Gratitude - The Prophecies of Daniel According to Kabbalah Chapter 11, AT




Thanks for the copy of, “The Prophecies of Daniel According to Kabbalah Chapter 11, Alternate translations”


When I received it, wow I thought. Another great book with so much spiritual knowledge, wisdom and understanding of God’s word. You are a truly a devoted servant for the Lord to manifest through.


I like how the book is written, it takes the reader through various stages of understanding.  For me, each stage helps to understand.  


Especially page i, ii, and iii in the introduction.


This book, your other books, along with hundreds of LEM/CCK messages is the result of Christ Jesus manifesting in you. You endure, emotion, physical, and spiritual struggles to bring forth the Lord’s message.


My prayer that God will continually bless you with everything that you need.  I thank God and you for a great and anointed book.


In Christ


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