Sheila R. Vitale draws on over four decades of religious study, including five years spent learning alongside an anointed deliverance minister, to oversee two Judeo-Christian teaching ministries. In addition to overseeing Living Epistles Ministries and Christ-Centered Kabbalah, which she founded to share her insights with a wider audience, Sheila Vitale is also a dedicated supporter of Christian nonprofits such as World Vision.


A Christian humanitarian organization operating around the globe, World Vision has worked to eliminate the roots of poverty for over 65 years. The nonprofit strives to follow the example of Jesus Christ, delivering support and compassion to all individuals in need regardless of faith or ethnicity. It operates on the local level, developing initiatives that meet the unique needs of impoverished communities in areas including food and water security, gender equality, healthcare, and education. World Vision focuses much of its life-changing work on children, striving to lift communities out of poverty by empowering the next generation.


World Vision prides itself in its transparency and financial accountability; in 2015, the nonprofit channeled 84 percent of its total operating costs into humanitarian programs. These funds allowed the organization to serve 4.1 million sponsored children, assist 371 communities, and provide clean water to over 2 million people. World Vision’s global humanitarian impact is possible in part due to its unique financial model, which transforms each dollar donated into approximately $1.30 of aid. By dividing each donation between its local community initiatives and investments in global humanitarian systems, such as disaster response and donated goods programs, World Vision has created a sustainable model of humanitarian aid that is positively impacting communities worldwide.

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