Based in New York, Sheila R. Vitale is a pastor and the founder of Living Epistles Ministries and Christ­-Centered Kabbalah in Port Jefferson Station. Outside of her professional endeavors, Sheila R. Vitale supports the charitable organization Feed the Children. 


For 35 years, Feed the Children has focused on eradicating hunger among youth. Committed to collaborating with others in the battle against hunger, Feed the Children aims to link communities, partners, donors, experts, and leaders to attack the issue from every angle. Seeking to offer resources and hope to those in need, the nonprofit has had a positive influence on the lives of a number of individuals both stateside and abroad. 


Feed the Children is dedicated to the belief that if everyone works together, then someday there will be a world in which no child will be sent to bed hungry. 


To learn more or to donate to the nonprofit, visit 


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