Living Epistles Ministries founder Sheila R. Vitale possesses more than 25 years of experience working for faith-based organizations. Beyond her work as pastor and teacher at Living Epistles Ministries, Shelia Vitale supports Disabled American Veterans (DAV), which operates the Disaster Relief Program, among other initiatives.


Designed as a response service in the aftermath of isolated and specific disasters, the DAV Disaster Relief program provides relief grants for veterans, service members, surviving spouses, and their families. Grants help cover the expenses of items and services such as financial aid, clothing, food, and temporary shelter. The program also provides DAV supply kits, designed to deliver comfort and self-sufficiency during extended disaster, evacuation, and emergency situations. 


Applicants must meet a number of eligibility criteria in order to receive a disaster relief grant. Injured, ill, and wounded veterans are welcome to apply, as are surviving spouses of a deceased service member or prisoner of war. Surviving spouses of ill or wounded veterans in isolated and specific disasters can also apply. Applicants must be either in immediate need of financial assistance or victims of disasters such as floods, fires, and tornadoes.

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