Educated at the City College of New York, Hunter College, and Suffolk County Community College, as well as five years of study with an anointed deliverance minister, Sheila R. Vitale is the founder of Living Epistles Ministries. Sheila Vitale also founded Christ-Centered Kabbalah, a ministry that reveals Jesus Christ as Messiah in the traditional literature of Kabbalah.


Kabbalah is a spiritual discipline used to understand the Bible, that is rooted in ancient Jewish mystical tradition. The system by itself does not include a belief in Jesus Christ. Christ-Centered Kabbalah integrates the Doctrine of Christ, anesoteric understanding of the New and Old Testaments with Kabbalah.


There are four degrees of Kabbalah. Philosophical Kabbalah is an understanding of religious texts. Meditative Kabbalah involves receiving wisdom from angels for Jewish Kabbalists, and from Christ Jesus through Christ-Centered Kabbalah. Prophetic Kabbalah in the Jewish system, involves receiving prophecy from a study of the Hebrew letters, while the Christ-Centered Kabbalist receives prophecy from Christ Jesus through faith, with confirmation, later on, through the written Word.


As for the final degree, practical Kabbalah, many believe it can be used to manipulate nature for self-interested purposes or to commit acts of evil. While acknowledging this perspective, Christ-centered Kabbalists maintain that Kabbalah can be used for good or evil, depending upon the spirit and motive of the person who is using it.



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