A Christian pastor based in Port Jefferson Station, New York, Sheila R. Vitale founded Living Epistles Ministries and Christ-Centered Kabbalah. She offers a unique combination of teachings derived from Christian doctrine and the teachings of Lurianic Kabbalah. Sheila Vitale provides interpretations of a number of Biblical passages at


She also undertakes interpretations of dreams that she and other members of her ministry have experienced. Recently, she explained a congregation member’s dream that began with the person coming up through ground that is composed of clouds, and then standing on a platform that is also made of cloud material.


Pastor Vitale interprets this as a transition from a carnal to a spiritual place, with the cloud platform representing the rectangular box that is covered by the Ark of Testimony. The box may also represent the Lord Jesus Christ as the foundation by which those seeking ascension may rise from a prone position to one that is spiritually upright and supported by his strength.


The dream goes on to involve the person being surrounded by angels who appear as copies of a single woman. This is interpreted as Christ within “reproducing himself” within ministry members, who are spiritually female in his eyes, even if physically male. Spiritual beauty is found in these manifestations of the Holy Spirit, which represents the female anointing.



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