After founding Living Epistles Ministries, New York-based Sheila Vitale has worked tirelessly in promoting the word of God through various media formats. In addition to 21 books, she has released over 1,000 audio lectures, many of which include illustrations of spiritual principles. Recently, Sheila Vitale began developing a unique exposition on the classic epic "Gilgamesh" which claims to shed light on the underlying synchronicity between this Epic Poem and the Doctrine of Christ.


Considered to be the most important example of Sumerian literature, the epic tale of Gilgamesh tells the story of King Gilgamesh, the most powerful man in the world. A demi-god, he was invincible in battle and was also known to have the strength to lift mountains. The tale recounts his adventures alongside Enkidu, his best friend who was sent by the gods to challenge Gilgamesh after he started mistreating the people of Uruk.


The earliest evidence for the story is dated back to 2000 BC, and is thought to have been written by a Babylonian scribe. However, as with other epics, the written version was just a retelling of myths and legends which were transmitted across the generations via word of mouth.



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