouth. Adam is deteriorating. There was an accident in the creation, and he is dying slowly, just like you. If you have seen someone die -- I am sorry if I am being insensitive, if you have seen one of your relatives die, but this is the example. Have you ever watched somebody die? They get smaller. Their skin shrinks. Sometimes they shrivel up, you know. They get into themselves sometime. They get weaker and weaker and weaker, but not even -- weaker is not the issue. They get smaller, and everything, like, shrinks in. OK.


     So you compare someone ready to die to an infant. If someone tells you, you would not know they are the same race. You would not know that. If you came from Mars, you would not know that. You would not even know if a healthy adult was of the same race as an infant. You would not even know that. But certainly, somebody that is dying, you would not know that they are related to each other.


     So I am telling you that there are five strains of Adam because Adam was a many- -- is a many-membered man. He -- and when he died, his limbs fell off, and there were many particles of him. And then these particles can be recognized in five different categories, associated with the five Sefirot, with the five ascending levels of spirituality.


     So the lowest, the beings that were associated with the Malchut, the lowest Sefirah, they were deter- -- let us say they were deteriorating faster. And they deteriorated into human bodies, while those that were asso- -- those mem- -- those limbs of Adam that were associated with Gevurah or Tiferet, OK, that were higher than that -- they were not deteriorating as rapidly, and they remained spiritual beings. OK.


     And then one day, they went out into the field, and they saw someone that was from Malchut, who had already become an ea- -- a totally earthen vessel because of rapid deterioration. And he looked so different that they could not recognize that he was a limb of Adam that had deteriorated so much more rapidly than they did. And maybe that is where the vessels came from. That is where the earthen vessels came from. Does that make any sense to you?


          Yeah. Yeah.


     It is just a thought, you know. Anyway, we were talking about Sodom. This is turning into a very interesting message. So where was I? See, brethren, this is my whole life. I start out; I tell Susan I am going to review this Alternate Translation. I will have it for you in an hour. And three days later, she still does not get it because this is my whole life. This is what happens to me. You know, I get this revelation. I have to write it down. I have to do this; I have to do that, and the whole day is gone. It is a wonderful life. I love it.


     OK, so let me try again: "In those days, all of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah and of the whole five cities were greatly wicked and sinful against the Lord." So we see that the whole culture already had the five Sefirot of the beast. They were just one Sefirah away because they were about to produce that sixth Sefirah, which, when fully developed, would qualify them to have the serpent come down and join with them and make them immortal, an immortality of evil, of pure evil.


     And Jehovah cut it off once at the Tower of Babel, and he will cut it off again. Only, this time, it is his hope to not have to cut off the human race with it. This time, he has made the provision. He has sent Messiah. He has sent the Lord Jesus Christ. And he intends there to be a different resolution or a different ending this time. He is not going to wipe us out like he wiped out Sodom and Gomorrah. OK. He is just going to wipe out the powers and principalities, but he is not going to wipe out humanity, or at least he is not going to wipe out humanity as a whole.


     So they "were greatly wicked and sinful against the Lord. They provoked the Lord." What is sinful? What is wicked and sinful? Is that homosexuality, wicked and sinful? It is, but homosexuality -- that is, the way that is being condemned in our country and in the world today anyway -- is an activity. It is an activity. The wickedness and the sinfulness that produced it manifests itself in other ways in other people.


     Brethren, the wickedness and the sinfulness is spiritual. It is spiritual corruption. It is spiritual pestilence. And that spiritual corruption has a name. His name is the first Adam, who is Adam of the earth. See, now that is like a witness to what I have just said about Cain. That Cain that was killed was an aspect of the creation that had deteriorated to such a point of being a clay vessel that the other elements of the creation did not recognize him.


     Brethren, do you think people that were -- that existed in the 1800s or even the 1900s, even 1950, 1940 -- do you think people that were alive then would believe what is going on in this country today? Do you think they would believe the immorality that is going on in this country? Do you think they would believe the mindset? You see, it is not even the immorality of the behavior. It is the mindset that says it is OK. What God says is an abomination, this culture says is a good thing. They would not be able -- even able to cope with it. They would think they were having a nightmare.


     So they "were greatly wicked and sinful." We are talking about the development of the beast, brethren, that we read about in the Book of Revelation. And this is what they did. "They provoked the Lord with their abominations." Well, we do not know what those abominations are yet. OK.


     "And they grew worse as they aged abominably." Now that is the only clue in this verse. I believe this whole verse is talking about everything that is going on in the western world today, including putting your soul inside of a robot and including drinking blood of innocent children to ma- -- to extend your life and all of the witchcraft that is -- horrible things that are going on today. It is included in this phrase: "They aged abominably," everything they are doing to extend their lifespan.


     "They provoked the Lord with their abominations." And although I agree that the Scripture says homosexuality is an abomination -- that may be part of it -- but I think this is talking about human sacrifice and bloodletting and torture of children and all the unspeakable things that are going on in the secret, dark places of this country today. And they are -- not just this country. It is across the world.


     "And they provoked the Lord with their abominations, and they grew worse as they aged abominably." As they needed more and more mechanisms to con- -- to extend their age, their methods became more and more abominable. "And they did it scornfully before the Lord, in spite." They threw it right into Jehovah's face. "And their wickedness and their crimes were, in those days, great before the Lord." Now I do not have the interlinear text, so I do not know if that word, Lord, is Jehovah or any other thing. "Their wickedness and their crimes" -- their wickedness is the spiritual evil, and their crimes are what they do.


     Now, brethren, I am not pro-homosexual. I believe that it is a sin. But that seems to be what is coming out today. OK. The wickedness is what you do to someone other than yourself. Now if you have de- -- if you corrupt the body that God gave you, your sin is against God. Or how you treat other people is wickedness. And it comes from the wickedness within you, and then actually what you do is the crime. So we are talking about spiritual crimes and behavioral crimes. And the spiritual crime is called wickedness. And to put the whole onus on homosexuality alone, or to put 90 percent of the onus on homosexuality, is completely corrupted thinking.


     Brethren, to condemn Chris- -- to condemn homosexuality and to celebrate Christmas and Easter, do you want to know who you are? Do you want to know who you are? If you are standing up and condemning Christia- -- homosexuality and celebrating Christmas and Easter, do you want to know who you are? You are Senator Blumenthal, who lied for 10 years, until he was caught, about being a hero, a military hero. You are a hypocrite. You are a hypocrite because that is an abomination to the Lord that you should celebrate the pagan holidays of Christmas and Easter and all of the other things that you do.


     So that first verse, verse 11, is very nebulous. If you do not know what it is talking about, it is not written out. You know, and that is the whole principle behind Kabbalah. There is so much of it that, if you do not already have the knowledge in your heart, you will never understand the -- not only Kabbalah. Well, it is that Kabbalistic mind, which is the mind of the second Adam, which is the Christ Jesus, the mind of Christ -- if you do not have it, whether you are reading the Bible or you are reading the apocrypha, you will never understand it. Even if it is -- even if the words spell it out, you will still never understand it because the spiritual reality can never really be captured in words.


     So the next category is sexual corruption. Now, brethren, we are going down the rabbit hole. We are taking a look at Sodom, and we are going down the rabbit hole. So we are given an introductory paragraph that they were very wicked and their crimes were great. But we are not told, really, what they are, other than that it has something to do with aging. And now we are going to take a look at more specific crimes, although not all of them.


     Sexual corruption: "They had, in their hand -- in their land, a very extensive valley, about half a day's walk." And I am reminding you here that spiritual time -- remember, we went through this with Gilgamesh. OK. This is talking about spiritual time. "They had, in their land, a very extensive valley" -- a spiritual dimension -- "about half a day's walk. And in it, there were" -- in this spiritual dimension, you can call it, one of the Sefirot, in something that emerged, a particular event that emerged as a result of a particular way of thinking. "And in it" -- in this valley or in this Sefirah or in this activity that emerged out of this particular mindset -- "there was a fountain of water" -- they had spiritual power -- "and a great deal of herbage." What is herbage? It is something that grows out of soil and water. They had spiritual offspring surrounding the water, OK, spiritual offspring.


     "And the people of Sodom and Gomorrah went there four times a year." There were four festivals. I just really offhand do not know. I think there were just -- there are just three Hebrew festivals, but I am not sure about that. But there were four festivals a year. Well, the thought that occurred to me was the four Sefirot of the middle column, but I am just guessing over there. And four times a year, this is what they did.


