With more than 20 years of experience in the ministry, Sheila R. Vitale leads as pastor and teacher at Living Epistles Ministries. Also a world traveler, Sheila Vitale has traveled throughout much of Europe including Portugal, Spain, and France. She particularly enjoys the cuisine from France.


French cuisine is renowned around the world for its flavorful, creative dishes. Below are just a few:


- Soupe a l'oignon. Consisting of beef stock and onions, this traditional soup is topped with melted cheese and croutons. Typically a poor dish, soupe a l'oignon dates back to Roman times but has evolved over the years, with today’s version rooted in 18th century traditions.


- Coq au vin. Popularized by Julia Child, coq au vin features chicken braised in wine with mushrooms, onions, salt pork or bacon, and garlic. Although chicken and capon are the most common meats in this dish, tougher birds are also conducive to the braising process.


- Cassoulet. A typical winter food, cassoulet consists of white beans and meats stewed slowly. Taking its name from the pot used, the cassole, cassoulet usually features duck or pork, but some chefs choose goose, sausage, mutton, or other meats.



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