A respected Christian pastor, Sheila R. Vitale leads Living Epistles Ministries and Christ-Centered Kabbalah. Through both organizations Sheila R. Vitale publishes works on various aspects of the Bible and Kabbalah, including alternate translations of selected verses of the Scripture. She offers a host of free classroom resources at www.Living and Messages on Rabbi Chayyim Vital's Gates of Reincarnation may be found on the latter website.


Pastor Vitale takes an existing Hebrew to English translation and renders a unique interpretation of the English translation, creating a new English translation that focuses on the moment when the Holy Spirit enters a person and the Personality of the glorified Messiah is reborn within that person. It is her opinion that Rabbi Isaac Luria, the author of the original material, is speaking of a new birth of Christ within the mortal (fallen) man.


When a person is born, the Nefesh (lowest of five grades of soul) enters him. In cases where he has rectified his Nefesh sufficiently by his 13th year, his Ruach (the second of five grades of soul) enters and he becomes a "completed person.” The Neshamah (third of five grades of soul) enters after he completes the 20th year, provided the Ruach is completely rectified. In cases where the Nefesh is not rectified, it is reincarnated as many times as is necessary until it is adequately rectified.


It is Pastor Vitale's opinion (not Rabbi Luria's or Rabbi Vital's) that this reincarnation cycle reflects the death of the First Adam to his immortality and the curse that was placed upon him for disobedience. The rule of reincarnation does not reflect God's Will, but the Law of the underworld Snake system into which Adam and his descendants fell as a result of Jehovah's curse, which is administered by Satan.



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