     "They went with their wives and their children." And I am suggesting to you that the wives are the human vessel; Adam is the angel within, and the children are the spiritual offspring. "They went with their wives." We are talking about angels here. OK. "They went with their wives and their children and all belonging to them." So we are talking about spiritual angels that are controlling the human race. "They went with the wives" -- OK, the humans that they were married to -- "their children" -- their spiritual offspring. They went to their -- with their acolytes, those that worshiped them, those that studied with them. "All that belonged to them" -- everyone that they could control and all that belonged to these angels.


     "And they rejoiced there with timbrels and dances." Sounds like church to me. Sounds like the evil spirit entering into the churches. "And in the time of rejoicing, they would all rise and lay hold of their neighbors' wives, and some the virgin daughters of their neighbors, and they enjoyed them." So in the midst of all this singing and rejoicing and everything looking all wonderful and happy, you might say, the people in church, they would leave church, and they would go out and commit adultery, fornicate, sell their children, incest. There is all -- brethren, there is sin in the church. People singing and dancing -- well, we do not even have that. It is really hard to find that today, people singing and dancing.


     There is sin in the church. That is what it is saying. Everything looked really good. If you came from -- down from Mars and you took a look, wow, look at those people. Do they not look happy? Look at what they are doing. And then you look in the hole in the wall that Jehovah took Ezekiel to. He said, "Look through the hole in the wall, and look at these abominations that my people, Israel, are doing."


     So, brethren, you cannot make your judgments based upon surface impressions. If you want to be a Son of God, if you want to be a mature Christian in Christ Jesus, you cannot believe what your eyes see or what your ears hear. OK. You have got to listen to the -- you have to see the facts, and your decisions need to line up with the convic- -- with the moral conviction of Christ Jesus in the midst of you. You cannot be manipulated by tears or crying or any kind of emotionalism. Now that does not mean that you do not have compassion, but you cannot be manipulated, and especially when you find out that someone is using tears to manipulate you.


     Now I thought this was very interesting because this gives me an insight as to Lot. When Lot said to the crowd that was banging on his door -- saying, "We want those men. Send them out to us." And it is shocking for someone in our culture today to read Lot say, "Well, leave these men alone. Take my virgin daughters." That is shocking. But now, according to this enlightenment in the Book of Jasher, we are told that that was common to give your virgin daughters.


     It -- brethren, does that sound strange to you? Well, I have been struggling with that all these years, and now that I understand, it does not sound strange to me. I do understand that, in these times, people were actually giving their babies to be burnt alive for Moloch. I mean, to me, that is mind-boggling. You give your baby to be burnt by Moloch?


     And then, not too long ago, I saw a documentary on what is going on in India with -- in a certain outlying village, anyway, where there is no birth control and families have 10 and 15 children. And they just sell their daughters into prostitution at 12 years old. And I saw a movie about that, where the same thing was happening in China. They could not feed the whole family, so they just sold the girl into prostitution. What? Yeah.


     There are different cultures. There were different cultures. Brethren, people are doing it today. There are people selling their babies today, only it is a crime in this country to do that. I think it is a crime in the whole western world. I do not know about Africa or India anymore. People sell their children. People raise their children and prostitute them. There is something wrong with their mind, but they are doing it.


     So if that is true today, and that was true then with Moloch, why are we so shocked that Lot would say, "Here, take my two daughters"? And this is what the Lord is saying to me. I have been shocked for years that Lot would say that, trying to figure is what the secret meaning is that he really did not do that. But maybe he really did do it. Maybe Lot was corrupted. Well, we know that Lot separated from Abraham because of sin. He was striving with Abraham; he was in competition with Abraham. And his competition reached a point that the Lord separated them. So maybe Lot thought it was OK to offer his virgin daughters.


     Brethren, there are cultures today. And the last I heard, in Iceland, is it is still happening today. I do not know, but at least at one time, maybe not the -- maybe not everybody, but the custom, the Icelandic custom, was, if you were visiting for the night, you -- they would give you a place to sleep and food to eat, and the man would give you his wife to sleep with. What? That was their custom. They did not see anything wrong with it.


     So why would I be shocked, for all these years, that Lot would say, "Take my two daughters"? It just never occurred to me that it was the custom of the city. OK. And I still do not believe that the men clamoring at Lot's door wanted -- those men, which were actually angels for homosexual purposes. I do not think that was what they wanted from them. I think that -- well, I am not going to get into that right now. Let us see what happens with the rest of this message.


     So they were in church. They were -- they had timbrels and dancing. They were in church. They had festivals. We have festivals. Well, at least in Pentecost, it was a festival every time you went into church, with an hour of music and singing. And I had a tambourine; I banged my tambourine. You know, so it was three times a week I was in a festival.


     And I remember I actually heard the pastor say from the pulpit one day -- he did not mention them by name, but he said he was shocked to hear that, people that were there singing and dancing and enjoying church, that they would leave and get in their car and the man and wife would be cursing each other. They would be fighting to the degree that they would be using very foul language against each other. So somebody reported that to him, and he mentioned it from the pulpit. Well, that is exactly what this is talking about.


     "And in the time of rejoicing, they would all rise and lay hold of their neighbors' wives, and some the virgin daughters of their neighbors, and they enjoyed them. Each man saw his wife and daughter in the hands of his neighbor and did not say a word."


     Verse 15: "And they did so from morning to night. Afterward, they returned home, each man to his house." And I think that is very significant. "They returned home, each man" -- meaning the angel -- "to his house" -- the human person. So we can take this on two levels. We can say this is talking about human beings, or we can say the angels were switching off who they were having an experience with.


     Brethren, every time an idea comes into your mind that is ungodly, and you do it, you have experienced fornication with an angel. When I just got that revelation about Cain being an animal, that whole revelation that I just gave you, I just had spiritual intercourse with the Lord Jesus Christ. I did not think of that myself. Every thought that comes into our mind is an act of spiritual intercourse with an angel that either dwells in the midst of us or has a relationship with us on some level.


     So we see the church and the population in general are not at all prepared for learning the truth that will deliver us from hell. Now, in the middle ages, people would have believed this. But the population has been so mind-controlled that now we are too civilized and intelligent and educated to believe these things. But it is all true, see?


     Humanity has interactions with angels all the time. Some are the angels of God, and some are evil angels. But we, humanity, we are a part; we are an element of a multilayered creation, and there are angels inside of us that manifest as our mind. There are, and we -- there are angels inside of us, angels outside of us, and continuous intercourse going on.


     You know, the first time I heard that -- I see this is not going to be a one-time -- I thought it was going to be a one-time message. OK. The first time I heard that, where did I read that? I read that in a Kabbalistic book that was talking about -- although they were not using my terms, but I say spiritual sexual intercourse. And they were saying that, when a man lies with his wife, that there is intercourse on every level, that the humans have intercourse, that angels have intercourse, that every aspect of creation is having intercourse. And at the time, I could not understand that. I mean, I could -- what do you mean, the angels are having intercourse? You know.


     And now, as I am preaching, I receive the understanding. The Lord Jesus has intercourse with Christ Jesus in me. OK. Now I am not married, so I do not have physical intercourse. But those of you that are married, your whole -- all of you has intercourse. The man and his wife have physical intercourse. The angels in the midst of you have an interaction. And any angels outside of yourself, that the angels in the midst of you have a relationship with, engage in that interaction. It is a multilayered interaction that produces spiritual offspring in your mind and in your heart and in your soul, hopefully positive spiritual offspring. We are a multilayered congregation, a multilayered creation. I do not know why I said congregation -- creation. So that is what this is talking about.


     "And each man" -- Adam, each Adam -- "returned to his own house." So we see here that the angels -- and I do not believe these are the angels of God; these are the evil angels -- are having interactions with whatever human they want to. So every time an evil thought comes to me, it does not have to be from the angel in the midst of me. It could be from your angel or your angel.


     And have I not warned you about that? When thoughts come into your mind, you have to ask where they are coming from. Is it coming from God? Is it coming from the first Adam in me? Is it coming from your mind, or is coming from your mind? Is it coming from your angel, or is it coming from your angel? The more psychic you become, the more spiritual you become, the more you hear the thoughts of other people. And maybe the thought in their mind is an unholy thought, but it penetrates into your mind, trying to seduce you and your angel.


