Pastor Appreciation Day 2016 - 4

Email sent to Pastor Vitale on Pastor Appreciation Day - October 4, 2016:


On this special Pastor Appreciation Day, I'd like to take a moment to thank you for saving my life. That may sound radical, but it is the truth. Here is a quick testimony:


Much of my life, from a child until my late 20's, was spent going from church to church, desperate for the truth, knowing that there had to be much more to the Scripture than the surface meaning. I read the Bible from an early age, but didn't understand it very much as there seemed to be many contradictions and things that didn't make sense, but I did not give up. I was fascinated with the spiritual interpretation and got off the path into A Course In Miracles, Madame Blavatsky's writings, Edgar Cayce, etc., not knowing I was getting into witchcraft, but it made more sense to me than what the church was teaching.


Eventually, in 1997, after reading many texts and feeling even more unsatisfied, I searched online for an alternate meaning of Scripture, a more spiritual understanding. I believe it was no accident that God led me to the LEM website. I read some of the messages, which were all new and exciting to me, and I also noticed there was a form I could fill out to transcribe messages. I had been a word processor in my previous jobs and thought this would be a perfect way to work from home while raising my children, and read the messages as well, so I filled out the form. The day I received the email that my request was accepted was the day my life changed forever.


Though I don't like to think about it, I am still so ashamed about what happened in 2008. I was backslidden for a few years even though I knew the Lord was calling me to spend more time in the messages. I got into substance abuse for a while and didn't care much about what I said or did to others, including the ministry. After a few years of seeking God for His mercy about the situation, I swallowed my pride, rebelliousness, and shame, and asked for your forgiveness, which you graciously extended to me for the damages I had done to you and your ministry.


I thank God every day that you accepted me back, as well as His not abandoning me. I really do believe that without your prayers of kindness towards me that I would have lost my opportunity to be a part of these exciting times, not to mention the mess my life would have been without LEM.


God bless you for your faithfulness in bringing forth the message to us, and eventually the world. I have been so imperfect in my walk with God, but every day that I read the messages, I know that Christ Jesus is built up in me even more stronger. I look forward to the future with great hope. I appreciate your continued perseverance in studying and bringing forth the understanding of the Word that is sure to raise up MANY sons of God in the near future.  I appreciate you so much!


May the Lord bring you to longevity very soon, and the congregation soon after!


In His Love Always,



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