Sheila R. Vitale is the founder and pastor of Living Epistles Ministries (LEM), an organization that publishes spiritual Bible Studies, analyses of current events, commentaries on society and other topics of interest, and movie reviews from a spiritual perspective. In addition, Sheila R. Vitale heads up Christ-Centered Kabbalah (CCK), a teaching Ministry that combines the Doctrine of Christ with Lurianic Kabbalah. Pastor Vitale reiterates many of the passages of the Zohar in accordance with her understanding, and has taught extensively on Rabbi Luria's, "The Gates of Reincarnation."


People who are interested in Christ-Centered Kabbalah often want to know how it differs from traditional Kabbalah. Christ-Centered Kabbalah teaches classic, "kosher Kabbalah," which is a deep intellectual study of the spiritual understanding of the Word of God (the Bible). Kabbalah, in general, is called "an antichrist message" because it denies that Jesus Christ is Messiah. Christ-Centered Kabbalah reveals Christ in the passages of classic Lurianic Kabbalah that describe him or his ministry, but do not name him, thereby completing Lurianic Kabbalah.


Christ-Centered Kabbalah has no part in, and completely shuns, all "unkosher" forms of Kabbalah, which seek to guide or influence lives, or dabble in magic.


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