     Brethren, this is no simple thing. Our existence is not simple. Nevertheless, the Lord says he has come to save us. And that salvation from this mess is hell. And salvation from this mess, which is hell, is possible. What is this mess? It is the material creation that came into existence prematurely from the union of the snake and the man rather than the whole Elohim and the man. That is what this mess is. The material creation was born prematurely. That is what this mess is.


     Now we are starting to see the sins. So what we just talked about was sins between people and sins between angels and people. OK. Now we are talking about the sins of the citizens of Sodom and strangers that come into their town.


     Verse 16: "Also, when a stranger came into their cities and brought goods, which he had purchased with a view to dispose of there" -- he wanted to sell something -- "the people of these cities would assemble" -- they gathered together -- "men and women, young and old, and go to the stranger and steal his goods" -- take his goods by force -- "giving a little to each man until there was an end to all the goods of the owner, which he had brought into the land."


     Now, brethren, this could manifest in so many different ways. This could be that they outright stole it from him. This could mean that they seduced him to give it up. OK. It could mean many different things. And they each took a little piece of it. This could be talking about his mind. Maybe this was an evangelist that came into the town, seeking to dispose of his goods. He wanted to share the good news of Christ. And all of these people, men, women and children, they all laughed at him and mocked him. Or not even that -- they talked to him and talked him out of it and gave him corrupted doctrine and convinced him that he was wrong, until there was nothing left of him. He was overtaken by the people of the town.


     "And if the owner of the goods quarreled with them, saying, 'What is this work which you have done to me?'" Maybe he woke up one morning, and he said, wow, I have been corrupted. We read about clergymen being corrupted, especially sexually corrupted, all the time. So he woke up in bed with a beautiful woman one morning, and he said, how did this happen to me? Or how did I ever stop believing in judgment? How did I ever come up with this crazy belief of the rapture? That God is going to -- we are going to escape from righteous judgment; we are going to -- that we are so perfect that we are not going to have to face any judgment? How did this happen to me? How did you steal my integrity? How did you steal my truth? How did you do it?


     "They would approach him, one by one" -- all of the people that lied to him, all the people that seduced him, all the people that influenced him against what God wanted him to do. And, brethren, this is a major principle in the Scripture about being seduced away from God, from what God tells us to do. Do you know how many people have witnessed to this message in their heart? And then they talk to their son or their daughter or their husband or their wife or their pastor or somebody that tells them that it is wrong, and they go away.


     "Then they would approach him, one by one, and each would show him the little which he took." Everyone takes a little bit of your integrity away, a little seduction. Do that --oh, it is -- you could do that; it is OK. It is just one. You could it. It is just one time you can do it. It is just one. Just one time, it is OK. "And they each would show him the little which they took, and they would taunt him, saying, 'I only took that little which you gave me.'" You gave it to me. I did not force you to give it to me. It was just my opinion. I -- what is wrong with me giving you my opinion? I never intended to hurt you, and it was just one time that I did it. Seduction little by little by little by little.


     And the doctrine in the church is completely turned upside-down. Brethren, it used to be a crime to celebrate Christmas in this nation. It was a crime. Homosexuality was a crime. Little by little by little by little.


     "When he heard this from them all, he would arise and go from them in sorrow and bitterness of soul. He was corrupted." See? He was corrupted. "And he would leave them in sorrow and bitterness of soul." This may be the account of Adam. This may be a parable on the account of Adam himself. You think the fall was a one-minute thing, that the snake spoke to him and -- spoke to the woman, which was actually Adam, and that he made one decision, and he was overthrown? No. The overthrow of Adam was a seduction, a slow, little by little by little seduction, just like you and me in one of the areas we have been seduced. I have been seduced; I have had to repent. I thought it was God, but I was fooled. It was not God. I was deceived.


     "Then they would all arise and go after him." See, after they corrupted him, then they would go after him and drive him out of the city with a great noise and tumult. See, after they -- after Satan corrupts you, brethren, OK, then she exposes you as a sinner and drives you out of the church. We have had famous evangelists sexually corrupted. Satan corrupts you; Satan sends the temptation. Then she raises up all of her armies to condemn you publically and drive you out of the church.


     So now we see. Now this is the descent into the descent. OK. First, we see the people, fornicating and adulterous, and it is OK. They are dancing, and they are happy. OK. The next thing, we see a stranger coming into town with a righteous spirit, and them convincing him that he is wrong, and then they drive him out of their town. OK. The next step down is manipulation. It is manipulation.


     2 Kings 2:14: "And he took the mantle of Elijah that fell from him and smote the waters and said, 'Where is the God of Elijah?' And when he -- and also smitten the waters, they parted hither and thither, and Elisha went over."


     So what that is all about is -- I should have read you this first, in verse 15. It says: "There was a man from the country of Elam," which is Syria. I think that is very interesting, too, with all that is going on in Syria today, that we have a message of the morality, the foundational morality of Syria. "There was a man from the" -- now I am not saying Sodom is Syria. We are saying a man came from Syria to Sodom, "who was leisurely going on the road, seated on an ass. And he carried a fine mantle" -- the mantle is the anointing -- "of varied colors." And that is why I read you that about Elijah's mantle that Elijah inherited. It indicates the anointing. And actually, when I read this of the man seated on the ass, I actually thought of Jesus coming to Jerusalem on an ass. "And he carried a fine mantle" -- an anointing -- "of varied colors."


     Genesis 37:3: "Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children because he was the son of his old age and he made him a coat of many colors." So this man came from Syria with an anointing. This is very interesting. Oh, do we not have the -- did you not print out the exhibit?


          It is there.


     Oh, it was attached here. Oh, here it is. OK. The Lord showed me this a long time ago, brethren. There is something called the mantle in the earth. This is a section of the earth. OK. And this image shows it in six layers, six Sefirot, six layers. The innermost layer, I would say, is Keter, Chochmah, Binah. The mantle is the third layer, OK, Understanding. That is the mantle. That is what we need, brethren. When the Lord Jesus Christ comes down and joins herself to Christ Jesus in us, we receive Understanding.


     Well, Sheila, you have under- -- we have understanding now. Yes, and that is what the Lord has to keep reminding me. And I will try to keep reminding you. We are not waiting for the Lord to come down a moment in time. He is coming. He has been coming for 2,000 years. In my case -- he has been coming into this world for 2,000 years. In my case, he has been coming for many years, at least 30 years. I do not know exactly when it started. When he started giving me understanding, he started. He is coming into my universe. The Lord Jesus Christ is joining with Christ Jesus in me. He is not completely joined yet, but he is joining -- present participle -- he is joining with Christ in me. And that unifi- - that union of the Lord Jesus Christ and Christ in me is called Christ Jesus. He may even be completely joined.


     The Scripture says the woman brought forth a man-child, and the man-child was caught up to God. So for all I know, the Lord Jesus is fully joined with Christ in me, and Christ Jesus, the man-child, fully exists. OK. But he is being -- present participle -- being caught up to God. What does it mean, being caught up to God? How are you caught up to God? You are caught up to God when Christ Jesus completely seals off the first Adam. Caught up to God does not necessarily mean a physical or even a mental ascension. It simply means to get closer to God. How do you get closer to God? The more we seal off the first Adam, the more we are closer to God.


     So it is very possible. And you have to try yourself. I do not really have an evaluation on any of you. You have to ask the Lord for your evaluation. It is very possible that the Lord Jesus is fully joined to Christ in me, that Christ Jesus is fully present and active in me. That is how I teach like this. And he is in the process -- Christ Jesus is in the process of getting closer to, being caught up to -- and not -- even closer is incorrect. He is caught up to the authority of God. When he is caught up to God, he will wield authority.


     So it does not necessarily mean movement. It means the two Adams are present in me, and the second Adam is sealing off the first Adam. And at the point -- and it is -- nothing is -- it is just a threshold moment. I have authority. I have authority in this ministry. I have a lot of authority to heal myself, but not all authority. I have not been able to heal the macular degeneration or the high blood pressure. But I have healed other things. I heal infections in my body. I have some authority. I have some authority to help you, if the Lord -- you know, I do have some inherent ability to help you, but not with the heavy-duty stuff yet.


     So it is very possible that Christ Jesus already exists in me, and I am being caught up to authority. When -- caught up to God meaning the impartation of authority. As the second Adam seals off the first Adam, the authority that I have increases. And when the first Adam is sealed off completely, I will have the full authority, or the full authority will be inside of me, OK, to shatter -- the authority to shatter the power of the first Adam and to rule over.


