Pastor Sheila R. Vitale founded Living Epistles Ministries in 1988, after spending five years studying under an anointed deliverance minister. In addition to serving as a manager and teacher at Living Epistles Ministries, Sheila Vitale enjoys national and international travel. Destinations that pique her interests include Disneyland, which opened the luxurious 21 Royal in January 2017.


21 Royal delivers an exclusive dining experience at a hidden location tucked away within the park’s New Orleans Square. The space delivers a journey through time with a lavish décor inspired by the 19th Century’s Empire Style and a reimagined layout designed to look like Walt Disney’s apartment. Filled with an assortment of Disney-themed items, the apartment is reminiscent of 1960 watercolor storyboards created by Disney Imagineer Dorothea Redmond.


Upon entrance, guests receive a greeting by a butler and follow a grand staircase leading to the magical home. A seasoned culinary team consisting of two master chefs and a skilled sommelier create a customized menu based on the reservation maker’s selected theme. Dinner is presented as an epicurean theater, during which chefs Andrew Sutton and Justin Monson treat guests to stories about the inspiration for each dish on the menu. Guests will also receive dessert on a private balcony overlooking the Rivers of America.


21 Royal was originally designed as a private residence within the Disneyland park for Walt and his wife, however, the space went unfinished for years before Disney Imagineers restructured it.

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