Dream About A Picture

Email sent to Pastor Vitale regarding the interpretation of a dream:


See this amazing dream that D. had which depicts my struggling to find the Lord’s Will with the ReputationDefender renewal.


It seems to me that this contract renewal is very important for the Lord to send a dream as a witness.


Unfortunately, I had no idea that the dream was about a decision that would affect our reputation, and how that decision would paint the future reputation of the ministry.


I am so grateful for this final witness.


Thank you again for meeting with me and giving your opinion.


Sheila R. Vitale,


Please Read the Full Dream and My Response Below


Subject: Dream


Pastor Sheila,


I had a dream and from what I remember, I removed one of D's paintings from the wall in our home to give it to my work manager.


I put the painting in the boot of the car for my manager who was going to be at the theatre that we were going to.


Me, D. and my brother went to the theatre in the car to watch a play. The lead person was a young girl she was about 10 year's old.


At the end, the people that came to watch the play were in a room and the young girl was in there meeting the people.


When she came to me l gave her a hug and told her that she acted very well.


She then said she was looking for her father and I said 'who is your father' and she said the surname of my manager.


So I went with her looking for her father, we found her father sitting down.  I said to her father that l did not know that the young girl was his daughter. I said l was going to bring him the painting.


So, I went to D. and my brother and they led me to the car park where the car was packed. The driver of the car was not supposed to park there so he pretended that the car had a fault and he was on the lookout for the person manning the car park.


I went to the boot of the car and took the painting, l walked a few steps from the car and took a look at the painting and it was the wrong painting so l turned round and put it back.


D. now gave me another painting same thing happened l went a few steps and found that it was the wrong painting so l went and put it back.


I now picked up another painting and it was the right painting this time.  This is all that I can remember.

Love, D 


Reply from Pastor Vitale




I believe that this dream is about me. I had a business decision to make concerning the ministry, which I struggled over. I sought the Father continually and actually made 3 different decisions. First, I was going to do it, then I was not going to do it, and then I decided that the Lord wanted me to do it.


I wanted to sleep on it one more night, but I was planning on going forward with the expenditure on Monday morning before I leave for TN.


Your dream is very interesting. It has provided insight on how to interpret dreams in the future. The painting represented an image of the future. You represented me, D. represented Christ within me and the father is the Lord Jesus.


Thank you for sending it.

Sheila R. Vitale,


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