     To rule over who? To be a tyrant to rule over this ministry? To be a tyrant to rule over this world? No, to rule over the first Adam. I want to be a tyrant over the first Adam. I want him to be completely sealed off, his tongue cut out and completely powerless to influence me in any way. I will absolutely tyrannize him to the fullest degree that I can do it. I will burn him in the Lake of Fire to the fullest degree that I have the authority to do it.


     And then at some point -- I have not talked about the threshold in a long time, but I have talked to you about the threshold. So everything is happening -- present participle -- happening, being caught up. And then all of a sudden, the first Adam is being sealed off. And then suddenly, the last aspect of him is covered over. He is completely sealed off, and the authority to heal cancer and heal the macular degeneration and high blood pressure is present. It looks like it just happened suddenly, but it has been happening -- present participle -- for years.


     So the Lord has told me this multiple times, and I have lost it. But he told it to me again the other day, and I hope I do not lose it this time. It is happening. OK. What looks like happening suddenly is just the end of a very long process. So it is happening to me. It is happening to you. If you are sitting in this ministry, if you are listening to these messages, it is happening to you, happening, you know.


     And your job is to deal with your sins and seek God for the ability to lead a righteous life. And it will continue to happen to you, and when it is happening to you, God willing, one day, you will go over the threshold, and the first Adam will be sealed off. You have every reason to hope for that, to pray for that. I cannot promise you anything, but I encourage you to pray for it. It is your right; it is your privilege; it is your inheritance to pray for it. You are eligible for that experience. But only God can give it to you.


     So I thought you might be interested in seeing this. The Lord showed me this many years ago. This is the mantle here. This is Binah. OK. It is a part of -- it is earth, brethren. We are the earth. This is our spiritual universe. This -- I am not showing you a planet out there. This is you. You have a mantle in you. OK.


     Now I had a prophecy once that my core -- that Christ Jesus was my core. So he apparently has completely replaced the core of the Keter, of the first Adam, because we are all born with a mind. This is -- we are talking about the mind in there. So apparently, this is the inner core. There is an inner core and an outer core. I had a prophecy that my core was Christ Jesus.


     So verse 18: "There was a man from the country of Elam" -- that is Syria -- "who was leisurely going on the road, seated on his ass, which carried a fine mantle" -- or an anointing -- "of varied colors. And that mantle was bound with a measuring cord on the ass."


     Zachariah 2:1-2: "And I lifted up mine eyes again and looked. And behold, a man with a measuring line in his hand. Then said I, 'Whither goest thou?' And he said unto me, 'To measure Jerusalem," the Holy City, "to see what is the breadth thereof and what is the length thereof.'" So we are continuously being measured. It is actually our spiritual growth. It is our spiritual growth that is being measured.


     Verse 19: "The man was on his journey, passing through the street of Sodom, when the sun set in the evening. He remained there in order to abide during the night, but no one would let him into his house." And now this, I suggest to you, is an angel. Syria is a good type, brethren. I am told there is a lot of prejudice against Syria in the world today, but I am told that Syria today -- under Sodom, there is freedom of religion, that Sodom protects the Christians. He protects the [?curs?] and the different kinds of Muslims.


     So "he remained there in order to abide during the night, but no one would let him into his house." So there was -- an angel came into town, see, and no one would let him in. The Scripture says, "The violent take the kingdom of God by force." So the angels on the side of the serpent, they will enter into your spiritual universe by force if they can get in.


     They used to say, in Pentecost, that the Holy Spirit is a gentleman. I do not know if -- that he does not crash into your house or your mind because he is a gentleman. I do not that that is the answer, that he is a gentleman. I think that the Lord only comes in if you want him, that there is no value in him crashing in because the whole kingdom of God is based upon agreement. The unification of our soul with the soul of righteous Adam is based upon agreement.


     There is no purpose in -- if you force somebody, you may have -- in any area, whether it is physically or mentally, if you force somebody, you may have what appears to be -- it may appear that you have acquired what you want to acquire. But you will never have their soul if you force someone to engage in some activity that they do not want to. You may be able to force them physically to do it, but you will never have their mind or their soul or their emotions. You cannot force that, see, unless you use witchcraft on them.


     So no one would let him into the house. "At that time, there was in Sodom a wicked and mischievous man, one skillful to do evil, and his name was Hedad."


     Revelation 21:21: "And the 12 gates were 12 pearls. Every several gate was of one pearl, and the street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass." So I think I put that in too soon. Yes, I already told you. This man has a mantle of varied colors. I am suggesting to you that that mantle is wisdom, and that is why I gave you Revelation 21:21. That mantle was wisdom. And the line that tied it, that secured it, is his spiritual maturity. You get -- you receive the mantle of God. You receive wisdom in direct proportion to your spiritual maturity.


     God does not give you the kind of wisdom that we have here to somebody whose life is out of control. Am I perfectly in control? No, you know I still struggle with my diet. But I am certainly here twice a week, and it used to be three times a week. You know, you have to have some control over your life for God to give you wisdom. And you -- I certainly have the control over -- what control? Control over the first Adam to study for these messages.


     Brethren, when I first started doing this, I was attacked so badly that I was calling for prayer three times during the night that I was studying. I thought it was the witch's coven down the street, but it was the first Adam trying to stop me from studying. So we have all of these people, you know, in the church, that say, oh, well, I cannot study. That is not for me. You know, blah, blah, blah. You have to discipline yourself. OK.


     Oh, I have a second verse here, Revelation 22:2: "And in the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare 12 manner of fruits and yielded her fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations." So I am giving you this Scripture because of the word street. He was staying in the street at night. We read a lot about the street. It is not the street out there where your cars are driving. It is a spiritual street that runs down the center of your universe.


     There are angels and, I say, Adamites, limbs of Adam, that enter into our vessels, and they walk on our street. They have activities within our mind in the same way that we have activities in this world, if you could possibly understand that. Angels and Adamites, you know, limbs of Adam, both righteous of the first Adam and the second Adam, can enter if we are not blocking them. OK. That is why, when we become spiritual, we have to bind and loose and pray so that foreigners do not enter into our city without our permission, your city being -- your whole universe is your city, but your mind is what they are after.


     "And he lifted up his eyes and saw the traveler in the street of the city." He looked and he saw in the spirit. "He lifted up his eyes" -- that means he saw in the spirit. He saw there was an angel that had entered into the city. And it could be your personal city; it could be the city of this church, of this ministry; it could be the city of your family. If you see a stranger entered in, how would you recognize a stranger entered in? You would recognize a new thought, an alien thought. It could be a righteous thought, or it could be an unrighteous thought. Something has entered into your city.


     So "he lifted up his eyes, and he saw the traveler in the street of the city." And it could be a whole city. It could be the whole city of Newark. It could be the whole city of Selden, the whole town of Brookhaven. Something evil entered in.


     They brought in the Arch of Baal into this country. I went with the brethren from this ministry into Times Square a few years ago, before I really -- and it had to be quite a while ago because I really did not know what I was looking at because here was this statue, right in the middle of Times Square, and it was a statue of [?Behemoth?], which is one of the ancient names of the devil. It was both male and female. It was male with female breasts. It was right in the middle of Times Square.


     I said, what is that doing there? Something entered into the city. I did not see it in the spirit, but I recognized it in the natural. But American citizens, New Yorkers, were walking back and forth. Nobody saw anything wrong with it, which means nobody saw it. Nobody recognized something evil had entered into the city. So just like you could see it in the natural, those who have the ability can see it in the spiritual.


     So "he lifted up his eyes, and he saw the traveler in the street of the city. And he came to him and said, 'Whence come you?'" Where are you coming from, and where are you going? What are you doing here? What was the purpose of putting a statue of [?Behemoth?] in the middle of Times Square? What spirits came in with it?


     "And the man said to him, 'I am traveling from Hebron to Elam'" -- which is Syria -- "'where I belong. And as I passed, the sun set, and no one would invite me to enter into his house. You had bread and water and also straw and feed for my ass, and I am short of nothing.'" In other words, I have everything. I have money. I could pay you, but no one would let me into their house. And, brethren, Jesus is standing here, knocking at the door at the houses of millions of people, OK, and they are not letting him in. But this is an evil man. Now this -- I believe this traveler is an angel or at least a man of God. And an evil man has seen him. An evil man opened his eyes and saw a righteous angel in the spirit.


