A respected pastor who founded Living Epistles Ministries in New York, Sheila R. Vitale integrates Christian doctrine with the teachings of Lurianic Kabbalah in ways that provide an alternate, spiritually centered interpretation of the Bible. On the Christ-Centered Kabbalah website, Sheila Vitale interprets dreams and answers complex questions on topics such as "the sin nature and the carnal mind."


Pastor Vitale recently answered a question posed by a Texas-based pastor about why people still have a sin nature if they have been born again, as recounted to Nicodemus by Jesus. She replies that, while Jesus achieved complete salvation, that is, his human spirit was saved and Righteous Adam was born again within him, humanity, the man of the earth, is not born again. Righteous Adam is born again from Jesus' spiritual seed when it grafts to a human vessel.


Now that Jesus is in a glorified state, he is reproducing his spiritual life through his spiritual seed that is distributed to humanity through the Holy Spirit. Jesus' spiritual seed is the foundation of an intellectual, spiritual soul in the earth of humanity that equips them to comprehend esoteric doctrine, the link by which they are eventually joined to Jesus, who is in heaven. Jesus' personality covers Righteous Adam like a garment and the two are collectively called "the Lord Jesus Christ," the only mediator between God and man. 



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