A pastor, teacher, and biblical scholar, Sheila R. Vitale founded Christ-Centered Kabbalah and Living Epistles Ministries. A backer of a number of charities, Sheila Vitale supports Mission of Hope Haiti, which was formed in 1998 to provide help to those in need, whether through physical or spiritual support.


The charity helps thousands of participants take part in short-term mission trips every year, offering them the chance to learn more about Haitian culture and contribute directly to those in need in the 11 villages it serves. Each mission is split into Strategic Village Time (SVT) and Church Advancement Projects.


SVT sees participants visiting households to gather more information about what the people need, both spiritually and physically. The information gathered is used to determine how effective the organization has been in spreading the word of the Bible throughout the village and to create plans for how it can meet the people’s needs. Further, SVT allows participants to share rudimentary hygiene training with village residents.


Specific initiatives that are intended to help with identified issues in a village, Church Advancement Projects are often formed based on the information gathered during SVT. Such projects are ongoing, with the support of village church pastors, with volunteers receiving the opportunity to contribute to and take part in projects during their missions.

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