     "And Hedad answered and said to him" -- just like God saw the two angels that came to Lot, someone saw this man. "And Hedad answered and said to him, 'All that you shall want shall be supplied by me, but in the street, you shall not abide all night.'" I bolded that. The evil man is saying, "All that you shall want shall be supplied by me." So when I say to you, this is an angel, it is looking like it is a human being. In our culture, which would have Chri- -- the angel, Christ Jesus, it was a man of God that stopped into his tent. He had a righteous angel developed in the midst of him. And here is this evil man saying, "All that you shall want shall be supplied by me." So here is the seduction to the man of God.


     Brethren, I have been preaching this for a long time, but I have not said it for a while. The Scripture says, "Owe no man anything." Pay your bills. Do not be a bigshot. If someone -- if you send somebody for something and there is change, let them give you the change. Do not let your pride get in it. Pay your bills, and, gentleman, let people pay their bills. Owe no man anything, unless you want to outright make it a gift for a specific reason. OK. I am not talking about that. You can give someone a gift. But do not live a lifestyle where you just -- oh, it is just 50 cents. Oh, it is just a couple of dollars. Oh, you know. Pay your bills. Do not owe anyone anything. Do not get into a relationship which is unbalanced, where one person is doing most of the giving and the other person is not doing -- is doing only an insignificant amount of the giving. Do not let that happen to you.


     See, I see people of the previous generation do that. They might not have known it intellectually. My parents' generation knew that. But in this generation, I see peop- -- everything is collapsing here in this generation. You cannot take and take and take and not give back. The spiritual laws that rule this world will catch up to you.


     Now maybe you are just taking and taking and taking because you are ignorant. Maybe you are not greedy; maybe you are just ignorant. Well, the spiritual laws of this world will catch up to you because, that person that you are taking and taking and taking and taking from, the day will come that they will call in their marker.


     Even if they do not do it deliberately, they will be in some kind of a conflict, and you now will feel obligated to support them in that conflict. Or they will be running for an office, and you will feel obligated to support them. So now you are not looking to God for who to vote for, or you are not looking to God to determine righteous judgment if there is a conflict. That is your friend that has been buying you dinner every week for the last two years.


     Brethren, we have to be free to make righteous choices. We must be free to make righteous judgments and to serve God in every decision that we make and every behavior that we do. We have to be free. And if you cannot let me be free like that, then you cannot be my friend.


     I have to be able to tell you that you are wrong if I think that you are wrong. And as long as you are in the Spirit of God, if you are in right spirit, you can tell me if you think I am wrong, as long as you come in the right spirit. You know, you should not be criticizing my doctrine because you can only tell me that you think I am wrong if you are in a righteous standing where you can recognize that wrong.


     Brethren, you can only tell somebody that you love them and you believe that they are wrong if you have the mind of Christ and the spiritual stature, the spiritual maturity, to tell them that they are wrong. Well, what does that mean? Well, what if there is something in my life? Maybe it is a business decision. Maybe you are a big business person, and you think that I made a wrong choice in a business decision. You should definitely give me your opinion if you have that business experience. You know, you do not come and tell somebody that they are wrong because your carnal mind tells you that it is wrong. You have to have the stature, the spiritual strength because of who you are in this world, in Christ, to tell that person.


     Brethren, we have that principle in our jurisprudence, in the law of this country. You cannot just sue anybody for anything that you want. You have to have legal stature to sue. What does that mean? Well, let us say I do not like you. And God forbid this should have happened -- this man does not like somebody. And he just -- what are you going to do, just make up something and sue them?


     That is what they are trying to do to President Trump today, impeach him. On what? He did not do anything. You cannot -- they cannot impeach him when he did not do anything. They have to have legal stature to impeach him. What does that mean? He has to have violated some- -- he has to have broken the law.


     I want to sue you to give me money. What, am I just going to go into court and say, well, I just feel like suing him; he is a rich man, and I want him to give me money? No, you have to have stature. You have to have been violated. You have to have an experience that says this man has sinned. How do you know that he has sinned? Well, he took my money. OK.


     Well, that is sort of a negative way of doing it. A positive way is, in other words, if you are going to criticize my doctrine, you have to have a higher anointing for doctrine than I have. See? If you are going to criticize the way I run the ministry, if you are going to critique it, if you are going to make a legitimate, from the right heart, suggestion, OK, you have to have some experience in running a ministry, to be able to say to me, I think it would be better if you did it this way. You know, can I tell you what I think, Pastor? Would you mind? This has really been in my heart. I have been watching what is going on in the ministry, and I have something I would like to say to you. I had a ministry for 20 years, and I had the same problem that I see happening in your ministry. And I just want to make sure that you see it and that -- I want you to know, this is how I dealt with it. OK.


     So unless you have a higher anointing to bring forth doctrine, you cannot be criticizing my doctrine. Unless you have run a ministry, you cannot be criticizing the way I run a ministry. You have to be standing in my shoes and have had experience, which experience can be valuable to me. And I am not even talking about a negative criticism. I am talking about a critiquing, giving me valuable advice. If you have experience in your life in areas that I do not have experience, you know, then you should definitely come and tell me. But you have to have stature to come and tell me.


     And this happens a lot with the political suit, with suing politicians. There are people that try to sue President Obama or -- I do not know exactly who they are suing -- because they claimed that his -- he was not born in America. And multiple people tried to sue, and the court would say, no, I will not hear your petition because you do not have stature to sue. What does that mean? You were not damaged by what he did. If it is true that he was born in Kenya and not born in America, you personally were not damaged by it. You have no stature to sure. That is what we are talking about here.


     So "all that you shall want shall be supplied by me." Brethren, watch out for people that say, all that you shall want shall be supplied by me. I had somebody say that to me once. The Lord took me out of a particular church that I was in, and the pastor wrote me a letter and said, "Come back. Everything that you need will be supplied to you here." And I wrote back, and I said, everything that I need will be supplied at Living Epistles Ministries. I cannot tell you that everything that you need will be supplied here. I can tell you that God is going to supply your every need through this ministry. I can tell you that. God has to supply your every need through your relationship with him, and you go wherever he puts you.


     So the unethical man said to him -- the unethical man said to the man with the anointing, but he was a little naive. He had a cord that bound up the mantle, but the cord was not too tight because he let it go. He released it into the hands of this ungodly man. So the measurement that was with him, the measurement, the spiritual maturity that lined up with the anointing that he had, was not strong enough to keep it tied to him, and he was seduced into giving it away based on the lie that someone else would care for it.


     So "all that you want shall be supplied by me. But in the street, you shall not abide all night. Hedad brought him to his house, and he took off the mantle from the ass with the cord and brought them into his house." Well, the day may come that you need help from somebody, and I have been telling you this for years. If God gives you authority, you do not ever let go of it. If you let go of it, you try and get it back. I have been telling you that for years. Do not let go.


     So he went into another man's house. He needed help, and he gave his authority. He was seduced. Was he really stupid enough? Was he really naive enough to believe that this total stranger would be taking care of his spiritual, valuable -- his valuable, spiritual possession? Or was he not facing the reality because he did not want to sleep in the street?


     Are you taking gifts that you should not be taking? Are you involved in things you should not be involved in because you think that person has something that you need or that you need that person? Are you in an -- even in a degree of a relationship? Are you engaged in anything that you -- that this conviction in your heart is not comfortable with because you think you need that person or you need to be there?


     So "he took off the mantle from the ass with the cord and brought them to his house. He gave the ass straw and feed whilst the traveler ate and drank in Hedad's house, and he abode there that night. And in the morning, the traveler rose up early to continue his journey, when Hedad said to him, 'Wait, comfort your heart with a morsel of bread, and then go.' And the man did so, and he remained with him, and they both ate and drank during the day. Then the man rose up to go."


     "And Hedad said to him, 'Behold, now the day is declining. You had better remain all night that your heart may be comforted.'" He wanted to leave, and the man pressured him to not go. Brethren, be careful you do not ever do that. If someone wants to leave, you let them go. If they are on the telephone talking to you, and they say they have to go, let them go. If they are in your house, and they have to leave, let them go. If you try to hold people back, it is witchcraft.


     "And he pressed him so that he tarried there all night. And on the second day, he rose up early to go away, when Hedad pressed him, saying, 'Comfort your heart with a morsel of bread, and then go.' And he remained and ate with him also the second day." He was seduced twice. "Then the man rose up to continue his journey."


