A pastor and teacher with decades of experience in the ministry, Sheila R. Vitale leads Living Epistles Ministries. Outside of her work in the ministry, Sheila Vitale enjoys trying different foods, especially Spanish cuisine.


Steeped in tradition, Spanish cuisine features a wide variety of dishes. Below are a few typical Spanish foods:


-Gazpacho. A cold soup packed with nutrients, gazpacho contains a blend of vegetables, including tomatoes and peppers, in addition to bread. Those looking for a similar but thicker soup can try salmorejo, which is a typical dish in Cordoba that is served with chopped Iberian ham.


-Paella. Paella is a Valencian dish that consists of rabbit or chicken, butter beans, runner beans, saffron, and rice. Calasaparra or bomba are the preferred types of rice, as they absorb the mix of flavors.


-Tortilla española. A staple in much of Spain, tortilla is a simple dish that consists of potatoes, eggs, and onions. The slow-fried onions and potatoes combine with the eggs to make a solid round dish served in slices. For variety, some chefs add meat or vegetables like spinach or courgette.



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