A veteran teacher and pastor, Sheila R. Vitale is the founder of Living Epistles Ministries and Christ-Centered Kabbalah, both of which publish Educational Christian resources. In addition to her work with the ministry, Sheila Vitale offers support to a number of charitable initiatives, including Feed the Children.


Dirty water is one of the main issues that Feed the Children confronts. The website notes that 3,000 children below the age of five pass away every day as a result of drinking dirty water. This is usually a result of diarrhea, which is caused by the parasites that infest dirty water, in addition to bacteria like E.coli. This water also prevents children from growing as they should, stunting growth and limiting mental development.


By partnering with local governments and national ministries of health, Feed the Children installs wells and clean water facilities throughout the world. In 2013, these provided clean water to over 179,000 children and their families.


It also provides educational materials to parents, particularly on topics like diarrhea treatment and basic hygiene, in addition to providing medication via its team of physicians and nurses, in addition to its external partners.

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