     "And Hedad said to him, 'Behold, now the day is declining. Remain with me to comfort yourself, to comfort your heart, and in the morning, rise up early and go your own way.'" But now the man is getting wise. He is saying, the third time, no, I really have to leave. "And he rose up and saddled his ass. And while he was saddling his ass, the wife of Hedad said to her husband" -- remember Gilgamesh. Remember our studies in Gilgamesh, when Utnapishtim -- when Gilgamesh was leaving, and the wife of Utnapishtim called him and said, no, Utna- -- remember -- well, let me tell this to you right.


     Gilgamesh was looking for eternal life. He went looking for the man that was likened -- he was supposed to be likened to Noah. His name was Utnapishtim, and he was in exile with his wife on an island. OK. And he went; Gilgamesh was looking for eternal life. And Utnapishtim said, no, get out of here. You know, you are just a carnal, a mortal. You are just some demigod, and there is nothing I am going to do for you. You could never pass the test. I could give you what you need for eternal life, and you will never use it for your advantage. So you have to leave.


     Gilgamesh was leaving, and Utnapishtim's wife called out and said, no, give him a chance. Tell him. Give him the opportunity to see if he can go without sleeping for seven days, or whatever the test was, you know, that he will receive eternal life. And that wife in Utnapishtim was the goddess in the midst of him or the angel in the midst of him. Everyone has an angel in the midst of them. OK. If you have Christ, you have two angels in the midst of you.


     So the man's wife called out. Even here in the Book of Job, Job's wife says, why do you not just curse God and die? That is his carnal mind. That is the goddess dwelling in the midst of him. Her name is Satan.


     "And the wife of Hedad said to her husband, 'Behold, this man has remained with us for two days, eating and drinking, and he has given us nothing. And now shall he go away from us without giving anything?'" Now, brethren, that is -- that happens amongst people. They tell you to stay. I have seen it happen. They invite you to do something; they invite you to dinner; they invite you to their offer to pay for you or to treat you, and you take it. And then they resent it. That sounds crazy, but I have actually seen that happen with people. They invite you to their house, and then they resent you taking their food. I have actually experienced it.


     I took a four-hour bus ride -- I think it was four hours -- to Atlantic City to preach to some people, and they resented that they had to feed me. They gave me no offering. I paid for the bus ride. This is when I was first starting out and stupid. OK. And they resented having to feed me. Well, you say that is crazy. Well, it happened to me. It happened to me.


     So his wife, Satan, in his mind, said, do not let this guy go. He ate all your food, and you have not gotten any benefit from it at all. "Behold, this man has remained with us for two days, eating and drinking, and he has given us nothing." So maybe the man was thinking, well, he should have offered a gift. You know, you do not just go to somebody's house.


     Well, in my case, I was preaching. So that was crazy that they resented feeding me. But maybe someone invites you to their home for the weekend; maybe someone invites you to their beach house for the weekend. And maybe you do not understand that you are supposed to bring a gift in a situation like that, or maybe the gift you bring does not satisfy them. Who knows what is going through people's minds? They invite you to their house, to their beach house, for the weekend. And they have it, in their own mind, what they think is right that you should do to compensate for being invited there. And you do not do it, and their -- Satan in their mind says, well, look at that; they did not do anything.


     You know, I go to my nephew's house. Twice a year, I go to my nephew's house. I stay for a week. And they tell me, oh, you do not have to bring anything; you do not have to do anything. I bring food. I do not bring it; I go to the supermarket because it is a five-hour ride. I buy food. I take my nephew with me. I say, tell me what you eat. You know, I will buy the chicken; I will buy the steak. Oh, you do not have to do that. Oh, yes, I do. I do have to do that. So that is very nice that you say I do not have to do that, but I do have to do that. I am eating in your house, two or three meals a day for five or s- -- five days, six days. Yes, I mostly certainly do have to do that. Yes, I do.


     Am I saying that my nephew or my niece would be upset if I did not do it? I honestly do not know. But there are people like that. I have met them. They invite you for the weekend. You say, what should I bring? And they say, oh, you do not have to bring anything. And then you do not bring anything. And they are saying, wow, look at what this cost me, and they did not even bring a bottle of something to drink. Does anyone not know what I am talking about?


     And the wife of Hedad said to her husband -- "Hedad said to her, 'Be silent.'" He said, hold on, Satan, I am taking care of it. "And the man saddled his ass to go and asked Hedad to give him the cord and the mantle to tie it on the ass." What did you let go of it for in the first place?


     "And Hedad said to him, 'What do you say?' And he said to him, 'That you, my lord, shall give me the cord and the mantle made with varied colors, which you concealed in your house to take care of it.'" So he did not even see it. The whole time that he was there, taking the man's hospitality, he was not even aware of what he did with his valuables.


     And listen to this answer. "And Hedad answered the man, saying, 'This is the interpretation of your dream.'" What? Brethren, the first time I started coming up against this kind of thing was after I moved to Long Island. And I could not figure it out. For years, I tried to figure it out, whether it was something on Long Island or it was something that was going on in the world at that time. I even asked my sister, did you ever hear anybody doing something like that to you? Like you say, I -- please pay me what you owe me. And they say, I will interpret your dream. What are you talking about? I just -- we are talking about the money you promised me, and you are telling -- what are you talking about, a dream? That is called a manipulation. I had never experienced it in all of my life, and I was an adult. So was it a new phenomenon in the country, in the culture? Was it that they did not do it in the Bronx, or they did not do it in the circles that I traveled in? And I still do not know the answer, but I know that it is going on today in this corrupt culture.


     "And Hedad answered the man, saying, 'This is the interpretation of your dream. The cord which you did see'" -- in other words, you imagined it. You never had a cord. You imagined it. You had a dream. "'The cord which you did see means that your life will be lengthened out like a cord. And having seen the mantle colored with all sorts of colors means that you still -- that you shall have a vineyard, in which you will plant trees and all fruits.'" What?


     "And the traveler answered, saying, 'Not so, my lord.'" I did not dream that. I did not dream that I had an anointing. I came into your church; I had an anointing. I stayed in your church for a year, and I do not have an anointing anymore. There must be something wrong in your ministry. OK. No, you never had an anointing. I never saw any anointing on you when you came in here.


     "And the traveler said, 'No, my lord, for I was awake when I gave you the cord and also a mantle woven with different colors, which you took off my -- off the ass to put by for me.'" I have heard of people leaving their church, putting someone in charge, and coming back, and the whole church was stolen. The people were following the man that you put in the pulpit for three months when you went away on a trip.


     "Hedad answered and said, 'Certainly, I have told you the interpretation of your dream. And it is a good dream, and this is the interpretation of it. Now the sons of men give me four pieces of silver, which is my charge for interpreting dreams. And of you only, I require three pieces of silver.'" Not only did I destroy -- did I steal your anointing and tell you that you are crazy, that you never had it, OK, but I make up some story that you dreamt it. Now I want you to pay me for interpreting your dream. And not only that, but I will give you a special price. I charge everybody else four coins, four pieces of silver, and you are only charged three.


     Brethren, this kind of entanglement, this kind of wicked entanglement, you can never win. You can -- you -- this can manifest in an argument on doctrine. It can manifest on an argument in -- a political argument. You know, you can never win someone that will not agree on the issue that you are talking about. You will never come to agreement with someone when the two of you cannot agree on the issues you are discussing.


     That is why you hear about it politically -- you do not hear about it corporately, but it happens corporately too -- that, when you have a meeting with somebody, you have to have preconditions. What does that mean? You have an agenda. We are meeting, and this is what we are going to talk about. And this is how long the meeting will be. So nobody can come in there and say, well, I thought we talked about this, or I thought we talked about that. No. It is on paper. This is the agenda. This is what we will be talking about.


     "Now the sons of men give me four pieces of silver" -- OK, I said that. "And the man was provoked at the words of Hedad. And he cried bitterly, and he brought Hedad to Serak, judge of Sodom. And the" -- so now we are seeing the corruption going all the way into the government. "And the man laid his cause." He was looking for justice. "He laid his cause before Serak, the judge, which Hedad replied, saying -- and when Hedad replied, saying, 'It is not so, but thus the matter stands.' And the judge said to the traveler, 'This man Hedad tells you the truth'" -- what truth? which truth? -- "'for he is famous in the cities for the accurate interpretation of dreams.'"


     So even the judge is not focusing on the issue. I had a mantle. I had an anointing. I had a valuable. I gave it to this man to take care for me, and he stole it, and he is telling me that it never happened. Judge, I want justice. The judge is not dealing with the issue of the stolen mantle. Now he is agreeing with the corrupted man, with the criminal, saying, well, the issue is how much you are going to pay for the interpretation of the dream. No, no. The issue is that he stole my anointing. Well, no, no, there is no anointing. There is no sign of it ever having been there. But he -- do you deny that he interpreted your dream? No. Well, then you owe him the money.


