As pastor and founder of Living Epistles Ministries, Sheila R. Vitale heads up this Port Jefferson Station, New York, publisher of Judeo-Christian materials such as The Woman in the Well, which is available in English and Spanish. Sheila R. Vitale also manages Christ-Centered Kabbalah, which combines Christian doctrine with Lurianic Kabbalah to produce books and DVDs such as The Kabbalah of Adultery.


Pastor Vitale discuses a number of Biblical and related sayings on the site, including "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” She notes that this saying, often attributed to the Bible, is not found in the Scripture. According to Pastor Vitale, where the Bible appears to portray women as being wrathful and emotional, the writer, usually Paul, is actually referring to the “soulish nature” of mortal man, which term encompasses both physical men and physical women. In contemporary society, Pastor Vitale notes that many physical women are manifesting the “masculine” rational mind and more physical men are manifesting their emotional nature than at any other time in modern society.


Adding to the complexity of this issue, Scripture informs us that when a person of either physical sex follows the Lord Jesus Christ fully, he or she becomes an expression of the male nature of Christ Jesus and experiences full spiritual manhood.



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