The founder of and teacher at Living Epistles Ministries, Sheila R. Vitale also created Christ-Center Kabbalah. Outside of these endeavors, Pastor Sheila R. Vitale supports Mission of Hope (MOH) in Haiti. Founded in 1998, MOH Haiti is a Christian organization whose current priority is to help the population recover from the devastating 2010 earthquake, whose impacts linger. 


The organization has been crucial for local residents, offering education and humanitarian aid to help the country rise out of poverty. MOH Haiti has a variety of programs, one of which is the clean water project at Leveque. 


MOH Haiti has partnered with The 410 Bridge and Water Missions International to provide local residents with clean water. There is now a “safe water committee” established in the community. This committee monitors the operation and preservation of a water filtration unit from Water Missions International. Now, for a little more than 10 cents, local Haitians can purchase 10 gallons of clean, drinkable water. 


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