     Brethren, this is really similar to what was going on with Judge Kavanaugh just recently. It really is. The unscrupulous senators were able to -- permitted to insult Judge Kavanaugh, ask him really inappropriate questions, treat him very badly, like he was a criminal. And because President Trump stood up in Mississippi and said the truth about Dr. Ford, that she changed her story four times, they are crying for the head of President Trump. How can you talk that way about a woman that was abused here? And why can you not question what she says? Because she was abused, and she stood up there and cried and looked like a little innocent that you cannot question a story that is full of holes? This is political correctness in our culture today, which is devastating. One senator called Judge Kavanaugh immature. How dare he?


     This is what is going on in this country today, brethren. We are spiritual Sodom, OK, and we are going to see, so -- that first a man is sent to bring judgment, and nothing changed; then divine judgment fell. So we have a man, an alliance: the patriots in the country headed up by Donald Trump. The judgment of man is on the corrupt government today. OK.


     So we are at a very important place in the history of this country, in the history of our own personal lives. And we are in a very important spiritual place. So we see the judgment coming down by human men right now. And the next judgment to come, brethren, is this judgment of the spiritual man, the judgment of Christ Jesus. And if Christ Jesus does not show up with the power that he needs to throw this wickedness out, the next step is divine judgment. We have every reason to believe that Jehovah will find the man with the 10 Sefirot in this nation and that this country and the whole world will be saved.


     So the judge said to the traveler, this man Hedad tells you the truth. He is very famous for interpreting dreams. Four pieces of silver is an honest charge. Why will you not pay him for his dream?


     So, you see, we have had people investigating what is going on with President Kavanaugh completely incorrectly, focusing on the wrong thing, not looking at the issues. You cannot be seduced by anyone standing up under oath, crying and whimpering and talking in a little voice. You know, you have got to look at the facts. She committed perjury. She lied to the Senate. Her story had holes in it. Our government, our constitution, says you are innocent until proven guilty. Who are you to stand up there and say he is guilty until he is proven innocent? How do you prove he is innocent of a charge like that?


     It is going on in this country today, and it has penetrated right into our government. And it has to come down. If we, the citizens, do not bring it down by the power of Jesus Christ, we will be destroyed. But I do not think it will come to that. But it is the truth, nevertheless. It will not come to that because Christ Jesus is here. But we are Sodom. The culture today has the characteristics that ended in total destruction of another nation previously.


     "And the man cried at the word of the judge, and he said, 'Not so, my lord, for it was in the day that I gave him the cord and mantle, which was upon the ass, in order to put them by in his house.' And they both disputed before the judge, the one saying, 'Thus the matter was,' and the other declaring otherwise."


     "Hedad said to the man, 'Give me four pieces of silver that I charge for my interpretations of dreams. I will not make any allowance.'" I am no longer giving you the discount of three pieces of silver. "'Give me the expense of the four meals that you ate at my house.' And the man said to Hedad, 'Truly, I will pay you for what I ate at your house.'" I will be willing to do that. "'Only give me the cord and the mantle, which you did conceal in your house.'"


     "And Hedad replied before the judge and said to the man, 'Did I not tell you the interpretation of you dream? The cord means'" -- so he is giving him the interpretation again. In other words, he will not even address the issue that there was a cord and there was a mantle, and I took it for safe keeping. He is telling him, you dreamt it. "'The cord means that your days shall be prolonged like a cord, and the mantle, that you will have a vineyard in which you will plant all kinds of fruit trees. This is the proper interpretation of your dream. Now give me the four pieces of silver that require a compensation, for I will make you no allowance.'"


     "And the man cried at the words of Hedad, and they both quarreled before the judge. And the judge gave orders to his servants, who drove them rashly from the house." The judge was incapable of -- it was a he said, she said. It was a he said, he said. It was his one -- the word of one against the other. And the judge could not judge righteous judgment. He had no spiritual discernment. His mind was corrupted also, and he drove them from the house.


     "And they went away quarreling from the judge. And when the people of Sodom heard them and gathered about them and spoke harshly against the stranger, and they drove him rashly from the city." So they -- the people took the side of the man of Sodom. OK. They -- nobody is looking for facts. Nobody is seeking God. Of course, there were no facts there. Nobody is -- no one even said to the man, why did you give him your mantle and your cord? So the real issue was so completely clouded over that it was actually impossible to find a righteous judgment there. And the people of the city took the side of the citizen.


     "And the man continued on his journey, on his ass, with bitterness of soul, lamenting and weeping. And while he was on his way, he wept at what was hap- -- what had happened to him in the corrupt city of Sodom." And that, brethren, is what is happening to Judge Kavanaugh right now, except it is having a different ending because there is a God in heaven. OK. And proof has come out about the lies of the woman who has attempted to steal Judge Kavanaugh's reputation, and if she could do it, steal his soul, of him and his wife and his children, steal their lives and their good name.


     And many people in the nation and outside of the nation are agreeing with the corrupt senators that anyone with a sane mind could see are wrong in what they are doing. Unless you have a corrupt mind also, how could you not see how they were persecuting a man of exemplary reputation who has been appointed to be a justice of the Supreme Court? You are treating him like he is a street criminal. How dare you? And you, yourselves, being criminals and liars and cheats and bearing false witness right there in front of the whole world.


     But in this version of Sodom, there is justice that appears: people speaking the truth. Her boyfriend of six years -- now is that not a quandary to be in? He says there is no hard feelings between them. I know that I was -- I left my husband. I was divorced, and there were no hard feelings after the very beginning. You know, after a few years, there was absolutely no hard feelings. I could meet with him, family, for family affairs. What would I have done if I was in the situation of the boyfriend, if I saw my ex-husband destroying another man's life and knowing that what he was saying was not true? Would I have a feeling of loyalty to my daughter's father? Would I keep it quiet because -- to keep the scandal from touching my daughter and her family? Or would I tell the truth?


     Brethren, we all have these decisions to make. What if I found out that my -- a member of my family is a drug addict or a criminal or a bank robber? Do I agree with God? Do I do the right thing for the country? Or do I protect my bank robber son?


     I remember, years ago, I think they called him the shoe bomber. Someone got onto a plane with a bomb in his shoe. And the man came from Africa, I think. He may have even been Nigerian; I am not sure. And the father called the authorities. He told them that his son was going with a bomb to kill people. He turned his own son in. It was -- actually, it was the brother of the bomber. The one -- the bombing that was before 9/11. It was a government building that was bombed in -- the name of the state is eluding me. His brother turned him in. Where would you stand, brethren? If your beloved brother or husband or wife or sister or brother was a criminal, if they were a murderer, what would you do?


     Now, contrary to these cases where they were turned in by their relatives, Bill Ayers, who was a domestic terrorist, is completely escaped. He was behind the bombing. OK. People died. He completely escaped, did not go to jail because his father had a big position in the government. And he went on to corrupt our education system.


     Well, who are you, brethren? Which one are you? Are you a corrupt member of our government that would let your children -- would you cover up your children's crimes and let them go on to destroy the nation? Or would you move to save -- would you tell on your own relative to save lives? Who are you? Do you know who you are? Who are you? Will you defend your children when they are breaking God's laws? Or will you choose your children over the righteousness of God? Who are you? That is the question today. Who are you?


     So I think that we are ending a little early, but I do not really think that I want to start the next section because it is already almost 10 after 2. Is there anything else the Lord might want me to say to you? Are there any questions on these issues?


I just find it so interesting that the writers of this parable that is in the Book of Jasher -- the writer or the writers -- that they had such a deep insight into human nature. Maybe this really did -- here is the question. Did this -- did these manifestations of character -- did they actually occur in Sodom? Or is this writer just using the background of Sodom to present this scenario of -- to present this expression of sin as God sees it, of the moral corruption of the first Adam? Is Sodom just wallpaper to present that, or did this actually happen in Sodom? I do not know. But I see the writer of the spiritual book having this incredible spiritual insight into the corruption of the human nature that we see in the first Adam, that it must surely have manifested in other cultures. This cannot be the first culture that it is manifesting in. The cul- -- it happened elsewhere.


     And of course, we will have a part 2 to this and look at the other manifestations of the corrupt nature of seeing things completely backwards from the way God sees them. And the way God sees things is the way anyone in a sane mind would see them.


