The Consciousness of Adam Kadmon & The Judgement of The Sin Nature

The founder of Living Epistles Ministries, Sheila R. Vitale is a respected presence in the New York Christian community. In addition, Sheila Vitale’s work with Christ-Centered Kabbalah focuses on publishing alternate translations and interpretations of areas in which the Kabbalah and Bible intermingle.
 A recent piece featured at entitled “The Consciousness of Adam Kadmon and Mankind” focused on the spirit nature of God and the process by which the human (house) becomes inhabited, or completed, and transforms into Adam, Son of God.
From another perspective, Jesus’ spiritual essence is dissolving within the creator, Adam Kadmon’s sea of consciousness. Jesus thus functions as a door connecting two opposed worlds: The hell of this world and the infinite expanse of God’s glory. The Book of Revelation tells of judgement on that which does not properly represent the Name, "Jesus." At the time of judgement, the Sons of God will look at their Sin Nature and agree with the Mind of Christ to condemn their Carnal Mind.
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