In the 1980s, Pastor Sheila R. Vitale founded Living Epistles Ministries, which publishes books and other materials on Judeo-Christian spiritual topics. One of Sheila Vitale's extensive works is the Alternate Translation Bible, a unique three-volume original translation of scripture.


Translating a revered text such as the Bible can be a complicated process. For example, many English versions of the Bible translate a single recurring Hebrew or Greek word with several different English words in order to clarify the meaning of the passages being translated. Those meanings will naturally be influenced by the beliefs of the translator. Generally, these English versions of the Bible were written by scholars who believed in an unforgiving God, and so their translations point toward that interpretation.


The Alternate Translation Bible came into existence after many years of studying traditional translations, scholarly linguistic research, prayer and learning Judeo-Christian spiritual principles. As such, it reflects the Doctrine of the Christ, a worldview that reveals God as loving and forgiving, but unwilling to compromise his moral law. The work is not intended to replace traditional translations, but to provide a spiritually influenced translation that reflects a different perspective of reading and interpreting this sacred text.



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