     So this kind of manipulation -- the first time that I came up against it, it was really shocking to me. It bothered me for years. I am telling you, I called up my sister, who is older -- well, she is dead now. But she is -- was older than I was, nine years older than me. I said, asked her, did you ever see anything like that in all of your years? What is going on today that people are using this kind of manipulation? Or you are talking to them, and they do not want to hear what you are saying. And they will go, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I -- it is just shocking, the cutting off of communication. The cutting off of a godly, healthy communication is a major sign of corruption in your own mind, in the mind of someone else, in the government.


     The inability of the judge to get to the core of the matter -- so in our account here, we do not see the judge questioning anybody. He did not -- in the account that we have here, he did not look very deeply at all. He just believed the citizen of Sodom. And when the two -- and when the man who lost his anointing would not sit down and just take it, and the fighting was going back and forth that it was he said or he said, the judge threw them out. The judge was completely incapable of getting to the core of the issue.


     And, brethren, this is the ministry of reconciliation. The Scripture calls this the ministry of reconciliation: getting to the core of the issue, exposing the truth, exposing the manipulation. Very frequently -- well, I have practiced this ministry of reconciliation, and I have seen it that people do not understand that the manipulation is in their own mind. So I will speak to members of this ministry and say -- and show them, look, your thinking is wrong. That is corruption in your mind. This is the truth. And I have helped people, and I have resolved conflicts between people through this ministry of reconciliation that, by Christ Jesus in me, helps me to get to the core of the motive that is causing the manipulation in the person's mind that they cannot -- that they are fighting with each other because one or both of them cannot actually see the true issue.


     And that is -- this is a major means of the destruction of godly communication: to cloud the true issue. You can never, ever find a solution if you cloud the true issue. Both parties must be willing to agree that this is the issue if there is any hope of solution. And this is true in marriages. It is true in friendships. It is true between siblings. It is true between employers and employees. It is true between human beings of every stripe. There is no hope of a godly resolution to a problem if you cannot agree on what the problem is. You have to agree on what happened, and then you have to agree on what is wrong and what is -- what was right and what was wrong. You have to agree on righteousness, what is right and what is wrong, or there will never be a resolution.


     And God despises loose ends, brethren. God wants resolutions. He wants everyone -- he wants the root cause exposed, and he wants everyone concerned to confess what is right and what is wrong, whoever did what, what is right and what is wrong, and then everyone to repent and reconcile. And he will accept no less. And if you find that, in your life, you cannot do that, these refusals do not go away. They may go away in your memory, but they will not go away. They will follow you until the end of your days, and they will go on to your children as curses in their lives, if you are not honest in your dealings with other people.


     I tell you the truth. The kingdom of God is coming. It is coming to me. It is coming to this ministry. It is coming to you. If you sit here and study with me, the kingdom of God is coming to you and to your life. And the Lord requires us to deal honestly with him, with ourselves and with other people. This manipulation is not permitted in the kingdom of God. This thought process of Sodom is not permitted in the kingdom of God. It is not permitted here.


     And that is why I tell you all the time, there is no such thing as agreeing to disagree in this ministry. If there is a conflict, which -- we do not have any conflicts anymore. I am -- I just love you all. We are a great ministry. We do not have any conflicts here anymore. But if there is a little skirmish, everybody is living right here, as far as I know. We will get to the bottom of it, expose the truth. Everybody repents, and we have peace. And the Spirit of God comes in and blesses us on every level. That is the kingdom of God. It is manifesting here. It is righteousness and truth and a good life that grows out of it.


     So, brethren, this has been an interesting message. There will be a part 2. I do not know when I will do it because -- we will see what God gives us for Sunday. I did want to get back to Ezekiel 38, but we will see what God does on -- for Sunday. We will get everything done. So are there any questions? Yes?


          There is a comment.




          There is a comment from Rose. "In the part where Hedad kept seducing him to stay for three days, it reminds me of Jacob and Laban. Not sure if there is a spiritual application."


     Jacob and Laban, you mean? Yeah. I do not think that there is a parallel because there was no -- I mean, that was criminal behavior of Laban's part, but Jacob knew what was going on. Jacob was not deceived. Well, he was deceived when he got Leah. He was deceived when he got Leah instead of Rachel. I do not see it. I am trying to explain it. I do not see it as the same thing, but I am trying to explain, if you would just give me another minute.


     This man turned over something va- -- he turned over his valuables that he had authority over for someone else to take care of. And then what he turned over was stolen. OK. Jacob trusted Laban that he would be given Rachel as a wife, and he was tricked. OK. But then he could have left at any time. He could have left at that time, but he agreed to stay for another seven years to work for Leah. He -- the only deception that Jacob became subject to was that he did not get his true bride. But after that, he agreed to Laban's witchcraft because it was -- that was how he was surviving in the situation. But Jacob was fully conscious of what was going on, except for that initial seduction.


     The man in this parable -- he was completely deceived and completely seduced. You know, he -- when he was invited to stay a second and a third time, he did not see the evil intention. Jacob saw -- always saw the evil intention, except for that first seduction with regard to his bride. So it is really not the same.


     But there is a parallel in the Scripture. Actually, I was going to add it in, but I thought it would be another whole teaching, and it would just take up too much time. But there is a parallel in the Scripture. And the parallel -- it comes from God. It is an experience that God did that.


     So there was a -- God sent a prophet to Jeroboam, who was raising up idols in Dan and Bethel, in Samaria. And he sent the prophet to prophesy to Jeroboam that he was going to be destroyed. And the instruction was: "Drop your prophecy. Say your prophecy, and go back in. And do not go back in the same direction; go back in another direction. And do not stop; do not talk to anybody. Just go straight home." So the prophet -- when his life was in danger, Jeroboam tried to kill him. He raised out his hand to pronounce death on him, and his arm froze. He could not move his arm. So God was protecting the prophet. And the prophet left. He obeyed God. He went back on a different path.


     And there was a prophet of God that saw what had happened, and he sent his son to interfere or to intersect this prophet that was return- -- that was obeying God and returning on another path. And I do not know whether he sent his son or he went himself. And he said to the prophet that was returning, "Come and have lunch with me." And the prophet said, "No. God told me to go straight home." And the prophet said to him, "Well, I am a prophet. I hear from God too. And God told me to tell you to have lunch with me." So the prophet lost confidence in his word from God and went home with the prophet and had lunch with him and stayed, and it was the same thing. He wanted to leave, and the prophet said, "No, stay."


     And then finally, when the first prophet that was instructed to go straight home -- when he left, he was killed by a lion on the way home. And then when he was killed, the prophet that had seduced him or tested him -- I do not know. I will not say seduced. The prophet that had tested him went and had his body buried and said, "Oh, that is such a shame. He was such a man of God." So he was tested by someone who was sent by God to see if he would succumb to the seduction. And that is really the parallel that is in the Scripture.


     So the bottom line is, once God tells us to do something, we should not be [?wailing?]. We -- nothing should turn us from it. You know, there used to be someone in my life, at one time, where almost every decision I made, at a time in my life when I was not too secure -- almost every decision I made, they were second-guessing me on it. And finally, I had to overcome it. I had to overcome it. I have to hear from God and do what God tells me to do.


     So on the one hand, you should be willing to listen to people's advice, if they have something to tell you. But on the other hand, you have to really be careful of seduction. It is a very hard life, brethren. And we survive this hard life by having Christ Jesus, the moral conviction, in our heart. That is how we survive. If all that you have is this person telling you this and that person telling you that, and you have a memory of God saying something to you -- because that is what happened. You get a word of knowledge, and then it is gone. Even if you write it down, the anointing is no longer on you. And you have this person telling you this and that person telling you that, and now you are not really sure if God said it to you after all anyway. And then you make a wrong decision.


     You cannot survive without Christ Jesus in your heart, reminding you, yes, I told you that, or this one is not telling you the truth, or that one is mistaken. You cannot survive without that moral conviction. If you do not have it, you need to pray for it every day until you get it. And if you have it and he is not mature enough, you have to pray every day until he matures in you. You cannot survive without him. You cannot survive the spiritual life without him.


     So I thank you for your offer, for your input, anyway. Anybody else?


          Rita had a comment to Rose's comment. So she had [CROSSTALK].




          Rita said, "Paul, in the Bible, talks about it too, that he went to people, preaching the gospel, and they did not want to meet his carnal needs."


     That is true.


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