As the founder of New York-based Living Epistles Ministries, Sheila R. Vitale has many years of experience as a pastor, author, teacher, lecturer, and researcher. She has written more than a dozen books designed to provide readers with insight into Judeo-Christian beliefs, "kosher" Kabbalah, and the Bible. Pastor Vitale has no part in, and completely shuns, all "unkosher" forms of Kabbalah, which seek to guide or influence lives, or dabble in magic. A key work by Sheila R. Vitale is her Alternate Translation Bible.


A principle employed in the Alternate Translation Bible is amplification, which is based on the fact that more than one English word can be used to signify the Greek or Hebrew words originally found in the Bible. Amplified versions of the Bible are meant to give readers additional insight and context into Biblical stories and events. Biblical language differs in many ways from modern texts, and amplified translations seek to give readers a more complete picture of ambiguous Bible passages.


The Alternate Translation Bible, in particular, paraphrases the original Hebrew and Greek scriptures and includes insights from Pastor Vitale's years of research. The Alternate Translation Bible is not designed to replace or challenge the traditional Bible; instead, it is meant to meet the needs of Jews and Christians who are interested in developing God-centered spirituality.


More information on the Alternate Translation Bible is available here:


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